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If you run a courier-service van or any other type of van used for commercial purposes, you must purchase commercial van insurance. Commercial van insurance is a broad term pertaining to tailored insurance products for sprinter vans, passenger vans, cargo vans, etc. Let’s talk about all of these. 

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Sprinter Van Commercial Insurance

Manufacturers build sprinter vans solidly and equipped them with useful features. 40% of sprinter vans sold in the United States are used for business purposes. Carriers offer commercial insurance for sprinter van. Policies included in this insurance product are discussed below:

Sprinter Van Commercial Auto Liability Insurance

Commercial auto liability insurance for sprinter vans has a $1 million per occurrence limit and $2 million aggregate limit. It functions to cover legal fees and compensatory payments to third parties in case the sprinter van caused an accident or allegedly caused an accident resulting in personal injuries or property damage.

Sprinter Van Collision Insurance

Collision insurance included in commercial sprinter van insurance repair costs if the sprinter van is involved in an accident and was damaged. The policy’s limit is equal to the sprinter van’s current market value (shouldn’t be confused with original market value).

With collision insurance, you can easily pay for the repair or replacement of dented bumpers, broken headlights or taillights, and scratched or cracked chassis and panels. The policy will also cater to tire damage as a result of a collision with another car or stationary object on the road.

Note that the policy doesn’t provide coverage if your sprinter van got damaged because it hit someone or an animal.

Sprinter Van Comprehensive Insurance

Sprinter vans get the best protection against damage if collision insurance is paired with comprehensive insurance.

Comprehensive insurance includes perils which collision insurance excludes. These perils are:

  • Fire damage due to arson or lightning

  • Cracked windshield/windows or dents on the car’s body due to hail or falling branch

  • Damage resulting from theft or vandalism

  • Damage resulting from hitting a person or an animal

The limit of comprehensive insurance is equal to the current market value of the sprinter van. However, there are carriers that provide a $1 million limit with a $2 million aggregate limit plus sub-limits starting at $10,000.

Personal Accident Coverage for Sprinter Vans

Personal accident insurance for business van such as sprinter vans is included in commercial sprinter van insurance. But note that this poli cy functions not to cover damage to the sprinter van. It offers protection to the driver.

This cargo van business insurance policy sees to it that, in case of an accident regardless of who’s at fault, the driver can get reimbursement for his medical expenses regardless of who’s at fault. The policy also offers benefits for loss of sight, amputation, and even death. Understand that personal accident only caters to injuries a vehicular accident caused.

Commercial Insurance for Cargo Vans

Carriers offer tailored commercial cargo van insurance for Ford Transits, GMC Savanas, and other vehicles used as cargo vans. Policies common in this van insurance for businesses using cargo vans are:

Auto Liability Insurance for Cargo Vans

Auto liability insurance for cargo vans start with a $1 million per occurrence limit and a $2 million aggregate limit. It covers property damage and bodily injuries to third parties should a cargo van cause an accident. Depending on where you purchase this commercial van insurance policy, coverage also extends to:

  • Emergency care expenses of third parties

  • Cost of transport to third parties after the accident happened

  • Cost of doctor visits and follow up care

  • Rehabilitation costs

  • Funeral expenses

Cargo Van Physical Damage Insurance

Physical damage insurance included in commercial van cover for cargo vans can be categorized into three types, collision insurance, comprehensive insurance, and specified perils. The table below shows the function and limits:

Limit Function
Comprehensive Physical Damage Protection $2 million aggregate with $1 million per occurrence Shoulders the cost of repairs or replacements if the cargo van was damaged because of hail, lightning, arson, theft, vandalism
Does not cover normal wear and tear
Collision Damage Protection $1 million aggregate with $1 million per occurrence Shoulders the cost of repairs and replacements if the cargo van was damaged in a vehicular collision or collided with a stationary object
Specified Peril Depends on the type of damage stated as covered Shoulders the cost of repairs for incidents stated as covered by the policyholder

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Cargo Insurance for Cargo Vans

As per state insurance requirements, cargo vans need to carry the minimum amount of cargo insurance, which is often excluded in standard commercial insurance for vans.

