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USA lacrosse, in partnership with Bollinger insurance lacrosse US, provides exclusive on-field coverage to all USA lacrosse team members, allowing them to play confidently. The organization supplements these packages with risk management information that helps players stay safe, on or off the field.


The US lacrosse insurance/risk management committee develops the US lacrosse member insurance program and ensures members’ high-quality standards across amateur and professional level activities. Under the program, individuals can enjoy accident and liability cover when participating in organized amateur lacrosse events.


There are two forms of accident cover, i.e., basic accident cover and catastrophic accident cover, which cover incidents arising in covered activities. There are also general liability and excess liability policies to insure injuries and property damage during lacrosse activities. Accident death benefits are also paid if a player dies of a cardiac or circulatory stroke within 48 hours of a covered activity.

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Parties Covered by the US Lacrosse Insurance Program

Individual Members

For the duration of their membership, players, coaches, and officials who are currently registered members of US lacrosse and are in good standing for coverage under the Bollinger lacrosse insurance program. As part of their membership advantages, fans and international members do not receive insurance coverage.


An individual cover for players spans the twelve months of membership for US lacrosse and for all events inside and outside the country. There is a one-million-dollar limit for injuries during lacrosse activities and, since it is a policy excess, it will help cover the remaining balance from you settling the bills.


In case you are sued for injuring someone or causing property damage, the Bollinger insurance lacrosse liability policy will take care of the case from start to end. US lacrosse will hire a suitable attorney to represent you and also cover expenses e.g., legal, indemnity, and settlements from the case.


The US lacrosse insurance scheme covers all registered members regardless of whether the team they play for is a member of the organization. The plan will also cover both indoor and outdoor lacrosse, as long as the rules of the game are enforced. If you have registered or have forgotten details, you can check your US lacrosse membership status online .


Tiered Membership Categories 

Your choice of membership category will affect the type of coverage that applies to you. For instance, coaches will have a different insurance policy from the one a student player may have. This implies it only covers you for the duties you dispense with, i.e. coaches cover for coaching duties. However, it is still possible for your plan to cover multiple categories, but only if you select the categories when signing up or changing the membership level entirely.


Teams and Leagues

Because lacrosse is a team sport, it is only fair that teams also get some of their liabilities insured. So participation in the USA lacrosse insurance program is highly regulated. For eligibility for cover, you must satisfy 100% of the registration requirements. Teams must exist as an entity and an active membership means that all members of the current team and coaching staff are registered with US lacrosse.


Having team/league coverage also means that the teams have to be fully compliant. Team and league operations, in this case, must be fully insured because you do not want the financial or legal implications for you – especially if it’s avoidable. The USA lacrosse insurance program site is the best resource if you want to ensure a lacrosse team.


Non Members

The US lacrosse insurance program is exclusive to members. However, lacrosse event organizers and hosts can purchase Bollinger lacrosse event insurance to cover the event and all participants. As expected, however, the accident coverage and liability coverage of event coverage will be lower than member packages.

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Activities Covered by US Lacrosse Insurance

The US lacrosse insurance provides you coverage for the following activities:

Standard Lacrosse Activities

Registered members will be covered for team and league activities, practice sessions, scheduled games, and sponsored activities produced if they are supervised. Team and league meetings, dinners, fundraisers, etc. are also covered.

US Lacrosse Insurance Accident Cover

P rovides coverage to members taking part in scheduled amateur activities. This includes injuries from tournaments and camps.

Officials and Assignors

US lacrosse insurance policy provides member officials for injuries received when dispensing their duties.

Group Travel

If you have to travel because of lacrosse activities, your direct journeys to and from the events will receive limited coverage.

Accident Insurance

The US lacrosse accident will cover injuries incurred while traveling to and from scheduled lacrosse activities. It only covers group travel, whether by privately owned or chartered means. They pay this coverage on an excess basis, which means that this policy applies after the primary policy has paid out applicable benefits.

Liability Insurance

T he US lacrosse insurance policy provides coverage for liability suits arising from property damage or inflicting injury to others. However, it does not give auto liability coverage for any members (players, coaches, parents, or officials).

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How to File a Bollinger US Lacrosse Insurance Claim

Are you a current US Lacrosse member who has been injured while participating in a covered lacrosse activity? You read filling instructions and fill out the US lacrosse insurance claim form :


Non-members who were injured in an assured US lacrosse event can still get the compensation they deserve. Please contact RPS Bollinger on 800-446-5311 and select option “5” for lacrosse. They will verify the details of the Bollinger insurance US lacrosse event, and present you with a claim form. To file a claim form, you will need to have the following details ready.

  • Excess coverage – since accident medical claims are settled on excess, you must know how much your primary insurance has paid towards your accident medical bills

  • Usual and customary basis – the policy will not cover claims based on the usual and customary basis i.e., based on what region you are based in charges.

  • Claim guidelines – your claim must be made within 1 year after the incident and you must also seek treatment within 180 days

  • Benefit period – the US lacrosse insurance policy has a 104-week eligibility period. This means that all expenses incurred due to the injury are eligible for coverage

  • Itemized bills – as your medical provider, an itemized bill to give the insurer enough information on the bill

  • Dental bills

  • Deductible amount (determined by age, sex, and ranking)

  • Verification signature

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Final Verdict 

USA Lacrosse provides one of the most comprehensive, if not the best, coverage for lacrosse players, teams, and leagues. Below is an overview of our insights about this US Lacrosse insurance program.

Pros of US Lacrosse Insurance Program

  • Covers risks common to amateur and professional indoor and outdoor lacrosse events

  • Comprehensive limits of policies that offer protection against personal injuries and injuries to third parties

  • Includes death benefits

  • Can be availed by non-members

  • Covers even the most problematic injuries lacrosse players experience

  • Provides a copy of lacrosse certificate of insurance

Cons of US Lacrosse Insurance Program

  • Comprehensive coverage can be only enjoyed by members of USA Lacrosse

  • Coverage for non-members is not very comprehensive

Average Cost

  • Non-members pay $150 a month or $1,800 a year for a full coverage (general liability and others) from US Lacrosse Insurance Program

  • Members pay as low as $25 because coverage is automatically given upon joining USA Lacrosse

Best for

  • Lacrosse players, teams, and leagues joining US Lacrosse

Our Rating

USA Lacrosse is the leading lacrosse organization in the US. It offers a comprehensive insurance program, knows the risks common in lacrosse, and provides the best solution. Nonetheless, it has its share of drawbacks too. And so, we rate this a 9/10. 

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