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Here Is How You Can Find The Cheapest Insurer In Your State

Every single state in the continental United States requires drivers to insure the vehicles they plan to drive on public roadways. That means unless it’s a collector’s car sitting in your garage and being driven on private tracks, having car insurance is the law

That being said, though, every state has its own unique laws and mandates about the minimum amount of liability car insurance coverage you must carry. All licensed insurance companies and agents within the state must adhere to these guidelines and sell you a policy that meets the cheap state minimum car insurance. However, they usually tend to over-quote you and over-sell you on extra coverage if you give them the chance to work their sales “magic” on you... 

Do you think you’re overpaying for your auto insurance? Are the details of your insurance policy murky, mysterious or just unclear to you? Do you want to find the states with the lowest car insurance rates? If so, then this is the guide you need! In this article, we’ll explain how to find the cheapest insurance in your state so that you can get a better policy and start saving money as soon as tomorrow! 

Let’s take a look.

Full Coverage Car Insurance Rates By State

Please find the states with cheapest average full coverage car insurance rates below.

StateFull Coverage per monthFull Coverage per year
New Hampshire$92$1,100
New Jersey$167$2,000
New Mexico$133$1,600
New York$171$2,050
North Carolina$119$1,425
North Dakota$133$1,600
Rhode Island$171$2,050
South Carolina$138$1,650
South Dakota$138$1,650
West Virginia$138$1,650

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Minimum Liability Car Insurance Rates by State

Please find the average minimum liability car insurance rates by state below. The states with the cheapest and most expensive minimum liability car insurance rates are bolded and underlined.

StateMinimum Liability Insurance Quote Per Year
New Hampshire$492
New Jersey$644
New Mexico$609
New York$887
North Carolina$351
North Dakota$528
Rhode Island$808
South Carolina$596
South Dakota$281
West Virginia$604

Cheap Auto Insurance Near Me

How To Find The Cheapest Insurance - No Matter Where You Live

The reason why there’s so much variance in insurance costs from one state to another is due to the number of accidents and insurance claims given out by insurers across the state. For instance, Maine, Montana, and Wisconsin have some of the country’s lowest insurance minimums. In order to purchase the state-mandated minimum, the average driver will pay less than $350 per year for their auto insurance! 

However, if you live in states like Michigan, New York, or Florida, you’ll pay an average of $900 to $1,200 per year just for the minimum requirements. Keep in mind that this is for basic liability, not full coverage policies. 

Suppose you’re financing or leasing your vehicle. In that case, there’s a strong possibility that your bank or lender will require you to maintain a full coverage policy until you’ve finished paying the vehicle off! If you look at the state-by-state chart provided in the link above, you’ll see that full coverage rates are anywhere from double to triple what you would pay for basic liability insurance. 

Now that we’ve got some of the basic information out of the way, we’re going to show you how to find the cheapest car insurance rates in your state! 

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Check Your State’s Minimum Coverage Limits

Before you start comparing quotes from the best and cheapest car insurance companies, your first step should always be to do your research. Insurance agents will often do their best to sell you on a policy that provides more coverage than you need, as their commission rely on the total amount of the sale in most cases. The more informed you are about the laws regarding the minimum insurance requirements in your state, the better you’ll be able to negotiate a good deal with the insurance provider. You’ll also be able to tell whether or not the agent or provider you’re working with has your best interests in mind or if they’re just trying to get the highest commission out of the deal. 

Take A Defensive Driving Course

No matter what state you live in, one of the easiest ways to save money on your existing policy or be eligible for a better deal while shopping for a new policy is to take a defensive driving course. Now, you’ll want to make sure that you take an accredited course that’s nationally recognized. 

These may cost a little bit of money upfront, but many drivers can save up to 10% or more. Some insurers also offer their own accredited defensive driving courses that you can apply for and take for a small fee. In order to encourage more drivers to apply for these programs, some states have placed a cap on how much programs can charge. For instance, Georgia requires all courses to charge less than $95. 

The courses are typically completed virtually and involve going through some reading material, watching educational videos, and then taking a knowledge test in order to receive your certificate. 

Compare Car Insurance Quotes

The simplest way to find the cheapest insurance in your state is usually to compare car insurance quotes. Your quotes and price points can change every year, depending on a number of factors, including:

  • Your credit score. 

  • Driving record.

  • Value of the vehicle.

  • Your annual mileage. 

  • Whether you added or removed a teen driver to your policy. 

  • And more! 

This means that the quote you received last year won’t necessarily be the same quote that you got this year, even if you’re talking to the same company. The easiest way is to call your existing insurer and ask about ways that you can reduce your premiums. If they’re not willing to budge, then start calling the competitors and asking for quotes. They’re usually more than happy to match or beat the insurer you’re currently dealing with.

 If you prefer to avoid phone calls, then you can always use an online quote generator. Simply enter some basic info about your vehicle, desired insurance, current rate, and contact information. You’ll have a number of offers within a day or two. 

Consider Raising Your Insurance Deductible

One way that you can decrease your monthly payments is to increase your deductible. This is the amount that you’re required to pay out of pocket before the insurer steps in and covers the rest. The more you’re willing to pay out of pocket in the event of an accident, the less the insurer will charge you for premium costs. 

Download Your Insurer’s Driving App

Some modern insurers have introduced apps that you can download on your smartphone that track your driving habits. While they may seem a bit invasive to some, they can actually help you save a good bit of money on your premiums. You can also share the app’s data with other perspective insurance agencies to generate a more accurate quote! 

Don’t Be Afraid To Switch Insurers

Last but not least, don’t be afraid to switch insurance companies. There is a long list of insurers, and they’re all competing for your business. Suppose your current insurer is unwilling to change your current premiums. In that case, you can usually cancel your policy at no personal cost and switch to another insurance provider the same day! Canceling your policy and switching to a new policy can usually be done in less than an hour of time with a couple of phone calls or can be done completely online. 

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