Majority of cargo vans must be covered with $100,000 minimum cargo coverage. However, some only need $5,000 or $10,000 minimum cargo insurance, provided they’re only transporting household items.

When cargo insurance is included or endorsed to commercial van insurance for business cargo vans, the policyholder can reimburse clients should their cargo get damaged or lost because of theft, vehicular accident, vandalism, and other named perils.

Cargo Van Emergency Roadside Assistance

While cargo van insurance doesn’t usually include commercial van breakdown cover, it offers an alternative option called emergency roadside assistance.

Emergency roadside assistance coverage has a $100,000 minimum policy limit. This policy helps cover the cost of:

  • Towing the cargo van to go to a repair shop

  • Quick emergency repairs

  • Fixing a flat tire

  • Jump starting the cargo van

Cargo Van Insurance for Personal Use

Personal cargo van insurance is an insurance product tailored for cargo vans used as private or non-for hire vehicles. Common inclusions are:

  • Auto liability insurance

  • Collision and comprehensive coverage

Commercial Passenger Van Insurance

Many make money with their passenger vans as they’re hired to transport employees to business trips. If not businesses, then passenger vans are hired by sports teams to take players to sporting events. Carriers offer a tailored commercial passenger van insurance. The policies included are shown in the table:

Limit Function
Commercial passenger coverage $100,000 minimum per accident limit, with $2 million aggregate limit Covers costs if an accident happened and passengers get injured as a result
Auto liability $1 million per occurrence with $2 million aggregate In case the accident was a collision with another vehicle, auto liability compensates the other driver for their injuries and suffering
Collision coverage Depends on the current market value of the passenger van Covers repair or replacement costs of the passenger van after colliding with another vehicle
Comprehensive coverage Depends on the current market value of the passenger van Covers repair or replacement when rain, snow, hail, lightning, fire, theft, and vandalism damaged the passenger van

Campervan Business Insurance

Some vacationers like to rent camper vans to save costs on lodging. There’s tailored commercial campervan insurance, which offers the following policies.

Fire Damage Coverage

Fire damage coverage is a policy rarely included in most commercial vehicle van insurance products. For camper vans, fire damage coverage functions to reimburse the policyholder should the renter accidentally damage the vehicle while using heating appliances installed inside.

Fire damage coverage is a commercial insurance for a van – specifically a campervan – that has a 25% coinsurance clause. Anyway what is a coinsurance? In brief, coinsurance allows the insurer to recover some of the reimbursements made if ever the policyholder didn’t purchase the minimum insurance requirements.

So how much coinsurance is required for a commercial camper van? The amount of coinsurance is determined by:

  • Coverage required

  • Coverage purchased

  • Market value of the camper van

  • Losses of the policyholder to be reimbursed

  • Deductibles

Theft Coverage

Some renters might steal the installations inside the campervan and cause damage. And so carriers include theft coverage in their commercial business van insurance for campervans. Theft coverage starts with a $50,000 limit with a $500,000 minimum aggregate. With a theft coverage, the policyholder can recover the value of what was stolen plus pay the repair costs of damages.

Business Van Breakdown Cover for Campervans

Campervans renters use will suffer occasional damages from time to time. For this reason, business use van insurance for campervans also include breakdown coverage.

Breakdown camper van insurance has a $1 million policy limit wherein sub-limits apply. The amount of sub-limits depend on the perils covered.

Camper Van Auto Liability Insurance

Auto liability insurance for campervans has a $1 million policy limit with a $2 million aggregate limit. It serves to pay the cost of accidents caused by the campervan as it’s being used by a renter or the owner-operator. This small business van insurance policy will also pay if the campervan is defective and caused injuries or property damage to the renters.

