One Day Event Insurance: Liability, Cost & Quotes From $5

When planning special events like family reunions, weddings, birthday parties, and anniversaries, one day insurance coverage has increasingly become a requirement. Shopping for a 1 day event insurance policy may diminish the excitement of planning a party, but it’s key to pulling it off flawlessly. 

Carrying 1 day insurance protects you from different risks that will haunt you for the rest of your life. For instance, if a guest vandalizes the venue, the property owner might hold you liable for the repairs if you don’t have one day party insurance. Worse still, if the guest insists on driving home and gets into an accident, they might sue you for damages. 

Accidents leading to injuries and intoxication of guests are things that will fall on your shoulder. Same day event insurance policy protects you against such liabilities. Taking out insurance for one day gives you the peace of mind you need to enjoy and revel.

What is One Day Event Insurance?

Also known as one-time event insurance, this is an insurance policy that provides coverage to events for hours or days only. A one time event insurance can have all of the inclusions of a long-term event insurance policy – general liability insurance, liquor liability insurance, rented premises liability insurance, etc. 

One Day Liability Insurance for Event

1 day liability insurance primarily offered as general liability insurance covers you against personal injuries, property damage, and lawsuits coming from a guest or any other third party that attended the event. At first, purchasing general liability for a one day event might seem absurd, but it’s one of the best decisions you can ever make. 

A single day event insurance covers third-party claims during all occasions, including weddings, concerts, birthday parties, festivals, trade shows, etc. 

Most venues require you to purchase one day general liability insurance for events when making a reservation. The general liability coverage in 1 day event liability insurance  will also have additional inclusions such as:

  • Products and completed operations coverage – Covers personal injury claims and property damage claims resulting from a completed product or service available to guests and other third-parties in your event 

  • Product liability insurance – Food and other goods sold in your event might cause personal injuries and property damage. Product liability insurance will cover associated expenses if a client files a claim

Even when it’s not legally required, 1 day liability insurance is an incredible way to protect your guests. With liability insurance for 1 day event, you’re assured of piece of mind when holding any event.

Short Term Liability Insurance for Events

Short-term liability insurance for events is similar to a one day insurance. However, it’s a bit different because the policyholder can decide to only get coverage for 2 hours, 3 hours, 6 hours, and so on. 

Public Liability Insurance for One Day Event

Public liability insurance for 1 day event is a specialized 24-hour coverage. This is useful for birthday parties, weddings, and other gatherings that typically don’t last for many days. Public liability insurance for one day event covers personal injury and property damage claims. Note that unlike general liability, this type of one day events insurance can’t be added with advertising injury coverage, rented premises liability coverage, and products and completed operations coverage. 

One Day Wedding Insurance

Naturally, a wedding is a unique gathering of your best and closest friends and relatives. You want the special people in your life to witness one of the most significant events of your life. 

Getting one day liability insurance for wedding can help preserve the relationships with the people dearest to you.

If a guest trips, falls, and sustains injuries, they have every right to pursue compensation.  Without a one day insurance policy for wedding, you’d be on the hook for every dollar. She can sue you to recover the cost of her medical bills and damages. 

Taking out a one day insurance policy for a wedding ensures there are no negative carryovers to your happily ever after.  It primarily includes general liability insurance that will take care of the personal injuries and property damage guests and other third parties sustain. 

But understand that wedding one day insurance doesn’t only offer general liability insurance. It has other inclusions that cover other eventualities such as:

Wedding cancellation/postponement coverage – The purpose of wedding cancellation postponement coverage is to help you recover expenditures on the venue, rental equipment, and other items that can’t be refunded. This kicks in when the wedding is postponed due to the mistake of the event planner, extreme weather, and other covered perils 

Special event coverage – Special event coverage seeks to protect all of the items integral for the wedding’s success. For example, if your dress got stolen or damaged prior to the wedding ceremony, special event coverage will reimburse what you spent on the dress or provide a replacement 

Liquor liability insurance – Liquor liability insurance protects you from claims filed by an intoxicated guest (more about this below)

Do You Need Wedding Insurance to Hire an Event Venue?

