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Despite the fact that the world has access to electrical light bulbs or battery-powered lights, candles are still popular. In fact, there’s an entire market for handcrafted candles that people selling candles at home find very promising! Many of these homemade candles are infused with natural herbs and essential oils to add to the lush scent and provide natural aromatherapy while also providing light. 

So how long have candles been around and how much is the candle industry worth at present? Historians estimate that candles have been around for over 5,000 years. It’s widely believed that the first recorded candles were created by the ancient Egyptians and were made by soaking a reed leaf (as a wick) in animal fats (to act as candle wax). At present, those engaged in homemade candle business and other ventures in the business candle industry made $3.14 billion collectively, according to the National Candle Association.

Soap and candle insurance are very similar, and much like soap makers insurance , whether you’re selling candles from home,  selling candles at flea markets, or selling candles at farmers market s, you are a small candle business owner, and therefore, you are required to have insurance for selling candles. 

As one of the artisans who sell candles from home online or other means, it’s your responsibility to purchase small candle business insurance to stay protected from any claims coming from a defective product, dissatisfied customer or even property damage.

Additionally, most commercial workshops or retail spaces require tenants selling candles to show proof of insurance before renting the location. So it is wise to have candle craft insurance in your business toolkit!  Also, note that getting insured is one of the steps in how to make a candle business. 

Craft insurance for candles, be it candle making or candle selling only, is what we will discuss in this article. This article will outline some of the risks associated with the candle-making industry and explain the importance of having a candle liability insurance policy. Then, we’ll break down the different types of liability insurance for candle makers, show you the average small candle business insurance cost, and how to get affordable candle makers insurance coverage and cheap candle making insurance quotes online! 

Let’s talk about the risks associated with the candle-making industry and explain the importance of having a candle liability policy in preventing failure and the likelihood of putting your candle making business for sale.

Do I Need Candle Business Insurance?

“I want to sell candles. Do I need insurance?”, The short answer is yes, you do need candle business insurance if you sell in a candle shop or work at home selling candles. Business insurance policies we suggest you try are Liberty Mutual small business insurance, Thimble small business insurance, CoverWallet small business insurance, and Next small business insurance. 

Here is why you need to keep a basic insurance for candle making business- at the very least! 

For the most part, making and selling candles is a relatively low-risk business to be in. As long as you know what you’re doing when it comes to selling homemade candles (general workshop safety), then you shouldn’t have to worry too much. However, when you’re dealing with fire, there’s always the chance that something could go wrong. For example, while heating and pouring your wax, you could be so focused that you don’t realize the fire that sparked up behind you. A small fire could cause hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of damage to your candle store or candle business from home.


If you have employees who help sell candles and sell wax melts from home, then there’s also the possibility of lawsuits coming from them. For example, one of your team members could injure themselves while making candles and try to blame you for not providing a safe working environment. 

Financial liability claims, common in candle home businesses,  can come from your customers.  For instance, you could sell candles to somebody which melted too quickly on one side, causing the wax to leak out and damage their antique table. Hypothetically, they could then turn around and hold you responsible for replacing their $5,000 dining table. 

As long as you maintain solid small business insurance for those who sell candles, you’ll have nothing to worry about. A candle liability insurance policy (GL) in candle making insurance can cover most of these instances so that you don’t have to pay anything out of pocket to solve troubles that arise when candle selling from home, store, or craft fairs. 

Candle Selling Insurance: Do I need Insurance to Sell Candles?

Do you need insurance to sell candles ? The answer to this question is positive as well! You do need insurance to sell candles or wax melts online from home, or at your shop.


There are some risks involved with candle businesses that might become very costly if you don’t have basic insurance for selling candles that will cover you. Situations that might require you to turn to insurance are when your candle shop catches fire, a client files a claim after you failed to deliver stocks on time, and when a customer complains that you’re selling candles or selling wax melts with bad quality. 

Candle making insurance USA policy is not too expensive- especially when you compare candle selling insurance quotes online. You can opt to get it as an additional option for business insurance you already owned. Also, there are lots of stand-alone cheap candle making insurance quotes you can find online. 