International Coverage for Camper Vans

Camper van commercial insurance provides coverage internationally. This means that all of the policies above can be claimed regardless of location so long as the peril is included by the insurance company.

What are the Policies Included in Non Commercial Van Insurance for Camper Vans?

Van insurance for non commercial use camper vans offers these policies:

  • Auto liability insurance

  • Personal accident coverage

  • Underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage

  • Comprehensive/collision coverage

Commercial Courier Van Insurance

Vans used as courier or delivery vehicles for food, clothing, and other consumer goods are best covered with courier van insurance business protection plan. Others like to use the simpler term commercial delivery van insurance. Let’s discuss the most common policies included.

Cargo Insurance for Courier Vans

Just like cargo van insurance, commercial van insurance for couriers includes cargo insurance. This is because courier vans also need the minimum cargo coverage mandated by states.

Commonly, policyholders decide to include $100,000 cargo coverage in their delivery van insurance. With this insurance in force, courier or delivery van businesses can pay clients if an accident happens and goods get damaged. Note that perils such as vandalism, theft, and fire are also covered.

Public Liability Insurance

Instead of auto liability insurance, courier insurance for van offers public liability insurance. The policy’s limit is $1 million and will provide coverage to injuries and property damage the courier van dealt to the public through an accident.

Courier Van Breakdown Cover

Breakdown insurance for self employed courier van or company-owned courier van has a minimum $500,000 policy limit. It covers the cost of repairing the windshields, dents, tire damage, and other named perils.

This business insurance for vans used as courier vehicles can be added with courtesy van coverage. If the courier van needs repair that will take a few days or weeks to complete, courtesy van coverage kicks in and loans the policyholder a temporary replacement courier van, typically one that’s chosen by the insurance company.

Roadside Assistance

Courier van insurance carriers not underwriting breakdown cover for business vans include roadside assistance coverage instead. The minimum policy limit is $100,000 and will pay for the cost of towing, jumpstarting, and other extra expenses to get the courier van running when it stalls on the road

Tradesman Van Insurance

Tradesman van insurance is a tailored product carriers and commercial van insurance broker offer to painters, carpenters, decorators, plumbers, electricians, gardeners, pest controllers, and other professionals in the home service sector. Policies included are auto liability insurance, fire, and theft damage coverage, breakdown cover for commercial vans, and collision insurance.

Commercial Van Rental Insurance

Businesses renting sprinter vans, cargo vans, courier vans, and others get the best protection with van rental business insurance. Commercial van insurance brokers and carriers commonly include the following policies:

  • Public liability

  • Auto liability

  • General liability with products and completed operations coverage

  • Workers compensation

  • Collision insurance

  • Comprehensive insurance

Which is More Useful? Non Business Van Insurance or Commercial Van Insurance?

Commercial van insurance is more useful than non commercial van insurance because limits are generous and there are more inclusions. Protection is also better as the policyholder can modify their commercial van insurance with endorsements.

What is Commercial Fleet Van Insurance?

Business fleet van insurance is a specialized insurance product used to provide coverage for multiple commercial sprinter vans, cargo vans, delivery vans, camper vans, and other similar vehicles. The number of vehicles insured varies from one company to another. For instance, some only insure 10 – 15 vans while others provide coverage for 10 – 30.

Since there are many vans covered, the policy limits of business multi-van insurance is also higher. The minimum is $3 million per occurrence limit with an aggregate limit amounting to $5 million or $10 million.

As for the policies included, multi van insurance for business doesn’t differ from a single van commercial insurance. Auto liability, comprehensive, collision, personal accident, commercial breakdown cover for vans, and underinsured/uninsured motorist are examples of policies offered in commercial multi van insurance.

Commercial Van Insurance Multiple Drivers Plan

A standard commercial van insurance only covers the van operated by the driver who was stated as covered in the policy. This is not useful for businesses that allow different drivers to use one van.

