Business Hazard Insurance: Cost & Quotes From $11

Sometimes the unexpected occurs, and you never know when an unfortunate event will take place, leaving your business property totally ruined. Therefore, it is critical to have hazard business insurance. Let’s discuss what it is, its purpose for getting an SBA loan, the average business hazard insurance cost per month and per year, and how to get your hands on the cheapest business hazard insurance policy, while not settling on coverage and insurer reliability!

What is Business Hazard Insurance?

Typically, business hazard insurance (also known as business property insurance or commercial hazard insurance) is a specialized coverage designed to protect your owned or rented business building and the equipment you use. 


It’s an insurance policy that can cushion you from financial losses when you need repairs and replacements after events, such as:


You’re running a restaurant and you didn’t think that there’s a leaking gas pipe. A faulty wiring nearby threw sparks which ignited the gas leak and caused your business building to explode

Fire and smoke 

An arsonist set your business building on fire and rendered it unusable 

Damage caused by cars and aircrafts 

Your business building stands near the street.One night a vehicular collision happened and one of the cars was flung straight to your building by the impact


Hail accompanied by strong winds destroyed your business’s buildings windows, roofing, and doors 


A strong lightning hit your building, causing some major damage on the electrical wiring and roofing 

Theft and vandalism

A group of burglars managed to get inside your building. Aside from stealing the contents inside, you discovered that the group managed to enter by breaking the glass panels of your commercial building

Water damage

A faucet suddenly became defective during the night and kept running. By the morning, you discovered that your commercial building’s interior is soaked in water and some equipment got wet

Sprinkler leakage 

The sprinkler detected smoke from somewhere. As a result, it started working and soaked important documents and business equipment in water 

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Hazard Insurance for SBA Loan

Suppose you want to secure a business property through a mortgage; in that case, obtaining hazard insurance is almost imperative because most mortgage lenders require small businesses to have this coverage before they lend money. Your financier needs a guarantee that their investment is insured if a natural disaster, accident, or lawsuit puts the property at risk. 


As with other lenders, you’ll need to purchase hazard insurance for small business before taking out a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan for business . Afterward, you’ll be eligible for an Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) or Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan. 


Note that many experienced SBA asking for hazard insurance before granting a loan? So, to qualify for a loan through EIDL or PPP, SBA hazard insurance must be part of your general liability or commercial property coverage policy. With that said, always look for carriers that offer SBA loan hazard insurance products. 

I Already Have Commercial Property Insurance, Do I Still Need to Get Business Hazard Insurance?

Most probably not. The function of business hazard insurance and commercial property insurance is the same. In fact, commercial property insurance is a type of business hazard insurance. The SBA doesn’t have any clarifications about this. For the most accurate answer, we recommend you call or email SBA to clarify this matter. 

I’m a Home Based Business,  Will my Homeowner’s Hazard Insurance be Enough to Qualify for an SBA Loan?

A homeowner’s hazard insurance won’t be enough for you to qualify for an SBA loan. The SBA expressly states that one of the requirements is hazard insurance for business. With that said, even if you don’t have a commercial property, you might still need to get business hazard insurance so that you can get an SBA loan for your home-based business. But note that before deciding to get business hazard insurance, it’s best to call SBA and ask if your business is allowed to get a loan. 

SBA EIDL Hazard Insurance Requirement

When applying for SBA EIDL hazard insurance, understanding how much insurance you need and other SBA hazard insurance requirement streamlines the process. These are the EIDL hazard insurance requirement

  • The first requirement of hazard insurance for business SBA loan is a coverage limit must be at least 80% of the total amount you borrow. Still, you can obtain up to 100% coverage if you wish

  • The insurance policy must be under your business name

  • Proof of commercial property ownership

  • If you run your business as a DBA, it must be highlighted on the insurance policy

  • You must purchase the insurance coverage within 12 months of loan reception

  • If you received the loan in 2020, you must make the first payment within 24 months from the date you received it

  • For 2021 loans, you must make the first payment within 18 months from the date you received it

Is Hazard Insurance Covering Your Business Contents?

