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Insuranks is a global insurance marketplace platform that ranks insurance service providers based on user experiences to allow insurance shoppers to make better insurance decisions and insurance experiences. 

Insuranks supports all kinds of insurance types, from car insurance quotes, to life insurance quotes, health insurance, renters insurance, homeowners insurance and much more.

Officially launched in early 2018, our mission and vision are to create maximum positive insurance experiences for all sides of the eco system and fit it to the current digital times and make it fun, easy, exciting, simple, people based and driven, friendly, transparent, accessible, affordable and hassle-free.

All while making a positive impact on the lives of people.

Sharing and giving are main components of Insuranks DNA. Insuranks was created to support, partner with and empower great causes, people, organizations and charities that do good, give others, embrace and help people that needs it, feed the hungry, save lives, make a difference and create light where it is needed.

We wish you to have the best insurance experiences without ever having to use your policies!

Thank you for using Insuranks. We hope you enjoy it.

Team Insuranks


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