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Compare car insurance quotes from the best companies and get a cheap auto policy.

So your old auto insurance policy is expiring, or you just bought a new car (mazel tov!) and now it’s time to compare car insurance quotes from the best companies and get yourself the best, cheapest car insurance policy. 

Such comparison can become super frustrating to deal with, time consuming and expensive. And yet, it is a must, if you want to follow national and state-mandatory insurance laws and regulations while protecting yourself from unexpected financial losses.

Luckily, Insuranks simplifies it for you. Compare quotes, companies and plans with ease, read our reviews and other customer reviews and easily make the best decision for your own specific needs. 

This page covers auto insurance from the bottom up, from facts and statistics, explanation of terms and types of auto insurance, to letting you compare cheap auto insurance quotes through quality car insurance comparison of companies and reviews. Let’s start off with some initial questions and answers. 

What is Car Insurance? 

Car insurance is a contract between you and an auto insurance company by which, in exchange for a premium, the company covers the potential cost of possible damages and financial loss that are a result of driving. 

We’ve all been there, accidentally bumping in to a car while trying to back into a parking spot, stopping short and getting rear-ended…the list of car accident possibilities is seemingly endless. But one thing is for sure, getting the damaged fixed can be incredibly costly! 

That's were auto insurance comes in to play. There are many different types of auto policies. Some cover typical accidents. Others consider theft, weather risks, bumping in to animals and depreciating car values. Confused by what all of this means? Let's take a deeper look…

Different Types of Auto Insurance Coverage Options

We'll cover the following auto coverage options and types: 

  • Collision insurance
  • Gap insurance 
  • Personal injury protection insurance 
  • Property damage liability insurance 
  • Bodily injury liability insurance 
  • Uninsured driver insurance
  • Comprehensive insurance

Collision Insurance

Car accidents and road crashes happen, and they happen quite frequently. A study by ASIRT found that in the United States alone, there is an average of 6 million car accidents, with 1.35 million people losing their lives as a result of them each year. While we wish you will not be involved in auto accidents, they can get you to collide with another vehicle, skid against a curb, drive into a building, to name a few common road crashes. In any case, your vehicle will likely be left with some hefty damages.

Collision Insurance covers the costs of repairing the damages on your vehicle. Considering the amount of collisions per year, the damage that can be done to your vehicle, and the randomness of an accident, collision insurance is a must. Depending on how prone you feel you are to getting in accidents (even though accidents are often out of your control), and how safe the infrastructure around you is (are there potholes? are the streets too narrow?), choose a quote that reflects your risk. If you don’t trust your ability to operate a vehicle, have a mistrust for other drivers on the road, or see a lot of bad infrastructure in your neighbourhood, you’re most likely a good fit for a low deductible plan.

Gap Insurance

Congrats! You just bought a shiny new car! However, we have some news for you… Most chances are that the maker is coming out with a new, improved, hipper and more high-tech line in a year. When you buy a car, it holds a certain value, but over time that value depreciates. If your car is stolen or totaled, you may receive a settlement based on the car’s actual cash value, which might look very different than the price you paid. 

So, you ask yourself, do I need gap insurance?

Gap insurance, is a non-compulsory auto insurance coverage, that will help you cover that “gap” in car loan or payment if your vehicle was stolen or totaled and you still have to pay a greater amount than the vehicle's depreciated value. With gap insurance, the insurer will cover the discrepancy.

Compare Car Insurance Quotes

Get all the best quotes from leading providers in a click of a button!

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Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance

So you got in an accident and hurt yourself... ay ay ay! First of all, have a fast recovery!!! Second, hospital visits are costly, and you need to plan for the worst. Personal Injury Protection Insurance will help you minimize the costs of your medical expenses if the worst happens.

If you already carry health insurance, PIP Insurance may not be for you. However, without health insurance, paying the healthcare costs for an injury obtained via an auto accident will come out of your pocket… unless, you opt into PIP insurance.

You may want to ask yourself the following questions while exploring your options: 

  • Do you have a safe car? You may be fine with a high deductible plan. 
  • Do you have Health Insurance? You may not need this plan at all. 
  • Do you drive carefully and follow all the legal guidelines? If your answer is no, a low deductible option may save you the most money in the long-run.

PIP, aka Personal Injury Protection is an extension of auto insurance that covers medical costs, and in some events, lost salaries due to an injury caused by an auto accident. PIP is also known as no-fault coverage, since PIP is being paid with no relation to any fault and legal liability. However, the PIP insurance premium rates of the policyholder who filed the claim, can be increased. PIP is currently mandatory in the following states:

  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Maryland (unless you sign a waiver upon buying the policy)
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Dakota
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Utah

The following states require auto insurers to provide PIP insurance coverage, however these states also let the policyholder reject it in writing: 

  • Washington
  • Texas
  • Arkansas (noncompulsory)

Property Damage Liability Insurance

Property damage liability insurance is a car insurance coverage that covers car or property repair expenses of damage that was caused by you to another party, aka you are the at fault side in an auto accident and damaged someone else's vehicle or property. As said, car accidents and road crashes do happen. You missed a stop sign or a red light, were over speeding, made an illegal turn, texted while driving... Unfortunately, these life threatening driving habits are too frequent, and in sometimes can result in an accident - an accident that you, being non-compliant with the law, if you actually survive it, will be legally responsible for. 