This is why business van insurance brokers and carriers offer business multi driver van insurance. Unlike standard van insurance for business use, multi-driver van insurance allows the policyholder to name more than 1 driver as insured.

One Day Commercial Van Insurance

One day commercial van insurance is a 24-hour coverage for the van you’re owning, borrowing, renting, or leasing for business purposes. The language of this insurance covers the following perils:

  • Loss or damage to the van caused by fire, theft, vandalism, and acts of God

  • Liability for personal injuries or property damage resulting from the use of the van

  • Loss or damage of your personal belongings inside the van

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Commercial Van Insurance Cost

Cargo Van Insurance Cost

So how much is commercial insurance for cargo van?  The average cost of commercial van insurance is $275 a month or $3,300 a year  for a $1 million liability coverage.  


But note that providers offer safe driving discounts and allow customers to enjoy cheap commercial van insurance on their cargo vans. Meet the requirements for getting such and you’ll get a  5% – 15% decrease in commercial cargo van insurance cost. Note that aside from the factors we mentioned, the type of cargo also affects how much is cargo van insurance. 

Ice Cream Van Insurance Cost

As indicated in the individual ice cream van insurance quote of numerous carriers, the average cost of insurance is $142 a month or $1,329 a year for a $1 million liability coverage. 

Commercial Sprinter Van Insurance Cost 

Policyholders can expect to pay $135.83 a month or $1,630 a year should they decide to purchase one of their sprinter van commercial insurance quotes. At this pricing, $1 million liability coverage is enjoyed. 

Commercial Passenger Van Insurance Cost

On average, passenger business van insurance quote demand a premium amounting to $200 a month or $2,400 a year for a $1 million passenger coverage. 

Campervan Insurance Cost 

Numerous campervan commercial vehicle insurance quotes indicate that the median price of premiums is $120 a month or $1,440 a year. This ultimately means that commercial campervan insurance slightly expensive than personal campervan insurance

Courier/Delivery Van Insurance Cost

Courier van insurance cost is $112.39 a month or $1,348.68 a year for a $1 million cargo insurance. 

How Much is Commercial Van Fleet Insurance?

Fleet insurance for 10 commercial vans is $660 a  month or $7,920 a year for a $1 million liability coverage. 

How Much is Van Truck Insurance?

Van truck insurance policyholders pay $145.83 a month or $1,749.86 a year for a $1 million cargo coverage. 

How Much is Insurance for a Van?

The average cost of personal van insurance is $142 per month or $1,329 per year. Note the difference in cost for private vans and business cargo vans; personal vans and their commercial counterparts serve different purposes and have varying extent and frequency of use. 

Business vans are constantly on the road, thus increasing the risk of accidents. Your courier insurance or commercial passenger van insurance for van will cost higher – between $275 and $516 per month ($3,300 and $6,200 annually) – with the average cost being $4,704 per year. 

Pricing of the Best Commercial Van Insurance Companies 

For further reference, here’s a table showing how much the best carriers for commercial van insurance charge customers:

Cost per Month Cost per Year Best for
CoverWallet $115 $1,380 Commercial van insurance online quote comparison
Thimble $120 $1,440 Short term commercial van insurance
Geico $130 $1,560 Tailored cargo van insurance
Progressive $183 $2,196 Businesses looking for van insurance that covers all insurance concerns
The Hartford $165 $1,980 Companies with extensive fleets
State Farm $180 $2,160 Customer satisfaction
AXA $195 $2,340 Commercial van insurance offered in two options
Quoteline $210 $2,520 Tailored courier van insurance
LV $221 $2,652 Purchasing commercial van insurance online with discounts
Churchill $232 $2,784 Commercial/personal van hybrid insurance
CIS $254 $3,048 Commercial van insurance with legal advice coverage and audio equipment breakdown coverage
FBD $270 $3,240 Commercial van insurance with generous policy limits

Young Driver Commercial Van Insurance Cost

The type of van to be covered is only one of the many factors determining the cost of commercial van insurance. Considering age is another way for you to estimate how much to pay. And so, here’s a section talking about the cost of commercial van insurance for young drivers

Cost of Commercial Van Insurance Any Driver 19 – 20 Years Old

The cost of commercial van insurance for drivers 19 – 20 years with clean driving record is $145.66 a month or $1,748 a year on average. 

