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Historians estimate that candles have been around for over 5,000 years. It’s widely believed that the first recorded candles were created by the ancient Egyptians and were made by soaking a reed leaf (as a wick) in animal fats (to act as candle wax). Other cultures used combinations of beeswax or tree sap for their candles. 

Despite the fact that most of the world has access to electricity, lightbulbs, or battery-powered light, though, candles are more popular than they’ve ever been. In fact, there’s an entire market for handcrafted candles! Many of these homemade candles are infused with natural herbs and essential oils to add to the lush scent and provide natural aromatherapy while also providing light. 

Whether you’re making and selling your candles at your local flea market or farmers’ market or even if you’re selling your candles online, you’re a small business owner. As a responsible artisan, it’s your responsibility to purchase candle business insurance to protect you and your small business from any injury, product, or property damage claims that could come your way. Additionally, most commercial workshops or retail spaces require tenants to show proof of insurance before renting the location. 

This article will outline some of the risks associated with the candle-making industry and explain the importance of having a candle business liability insurance policy. Then, we’ll break down the different types of liability insurance for candle makers, show you the average small candle business insurance cost, and how to find affordable coverage and cheap candle making insurance quotes online! 

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Why Do I Need Candle Business Insurance?

For the most part, making candles is a relatively low-risk business to be in. As long as you know what you’re doing (general workshop safety), then you shouldn’t have too much to worry about. However, when you’re dealing with fire, there’s always the chance that something could go wrong. For example, while heating and pouring your wax, you could be so focused that you don’t realize the fire that sparked up behind you. A small fire could cause hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of damage to your materials or workshop within seconds. 

If you have employees, then there’s also the possibility of insurance claims coming from your employees. For example, one of your team members could injure themselves while making candles and try to blame you for not providing a safe working environment. 

Last but not least, financial liability claims can come from your customers. For instance, you could sell somebody a candle that melted too quickly on one side, causing the wax to leak out and damage their antique table. Hypothetically, they could then turn around and hold you responsible for replacing their $5,000 dining table. 

These are just several instances of claims that small candle business owners have faced before. As long as you maintain small business insurance for candle makers, then you’ll have nothing to worry about. A general liability policy can cover most of these instances so that you don’t have to pay anything out of pocket. 

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Liability Insurance For Candle Makers

Liability insurance is the most common type of insurance for crafters and artisans. It’s designed to protect you from being held “financially liable” for claims against you and your business. In the absence of insurance coverage, customers, employees, and even your landlord can take you to small claims court and require you to pay for injuries, property damage, or faulty products out of pocket. 

Liability insurance acts as a type of “shield” that absorbs these claims. As long as your policy is current and up-to-date, most of these claims will be paid out by the insurance provider, ensuring that you don’t face financial loss as the result of a small mistake on your part. Below are the most common types of liability insurance for candle-making business owners. 

Product Liability Insurance For Candle Makers

Product liability insurance coverage is designed to protect your business from claims resulting from faulty products. When it comes to candles or wax melt business insurance, the most common product claims typically involve: 

  • Wax that melts too fast or is too flammable. 

  • Popping or “exploding” candle wicks. 

  • Faulty candle base that causes the candle to fall and cause a fire. 

  • Broken glass on a candle holder that causes injury. 

Your product liability insurance policy will cover any costs that arise from these types of claims. 

Public Liability Insurance For Candle Makers

Public liability insurance for candle makers is designed to protect your business from claims that arise on your business premises. For example, suppose a customer gets injured in your workshop. In that case, your public liability insurance policy can help them pay for any medical bills and compensate them for any days they had to take off work. 

General Liability Insurance For Candle Makers

Most candle makers find that a general liability policy provides the most straightforward coverage. It combines aspects of both public and general liability, handling product and third-party injury claims. Additionally, general liability insurance coverage can handle claims that arise from employees that are injured while working in your workshop or retail store. 

Candle Seller Insurance Cost

At this point, you’re probably wondering how much all of this is going to cost you. So, to make your life easier, we’ve put together a simple table outlining the average monthly and annual rates charged by some of the top small business insurers. As you can see, the prices are quite affordable! 

Keep in mind that your own rates may cost more or less, depending on factors such as:

  • How large your shop is. 

  • Whether you sell online-only or own a retail shop. 

  • Your annual sales revenue. 

  • Your personal credit score. 

  • Past insurance claims. 

However, the numbers below will give a good idea of what to expect. The rates displayed assume that you’re purchasing a $1,000,000/$2,000,000 general liability policy for your candle-making business. On average though, candle business owners pay $64 per month or $757 per year

Insurance ProviderAverage Monthly RatesAverage Annual Rates
Farmers $57$688
State Farm$67$801

Do I Need Special Insurance For Wax Melt Business?

If your business specializes in making wax melts, then you may be wondering if you need special wax melt-making insurance. Generally speaking, you’ll need the same insurance for making wax melts as you would for making candles. Overall, there shouldn’t be any considerable difference in insurance costs between candle-making and wax melt-making. 

How To Find The Best Insurance For Candle Makers 

Not sure where to start? If you want to find the best insurance for candle makers, your best bet is to compare quotes from different providers. Due to the competitive nature of the insurance market, this also happens to be the best way to get cheap insurance for your candle-making business. 

Get customized candle business insurance quotes and compare rates and coverage options online with ease by clicking the ‘Get Quotes’ button below! After completing the process, you’ll have custom quotes from top small and large insurers from across the country, so you can choose the best policy for your business needs! 

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