Even if the person in the vehicle that you collided with carries insurance, he has no legal responsibility to pay for the damages. In this case, the costs fall squarely on you. And in the case that you accidentally violate a rule such as a red light, the resulting collision can result in fairly serious damage to the vehicle you collide with.

You may want to ask yourself the following questions while exploring your options: 

  • Do I have a tendency to space out? 
  • Do I consistently follow the rules, or do I often break them out of habit or impatience? 
  • Do I drive when I am tired, or at night when there is less visibility? 
  • Do I drive in areas of traffic, or areas where there is barely any other vehicles? 

Depending on your answers to each question, you should pick your plans accordingly.

Bodily Injury Liability (BI) Insurance

Bodily injury liability insurance coverage covers the injury expenses caused to another person in a car accident where you are the at fault side.

In the case of an accident where you violate a law, not only can the other car be damaged, but the passenger of the other car may be severely hurt. And if you violated a law, you are legally responsible for his injury. You will likely be obligated to pay his medical bills. With bodily injury insurance, you will be able to mitigate these expenses.

Uninsured Driver Insurance

There are reckless drivers out there. They are all around us. That is why it is even more concerning that more than 1/8 drivers on the road are uninsured, and the uninsured rate continues to rise. So if another driver violates the rules and collides with you, and this collision injures you in any capacity, he may not possess the money or insurance necessary to cover your medical expenses.

Uninsured driver insurance, also known as uninsured motorist clause, may be your safest option to protect yourself from the recklessness of others. This is particularly important if you live in a state where many people are uninsured (which are usually the ones where accidents are less frequent).

Uninsured driver insurance, or uninsured motorist clause, is an auto insurance policy extension that covers any injuries caused to you from uninsured drivers.

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance, also referred to as other than collision insurance coverage, covers (upon paying a deductible) damages caused to vehicles in events which are not considered a collision. Some examples to such events that are considered comprehensive losses are fire, wether conditions, vandalism, theft or damage caused by animals. 

How safe is your neighbourhood? 

Is crime abundant? 

Looters or vandals? 

Or maybe there are weather concerns like tornadoes or flooding. 

If any of these apply to you, you might want to look into comprehensive car insurance. Comprehensive insurance policy will alleviate the burden of worrying about something happening to your car while you are not around and assist in paying for your auto repair or replacement in case your vehicle was damaged or stolen in an occasion which is not a car accident on the road.

We have covered a lot, and this is all certainly quite a bit of information to process. Hopefully, though, you feel more comfortable with the terms we’ve discussed and feel confident in your ability to decide what kind of plan might be best for you and your needs. 

What Are Car Insurance Quotes? 


Car insurance quotes are estimates for what your auto insurance policy would actually cost and cover for you by the specific carriers. These quotes can be estimated by the carrier itself, or by car insurance agencies, agents and brokers (licensed producers).

Auto insurance quotes are determined by the information available to the quoter, be it a company, agency, agent or broker. Mostly, your quotes are personalized and tailored to your own specific needs as per your driver history, background, vehicle information and other information. The more information the companies have, the more accurate your quotes are going to be.

Some other questions that should be on your mind when you shop and compare quotes

  • Is Car Insurance Required? Do I Need Car Insurance?

  • Definitely. Unless you live in New Hampshire. That’s right. 49 out of the 50 states require that you have an active car insurance policy. In New Hampshire, you must be able to prove that you are able to afford any damage done to your car, which can cost thousands upon thousands of dollars... so, don't live in New Hampshire! (Just kidding!) 

  • Does credit impact my car insurance rates and options?

  • 92% of insurers now take credit into account when determining auto insurance quotes. Why? Taking your credit in to account helps them predict their losses and the risk they are carrying by covering you. 

    So now you might be wondering what other factors can play a role in determining your auto insurance rates. Here are a few:

    • Age: Are you a young driver? A teenager? Over 60?
    • Experience level: How many years have you been driving? experienced drivers are often more skilled and have a better ability to overcome obstacles and different driving situations
    • Driving history: Did you have accidents in the past? Were they your fault?
    • Location: The driving statistics in your location as well as other geographic factors
    • Type of vehicle: Some vehicles are more safe to insure and some are more "vulnerable"
    • Vehicle use: Do you use your car to commute to work? school? pleasure? travel? all of them? some other use maybe? 

