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Insuranks is an insurance marketplace platform and community of insurance carriers, agents, brokers and shoppers that ranks insurance service providers based on consumer experiences & rankings to create the ultimate trusted and unbiased resource for the benefit of the insurance eco-system, so insurance shoppers can make better decisions and have incredible and affordable insurance experiences, producers can give service online and carriers can improve their level of service and quality of producers. 

Officially launched in early 2018, our mission and vision are to fully transform insurance and fit it to the current digital time - transform the way people think, feel, experience and perceive insurance while making it extremely joyable, easy, exciting, simple, fun, trusted, reliable, people and lives driven, friendly, technologically advanced, accessible, cheap and hassle-free!

All while being a positive force of influence on the lives of people around the globe.

Sharing and giving are main values that define Insuranks as an organization and are a major part of its DNA. Insuranks is committed and has been created to support, partner with and empower outstanding causes, people, organizations and charities around the world that do good, share, embrace and help the needy, save lives, make a difference and spread light around the world.

Some of the organizations we chose to empower are: 


We encourage everyone else to keep this spirit up, whether it's through these organizations or any other organization and local charity that is close to your heart.

We might think that we have nothing to give, but as little as 50 cents can make a big difference on some lives and be a matter of life, death, hope or despair.

Alternatively, anyone can make a great positive impact on other people's lives through volunteering and sharing their own unique skills, gifts, experiences and knowledge with those who really need it and can benefit from it.

We wish you to have the best insurance experiences you could ever think of without ever having to use your policies!

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