USA Softball Insurance for Teams & Tournaments

Softball insurance for teams, players, coaches, officials, and tournaments is required. Without insurance coverage, not only will it be impossible to pay for unexpected costs but participating in events might be prohibited. 

General liability and accident coverage ‌are included in softball tournament insurance, USA softball insurance products as well as insurance programs from other companies or organizations.

There are many points to talk about when it comes to softball insurance. Here’s a guide that will thoroughly explain the policies included and how much you need to pay to get insured. As a bonus. We made a review explaining the pros and cons of the best carriers for softball insurance. 

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Softball Liability Insurance

Liability insurance for softball sports teams and tournaments covers the cost of lawsuits and compensation to third parties when claims are filed due to property damage, personal injuries and advertising errors, and negligence or errors and omissions. This policy included in USA softball insurance can be categorized into public liability, general liability, and professional liability otherwise known as errors & omissions. 


Public Liability Insurance for Softball Teams & Tournaments

Public liability insurance covers you in the event of property damage or bodily harm. Because softball is a high-impact sport, injuries are common during tournaments. This includes serious injury or death to a softball player, coach, volunteer, or spectator. As a result, clubs, and leagues require public liability insurance to cover claims and lawsuits. This coverage has a $1 million policy limit. 


General Liability Insurance for Softball Teams & Tournaments

Just like boxing, softball is a dangerous contract sport. This is why every softball team and tournament should have general liability insurance. Just like public liability insurance, this policy will pay if third parties file a property damage lawsuit or personal injury lawsuit and ask for compensation. General liability has a minimum policy limit of $1 million. 


However, general liability is more comprehensive as it can also provide further protection if third parties file a claim for slander, copyright infringement, and libel. And so, general liability is a common softball tournament, softball team, and softball league insurance policy. 


Errors & Omissions Insurance for Softball Teams & Tournaments

Errors and omissions insurance is another term for professional liability insurance for softball teams, tournaments, and others. 


When a coach makes a training mistake or a physiotherapist makes an omission that causes injuries or even death, E&O insurance provides coverage in case third parties experience economic loss. 


E&O insurance will help softball teams, leagues, and tournaments pay for defense costs and settlements. It provides $1 million minimum coverage. 

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Youth Softball Insurance

When players compete in any USA softball tournament, the youth softball team insurance protects them, even if they participate in multiple tournaments. Policies included in youth softball team insurance are listed below:

  • General liability – $1 million policy limit. Covers settlement and legal costs if the youth softball team injured third parties or damaged property

  • Directors and officers liability – $1 million policy limit. Pays for legal and settlement costs if the managers, coaches, and other administrators of the youth softball team is sued by employees, vendors, competitors, and investors for mismanagement

  • Crime and equipment – Crime and equipment coverage reimburses losses if the softball team’s personal effects are damaged or lost due to theft, fire, arson, and other named perils. 


Youth softball team insurance also includes travel softball team insurance policy. Here’s a table showing the coverages youth travel softball team insurance offers:


Minimum Policy Limit Function
Trip cancellation/delay $15,000 Reimburses non-refundable payments made to arrange a canceled or delayed trip
Trip interruption  $10,000 Provides a $200 – $500 daily allowance if ever the youth softball team’s travel is interrupted 
Accident coverage $20,000 Covers the cost of  treatment if a member of the youth softball team experienced injuries while traveling

Softball Tournament Insurance

Tournament organizers need to get softball tournament insurance to account for injuries, property damage, and other possible perils. 

Coverage begins with a $1 million general liability insurance. This policy is used to cover property damage or personal injuries experienced by the participating teams. At an additional cost, general liability for softball tournaments can also cover spectators.

Another policy included is auto liability insurance. Auto liability insurance is used to cover accidents tournament vehicles might cause while transporting players.

Softball tournament insurance also includes crime insurance. Through crime insurance coverage, the tournament organizers can reimburse teams if their equipment got lost or damaged because of arson, theft, vandalism, and other included perils.

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USA Softball Insurance Cost

On average, softball team insurance cost is $349 a month or $4,188 a year for a $1 million general liability coverage. The best softball insurance companies and their rates are listed in the table below for further reference. 

Monthly Rates Annual Rates Best for
CoverWallet $48 $576 Comparing online quotes for softball insurance
USSSA $97 $1,164 General liability coverage for teams, players, tournaments, coaches, and officials
Chappell $200 $2,400 Insurance for all parties involved in the softball game
ASA $250 $3,000 Softball team general liability and accident coverage
NSA $750 $9,000 Tournament general liability and accidental medical coverage 
PGF $175 $2,100 Team accident coverage
RPS $500 $6,000 Accident and travel coverage


Travel Softball Insurance Cost

We forgot to mention that travel insurance for softball teams can also be a stand-alone policy. On average, softball youth and adult teams pay $94 a month or $1,128 a year for a $10,000 trip cancellation coverage. 