What Insurance Do I Need to Sell Candles?

If you sell candles at home or maybe even soaps, we recommend you get insurance for candle and soap makers having a general liability policy. General liability insurance will account for expenses resulting from these situations:

  • When an employee gets injured while working

  • When a customer suffers from an injury caused by your negligence

  • When your business is held liable for property damage

Aside from general liability in candle and wax insurance, you should also opt for a product liability which most candle franchises get. Why? It’s because general liability insurance for selling candles online or at the shop won’t cover expenses resulting from a defective product. Product liability insurance applies to the following situations:

  • When you sold a candle from a manufacturer not following government-mandated health standards

  • When your candle turns out bad in quality

You might also want to get a professional liability  or errors and omissions insurance policy too. This becomes very useful if you’re a candle artisan supplying large volumes of candles to candle stores.

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Liability Insurance for Candle Business and Candle Makers

Liability insurance for candle business is the most common type of insurance candle makers and sellers. Liability insurance is designed to protect your business from settlements and legal expenses, as customers, employees, and even your landlord can take you to small claims court and demand you to pay for injuries, property damage, or faulty products

As long as your policy is up-to-date, most of these claims will be paid out by the insurance provider, ensuring that you don’t face financial loss as the result of a small mistake on your part. Below are the most common types of liability insurance for candle making. 

Product Liability Insurance For Candle Makers

Product liability insurance for candle makers is designed to protect your business from claims resulting from faulty products. When it comes to candles or wax melt business insurance, the most common claims that product liability insurance for candle makers covers typically involve:  

  • Wax that melts too fast or is too flammable. 

  • Popping or “exploding” candle wicks. 

  • Faulty candle base that causes the candle to fall and cause a fire. 

  • Broken glass on a candle holder that causes injury. 

Your product liability insurance policy will cover any costs that arise from these types of claims. If you’re willing to take a recommendation, we suggest you try liberty mutual product liability insurance. 

Public Liability Insurance for Candle Makers

Public liability insurance for candle makers is designed to protect your business from damage caused by your business operation to members of the public. For example, suppose a customer gets injured in your workshop or got injured while opening your candle delivery, and that wound got infected. In that case, public liability insurance for candlemakers will cover any medical or legal bills and compensation. Public liability insurance is mainly included in your general liability insurance, which additionally covers the business from any claims coming from your employees, business partners, vendors, and others.

General Liability Insurance for Candle Makers

Most candle makers find that a general liability policy provides the most straightforward coverage. By the way, getting this insurance is crucial when it comes to how to start a candle making business. General liability takes care of third-party injury or property damage claims.

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Candle Insurance Cost

At this point, you’re probably wondering how much candle insurance is. So to make everything easier, we’ve put together a simple table outlining the average monthly and annual candle insurance cost charged by some of the best candle business insurance providers. As you see below, candle maker insurance cost will not hurt your reserves! 

Expect to pay $63 per month or $761 per year for a $1 million general liability insurance. Keep in mind that your own candle makers insurance rates may cost more or less, depending on factors such as:

  • How large your shop is. 

  • Whether you’re selling candle from home online or selling through a brick-and-mortar store. 

  • Your annual sales revenue. 

  • Your personal credit score. 

  • Past insurance claims. 

  • Do you run your own delivery operation or using a delivery company.

The numbers below will give a good idea of what to expect for the cost of candle making quotes. The rates displayed assume that you’re purchasing a $1,000,000/$2,000,000 general liability insurance for making candles at home business. 

Insurance Provider Average Monthly Rates Average Annual Rates
Geico $82 $984
Farmers  $57 $684
State Farm $67 $804
USAA $54 $648
Allstate $71 $852
Next $63 $756
Chubb $59 $708
Liberty Mutual $61 $732
Thimble $57 $684

Wax Melt Insurance: Do I Need Insurance to Sell Wax Melts from Home?