Most event venues that specialize in weddings require customers to get one day event insurance for wedding. It is a contractual obligation and the event venue will ask you to name it as an additional insured. By being named as an additional insured, the event venue ensures that it won’t pay for costs if a guest sustains injuries or property damage. 

One Day Liquor Liability Insurance

People use liquor to toast achievements and milestones, making alcohol a staple in many events and celebrations. But serving alcohol to guests without a single day business insurance may expose you to many risks after the guests become inebriated. 

Some guests may destroy and vandalize property, cause an accident, or injure themselves in a drunken rage. One day alcohol insurance shields you against alcohol-related liabilities. The policy will cover the medical bills, legal fees, and settlements related to such incidents.

One Day Bartender Insurance

People hire a bartender to keep the drinks flowing and the good times rolling. While the job might be fun, it carries enormous responsibilities that may have life-changing consequences if you lack bartender insurance. 

Bartenders must be judicious and refuse service to minors and intoxicated guests. You have liability over personal injuries if you serve alcohol to an intoxicated guest or a minor. The same is also true if an accident happens under your watch. 

Bartenders are prime targets for a lawsuit because they are directly responsible for serving alcohol to the injured person. 1 day bartender insurance covers you against the cost of lawsuits and settlements. 

The primary inclusion in one day bartender insurance is general liability and liquor liability insurance. You can also decide to add professional liability insurance if you want to be protected against claims for errors and oversights.  Not but not the least, one day bartender insurance might also include commercial auto insurance having auto liability coverage that cover your financial liability for a vehicular accident. 

One Day Vendor Event Insurance

While profitable, vending carries inherent risks, especially when dealing with food and other related goods. Your clients or their guests might sue you for many reasons, including food poisoning and allergies. Typically, most vendors opt for a long-term vendor insurance coverage. What if you don’t work every day?

You don’t need to blow $396 a year on vendor insurance if you only work on specific days. Instead, you can opt for one day vendor insurance. Go for one day event insurance for vendors that provides general liability and product liability coverage for 24 hours. 

Are there other inclusions aside from one day vendor liability insurance policies we mentioned? Yes, there are. Vendors using their personal car to haul products can decide to get commercial auto insurance with auto liability coverage and emergency roadside assistance. Auto liability coverage will cover expenses if you caused a vehicular accident while hauling goods and materials from or to a vending event. On the other hand, emergency roadside assistance will reimburse expenditures on battery jump start, tire repair, tire delivery and replacement, gas delivery, and other roadside assistance service to resume an interrupted trip. 

Additionally, carriers include goods in transit insurance in one day vendor insurance. Goods in transit insurance will cover costs if the products you’re about to sell at a vending event become damaged or lost during the trip. 

Despite the name, 1 day vendor insurance coverage isn’t limited to the material day. You may extend the effective period for months or weeks. Besides one day vendor insurance coverage, carriers underwrite offer specialized coverage. They include one day COI insurance, one day food vendor insurance, and one day wedding vendor insurance.

Because 1 day vendor insurance is a short-term cover, it’s markedly more expensive than a regular vendor insurance cover. On average, one-day vendor liability insurance will cost $178 per day depending on deductibles and policy limits. 

One Day Insurance for Photographers

One day event insurance for photographers covers you against general and professional liability for 24 hours. The one day business insurance is specially structured to protect videographers and photographers against the most common mishaps. 

With one day photographer liability insurance, you’re protected against bodily injuries to third parties, property damage, errors & omissions, and property damage. 

Additional inclusions in one day insurance for photographers are equipment insurance and drone insurance. Equipment insurance will provide money or replacements if your camera becomes stolen or damaged while being used. On the other hand, drone insurance will cover personal injuries and property damage caused by using a drone.  

Some insurers provide event-specific coverage, such as one day wedding photography insurance. Typical one day liability insurance for photographer costs about $18 a month or $216 a year. 