You can also leverage your business property insurance as hazard insurance on business contents. It means the policy will also cover any property or assets within your commercial building. The following are business contents that your small business hazard insurance might cover:

  • Office or business property

  • Inventory

  • Heavy equipment and tools

  • Furniture

  • Accounts receivable

  • Computers

  • Company documents

  • Outdoor structures, such as fences

If you have any queries about your hazard insurance for business content, speak to your insurance company/agent to ensure the policy is tailored to your needs. 


Hazard Insurance for Business Property

As mentioned before, hazard insurance for business contents and property provides coverage when your business building or work equipment gets damaged due to natural disasters or human-induced events. 


Obtaining hazard insurance for your business is not mandatory in many states. Still, insurance professionals recommend that you secure the policy to cover your commercial property. Without it, you’ll have to cater to repair and replacement costs out of your pocket.  


However, if you operate in a state that doesn’t experience disasters like earthquakes, hail, or flooding, your commercial property insurance won’t include them. In such a case, you need to obtain separate coverage for that. For instance, if you run a business located on Florida’s beachfront, you won’t be covered for hurricanes or floods. Neither will you get business coverage for an earthquake for a commercial property in California. These are natural events that can make businesses lose millions in a day. 


Depending on your business’s area, you’ll need specific types of hazard insurance for commercial property. Below are three examples:

  • Earthquake insurance – As the name suggests, this policy protects you when your property collapses or gets ruined due to an earthquake up to your coverage limit

  • Flood insurance – This coverage cushions you from financial losses due to flooding, whether snow/ice thawing, hurricanes, torrential rains, or flash flooding

  • Terrorism insurance – Acts of terror are a business hazard, and terrorism insurance provides the coverage you need during such disasters

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Business Hazard Insurance Cost

  • For most businesses, the average business hazard insurance cost is just about $63 per month, or $806 a year
  • Hazard insurance for home business costs $46.17 a month or $554.04 a year on average

These estimates are for insurance coverage with a policy limit of $60,000 and a median deductible of $1,000.  

By comparing business hazard insurance quotes online from various providers you will find cheap hazard insurance for business – from top carriers – which may not be found elsewhere. To do so, simply click the ‘Get Quotes’ button at this page, complete the questionnaire and you will be able to choose your quotes, coverage options and carrier online with ease.  

Small business hazard insurance cost varies from company to company. That’s because the price depends on several variables:

  • Your commercial property’s value

  • Replacement value vs. actual value

  • Lender requirements and terms

To get more idea about the cost, take a look at this table that shows the best business hazard insurance companies and their pricing:

Business Hazard Insurance Cost per Month Business Hazard Insurance Cost per Year Best for
CoverWallet $41.28 $495.36 Business hazard insurance quotes comparison online, Start-ups, self-employed, and SMBs
NEXT $47 $564 SMBs looking for an insurer that understands their needs
State Farm $58 $696 Overall business hazard coverage needs
Progressive $63.73 $764.76 Small businesses looking for cost-saving opportunities
The Hartford $71 $852 Businesses looking for deeper involvement in their insurance purchases
Berkshire Hathaway $82 $984 Business hazard insurance and other types of business coverage


How to Save Money on Business Hazard Insurance?

