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$ 42 /mo
$ 42 /mo
$ 42 /mo
$ 42 /mo
$ 42 /mo
$ 42 /mo
$ 42 /mo
$ 42 /mo
$ 42 /mo
AIG Insurance
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$ 42 /mo
$ 42 /mo
$ 42 /mo
$ 42 /mo
AAA Insurance
Insuranks Score 7.5/10
$ 42 /mo
$ 42 /mo
$ 42 /mo
$ 42 /mo
$ 42 /mo
$ 42 /mo
$ 42 /mo
$ 42 /mo
Pet Assure
Insuranks Score 0/10
$ 42 /mo
$ 42 /mo
$ 42 /mo

How to Compare and Get the Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes from the Best Companies?

So you have found your dream car and now it’s time for the boring part: getting the best car insurance policy. A process that can be frustrating to deal with, time-consuming and expensive, yet a must, if you want to protect your vehicle and, of course, follow national and local rules and laws.

Luckily for you, comparing and getting cheap car insurance quotes is not complicated. In fact, it is incredibly easy now. Let’s learn some tips on how to get, review and compare the best car insurance quotes, so you would end up having the best car insurance coverage for your needs with the lowest possible expense.

What Are Car Insurance Quotes? 


Car insurance quotes are estimates for what your auto insurance policy would actually cost and cover for you by the specific carriers. Car insurance quotes can be estimated by the carrier itself, or by car insurance agencies, agents and brokers.

Auto Insurance quotes are determined by the information that you provide to the auto insurance quote giver, be it a company, agency, agent or broker. Mostly, your car insurance quotes are personalized and tailored to your own specific needs as per your driver history, background, vehicle information and other information. The more information you share with auto insurance companies, the more accurate your auto insurance quotes would be.

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How Long Does it Take to get a Car Insurance Quote?

Generally speaking, getting car insurance quotes online might take around 10-15 minutes, depending on many factors. While getting one car insurance quote shouldn't take more than 1-2 minutes, sometimes it depends on the specifications of the application. 

Insuranks delivers you auto insurance quotes within a few seconds, all you have to do is fill in a short form, compare car insurance quotes from a wide very of options and make smarter, more educated car insurance decisions.

Our two cents: Request car insurance quotes from all of the companies and options you get in the results page, collect quotes and have all options on your table before choosing the best coverage for your specific needs at the best rate from the highest ranked company. 

How Mileage Affects Your Car Insurance Quotes

Driving less can lower your car insurance rates, but sometimes you will be required to significantly lower your mileage, and the discount won't make much difference. Some companies offer 6-14% off their auto insurance rates for drivers that go from 10,000 to 5,000 miles a year.  

Specifically in California, the savings for low mileage drivers are much higher, thanks to the state's laws that are encouraging it. According to recent California laws, insurance carriers have to confirm the estimated annual mileage per vehicle.

Other companies actually have a low-mileage driver discount. For example, Travelers Insurance IntelliDrive's program gives low-mileage discounts from under 13,000 miles a year with up to 30% discounts depending on the state.

Other companies, like Root Car Insurance, is an app that have a usage-based pricing model that is using data collected via telematics devices to rate premiums based on mileage and driving habits, rather than demographics.

Allstate Insurance emphasizes mileage as the most important factor in their Drivewise program, with maximum savings when driving under 12,000 miles a year, and some discounts at up to 15,000 miles annually.

Average Annual MilageAverage 6-month premium

As per the Federal Highway Administration, the average American drives 13,500 miles annually. Men average 16,550 miles a year, while women drive 10,142 miles a year on average. Male drivers mileage reaches its peak when they are 35 to 54 years old, with 18,858 miles a year on average, while female drivers reaches their peak with 12,004 miles a year at ages 20 to 34.

How much is car insurance per month?

The payment for auto insurance per month depends on many factors. Most important are how clean is your driving record, what is your credit score, your vehicle type, how many years you've been driving, your age and how much car insurance did you actually buy

Getting minimum liability coverage (for example: 25/50) will surely keep your rates low. To have a $39/month car insurance you will actually have to pass on comprehensive and collision coverage and keep your limits and coverages at a minimum. This is not recommended simply because it doesn't really protect you good enough. It is better and more recommended to get a better and wider coverage that greatly protects you with car insurance rates of around $70-100/month.

Please find average car insurance rates by state on the chart below. Rates are based on the state minimums by law for drivers with a clean driving record and good credit.  

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StateState minimum average annual car insurance rateMonthly car insurance rate
North Carolina$347$28
North Dakota$363$29
New Hampshire$485$39
New Jersey$677$55
New Mexico$424$34
New York$812$67
Rhode Island$751$62
South Carolina$484$39
South Dakota$267$21
West Virginia$493$40

Do Car Insurance Quotes Affect Your Credit Score?


Car Insurance quotes do not affect your credit score. However, every time an auto insurance company is accessing your credit report in order to provide you car insurance quotes an inquiry is being added to it, these inquiries have no effect on your credit score though and you can find them on your personal credit reports.