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So you have found your dream travel destination, booked a flight and a hotel and now it’s time to compare travel insurance quotes, companies and plans and find the best travel insurance company to cover yourself with. A process that can be exhausting to deal with, confusing and expensive, yet a “must”, if you want to protect yourself and your loved ones from unexpected occurrences and expenses while you’re out on a holiday.

Luckily, comparing cheap travel insurance quotes from the best travel insurance companies is now easier than ever. Insuranks lets you compare travel insurance quotes, read customer reviews and rank companies, so you end up having the best travel insurance coverage at the best possible rate from the best possible travel insurance company for your needs.

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Are you excited about your big upcoming trip? After all, months of planning and mapping out meals, activities, and sightseeing is finally happening! It is natural, however, to be a bit nervous about your travels. What happens if something unexpected occurs on your vacation? How do you manage these damages or losses? Luckily, there is an answer to your qualms: travel  insurance.
After learning a bit more about your needs, companies will provide you some options and help you pick a plan that is best suited for you. However, before you get started, it is important for you to learn more about travel insurance, what it covers, and how the plans work.
How else are you going to make the best travel insurance decision?!
The world today is hyper-connected, like never before. In just a matter of hours, you can be transported to nearly any location across the globe. However, your existing insurance plans that cover your needs at  home often do not carry across country lines. While you may not worry too much about something happening during your travels, research shows that around 15% of people experience medical issues while away from home. In order to prepare yourself before you leave, the first step you must take is to consult your current insurance company and see what international costs, if any, are already taken care of. This coverage will vary based on the plan and on the provider, so be sure you are clear on the parameters of your insurance before taking the next steps. 
We will go into more detail about situations that you will want to ask your provider about as well as situations that may be covered.
If you do talk to your provider and determine that purchasing a travel insurance plan to cover additional situations is a good idea, which will likely be the case, you made the right move! But if, on the other hand, you are not convinced that travel insurance is worth it, the following may change your mind:
– If you experience an emergency in another country, it will likely burn a hole in your wallet. Many foreign countries will not accept your insurance plan if it is not a travel plan, and some countries may not even let you leave the hospital until all costs are paid.  Another cost to keep in mind is that of an air ambulance, which can be as high as $250,000!
– When emergencies happen overseas, most people reach out to their country’s embassy. However, there is often little they can do to cover the costs.
– Some countries mandate that you purchase an insurance plan before coming. Be sure to check whether or not this will apply to you!
– You don’t want the worries of an emergency and the subsequent costs derailing your trip! 
Insuranks helps you find the best travel insurance companies and affordable plans that ease your qualms. If you now understand the benefits of purchasing a travel insurance plan from a good travel insurance company, it is time to get into the nitty-gritty details that are important to know before taking the next steps…

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What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance is a type of insurance that covers unexpected expenses that arise while you are away from home, whether you are overseas or on a domestic trip.

What should you ask your current provider about before you purchase a travel insurance plan?

Ask your current provider about natural disasters, pre-existing conditions, terrorist attacks, and adventure accidents (i.e. rock climbing, skydiving). Which of these situations, if any, are already covered?

What are the types of travel insurance?

In order to better understand travel insurance, we can break it down. Generally speaking, the more basic plans will typically only cover medical expenses that occur while you are on your trip. The more detailed plans will cover a wider array of emergencies, such as missed flights and property damages.
Here are some more details:
1. Travel Medical Insurance:  travel medical insurance will cover medical emergencies and illnesses. It will also cover the cost of returning home early, if necessary. It is important to note that travel medical insurance often excludes pre-existing conditions. If this may impact you, enter your zip code and find the best travel insurance companies that can give you the best travel insurance plans that better meet your needs. Finally, there are group plans by which you will receive a discount with a certain number of people in your group.
2. Multi-Trip Travel Insurance: if you are a regular traveler, it may be worth it to purchase a multi-trip travel insurance plan. This can be purchased annually and will cover all trips in a year as long as each trip is shorter than the duration of time specified in the policy.
3. Trip Cancellation Insurance: this insurance will ensure that you don’t lose all of your money if you do need to cancel your trip beforehand. It is also important to know that some travel medical plans may require you to pay up front and then submit for a reimbursement at another time. Therefore it is important to always travel with some extra money on hand, even if you have purchased an insurance plan!
Now onto some more valuable insights…

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What is excluded from travel insurance coverage?

While this depends on the plan and on the provider, here are some things that may be left out:
– Pre-existing conditions
– Travel to certain regions of a country
– Risk associated with pandemics or terrorism
– Accidents that occur due to negligent behavior (i.e. alcohol or drug use)

What are some other added fees I may want to consider?

You may want to think about the following:
– Particularly high-risk activities (i.e. skiing)
– Rental car coverage
– Baggage and personal belongings

What are my next steps?

So you are now well versed on the topic of travel insurance and know that it will be of great benefit for you while you travel. Good move! The costs you could face without travel insurance are insurmountable. And luckily, travel insurance plans aren’t too pricey! Now it is time that you think about what you are looking for. How often do you travel? How many people are your traveling with? What kinds of activities will you be participating in? Do any of them have an added risk? Once you have answered these questions, its time to compare plans.

What are the costs associated with a travel insurance plan?

The cost of a travel insurance plan really depends on certain factors like how old you are, who you are traveling with, and what kind of coverage you are looking for. Naturally, the higher the associated risk, the higher the cost. Also, travelers over the age of 65 can expect to pay more than their younger companions. Typically, you can expect to pay about 4% to 10% of the overall cost of your trip. Remember to think about your specific insurance needs when analyzing the cost.

Summing it all up:

By now you have hopefully learned quite a bit about travel insurance. We believe that investing in one of these plans will help to not only ease your mind while you are on your trip but also to protect you from what can be overwhelming fees in the event of an accident. The cost of purchasing a plan is far less than the subsequent costs you may face without it. If you think you may be too late to purchase a plan, don’t panic! Insuranks will help you to quickly and effectively locate one that meets all of your needs from the best travel insurance companies. And on that note…time to get started! Good luck!

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