Although shopping around and comparing insurance plans and estimates is an excellent means of getting affordable insurance rates, you can use other practical tips to ensure you retain more money when shopping for insurance policies. Some of the most effective money-saving practices include:

  • Choosing a higher deductible – A deductible is an amount you pay from your pocket before your insurance provider intervenes; the higher the deductible, the lower the insurance rate

  • Bundle up multiple policies – Most insurance companies offer discounts by purchasing a packaged policy that includes various individual coverages. An example is the Business Owners Policy (BOP). Such a policy provides standard coverage and lowers liability limits, which is an ideal option for many small and mid-sized businesses

  • Work closely with an insurance agent – Agents are knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the insurance world. They can advise you on the best coverage for the disaster you are most prone to, as they are experts in disaster planning. B e open to them and disclose any relevant information, such as business expansions, changes, purchases, recruitment, and the nature of your business. Getting a policy that offers the right protection can save you money in the long term and prevent your business from going on a financial plunge

  • Ask if there are any business experience discounts – Carriers offering business hazard insurance offer discounts to businesses who have been operating for more than three years. Discount rates are 3% – 5% 

  • Pay the business hazard insurance for the whole year – Decide to pay for the business hazard insurance for the whole year. If you do this, carriers will give a 5% – 7% discount

Compare Cheap Business Hazard Insurance Quotes Online

Get all the best quotes from leading providers in a click of a button!

Best Business Hazard Insurance Companies

Many insurance companies operate throughout the US, and not all are the best choice when you want to purchase small business hazard insurance. What you need is an insurance provider that knows your needs and tailors the policy to cover unique risks. Below, we provide the top six insurance companies for business hazard insurance.

CoverWallet Hazard Insurance


  • Offers insurance recommendations based on your industry

  • Multiple quotes available easily

  • Wide range of policies


  • Doesn’t underwrite its business hazard insurance

If you run a start-up or are self-employed, CoverWallet is the best insurance marketplace when you need business hazard insurance. Your business property insurance from CoverWallet will cover your physical structures, business equipment, and inventory. You’ll get hassle-free coverage for the specified hazard up to your policy’s limit.

Since CoverWallet is an insurance marketplace with multiple providers, policy shoppers can leverage the “MyCoverWallet” dashboard to file their claims based on their chosen provider. Still, buyers can access CoverWallet representatives ready to make the process simpler.

Best for : Start-ups, self-employed, and SMBs

Average cost : $41.28 per month

Our rating : 10/10

NEXT Hazard Insurance


  • 100% online

  • A-Excellent by AM Best

  • Instant quotes (less than five minutes)


  • Unsuitable for traditional paper-focused clients

  • Lacks specialized insurance, such as personal coverage

NEXT was established by three co-founders who’ve been small business owners themselves. Therefore, they understand your needs as far as hazard insurance is concerned. The insurer offers simple, affordable, and personalized coverage for small businesses across various sectors. NEXT is a technology-first insurance company that allows you to get business hazard insurance quotes online..

Trusted by 300,000+ small businesses, NEXT boasts an “A- Excellent” rating from AM Best. You can be sure you’re dealing with a reputable insurance carrier. From purchasing new coverage, renewals, or claims, you’ll get the help or guidance you need. If you need to file a claim, a decision is often made within 48 hours.

Best for : SMBs looking for an insurer that understands their needs

Average cost : $47 per month

Our rating : 8/10

Business Hazard Insurance State Farm


  • Insurance policies available nationwide

  • Wide range of policies, including other endorsements and add-ons


  • Level of customer service varies from agent to agent

  • Many insurance brokers can’t sell insurance across state borders

Established in 1922, State Farm boasts a portfolio of over 100 products, including business hazard insurance, financial services, commercial insurance, etc. Clients can rest assured that their insurance policies are written by a company with AM Best’s A++ rating.

This company provides general liability and commercial property insurance with hazard coverage for each stage of your business growth. It also tailors the policy based on your business sector, from contractor companies and restaurants to travel and retail businesses . Besides, you can enjoy huge discounts from independently owned State Farm agencies.

Best for : Overall business hazard coverage needs

Average cost : $58 per month

Our rating : 10/10

Progressive Business Hazard Insurance


  • Hassle-free quotes process

  • Available throughout the country

  • High financial strength rating from AM Best


  • Discounts may not be available in all states

Progressive insurance was established in 1937. It is one of the biggest auto insurer in the US, although it also provides business property insurance. Other insurance products include business owners’ policy (BOP), workers’ compensation, and many more.