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Best USA Softball Insurance

Here are some reviews of the best USA softball insurance companies. Read to know their pros, cons, and pricing for a $1 million general liability coverage. 

CoverWallet Softball Insurance


  • CoverWallet’s platform determines the type of insurance you need and finds affordable coverage from multiple insurance companies quickly


  • It’s a broker, not an insurance company

With CoverWallet , you can get the best and most affordable softball insurance, giving players the peace of mind to focus on what matters most – perfecting the windmill.

Best for: Comparing online quotes for softball insurance

Average cost: $48 per month 

Our rating: 10/10

ASA Softball Insurance


  • With ASA softball insurance one team can register adults individually in specific locations. ASA softball team insurance registration is valid for a year regardless of how many ASA/USA softball teams the player joins

  • The $250 ASA softball team insurance cost covers a liability insurance limit of $5,000,000 per accidental or medical occurrence for each registrant


  • ASA team insurance softball expires on December 31 and must be renewed in January of the following year, regardless of when the insurance was purchased

Offers accident and liability insurance coverage to all softball players.

Best for: Softball team general liability and accident coverage

Average cost: $250 per month 

Our rating: 9/10

USSSA Softball Insurance


  • The USSSA fastpitch insurance covers both liability and accidents for a full year

  • USSSA fastpitch softball insurance is tailored for youth teams and adult teams


  • Teams must be registered with USSSA and provide their sanction number when applying for USSSA fastpitch team insurance

  • None of the softball’s sanctioning bodies will allow a team to compete if it does not have coverage, such as USSSA fastpitch softball insurance

  • Must comprise six teams or more to be eligible for the 25%-30% league discount rate for the USSSA softball team insurance

Provides liability and accident coverage for an entire year. If you registered for USSSA softball insurance 2021 or the fastpitch softball team insurance on August 1st, coverage is valid until July 31st, 2022, or from January 1st to December 31st.

Best for: General liability coverage for teams, players, tournaments, coaches, and officials

Average cost: $97 per season for individuals

Our rating: 9/10

Chappell Softball Insurance


  • You can name a facility owner, sponsor, or organization as an additional insured at no additional cost

  • The professional liability policy covers wrongful acts like neglect, error, omission, misstatement, or misleading statements when carrying out any softball-related event


  • Liability coverage will be in effect only during the insured team’s or league’s play and practice

All parties involved in the softball game are all protected by Chappell insurance softball general liability that provides $2,000,000 in coverage.

Best for: Insurance for all parties involved in the softball game

Average cost: $200 per month 

Our rating: 8/10

NSA Softball Insurance


  • The coverage is for all players listed on the NSA Team Waiver or NSA Online roster for all amateur play for NSA-related events


  • Teams must have a 2022 NSA Membership number, to purchase a policy

  • If the event organizer refuses the NSA softball insurance, players aren’t covered for non-NSA events

  • If a team or league organizes or hosts tournaments, scrimmages, or friendlies, NSA softball insurance will not provide coverage for any liability or accidents

Protects your team during practices and all NSA, USSSA, and USA tournaments. It includes secondary general liability and accidental medical insurance coverage.

Best for: Tournament general liability and accidental medical coverage

Average cost: $750 per month 

Our rating : 8/10

PGF Softball Insurance


  • Even if you have another insurance, you can still get PGF softball insurance

  • PGF insurance only covers softball teams whose information is up to date on the most recent PGF roster


  • PGF insurance only covers softball teams whose information is up to date on the most recent PGF roster

Offers accident team insurance coverage in case of injuries incurred during any PGF events.

Best for: Team accident coverage

Average cost: $175 per month 

Our rating: 8/10

RPS Bollinger USA Softball Insurance


  • Medical expenses incurred as a result of your participation are covered under the RPS Bollinger softball insurance accident plan. This is an optional policy that will help you reduce your out-of-pocket expenses if you are injured while playing softball


  • You should follow your primary USA softball insurance 2021 carrier’s eligibility criteria for RPS Bollinger insurance softball to consider your expenses for payment

  • Covers the travel softball insurance cost at $5 for each person in the accident plan. In the event of an accident, the travel softball team insurance cost for youths is $750

The policy protects you from lawsuits arising from bodily injury or property damage to others due to your USA softball team’s supervised activities. The policy’s per-occurrence liability limit is $2 million.

Best for: Accident and travel coverage

Average cost: $500 per month 

Our rating: 8/10

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