Salon Chair & Booth Rental Insurance: Cost & Quotes from $7

Suppose you rent a booth or chair, in a salon. In that case, you will need booth rental insurance. The latter is coverage for independent beauty professionals like you. Whether you are a manicurist, barber, hair stylist, esthetician, or cosmetologist renting a chair or booth, you want to move past the fear of liability to concentrate on creating an intimate relationship with your customer base and establishing your personal brand. A salon chair & booth rental insurance ensures that you can carry on treating your customers with confidence without worrying about your business and your reputation. Note that often, the salon owner will require that you present liability insurance for the booth rental before they can sign a contract with you. 


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Liability Insurance for Salon Booth Renters  

Granted, flying solo behind the chair is great. No one dictates when you work, what services you offer, or what you charge your clientele. Other than the rental fees for the booth or chair, you get to keep all your earnings. Moreover, you get to use your favorite products and experiment with different styles. 

While it sounds all great, you ought to understand that as a booth renter, you’re not a partner at the salon. You are, in fact, running a small, independent business, separate from the salon entity. As an independent contractor, you are required to do all your marketing, bookkeeping, and the proper licenses. 

What if you accidentally damage a client’s hair or damage equipment at the salon? Chances are the client or the salon management will lodge a complaint against you, and things could turn ugly. 

Other than the lawsuit damaging your bank balance, it could leave your reputation in permanent shambles. 

Insurance for salon booth renters takes care of these costs for you. You go on with providing your clients with the best service without worrying that a mistake or accident would occur. 

As an industry standard, you require hair salon booth rental insurance for you to get a chair or booth at an establishment. This booth rental salon insurance covers both you and the salon in the event of an unprecedented occurrence. 

Suppose the customer you are working on trips over a hairdryer cable, and they need treatment for a sprained ankle. Further, consider a situation where you accidentally spill hot wax on the client and cause burns over their designer handbag, which gets damaged. Chances are, these incidents, among others, will attract a claim. General liability insurance for booth rental covers:

  • Injury to the client 

  • Damage to the client’s property 

  • Slander

Liability insurance for salon booth renters covers the medical bills, the costs of repairs or replacement, legal fees incurred, and the compensation that you might be required by law to pay. 


Professional Liability Insurance for Booth Renters 

As a hairdresser or beautician, you are contracted to treat people’s hair, faces, and bodies. If you were to make a mistake, there’s a likelihood of pain, scarring, and emotional distress. Trouble is that, as a professional, you are likely to get sued by a disgruntled customer. 

Professional liability insurance protects you in such a situation. The coverage of professional liability insurance applies when you’re sued for:

  • Negligence-You were not paying full attention while providing a service to a client. As a result, the client incurred injuries and had to pay for medical expenses 

  • Misrepresentation-The client sued and accused you of lying about the benefits or price of the beauty  service you provide

  • Breach of confidentiality-The salon booth owner sued you for losses because you allegedly shared confidential information about his or her business to third parties 

  • Violation of good faith-A client hired your services for a wedding. It was stated in the contract that you must work on at least 10 people. However, you only serviced 8

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Insurance for Hairdressers Renting a Chair  

Salon chair rental insurance, often referred to as booth renters or beauty salon chair insurance is insurance for hairdressers renting a chair. This is a type of business insurance that applies to you as the party that rents space inside a salon. The premiums you pay cover the claims in the event of complaints from their client concerning their appearance, injury, and damages. Your insurance coverage ensures that you do not pay out of pocket. Besides, you could potentially avoid your hairdressing business from sinking. 


Insurance for Cosmetologist Booth Rental  

As a cosmetologist or beautician renting a chair or booth at a salon, you need cosmetologist booth rental insurance. Insurance for cosmetologist booth rental covers you and your business in the event one of your clients suffers an allergic reaction from the products you’re using, there’s an accidental spill of nail polish or beauty product on a customer’s handbag or clothing, or if they overhear a not-so-nice remark you made against them. Overall, the cosmetologist booth rental insurance covers your business from going underground in the event that any of these happen. 

Overall, there are three basic business policies for both hairdressers and cosmetologists renting salon booths. These include:

  • General liability insurance 

  • Equipment insurance 

  • Professional liability insurance


Equipment Insurance for Booth Renters 

As an independent contractor in the beauty industry, your tools are your trade. You want to ensure that these tools are covered against theft, damage, and loss. Unless your pockets are deep, it could take a significant toll if you had to pay out of pocket to replace or repair. 

The equipment insurance for booth renters covers your equipment, even when the equipment is in transit. In the event that the equipment is stolen, lost, or damaged, the equipment insurance for booth renters covers all costs. 