The upside to choosing Progressive is that you may get a discount on your business hazard policy if you already have general liability or a BOP, regardless of where you purchased it. Besides, clients can save up to 15% for settling their annual premiums upfront.

Best for: Small businesses looking for cost-saving opportunities

Average cost : $63.73 per month

Our rating: 8/10

The Hartford Hazard Insurance


  • Tailored insurance policies to suit industry-specific coverage needs

  • Offers a wide range of insurance policies

  • BOP policies include business interruption policies


  • Businesses looking for $2 million+ policy limits will have to look elsewhere

  • Coverage unavailable in Alaska, New Jersey, and Hawaii

The Hartford is an insurance company with over 200 years of experience. The company boasts seasoned specialists ready to help clients assess their risks and hazards. Its hazard insurance offers broad coverage to get you back on your feet after a covered loss.

An advantage of purchasing insurance from The Hartford is that the agents work with clients to understand their needs and write them the coverage that best suits their businesses. Filing claims is straightforward through the help of Hartford specialists, who can take you through the entire filing process. The provider also has Complex Liability Solutions to cover you if your business is vulnerable to higher hazards.

Best for : Businesses looking for deeper involvement in their insurance purchases

Average cost : $71 per month

Our rating : 8/10

Berkshire Hathaway Hazard Insurance


  • Provides several types of coverage

  • A+ AM Best rating

  • A+ BBB rating

  • 24/7 claims reporting


  • Several complaints cited on BBB

  • Mixed customer feedback

  • Not all products available in every state

Berkshire Hathaway was founded in 1983. The insurance provider offers 13+ insurance products, including hazard coverage (as part of business property insurance). Although the company has an estimated 550 representatives, it works with independent insurance agents and brokers, so you can be confident of getting personalized coverage for your business.

Berkshire also provides cost-saving opportunities on insurance, although you’ll have to bundle up or purchase multiple insurance policies. Clients can report claims 24/7, and their customer service can contact you through various channels to offer feedback on claims. Other than that, Berkshire boasts an A+ rating from AM Best and Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Best for : Business hazard insurance and other types of business coverage

Average cost : $82 per month

Our rating : 6/10

Business Hazard Insurance FAQs

Does Business Hazard Insurance Automatically Cover All Perils My Business Faces?

Business hazard insurance only covers perils named on its terms. For example, if the business hazard insurance of a carrier doesn’t mention fire, vandalism, or theft, then your business won’t get protection against these. This is why it’s very important for you to ask about the particulars of the business hazard insurance you’re about to purchase.

Do You Still Need Business Hazard Insurance If You’re Not Planning to Get a Loan from SBA?

Consider getting business hazard insurance even if you’re not getting a loan. A business hazard insurance gives peace of mind and helps run your business with more confidence. Also, you never know. You might not need a loan right now but will do in the future. And so, it’s better for you to have business hazard insurance even if it seems useless, than not have it when it’s badly needed.

What Businesses Will Find Business Hazard Insurance Very Useful?

Construction businesses will find business hazard insurance useful. Construction businesses have a lot of expensive materials and equipment. A business hazard insurance can greatly reimburse losses if covered perils disrupt the operations of construction businesses.

Just like construction businesses, gasoline stations will benefit greatly from business hazard insurance. Say, if a fire happens, a gasoline station will surely be engulfed in flames. With business hazard insurance, the property owner can recover most of the losses and build the gasoline station once again.

Manufacturing firms, such as those making candles, never underestimate how useful business hazard insurance can be. It’s because they have a lot of equipment that gets damaged occasionally. Basically, the coverage can prevent losses and ensure that manufacturing firms don’t spend a lot of money to keep business operations running smoothly.

Business hazard insurance is a very powerful protection for jewelry stores. Jewelry stores suffer from the damage caused by the occasional thief or burglar. Business hazard insurance can pay for their commercial space’s repair.

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