If your business specializes in making wax melts or just selling them, you may be wondering if you need wax melt-making insurance. Generally speaking, you’ll need the same insurance for making or selling wax melts from home exactly as when you sell candle from home. Overall, there shouldn’t be any considerable difference in wax insurance for wax melt making vs candle making insurance costs. The same also goes for candle selling insurance vs insurance for selling wax melts from home. 

I Plan to Sell Candles and Wax Melts In Craft Fairs and Not at Home, Do I Need Another Insurance?

That depends on the organizers of the craft fair. If they honor your candle maker insurance certificate, then there’s no need to buy a separate insurance policy. However, if the contrary is true, then you need to get insurance for craft fair. Craft fair insurance offers coverage for you, your products, and booth. It has the liability insurance policies we discussed here. Note that just like handcrafters insurance, craft fair insurance is available as an on-demand policy, meaning that you can choose to get it for a day or for weeks only. 

How to Find the Best Insurance for Candle Makers? 

Not sure where to start? If you want to find the best insurance for candle makers, your best bet is to compare candle makers insurance quotes from some of the best candle business insurance companies like Thimble candle maker insurance, Liberty Mutual candle insurance, Next candle insurance, and many others. Due to the competitive nature of the insurance market, this also happens to be the best way to get cheap candle seller insurance from the best carriers that offer candle quotes and wax melt quotes. 

Get customized candle company insurance quotes. Compare rates and coverage options online from the best companies and others with ease by clicking the ‘Get Quotes’ button below and completing the form! Once you complete the process, you’ll have custom quotes from the best candle company insurance providers in the country, namely candle maker’s small business insurance Liberty Mutual, Thimble, Next, CoverWallet, Hiscox, and more. 

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What Business Category Is Candle Making?

So what type of business is candle making? Candle making belongs to the manufacturing business category. 

So can you make money making candles? Those running their startup candle business earn $100,000 – $200,000 annually. Employers offer a candle maker salary amounting to  $45,577 on average. Note that some candle makers earn below average. For example, candle manufacturers in Florida only pay their craftsmen $38,000 annually. 

Starting a Candle Business

Are you in love with candle making or just love using candles? If so, why not consider starting a small candle company online at home? If you’re wondering how to start a candle business from home, you should know that while it is not necessarily easy, it can be very rewarding and satisfying. Many have proved that a candle business is one of those ventures where the talented and hardworking greenhorn entrepreneur can find success whether it be selling candles at markets or online

We know that you’re keen to learn how to start a candle company.  And so, here’s a quick guide that shows the things you need to do. 

Learn The Trend and Start Small 

Your candle small business doesn’t need to give consumers all types of candles. It’s best if you sell the ones that are very popular in the market when thinking about how to start making candles to sell. According to the National Candle Association, consumers say that scent is the most important factor in their buying decision. Furthermore, jar candles and container candles are the easiest to sell in the United States. With that said, put these considerations in mind when you plan to sell candle from home. 

When you ask: “How to start my own candle business?”, others immediately think of selling a variety of products. This can work provided that there’s a lot of capital. However, for those who can only  build a candle selling business with limited resources, it’s important to only sell what’s popular as it helps to save cost, time, and effort and keeps the ROI positive!

Another question you must ask yourself is, “ Who are the candle manufacturers near me and what candles can I sell that they don’t offer ?”. By doing so, you’ll gain an edge over any existing competition and have more chances of making your candle business successful. 

Give Your Candle Business a Unique Name

Don’t forget to ask yourself, ”What should I name my candle business?” . Many forget that coming up with a unique and memorable business name is often one of the most important ingredients of a successful business, the same applies to candle business. So when you wonder how to start an online candle business, creating a website, Etsy and Amazon shops is important – but never underestimate the power of a memorable, catchy candle business name. A unique name is what gives face and authority to your business in the market. Additionally, it also lessens the likelihood of copying other business names indirectly.  When thinking of a business name, it helps to use the selling point of your products as a reference.  You can also use online tools for generating homemade candle names ideas and wax tart business name ideas, such as and Shopify’s online tool for wax business names. 