    We suggest you take a minute to think about your risk as a driver to the car insurance company. 

    • Are you a new driver? 
    • Living in a place with lots of potholes? 
    • Driving an old car? 
    • Or maybe just a bad driver? 

    All of this impacts your auto premiums. This shouldn’t deter you, however. The cost of a car accident is still much higher!!

    In fact, it is important that we spend some time looking at the cost of typical car insurance plans. We know that finding a cheap auto insurance price is probably extremely important to you, but it is more important to make sure that you are well covered as well in case the unexpected happens... so sometimes it is better not to take the cheapest quote you get, but the cheapest one you get for the policy that covers you best. 

    Let’s dig in…

    Your premiums will likely be paid either every month, every six months or annually. It is very important to stay up to date on your payments.

    How much does car insurance cost? What are the average car insurance cost in the US?

    Our research indicates that the national average car insurance cost per month in all states in the US in 2020 is $131 per month. Your quotes, however, can vary greatly by state and individual factors that make the risk that companies carry by insuring you. If you are living in New York, your auto insurance premium will likely be higher due to city traffic and the ensuing accidents. If you are in a very rural area, however, you will likely pay less because…well…there are fewer cars on the road. Regardless, this number as well as our research give you a rough estimate of what your costs are going to be.

    In contrast, car accidents cost the United States about $231 billion every year. Yes, you read that right. And accidents usually cost in the thousands. That's why being covered is so important and mandatory in most states. 

    Your policy will have liability coverage limits. In auto insurance, this limit is usually broken down in to three components:

    • The maximum amount of money the insurance company will spend on your injuries
    • The maximum amount of money the insurance company will spend on people you injure
    • The maximum amount of money the insurance company will spend on property damage

    Be sure to know what the liability limits are on your auto insurance plan.

    Best Car Insurance Companies: Reviews, Ratings and Average Costs (2020)

    You might already be familiar with some of the top companies, we'll share our 2020 best car insurance company reviews. Let’s take a look at the different companies and their specific pros and cons. We rate each company, which may help you understand why one auto insurance plan or company may be better than the others. This score is determined based on customer reviews as well as our take on whether or not the balance between the plan’s coverage, the company's service and reliability, cost and more important things to consider as drivers. Based on that you can make a better decision.

    GEICO Auto Insurance

    Geico car insurance - Geico is the second largest auto insurance company in the United States. Although they are a popular option, they have seen an increase in customer dissatisfaction throughout 2020. This is largely due to increased premiums and slow response times

    However, they do have many popular plans. Here are a few

    • GEICO military car insurance - GEICO offers a military discount for service members of up to 15% of your auto insurance premium. 
    • GEICO gap insurance
    • GEICO SR22 insurance
    • GEICO's non owner car insurance
    • GEICO rental car insurance coverage
    • GEICO commercial auto insurance (check out our best and cheapest business insurance companies list)
    • GEICO full coverage car insurance
    • GEICO comprehensive coverage
    • GEICO classic car insurance
    • GEICO home and auto multi-policy bundle discount saves you money and allows you to get affordable home and auto insurance 

    It's very easy to find a GEICO car insurance near you. Getting a GEICO auto insurance quote is very easy, simply go to their company page that is linked below and click through on get quotes to get a free, competitive GEICO car insurance quote online.

    Insuranks rating: 8/10

    To get a free GEICO insurance quote and read how their customers have rated and reviewed them, click here.

    USAA Car Insurance

    USAA car insurance quotes are among the most competitive ones. USAA is ranking as one of our top auto insurance companies thanks to their high customer satisfaction, strong financial capabilities, solid reputation, great customer service and interesting auto insurance plans. USAA gap insurance is considered an excellent option as well.

    To get a low cost USAA auto insurance quote, simply follow through below and click get quotes.

    Insuranks rating: 9.5/10

    To USAA insurance company page to read their customer reviews and get a free USAA insurance quote online!

    State Farm Auto Insurance

    State Farm is the largest personal auto insurer in the United States. Known for their affordable pricing, extensive coverage, and customer care, State Farm is one of the leaders in the industry and State Farm car insurance is one of the most recommended and highest rated car insurance options. State Farm's average car insurance quotes cost is approximately $100 a month. They also deliver an excellent online experience from getting a free quote, through purchasing and to managing your policy and filing claims online. 

    Some things you should know about State Farm car insurance:

    - State Farm safe driver discount: State Farm provides “Safe Driver” discounts that starts at 5% off just by signing up to their drive safe & save mobile program. That means that they will look at your driving data and slash the cost of your plan even more if you are a good and law-abiding driver.

    - State Farm gap insurance is considered an excellent option, and they also offer a similar coverage called Payoff Protector if you have an auto loan on State Farm Bank.

