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According to recent statistics, just over 90% of all Americans own a car or have access to a vehicle. Around 65.5% of U.S. residents own a home , and the remaining 35% (not including the homeless or minors) rent where they live. The two biggest expenses that most individuals have are their vehicle (usually financed) and their mortgage/rent.

As your biggest investments, you should keep them insured to protect them against unplanned. Not only should you insure them, but it’s often the law to have them insured. For example, all 50 states require registered vehicles to be insured if they’re going to be driven on public roads. If you’re financing your vehicle, then the chances are that your lender is also going to require you to purchase a more expensive full coverage policy.

The same goes for where you live. Suppose you’re mortgaging a home from a bank or lender. In that case, that lender is almost certainly going to expect you to purchase homeowner’s insurance to protect their investment until you’ve finished paying for the house in full. Like homes, most apartment complexes also require tenants to pay for renter’s insurance.

If you’ve been doing the math, then you’ve probably realized that this is a lot of different insurance policies to keep track of. That is, unless you consolidate them into a multi-policy insurance plan! In this article, we’re going to discuss the main benefits of multi-policy insurance, introduce you to some of the best multi-policy insurance companies (based on public ratings), and explain how you can apply for a multi-policy plan as soon as today!

Let’s dive in.

What is a Multi-Policy Insurance Company? 

When insurance companies first came about, each company tended to focus on a single aspect of insurance. There were companies that sold life insurance, others that sold auto insurance, home insurance, business insurance, and others. Today, however, things are a little bit simpler. Most of the major and mid-sized insurance providers in the United States offer multiple types of insurance. 

That means that you could, hypothetically, purchase all of your insurance policies through the same insurer. That’s what’s so special about a multi-policy insurance company. While many people end up purchasing numerous policies through different insurers (usually just because it’s simpler or we get deals for signing up), it’s actually a lot simpler to bundle your policies together into a single joint policy. 

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What Are The Benefits of Multi-Policy Insurance?

Not only does this benefit you by making your life a lot simpler, but it also benefits the insurance company, and therefore, many times insurance companies offer a significant multi policy discount as incentive for customers to have it with them. For the insurer, it’s beneficial to have a customer who purchases more insurance products and it also lowers the inherent “risk” taken by the insurance provider since your risk is spread out through multiple policies.  

Here are some of the top benefits of a multi-policy insurance policy. 

Consolidate Your Bills

Most people already have more than enough bills and payments to keep up with, so having to keep up with numerous policies from numerous insurance providers can definitely be a challenge. You have to download multiple insurance apps on your phone, remember several different usernames, passwords, and policy numbers, and the amount of wasted paper and mail send to you every month can pile up

Your complicated bills will be reduced to a single monthly payment by consolidating your insurance into a single multi-policy insurance plan. You can view all of your plans from the same app/online account, and you’ll only get one invoice sent to you per month. Doesn’t that sound a lot easier?

Save a  LOT

Insurance providers usually give their customers a great deal for bundling multiple policies together into a single multi-policy plan. Many insurers give discounts of up to 25% or more for bundling home and auto policies (and any other insurance you might need as well). The more policies that you bundle, the more you’ll save! 

Add a Teen Driver for Cheap

Insuring your teen driver can be expensive, to say the least. By bundling their insurance policy together with the rest of your multi-policy plan, you’ll save a considerable amount of money every single month in premiums. Additionally, if they do get into an accident, it won’t weigh quite as heavy on your policy since your risk is spread out over multiple policies. 

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What Are The Best Multi-Policy Insurance Companies? 

According to our research, the best multi policy insurance companies to go with for bundling home and auto insurance were USAA and GEICO. Their home and auto bundle’s average price is approximately $2,250 per year, which is a lot lower than competitors such as Farmers, Allstate, and Liberty Mutual

That being said, though, your individual quote may be different. It’s worth the extra time to compare and compare quotes from different companies. If you’re in the military, you may find that companies like USAA or GEICO give you extra discounts that you may not get from other insurers. One of the easiest ways to search for multi-policy insurers is with comparison sites like Young Alfred Insurance and Gabi

How to Get a Multi-Policy Insurance Discount

Interested in applying for a multi-policy insurance policy and consolidating your bills into a single monthly payment? Here’s how to get a multi-policy discount! 

Step #1: Inventory Your Current Policies/Property

Your first step should be to take account of all of your personal property. Remember, the more things you insure, the more you’ll save. Of course, there are the obvious home and auto insurance. However, don’t forget about other insurances such as motorcycle, RV, boat, or even small business insurance. You can usually bundle all of these together for massive savings. 

Step #2: Choose an Insurer

Figure out the best insurance company that’s able to cover all of your policies and who offers you the best discount. 

Step #3: Compare Online or Ask an Agent

Your final step is to ask . Whenever you’re talking to the insurance agent (virtually or over the phone), explain that you’re looking for a multi-policy plan and ask what they can do as far as discounts and bundling go! Don’t be afraid to compare quotes from multiple companies! 

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