Find Suppliers of Raw Materials 

Another requirement you have to answer when asking yourself, ”What do I need to start a candle business?”,  is to look for a raw material supplier. The ideal raw material supplier is one who’s willing to sell waxes and wicks at very generous discounts even if the quantity of goods bought is not that many. 


Also, there will be lesser costs if the candle supply business is nearby. And so, ask yourself “ Are there candle supplies stores near me ?”. If you can’t think of a particular business, use search engines because they’ll give you candle and wax melt business names, addresses, and locations of nearby suppliers. 

Buy Second-Hand Candle Making Machine

A candle-making equipment is one of the most important things you need to start a candle business. Small candle-making machines make 30 – 40 candles within 30 minutes. And so, we suggest you invest money in these. 

You will spend $3,000 – $4,000 for a new small candle-making machine for your home based candle business. However, there’s no need to worry if you don’t have this amount right now. You can opt to get a second-hand candle-making machine which costs $300 – $600 for making candles to sell. 

Now you might be thinking, “S tarting my own candle business with a second-hand machine can be problematic” . Hold your reins there because that’s not really the case.  Candle-making machines are sturdy and the performance of used ones can be as good as brand news. 

Build a Storage Space

Building a storage space is a crucial step in how to make a candle making business.  Candles are potential fire hazards. Therefore, you don’t want to store them in a part of the house that people can easily access, especially kids. 

If building a storage space is not an option, try renting a small garage for your homemade candles business. The gist is to never put your stocks where they can easily get damaged. And so, find ways to isolate and take care of them to avoid accidents and defects. 

Before we proceed, here’s a little trivia in case you’re wondering what is a candle maker called. While many are used to using the term candle maker, the proper term for those who make candles is chandler, which is derived from the old French word chandelier .>

What Do I Need to Start Selling Candles: How to Start a Home Candle Business Online

You don’t need a brick-and-mortar store for your candle business as you can try selling candle from home, which is what many small candle small business owners do. 

There are two ways around how to sell candles from home without a physical store – proceed to selling candles online through social media platforms and selling candles on Etsy, Amazon, and your own website. 

We recommend you use Facebook or Instagram for selling your candles via social media as both are great to sell candle from home. Both are great for your home candle business as each has a marketplace where you can easily showcase products and see customer insights. 

What about the other option? Do candles sell well on Etsy? The short answer is yes. A successful candle maker or wax melt maker that uses the platform earns $30,000 to $40,000 annually. Profits are about 60%, so do the math yourself. The candle industry as a whole is worth about $2.5 billion dollars annually, so there is a lot of room for growth if you are good at this. Starting a candle company with the help of Etsy is great because it provides an interactive platform for your candle business and it helps you track sales and the number of customers while being accessible to a big number of shoppers. However, we recommend starting your own website, social media channels, and an Amazon shop in addition to Etsy.

How Do You Make Your Own Candles at Home? 

We suggest you make your own candles at home as it’s one of the crucial steps on how to have a successful candle business as it helps to save a lot of resources. On average, a newbie can make 10 – 20 candles a day without a machine. This section discusses what you need and what to do. 

What Do I Need to Start Making Candles?

  • Wax Block

  • Essential oil o

  • Dye or crayons

  • Scissors

  • Wick 

  • Spoon 

  • Tin can

  • Mold

How to Make Your Own Candles to Sell?

Cut the Wax into Small Pieces 

The first step in how to make candles at home to sell is to cut the wax. Cutting helps to save a lot of time as an uncut wax block takes longer to melt.  It’s best to cut the wax into thin sheets using a knife or any other sharp object. After cutting, put all of the wax pieces into the tin can. 

Put the Tin Can On the Stove

Turn the stove on and place the tin can on it. By the way, you can also use a pot. However, we strongly suggest you use a tin can, as wax residues can stick on the pot and cause issues. Ideal tin cans for melting are  375 grams milk powder cans and condensed milk cans. 

