Craft Insurance: Handmade Product Insurance for Crafters

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Crafter insurance providers classify any person who makes and sells their own handcrafted goods.For the most part, crafting is a relatively low-risk business, which means that purchasing business insurance for crafters and artists is simple, easy, and affordable

Despite this fact, many crafters and artists still operate without basic handmade business insurance. This is a mistake, as crafters are just as likely as a large retailer to have as claims  might still be made against them.

In this article, we’re going to explain why crafters, like you, must hold a basic craft business insurance policy and show you some craft insurance quotes from some of the top providers. Then, we’ll break down the various types of small craft business insurance available. With that said, it’s time to get your small business safe and insured!

Do Crafters Need Insurance? 

So, you may be thinking, “I just sell arts and crafts, then why would I possibly need insurance?”. As we mentioned, crafting is a low-risk industry. Accidents choose no one , and it's only a matter of time before you find yourself in a problematic situation.

For example, let’s just say that you have a small shop where your works are displayed. Unfortunately, while your customers are in the shop, they carelessly bump into a tabletop and knock some sharp scissors down which then stab their foot.

Without small craft business insurance,  you will have to pay for the medical bills of the customers injured using your own money. And if they failed to go to work because of their injury, you might even be required to pay for lost wages! But with a basic public or general liability policy, you can rest easy and relax because your insurance company would handle the claim.

Of course, the above situation is just one of the many incidents that could occur. These days, it’s not uncommon for customers to sue small businesses for everything from a simple papercut to a large piece of art falling on them and hurting them. A claim might even be filed even though you did nothing wrong! That's why get  comprehensive crafter insurance policy because it's best way to protect yourself and your business from losses.  

Product Liability Insurance For Crafters

The most common type of product insurance for crafters is a product liability insurance policy. These policies are designed to protect you and your business from claims when a defective  product injured another person or caused property damage. For example, without noticing it, you might have used a toxic paint on a toy you made for a kid. The kid then puts the toy in the mouth and gets sick. In this case, the parents can sue you for damages and demand payment for medical bills.

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As you’re shopping for handmade craft insurance, you’ll likely come across a number of different policies designed for common arts and crafts business. While coverage for the following types of crafters may differ slightly in coverage amounts or terms, the overall price should be similar to those outlined in the table on the last section of this guide.

Crafter's Liability Insurance

Crafter’s liability insurance is the most common type of coverage that is required for all arts and crafts businesses. It provides protection when it's found that an accident was caused by your failure to exercise due diligence.

Craft Fair Insurance

If you sell your arts and crafts at festivals, carnivals, or fairs, then you’ll most likely need to purchase craft fair insurance. This type of insurance typically involves public liability coverage designed to cover your business from customers who get injured around your vending area or who wants reimbursement after finding that your product have defects. 

Since festivals , carnivals, and fairs take place in a limited time, craft fair insurance can be availed as a short term policy lasting for only a day or week. However, we prepared for higher costs.  Short term insurance policies start at $50 - $100 and scales up depending on time you want coverage to watch your back. 

One-Day Craft Fair Insurance

One-day craft fair insurance policies are perfect for selling at carnivals, festivals , and fairs because these take place for only a limited time.  Sometimes referred to as on-demand insurance coverage or temporary craft insurance, these policies are more expensive than the standard crafter insurance policies that last a whole year.  Price starts at $50 - $100 then scales up depending on the how long you want coverage to take effect. 

Craft Vendor Insurance

Craft vendors who sell their products at local farmer’s markets, flea markets, or similar locations will need craft vendor insurance. These policies include either public liability coverage or general liability coverage designed to protect you from claims arising from products, property damage, or mishaps that happen around your vending area.

Craft Show Insurance

If you’re doing a small arts and crafts show, performance, or pop-up event, then you’ll likely be searching for craft show insurance. For show or craft market insurance, you’ll typically be looking at purchasing a temporary or one-day handcrafted insurance policy. 

A craft show insurance will cover for injuries that viewers get while watching you perform. This also works if you're running a short craft lesson in the town or city. 

Craft Insurance for Candles and Wax Melts

As the saying goes, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” So if you make your own candles or wax melts, you definitely need to maintain candle craft insurance or candle business insurance. This can protect you from claims that your candles caused a larger fire or weren’t designed to adequately protect the flame. Regardless of whether it was your fault or not, your business can still be held liable.

