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There are countless kinds of salon businesses, ranging from beauty salons , through tanning salons and hair salons to nail salons , and every one of them might need insurance to keep them safe from litigation or other risks. Salon insurance is relatively simple to get your hands on, but getting a good price and the right policy is a different matter altogether.

In today’s guide, we’re going to explore what you need to do to get a good salon insurance rate, and we’ll also take a look at the differences between salon business insurance policies. We’ll also explore salon insurance quotes and discuss the factors that will influence how much you pay for your insurance policy.

Liability Insurance for Salon

Liability coverage is one of the most popular forms of salon insurance for salon owners because it covers most of the common risks that could send a business into a dire financial position. Liability coverage typically applies when you are sued by someone and held liable for their expenses.

These expenses can include property damage that the individual suffered while they were at your place of business and also bodily injuries that may have occurred while you were working on them. There are a few different kinds of liability coverage, ranging from general liability to public liability.

Liability Insurance for Salon Booth Renters

Not all beauty salon workers own their own salons, and many independent professionals rent out booths so they can more easily provide their services. These beauty professionals typically get booth renters insurance to ensure that they never end up on the receiving end of a devastating lawsuit.

This kind of salon and spa insurance tends to be a lot more affordable because a single booth will likely see fewer clients than an entire beauty salon. This cuts down on the risk that the insurance company has to shoulder because there’s a lower chance of them ending up having to pay out.

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Mobile Salon Insurance

Yet another form of salon professional insurance is mobile salon insurance, and this applies to beauty stylists that travel to customers to do their jobs. Mobile salons are growing more and more popular because they’re typically a bit more affordable to run than a static business.

If you already have a car, running a mobile salon is a matter of having all of the right beauty supplies as well as the training to use them properly. If you compare salon insurance types, you’ll find that mobile salon liability coverage is a little more affordable, but that’s offset by the need for commercial auto insurance.

Home Salon Insurance

If you’re trying to insure a home salon, you’ll need to get commercial property insurance along with your liability coverage. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that your homeowners or renters policy will cover you if you’re working from home because that tends to be an exclusion in the vast majority of policies.

Salon Contents Insurance

Contents insurance will cover all of the equipment that you have in your salon, so if it ends up getting stolen or damaged, you’ll be able to file a claim with your insurer to be reimbursed for everything.

Salon Insurance Cost

The cost of salon insurance depends on a wide range of different factors, including the size of your salon. A larger salon will have more expensive insurance because more clients increases the chance of someone filing a lawsuit against you for damages that they sustained while working with you.

Aside from that, your salon’s history and reputation will be closely examined by the insurance company, so if you have a history of mistakes or accidents, you may have a much higher premium. 

In geneal, the average salon insurance cost is about $48 per month or $576 per year for standard general liability insurance. Here are some salon insurance quotes we’ve gathered from leading insurers:

Company Cost per month Cost per year
Hiscox $53 $636
The Hartford $49 $588
Progressive $44 $528

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Beauty Salon Insurance

There are all kinds of beauty salon insurance , including hair salons, nail salons, and even tanning salons. While there are many similarities between each of these businesses, there are also some key differences that make the insurance procurement process a little different for each of them.

Insurance for Hair Salon

Hair salon insurance tends to be relatively pricey because of the risks inherent in working on a client’s hair. Along with the risk of cuts from scissors or razors, there is also a risk that clients will get themselves burned by hair irons or other hot objects while their hair is being worked on.

Insurance for Nail Salon

Nail salon insurance is usually more affordable than other kinds of salon insurance because there’s less of a risk of someone getting hurt while their nails are being done. While there’s still a pretty small chance that someone will get cut while their nails are being worked on, it’s pretty insignificant. 

Tanning Salon Insurance

Tanning salon insurance is generally pricey because of the risks that exist in the tanning industry. UV light has been proven to cause cancer, and tanning beds can be relatively dangerous if they’re not maintained and kept in proper working order, so insurers generally have higher premiums in this industry.

Best Salon Insurance Companies

Here’s where we’ll get into our salon insurance comparison in which we’ll go over one of the top insurance carriers in the salon industry. Along with ensuring that you get the best service possible, picking the right company will make it easier to get a cheap salon insurance policy. To compare quotes online from all the best salon insurance companies, click the 'Get Quotes' button at this page and complete the simple form.

Hiscox Salon Insurance

Hiscox is a British insurance carrier that is an underwriter for Lloyd’s of London. Despite being based in England, the company typically offers worldwide coverage through their American branch, provided your claims are filed in either the United States or in Canada.

Hiscox Policy Details

Hiscox offers coverage for salons under its Insurance for Beauty Professionals policy. Along with salons, this policy applies to hairdressers, nail techs, spa owners, and more. The two kinds of policies available through Hiscox are professional liability coverage and general liability coverage.


  • Offers both professional and general liability

  • Worldwide coverage

  • Quick claims responses


  • Pricey

Average cost: $53 a month

Best for: Larger businesses

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