Wait for the Wax to Melt and Add Dye or Fragrance Oil

The wax will melt 3 – 5 minutes after heating the tin can. When the wax starts to melt, it’s time for you to add the fragrance oil or dye. Remember to only put a teaspoon of fragrance oil for 1 tin can of melted wax. After doing this, keep stirring so that the fragrance oil, wax, or dye mix.  Note that, if there’s no dye, you can also melt some crayons in a separate tin can and add them to the melted wax. 

Get a Mold, Put the Wick on It, and Pour the Melted Wax

Get the candle-making mold and put the wick on it. Don’t worry, putting the wick on the candle mold will be easy. It already comes with a stand so that there’s no need for you to straighten it while pouring the melted wax.   

Note that aside from commercial candle mold, you can also use household objects as mold. This includes small tin cans, cut water bottles, unused bowls in the kitchen, and more. 

Wait for the Wax to Harden

The final step in how to make candles to sell is to put the candle mold containing the melted wax in a secluded spot in the house. You don’t want a dog, cat, or person to disturb the wax while it’s getting hard. First, melted wax is very hot and might cause first-degree burns. The finished candle might have cracks too if someone accidentally moves the melted wax. Note that it will take 3 – 4 hours for the melted wax to harden. 

After the melted wax becomes hard, there’s nothing else to do but test the candle if it works.  You know that your DIY candle is good if it holds its shape and generates a strong steady flame. 

What Are The Ingredients to Make Candles?

The main ingredients for making candles at home are:

  • Wax and wick

  • Fragrance oil

  • Dye or crayons

Wax and Wick

The primary ingredients in candle making are wax and wick.  Without wax, there’s no fuel for the flame in the wick. And without a wick, the user can’t use the wax to fuel a flame.  Wax and wick are the only ingredients when making unscented candles. 

Fragrance Oil

Those making scented candles need fragrance oil. Fragrance oil is a natural oil from plants or a synthetic oil diluted with compounds like propylene glycol, vegetable oil, or mineral oil. Mixing fragrance oil in the wax allows the candle to give off a scent as it burns. Common fragrance oils for wax making are vanilla, lavender, and citrus. The application of fragrance oil is one of the most important steps in how to make candles for business. 

Dye or Crayons

Some interested in how to start a candle making business at home try making colored candles. Colored candles need dye or crayons. One can use any kind of dye available. The most popular choices for dye colors are pink, violet, yellow, and brown.

Melting crayons and adding them to the melted wax is also an option. However, crayons don’t give a very vibrant shade to a candle as compared to using dyes. 

Which Wax is Best for Candle Making?

Candlemakers use beeswax, paraffin wax, and soy wax for candle making, and the best one is beeswax. 

Beeswax is better than paraffin wax and soy wax because it burns cleanly and gives off a very wonderful scent, even without fragrance oils. Also, beeswax candles are not toxic and won’t cause severe problems if ingested by a toddler or a pet. 

Coming second to beeswax is soy wax. Soy wax is not as good as beeswax because it produces a cool-toned flame. Therefore, the light soy wax candles emit is a bit weaker than that of beeswax candles. 

Though very cheap, paraffin wax is the worst for candle making. Paraffin wax is made from petroleum.  And so, it’s not a clean or bright burning wax. Paraffin wax contains benzene and toluene, which can cause headaches, cancer, kidney damage, and birth defects. 

Is Making Candles Cheaper than Buying?

Is it cheaper to make your own candles? The cost of making candles is cheaper than buying them. Know that an $8 block of wax can produce a 14 oz candle, which retailers sell for $28. And so, if you’re fond of using candles for aromatherapy or room lighting, stop buying and make your own candles instead. 

Where Is The Best Place to Sell Candles in the USA?

Here’s a list of the best place to sell candles in the United States:

  • Sell homemade candles in Las Vegas at the time of the lantern festival 

  • McAdenville at the Christmas season

  • Ohio (this state has a lot of candle exporters who sometimes look for small-time sellers to reinforce their warehouse in case of stock shortage

  • North Yorkshire during the culmination of the scarecrow festival on Halloween

Do You Need a Business License to Sell Candles?