    - State Farm Car Rental: State Farm will often cover the cost of a rental car if yours is damaged.

    - If you end up stranded, State Farm will pay for your accommodations.

    - State Farm good student discount: State Farm also give up to 25% in auto insurance discounts for being a good student and getting good grades. These savings are eligible even after you graduate, until you reach 25 years of age.

    - State Farm low mileage discount provides up to 30% auto insurance discount

    - State Farm comprehensive coverage is highly rated accordingly

    Insuranks Rating: 9/10

    To get a free State Farm car insurance quote online, simply click here

    Progressive Car Insurance

    We’re pretty certain you’ve seen some of Progressive’s catchy commercials. So how do they stack up? Progressive auto insurance ranks high on our best auto insurance companies for a good reason. They offer a wide variety of car insurance plans for experienced and seasoned drivers alike, all at very reasonable costs. Progressive direct auto insurance makes getting car insurance easier and with such financial strength, you can rest assured that Progressive direct car insurance have the ability to cover your expenses. However, they don’t offer the same wide array of add-ons (like rental car insurance) that many of the others do. Their online experience is very good which makes getting a Progressive car insurance quote online free, fast and simple and helps you find Progressive car insurance near you with a click of a button.

    More from Progressive auto ins..

    - Progressive gap insurance costs approximately $5 a month on average.

    - Progressive full coverage car insurance includes progressive comprehensive and collision insurance coverage, as well as anything else that is mandatory in your state. A rough estimate of its cost will be $150.

    - Progressive comprehensive coverage will cover you from any damages to your vehicle that were caused by theft, vandalism, fire, hitting an animal, weather conditions, acts of nature and glass breakage. You are able to determine the deductible that will be applied. Progressive comprehensive coverage costs $24 per month on average. About 80% of drivers add comprehensive to their auto insurance policy and the most selected deductible amount for comprehensive is $500.

    - Progressive rental car insurance is included in your main vehicle auto insurance with Progressive, and has the same limit as your own vehicle has. Progressive's Perkshare program offers car rental discounts, among other discounts that it offers.

    - Progressive commercial auto insurance is one of the best business auto insurance you can find and is considered our best one in 2020. It delivers custom coverage options for many types of businesses to match any possible need a business might have in relation to its auto insurance. Progressive commercial auto insurance cost per month was approximately $183 per month on average nationally in 2019, including both business auto insurance and contractors. However, shop around if you are looking to find cheaper commercial auto insurance options.

    - Progressive good student discount is applied to auto insurance policies with a student driver on it, who averages at least "B" grades. Progressive also applies discounts for students on auto insurance policies who are in colleges which are 100 miles from their residence or further, and are 22 years old or younger.

    - Progressive offers free coverage for pet injuries that occurred due to car accidents, when you have collision insurance on your Progressive auto insurance plan.

    - Accessories insurance (which covers damage done to accessories on your car)

    - BI

    - Property damage insurance

    Insuranks Rating: 9/10

    It's fairly easy to get a progressive auto insurance quote online for free, simply click here.

    Liberty Mutual car insuranceThe General car insurance are considered good options too. There are also other good new smart car insurance options like Root car insurance. Be sure to explore as many options as you can; it is the best way to guarantee that you are getting the best coverage.

    Certain companies provide coverage only to residents of specific states, so be sure that your plan applies to you.

    Finally, there are add-ons and niche types that may apply to you that we will cover soon:

    - Rental Car Insurance

    - Collector Car Insurance

    - Single Day (or short term) Car Insurance (covers you for a day)

    - DUI Insurance (which may be important if you have a DUI)

    - Commercial Auto Insurance (covers cars used for business)

    - Home and auto insurance bundles (some companies will allow you to get one plan that covers both)

    - Zipcar or Turo Insurance for carshare services

    - Pay per mile insurance

    Here is what we recommend next:

    • Make a list of your needs. What are you looking for? What is not important to you? Which of the auto insurance plan types best suits your needs?
    • Determine your risk based on the factors we discussed. 
    • Compare a maximum amount of quotes, companies and plans, to ensure that you have all of the options on your table and that you only find the best, most affordable and reliable car insurance near you that is the most suitable for you and your needs.
    • Don’t hesitate to reread this page and go through other car insurance related resources that are linked below. Education is key when it comes to auto insurance!

    To sum up, having a vehicle is fun and exciting. For many, a vehicle can reduce the time spent commuting to work, or can allow individuals to travel more flexibly around a town, city, and even a country. Vehicle ownership is liberating - let’s keep it that way by driving safely, avoiding accidents and being protected from unexpected expenses.

    Now go get started and purchase the best car insurance online through proper comparison!

    Compare Car Insurance Quotes

    Get all the best quotes from leading providers in a click of a button!

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