The same goes for wax melts. If you accidentally make a defective wax melt that catches fire or causes a burn on somebody, you could be held liable. Craft insurance for wax melts and candles can protect your business against these claims and the financial liability associated with them. This goes for soap makers insurance as well.

Craft Insurance Comparison

So, given the importance of insuring your small business, you’re probably wondering, “How much does craft insurance cost?” 

As you’ll see from our craft insurance comparison, purchasing an insurance policy for your small crafting business is quite affordable! Although claims and accidents can happen, they aren’t quite as common compared to other industries such as electrical work or food vending. Therefore, the lower risk associated with the industry translates into more affordable craft insurance premiums! 

In general, the average craft insurance cost is around $47 per month, or $564 per year for general liability insurance policy for crafters. In this table, we’ve provided some average numbers of what you can expect to pay for a basic arts and crafts insurance policy with some of the best craft insurance companies.

Insurance ProviderAverage Monthly RateAverage Annual Rate
The Hartford$61$732
Direct Line$45$540
State Farm$38$456
Next $48$576

How To Find Cheap Craft Insurance

As you can see, craft cover insurance typically costs less than most people’s monthly cell phone bill, so there’s no reason why you can’t find an affordable craft insurance policy. Keep in mind that these rates are just an average calculated from comparing rates from small craft insurance providers around.

Your own rates may differ and could be slightly cheaper or more expensive. Your individual rate will differ based on factors such as:

  • The city you do business in. 

  • Whether you’re mobile, home-based, or have a retail location. 

  • Your gross receipts and annual sales. 

  • How much your coverage limits are. 

  • How high of a deductible you pay. 

  • The type of arts and crafts you do. 

You shouldn’t have any problem finding cheap craft insurance. The best way to get a good rate on your insurance policy is to compare quotes from different insurance providers. 

To compare craft insurance quotes today, click the ‘Get Quotes’ button below, follow the process and enter a few basic details on your arts and crafts business, and you’ll receive custom quotes online from top insurers to find the best coverage for your business needs!

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Best Craft Insurance Companies

Based on our research and overall satisfaction ratings from small craft business owners, we’ve found that Direct Line is the best craft insurance agency for people looking for handmade goods insurance and craft liability policies. Below, we’ve included a brief review of the company along with some notable pros and cons mentioned by their policyholders. Additionally, we’ve also included the average monthly premium cost that you can expect to pay for handmade insurance policies. 

Direct Line Craft Insurance

Compared to other large insurance companies like Geico or State Farm, Direct Line is relatively new to the insurance scene and has only been providing business insurance since 2007. Since then, however, the UK-based insurance group has made an impact on its customers and has amassed just under a million customers. 

When it comes to purchasing coverage for crafters, Direct Line provides excellent handmade product insurance policies. Whether you need coverage for an upcoming fair event or you want coverage for your larger arts and crafts studio, you’ll be able to purchase both temporary and full-term liability policies to protect you and your business from claims of all types. 


  • Excellent reputation for customer service. 

  • Provides liability coverage for small, mid-sized, or large craft companies. 

  • Affordable rates for handmade product insurance. 

  • Temporary and full-term handcrafters insurance available. 


  • As they’re based in the U.K., there may be some difficulties with the time difference when calling to make a claim. 

Best For: Small to mid-sized arts and crafts businesses and vendors. 

Average Cost: $52/month for business liability insurance. 

Rating: 4.5/5

NEXT Insurance

NEXT provides coverage to a broad range of small businesses. Therefore, it's certain that the company will insure you. NEXT is great for its affordable rates and easy online insurance application process. Aside from this, there's also a certificate of insurance available that's very useful if someone hires you to make arts and crafts. Discounts is also part of the perks that NEXT gives and you can avail them by bundling your insurance policies. 


  • Easy online application process

  • Online certificate of insurance


  • Stops providing coverage the moment your business becomes big

Best for: Starting crafters

Our rating: 5/5

Thimble Insurance

Thimble insurance for crafters best fits jewel makers, candle makers, soap makers, tailors, and leather workers. The company's policy comprises general liability, equipment insurance, and commercial property insurance. With that said, Thimble's insurance for crafters is tailored to the needs of crafters who are seeing growth for their business. 


  • Online quotes available

  • Affordable rates


  • Only available in selected states

Best for: jewelry makers, candle makers, soap makers, tailors, and leather workers. 

Our rating: 5/5

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