Do you need a license to sell candles? Here’s the answer: There are only a few legal requirements for selling homemade candles. For instance, you need a general license to make and sell candles

Another one of the legal requirements for selling homemade candles  in USA is to get a federal tax I.D. 

Don’t forget to have liability insurance as this is also a legal requirement for selling homemade candles in US. You need to have at least $100,000 coverage. However, for the best protection, we recommend you go for a policy that offers $1 million. We suggest you try Liberty mutual business insurance quotes as well as those of Progressive’s and Hiscox’s when planning to purchase business liability insurance. 

If you plan to employ people, you also have to comply with getting worker’s compensation insurance. To make it short, all you need to sell candles is to register as a sole-proprietorship, get a federal tax I.D., and get some insurance policies.  

Note that just like selling candles, there are also no strict legal requirements for selling wax melts. One only needs to come up with a unique wax melts business name with the help of a wax melt company names generator or consultant, register the business in the state, get a federal tax I.D, and get insurance policies. 

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Candle Business?

To get the answer, we have to ask, “How much does a candle cost?” The average price of candles in terms of manufacturing is $7.50 per piece. Here’s a table below showing how much to start a candle business based on how many candles your home based candle business plans to sell each month:

Number of Candles to Sell  Recommended Capital 
500 $3,750
800 $6,000
1,000 $7,500
1,300 $9,750
1,700 $12,750
$2,000 $15,000

Note that there are other ways to determine how much does it cost to make your own candles to sell.  And so, we recommend you consult experienced candle business owners to see their manufacturing costs and what factors affect such costs. You can also use online tools like Candle Profit Calculator

How Much to Sell Candles For?

“So how much should I sell my candles for as a sole proprietor ?” – We’re sure that you’re asking this right now. Candle making businesses have their own respective pricing. However, all use a simple method to determine the cost of their candles – that is, by calculating the variable cost and fixed cost. 

The total variable cost is the average candle price required for manufacturing all pieces of candles. You can find the variable cost using this formula:   Total Variable Costs = Cost Per Unit x Total Number of Units.  In connection with this, there’s also the per unit variable cost which gives you an idea how much does it cost to make a candle. 

Once you have the total variable cost. Find the fixed cost to make candles. The formula for finding fixed  cost is: Total fixed cost = Total cost of production – ( Variable cost per unit x Number of units produced).


When you’ve found your variable cost and fixed cost add them together and then give a price to your candles that’s half higher than the sum of the variable and fixed cost. Therefore, if the variable and fixed cost come to $4.09. You can price your candles $6.  

How Much Do Homemade Candles Sell For?

Homemade scented jar candles from starting candle makers usually sell for $10 apiece. Homemade votive candles sell for $8 apiece.  Finally, tea candles sell for $5 apiece. Know that this pricing is just the initial pricing for those learning how to start a candle business at home. If your company manages to reach the success of Inland Candle Co and other reputable candle companies, you can charge more and gain better profits. 

Is Candle Making a Good Business Considering You Plan to Sell Mechanical Candles? 

Mechanical candles are not as popular as traditional candles. Nonetheless, they don’t drip and manage to give a strong steady flame. That’s why some customers opt to get them. So how much does a candle business make from mechanical candles? A candle business that does  mechanical candles wholesale earns $18 – $24 per piece or $132 – $194 per box. 

How to Sell Candles Online Using a Website?

Social media and online selling platforms are a great way to sell candles online. But if you don’t want to use such options, try starting your own candle business by utilizing the power of a website. 

So how to sell candles online with the help of a website? Technology has made it very easy for first-timers to do so. Install WordPress, get a good relevant theme, upload your content and products, and market them. Let’s further discuss how to do it in this section. 

What Do You Need to Start a Candle Business with a Website?

Do I need IT experts to start my own candle business using a website? – we’re pretty sure you’re asking this right now. The answer is no. You don’t need an IT expert to build your candle website and start a candle business online. GoDaddy, Wix, and WordPress are friends that allow you to make a website to start a candle company without anyone’s help even if there’s no knowledge about website development.