Other Insurance for Salon Booth Renters 

Depending on the contract you have signed with the establishment, there are additional policies that you might need. These include:

  • Business interruption insurance 

  • Workers compensation insurance

  • Cyber liability insurance 

  • Commercial property insurance

  • Employer’s liability insurance

  • Employment practices liability insurance

  • Product liability insurance

  • Employee dishonesty insurance


Salon Booth Renter Commercial Property Insurance

As a booth renter, you’re responsible if the space entrusted to you by the owner is damaged or destroyed. One of the insurance policies you can use to cover costs is commercial property insurance. Here’s how it works:

  • Commercial property insurance will take care of repair expenses if the salon booth you’re renting becomes damaged due to fire, theft, vandalism, extreme weather, and other covered perils 

  • Commercial property insurance will cover the reconstruction of the salon booth you’re renting if it becomes damaged due to fire or extreme weather. The amount you’ll receive is equal to the covered property’s actual cash value or replacement cost 

Note that commercial property insurance doesn’t cover destruction or damage caused by earthquakes, floods, and mudslides. You need to purchase endorsements or other specialized stand-alone policies to get covered against these. 

Moreover, commercial property insurance can have the following add-on depending on the carrier underwriting it:

  • Stocks and contents coverage-Stocks and contents coverage will recoup losses if the beauty products you’re selling becomes damaged or lost due to fire, theft, vandalism, extreme weather, and other covered perils

Salon Booth Renter Business Interruption Insurance

Consider getting business interruption insurance if you want coverage in case you have to halt business operations temporarily to make way for renovation, relocation, or an economic crisis. While your business isn’t generating income, business interruption insurance will cover rent, loans, mortgages, and other operational costs. 

Workers Compensation Insurance for Salon Booth Renters 

Some states require independent professionals to get workers’ compensation insurance for themselves. If this applies to where you’re working right now, then you need to purchase the coverage or else hefty fines and penalties will be imposed. 

So what does workers’ compensation insurance do? When you suffer from a work-related injury or disease, this insurance will cover:

  • Medical treatment/procedure-If you sustain a cut, burn, laceration, or become sick, workers compensation insurance provides the money that will cover surgeries, therapies, and other medical treatments/procedures needed for a full recovery

  • Hospitalization-Injuries or diseases sustained due to work might require intensive care in the hospital. Workers’ compensation insurance will cover hospital fees if you need to be admitted for days, weeks, or months 

  • Medication-Workers compensation insurance will help cover the cost of medicines the attending physician recommends so that a work-related injury or disease doesn’t aggravate after treatment

  • Rehabilitation-Work-related injuries or diseases might impair your bodily functions. As a result, rehabilitation will be required for you to recover or adapt to the impairment. In connection, workers’ compensation insurance will take care of therapist fees, expenses for rehabilitation equipment, and other related expenses 

  • Lost income compensation-If you can’t work due to a job-related injury or disease, workers’ compensation insurance covers lost income. This is a weekly allowance equal to two-thirds or 67% of your mean weekly income. For example, if you make $1,864 per week, lost income compensation will be $1,248.88

  • Death benefits-Workers compensation insurance will take care of funeral expenses if you die because of a work-related injury or disease. Also, it provides an allowance to your dependents

Before we proceed, allow us to discuss other things you need to know about workers’ compensation insurance.

Workers’ compensation insurance is commonly a coverage for part-time employees, full-time employees, and contractors. But as we said earlier, you can get this for yourself if you’re in a state where independent professionals and sole proprietors with no employees are required to get workers comp. 

Also, fines and penalties for the failure to purchase workers’ compensation insurance are as follows:

  • Imprisonment in the country jail

  • A stop-work order issued by government authorities

  • A fine equal to twice the amount you would’ve paid for workers comp premiums

  • A fine multiplied by the days you were not covered by workers comp insurance


Product Liability Insurance for Salon Booth Renters

Product liability insurance is handy if you’re also selling beauty products aside from providing beauty services. When a beauty product you sold has expired and caused rashes or any other severe reactions to the user, product liability insurance will cover costs if a claim is filed. It will take care of attorney fees and administrative costs. If ever the aggrieved person wins the lawsuit, product liability insurance will provide compensation on your behalf. 

Employer’s Liability Insurance for Salon Booth Renters 

Get employer’s liability insurance if you have an assistant. When your assistant sustains an injury and you fail to provide compensation or delay it, he or she can sue for negligence. This is where employer’s liability insurance becomes useful. This will pay for attorney fees, administrative costs, settlements, and other legal expenses. 

Employment Practices Liability Insurance for Salon Booth Renters

Employer’s liability insurance is usually paired with employment practices liability insurance. Employment practices liability insurance covers legal expenses when an employee sues you for offenses that employer’s liability insurance doesn’t cover- sexual harassment, wrongful termination, discrimination, etc. 

Employee Dishonesty Insurance for Salon Booth Renters

You also have to consider the losses you’ll incur when an assistant commits a crime. And so, consider purchasing employee dishonesty insurance. Employee dishonesty insurance will cover your financial losses if an employee commits any of the following:

  • Social engineering

  • Theft 

  • Destruction of money,  cheques, and securities 

  • Forgery

  • Fraud

  • Embezzlement

Salon Booth Renter Cyber Liability Insurance

Do you use a device or application which handles client information to collect payments? If this is the case, consider getting cyber liability insurance. Cyber liability insurance will cover the following if ever the client data under your care becomes breached and is used for malicious purposes:

  • Legal expenses

  • Compensation for economic or financial loss

  • Public relations cost

  • Expenses for containing the breach 

BOP for Salon Booth Renters

A business insurance policy or a BOP is a coverage that combines commercial property insurance and general liability insurance. It also features other useful insurance policies such as workers’ compensation insurance, commercial auto insurance, cyber liability insurance, and more. 