One Day Event Catering Insurance 

One day catering insurance protects you from general, professional, and product liability while catering to events such as weddings, parties, or conferences. The one day special event insurance covers you against property damage or personal injuries your catering business may cause to vendors, clients, and other parties. 

Caterers are liable for injuries and property damages if they fail to eliminate safety hazards and use well-conditioned equipment. 1 day catering insurance only covers customers and third parties but is helpful if you need a short-term cover to secure a contract. 

One Day DJ Insurance 

Taking out a DJ liability insurance for one day is an incredible way to safeguard your career and protect your income. The one day DJ event insurance policy covers you against personal injuries and third-party property damage.

One day liability insurance for DJ is available as a general liability insurance with rented premises liability and advertising injury coverage. You can take out a 12-hour or 24-hour coverage depending on the duration of your gigs.  Equipment insurance can he added, and this will cover your losses if your DJ equipment becomes lost or damaged on-site or off-site. Records and other similar objects are also covered. But note that software and other data stored in your devices are excluded. 

One Day Event Planner Insurance 

A rowdy crowd can quickly ruin your carefully planned event and expose you to expensive lawsuits. Getting event planner insurance protects your business from various risks associated with organizing an event, however large or small. The typical policy covers you against general and professional liabilities, but you may need additional coverage depending on your particular circumstances. If you don’t have a full event roster, you can opt for a same day event insurance for planners over monthly coverage. 

One Day Bounce House Insurance 

Bouncy castle insurance for one day is an excellent option if you wish to service an event held in a location outside your insurance carrier’s coverage. A temporary policy often lasts 24 hours, but you can extend it for several days. A temporary bounce house policy provides general, professional, and premise liability coverage. A one-day coverage policy is much more expensive than a regular 6-months or 1-years coverage.


One Day Sporting Event Insurance 

While sporting events are fun to organize, they involve large crowds of passionate people. Things can quickly get out of hand during a sports activity. Taking out sporting event insurance safeguards your business from risks that may result during a sporting activity. The one-day sporting event insurance is ideal during the off-season when the sporting events are far and between.

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One Day Event Insurance Cost

Since every event is different, one day event insurance price varies across service providers. One day event insurance cost may vary depending on the type of event, crowd size, and the type of risks involved. Typically, the average one day event liability insurance cost is $76.5 per day for a $1 million general liability coverage. Some service providers allow you to extend coverage for days, while some require daily renewals. Shopping around for the cheapest one day event insurance quotes will help lower your one day event liability insurance cost. Here’s a shortlist that we have compiled for your convenience.

Cost per Day Best for
Next $25 Fastest & cheapest one day event insurance coverage
The Hartford $40 Business ethics
CoverWallet $45 One day event insurance quotes comparison online
Tivly $46 Getting matched with one day event insurance quotes over the phone
Thimble $50 One day event insurance that also available as an hourly, weekly, or monthly coverage
State Farm $61 One day event insurance with fast claims process
Geico $75 One day event general liability coverage having a $500,000 minimum limit
Allstate $78 One day insurance for events having 500 attendees
Progressive $105 One day insurance for large events

Public Liability Insurance Cost for One Day Event 

Public liability insurance cost for one day event is $43-$110 per day for a $1 million coverage against third party personal injury and property damage claims. Factors that affect the cost of premiums is location, business history, claims history, and more.

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Best One Day Event Insurance Companies 

The best one day event insurance coverage is tailor-made to suit your specific needs. Reliable insurance service companies provide specialized one-day event coverage to help your business mitigate the risks unique to you. Here are some of the best one day event insurance companies: 

CoverWallet Special Events Insurance


  • Event insurance quotes comparison online

  • Cancel your policy anytime

  • Get certificates of insurance online 


  • Policy cancellation takes 30 days

CoverWallet is an insurance broker with an online quotes comparison platform you can use to find carriers that offer one day insurance coverage. But his company has tailored special events insurance underwritten by partners. 