Cost of Commercial Van Insurance for Any Driver 21 – 22 Years Old

For their van business insurance any driver between 21 – 22 years old will pay $106.33 a month or $1,282 a year. 

Cost of Van Insurance Business Any Driver 23 – 25 Years Old

23 – 25 years old drivers pay $91.58 a month or $1,099 a year to get covered with commercial van insurance.

Cost of Commercial Van Insurance Under 25 Year Old Drivers with DUI Record

Drivers, ages 19 – 25 years old with DUI records, pay $323 a month or $3,876 a year for their commercial van insurance. 

Cost of Commercial Van Insurance Any Driver Over 25 But Not More than 30

Drivers between 25 – 30 years old pay $215.23 a month or $2,582.76 a year for their commercial van insurance. 

Cost of Commercial Van Insurance Any Driver Over 30

The cost of commercial van insurance for drivers over 30 is $1,332 a year or $111 a month. 

Rank and Review Insurance Companies

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Best Commercial Van Insurance Companies

It’s essential to understand your cargo insurance needs first, and then look for the most suitable company to partner with. The only caveat is that many insurance carriers are in the market, and identifying a customer-focused provider can be challenging. Below, we review the top insurance companies offering van insurance for business. Read to know their pros, cons, and monthly pricing for a $1 million general liability coverage

CoverWallet Commercial Van Insurance


  • Helps you find cheap non commercial van insurance and cheap van insurance for business owners

  • Allows you to compare quotes with its platform

  • Manage insurance online – get a certificate of liability insurance and add additional insureds using the company website or the MyCoverWallet app


  • Not an insurance company but a broker selling the quotes of its partners

CoverWallet will help you find van insurance for business with its quotes comparison platform. The company’s platform collects the quotes from different companies and sends them to you.  With CoverWallet, you can compare quotes, get covered online, and manage insurance with the company website or the MyCoverWallet app. 

Best for: Commercial van insurance online quote comparison 

Average cost: $115 per month 

Our rating: 10/10

Thimble Short Term Commercial Van Insurance


  • Cheap short term insurance

  • Online certificate of liability insurance

  • Has an online insurance calculator tool you can use to estimate premiums 

  • Allows you to get online insurance quote for van 


  • Doesn’t have all the coverage commercial van rental businesses need 

Thimble offers temporary commercial van insurance for equipment rental businesses.  This company offers the following options:

  • One day commercial van insurance

  • Temporary van insurance for business use that lasts for a month 

  • Temporary commercial van insurance that only lasts for hours

Note that Thimble’s commercial van insurance only offers a general liability coverage which can be added with workers comp and equipment breakdown policies.

Best for: Short term commercial van insurance for equipment rental business

Average cost: $120 per month 

Our rating: 10/10

Geico Cargo Van Insurance


  • Has commercial van insurance young driver discount; other premium savings options are also available

  • Offers commercial van fleet insurance quotes

  • Affordable commercial van insurance for young driver


  • Doesn’t offer commercial van gap insurance

Your third option for the best commercial van insurance is Geico. Geico offers tailored insurance for cargo vans that includes auto liability, comprehensive, and underinsured/uninsured motorist policies.  Geico offers commercial van insurance quotes online but you might need to get in touch with an agent to purchase a policy. 