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Booth Rental Insurance Cost

The most common booth rental insurance plans include both professional and general liability coverage of $2 million annual aggregate with $1 million per occurrence. Most of these booth rental insurance policies are either occurrence or claim based.

If you decide on a $1 million getting general liability insurance, you might get the policy for a tad bit less. You will pay $33 per month or $396 per year for booth rental insurance. Further, suppose you decide on combining general liability insurance and professional liability insurance coverage. In that case, you will pay close to $100 a month. 

It is prudent to mention that the cost of your booth rental insurance is dependent on the size of your business. Another factor that the insurer will consider when reaching your premiums to pay will be your business’s history of working with clients.

Cost per Month Cost per Year Best for
NEXT $8.34 $100.08 Hairstylists renting a booth or chair in a salon
CoverWallet $31 $372 Salon booth renter’s insurance quotes comparison online
Thimble $35 $420 Salon booth renter’s business owner’s policy
Geico $38 $456 Independent contractors offering a broader spectrum of services, including hairdressing and cosmetology
Hiscox $45 $540 More experienced hairdressers and beauticians

Get a better estimate of your rates by comparing quotes. Click the “Get Quotes” button on this page to start. 

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Best Booth Rental Insurance Companies  

There are many salon booth rental insurance companies. That’s why we’ve made a short review of the best options. Read to know the pros, cons, and monthly $1 million general liability insurance cost of the best booth rental insurance companies. 


CoverWallet Salon Booth Renter Insurance


  • Stable rates

  • Compare quotes online

  • Has certified acts of terrorism coverage

  • Add additional insureds for free


  • Policies that CoverWallet sells are underwritten by third parties 

CoverWallet provides coverage for salon booth renters through its insurance for hair and beauty salons. This company’s tailored coverage provides you a $1 million general liability insurance with products and completed operations coverage. Other inclusions are professional liability insurance and commercial property insurance. At an additional cost, you can add hired/non-owned auto coverage to your policy as well as coverage for certified acts of terrorism. 

Best for: Salon booth renter’s insurance quotes comparison online 

Average cost: $31 per month 

Our rating: 10/10

Hiscox Booth Rental Insurance 


  • Worldwide coverage 

  • Monthly payments with no hidden charges 

  • Fast response to claims


  • Rather expensive premiums 

Hiscox has been in business for 150 years, during which they have curated specialty products for booth and chair renters. The insurer, who acts as an underwriter for Lloyd’s of London, has both professional and general liability coverage for professionals within the cosmetology profession and hairdressers. Note that if you file a claim in the US or Canada, you will be covered even when renting a booth or chair elsewhere on the globe. The average cost you’ll pay is $45 per month and $540 per year. 

Best for: More experienced hairdressers and beauticians 

Average cost: $45 per month 

Our rating: 10/10 

Geico Booth Rental Insurance 


  • Discounts are available if you bundle two or more products 

  • A+ rated beauty & bodywork policy 

  • Excellent customer service 


  • You can’t file a booth and chair rental claim through Geico 

  • Fewer local agents 

Geico has been offering auto insurance for over 70 years. However, they have since included booth rental insurance as part of their offerings. Their most competitive offering has to be the professional liability insurance that protects your business from claims of errors and omissions. For $38 monthly and $456 annually, you get comprehensive insurance, which is particularly handy if you offer an array of hairdressing and cosmetology services. 

Best for: Independent contractors offering a broader spectrum of services, including hairdressing and cosmetology

Average cost: $38 per month 

Our rating: 9/10

NEXT Salon Booth Renter Insurance 


  • Add additional insureds for free

  • Live certificate of insurance

  • Easy policy management with the NEXT app 


  • Poor customer reviews on BBB

NEXT provides coverage for hairstylists renting a salon booth or chair. Policies available are general liability, workers compensation, commercial auto, professional liability and commercial property insurance. You can get instant coverage from this insurance company. Moreover, your insurance policy comes with an innovative certificate of insurance that can be sent through different digital channels. 

Best for: Hairstylists renting a booth or chair in a salon

Average cost: $8.34 per month 

Our rating: 8/10

Thimble Salon Booth Renter Insurance


  • Comprehensive BOP

  • Unlimited ACORD 25 certificate of insurance

  • Cancel or pause a policy anytime 


  • Hard to get in touch with customer support 

Salon booth renters can get coverage from Thimble through the company’s beauty salon insurance. This is a tailored coverage that’s underwritten as a business owner’s policy having general liability insurance, commercial property insurance, equipment breakdown coverage, business interruption insurance, and non-owned/hired auto liability insurance. 

Best for: Salon booth renter’s business owner’s policy

Average cost: $35 per month 

Our rating: 8/10


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