CoverWallet’s special events insurance is available for all businesses hosting an event for commercial or social purposes. It includes general liability insurance with rented premises liability coverage, liquor liability insurance, and event cancellation/postponement coverage.  Note that this company’s special events insurance is a primary policy. Meaning that even though you have other applicable insurance policies, special events insurance will be the first to provide protection. 

Best for:  One day event insurance quotes comparison online

Average cost: $45 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 10/10

Thimble One Day Event Insurance


  • Offers online quotes 

  • Provides coverage to 24 types of events

  • Has tailored one day event vendor insurance


  • You can only reach customer service via the Thimble site or app 

Thimbe’s one day event insurance is available as a short-term policy lasting for hours, days, weeks, or months. Primary inclusions are liquor liability and general liability insurance for one day event. You can add other useful insurance products Thimble underwrites. This company’s event insurance is tailored to 24 types of events such as weddings, graduation events, sports events, and more. 

Best for: One day event insurance that also available as an hourly, weekly, or monthly coverage

Average cost: $50 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 9/10

One Day Event Insurance State Farm


  • Exceptional customer service 

  • Nationwide coverage

  • Lots of customized coverage options 


  • Services are only availed directly from the company or its agents

Founded in 1922, State Farm offers more than 100 insurance products and services spread across five categories – property and casualty, annuities, life and health, banking products, and mutual funds. State Farm services more than 85 million insurance policies across the country. With a workforce of more than 58,000 people, State Farm processes claims and resolves disputes quickly.  

Best for: One day event insurance with fast claims process

Average cost: $61 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 9/10

Progressive One Day Event Insurance


  • Covers large events, including festivals 

  • Coverage for as little as $105

  • Offers online quotes 

  • Offers coverage for more than 400 types of events

  • Policies purchased directly from Progressive carry a 5% discount


  • Poor customer service 

Founded in 1937, Progressive is the third-largest insurance company in the US. The insurer writes more than 26.4 million policies a year and offers full-breadth insurance coverage. As the name suggests, Progressive carries an innovative range of insurance policies while allowing many customizations. 

Progressive offers special liability insurance for more than 400 events, including festivals with 5,000 attendees. You can purchase insurance for one day or multiple days. Progressive allows you to build a custom special event coverage policy based on your specific needs. 

Best for: One day insurance for large events

Average cost: $105 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 9/10

One Day Event Insurance Geico


  • Can purchase coverage up to one day before the event

  • Coverage starts at $75 

  • Offers $ 0.5 to $2 million coverage limits


  • It doesn’t cover sporting events or events with a paid attendance

Short for Government Employees Insurance Company, Geico is one of the leading insurers in the country. Besides auto insurance, Geico offers events, homeowners, renters, business owners policy, professional liability, general liability, commercial auto insurance, and more. 

Geico’s event insurance covers non-refundable deposits, cancellation fees, injury, liabilities, etc. Geico’s one day event insurance coverage has a general liability insurance with a  $500,000 minimum limit. One day event insurance policies from Geico start from $75, and you can purchase coverage even one day before the event. 

Best for: One day event general liability coverage having a $500,000 minimum limit 

Average cost: $75 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 8/10

Allstate One Day Event Insurance


  • Offers online quotes

  • Affordable premiums


  • It doesn’t provide professional liability coverage

  • It doesn’t cover events with more than 500 guests

Founded in 1930, Allstate is a leading national insurance service provider in the US. The insurer provides various insurance products, including home, auto, life, renters, motorcycle, and off-road insurance. Allstate is renowned for its auto insurance policies and products. 

Allstate offers insurance coverage in all 50 states and is headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois. The insurer provides special events coverage for weddings, business meetings, engagement parties, anniversaries, corporate parties, etc. Allstate offers two types of coverage – event cancellation and event liability coverage. The insurer doesn’t provide one day commercial insurance for sporting events, animal shows, or events with more than 500 people

Best for: One day insurance for events having 500 attendees

Average cost: $78 for one-day coverage

Our rating:  8/10

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