By the way, thinking of a name is important when starting a candle business online website. It’s best to give your candle website a catchy and unique one to avoid legal issues and have easier branding.  Do some research to think of the best name. If you’re stuck on how to do it, use online tools that generate soap and candle company name ideas or wax melts business name.

Once your website is ready,  you then have to choose a web hosting provider. Note that your candle website needs a hosting provider so that it has its own domain, has its data storage, and technical support. In a nutshell, it’s web hosting that allows users to access your website fast. 

Selling candles through a website is not just about showing your products to customers. It’s also important to provide value so that your site shows on the web and gains visitors. And so, you might need to hire someone to create content.  

How to Sell Candles Without Any Stocks in Your Possession?

How to sell candles if you don’t have candles? We know this question sounds weird, even stupid maybe.  But know that there’s a business model that allows you to sell even if there are no products in store. 

Affiliate marketing is the method that allows you to sell candles without owning candles.  Basically, an affiliate program is where a company allows a website owner (affiliate partner) to sell their products. In return, the website owner gets a commission for each sale. 

Where to sell candles as an affiliate partner? Candle affiliate programs you might want to try are as follows:

  • Yankee Candle Affiliate Program

  • Pure Integrity Affiliate Program

  • Wishes Candle Co Affiliate Program

  • Brooklyn Studio Candle Affiliate Program

  • Gourmet Candle Affiliate Program

  • Liberty Candles London Affiliate Program 

How Much Can You Make Selling Candles as an Affiliate Partner?

How much money can you make selling candles as one of the many affiliate candle vendors? Affiliate candle sellers earn 3%-15% commission for each successful candle selling transaction on their website.  For example, if you’re enrolled in an affiliate program, you’ll earn $.69 or $3.45 for each piece of $23 candles. 

How to Start a Small Candle Business Website for Affiliate Marketing?

How to start your own candle business affiliate website? The first thing to do is to increase your website’s traffic. Candle companies having affiliate programs all require individuals, who are interested in how to make and sell candles, to have a website with at least a thousand visits each day. The only way to reach a thousand visits and make it possible to sell candles online as an affiliate partner is to create helpful and insightful resources for users. 

Once your website reaches a lot of visits, it’s time to look for a good affiliate program which is the second step to start your own candle business affiliate website. You can try the ones we mentioned in this section.  When choosing which affiliate program to try, go for the ones that don’t have any enrollment fees, give more than 3% commission, offer cash rewards, and give free resources that will help you sell candles from home successfully. 

Is Selling Candles a Good Business as an Affiliate Partner?

You could have been a candle tycoon through affiliate marketing. Selling candles through affiliate marketing might be more promising than candle making home business because all you have to do is create a popular website and convince people to buy the products of your partners by making valuable content. This business venture doesn’t require a lot of capital because you don’t need to learn how to make your own candles to sell. Also, there are no limits on how much can a candle business make as an affiliate partner. 

How Much Money Can You Make from a Candle Business?

Can you make money selling candles? The answer is yes. Here’s a bullet that will give you a general idea in case you’re wondering how much do candle makers make. Note that the figures listed here assume the candle business sells third-party manufactured candles. 

  • The income of candle businesses per one thousand pieces of votives sold is $19,990 

  • The income of small candle business per one thousand pieces of jar candles sold is $35,000

  • The income of home based candle business per one thousand pieces of scented and elaborately designed candles sold is $80,000 or more

Other Income Sources of Candle Business

Know that your candle business can also sell other things aside from candles. So what to sell with candles? The bullet below shows the most viable products:

  • Candleholder or stands

  • Wax dye

  • Wax fragrance oils

  • Candle making books

  • Wax melts

  • Wax blocks

  • Candle Making kits

  • Soaps

So how much money do you make selling candles with other relevant goods? According to established soap and candle business names, there’s 20% more revenue if candle makers take the courage to invest in selling candle-making kits and other related products. 

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