Best for: Tailored cargo van insurance

Average cost:   $130 per month 

Our rating: 9/10

Progressive Commercial Van Insurance 


  • Company van insurance is available in all 50 states

  • A variety of discounts

  • Offers commercial insurance for 15 passenger van, sprinter van, cargo van, and so on 


  • Mileage limit applies to its business multi van insurance 


Established in 1937, Progressive offers wide-ranging coverage options in over 50 U.S. states. It provides cheap business van insurance to many sectors and gives them the liberty to tweak their policy when the need arises without penalties. Besides, customers in some states get unlimited travel mileage without increased premiums, which only few commercial van insurance companies like Progressive allow. 


With over 80 years in the commercial business insurance space, Progressive has expanded its business van insurance portfolio. It offers a mix of commercial auto coverage, including liability insurance, collision coverage, medical payments, comprehensive policies, as well as fire and theft coverage. 


Best for : Businesses looking for van insurance that covers all concerns

Average cost : $183 per month 

Our rating : 10/10

The Hartford Commercial Van Insurance


  • Available in all 50 states, including the District of Columbia

  • Provides complimentary options in its cheap van insurance business protection plans

  • Specialized insurance solutions and policies for fleets

  • Offers business car and van insurance for courier or delivery companies 


  • Insurance quotes not available online

  • Limited coverage for single-van policies


The Hartford is the best insurance provider for you if you run a courier business, drop shipment, or food delivery business with many vans in your fleet. Founded in 1810, the company has extended its insurance services to all 50 states, providing solid coverage and helping people reduce the risks of accidents.


Policy options include liability, collision coverage, comprehensive, medical expenses, and non-owners. The insurance provider even runs its “FleetAhead” program, specifically catering to businesses that deploy technological tools on their vans to enhance safety, minimize incidents, and qualify for discounts and insurance cost-saving opportunities. 


The Hartford also offers free insurance perks, including downtime loss coverage, rental or leased vans insurance , electronic-device coverage, glass maintenance deductible waivers, etc. Policyholders can file claims online or by phone at any time of the day. 

The company’s 200+ years in the insurance industry have enabled it to grow in sales and assets. In fact, it boasts an A+ rating for financial strength by AM Best. It also appeared in J.D. Power’s 2021 top 10 companies with high-level customer satisfaction.

Best for : Companies with extensive fleets

Average cost : $165 per month 

Our rating : 8/10

State Farm Commercial Van Insurance


  • Highest rating for customer satisfaction

  • Insurance available in all 50 states

  • High financial strength rating


  • Customers must purchase insurance from agents

  • Limited coverage options in its commercial vehicles insurance


State Farm ranked No.2 in the J.D. Power 2021 US Small Commercial Insurance Study for exceptional customer service. Customers can purchase various insurance policies, including third-party liability, collision insurance, medical costs, and comprehensive insurance. Furthermore, it offers additional policy features, such as employer’s non-owned car liability, which protects employees whose vans are used for business purposes. 


Established in 1922, State Farm is branched out in all 50 states, and customers cannot get quotes online. That means they must work through insurance agents to secure the coverage policies they need. Apart from that, the company currently has an A++ rating for financial strength from AM Best.


Best for : Customer satisfaction

Average cost : $180 per month 

Our rating : 8/10

AXA Commercial Van Insurance


  • Tiered commercial van insurance 

  • Offers commercial van insurance for limited company


  • Can’t get commercial vehicle insurance quotes online

AXA ’s commercial van insurance can be classified into two tiers – standard van insurance and premiere van insurance. 

Standard commercial van insurance provides unlimited coverage to third parties, $6 million physical damage protection, and trailer coverage. 

Premium commercial van insurance, on the other hand, has the policies offered in the basic tier and adds other policies such as windscreen and van replacement coverage. 

Best for: Commercial van insurance offered in two options

Average cost: $195 per month 

Our rating: 7/10

LV Commercial Van Insurance


  • Purchase a policy online and get a 5% discounts


  • Commercial van insurance excludes damage caused by theft, collision, and natural events 

  • Doesn’t cover the replacement cost of parts, only labor costs

  • Doesn’t cover all types and brands of commercial vans

LV commercial van insurance protects the van from an uninsured driver as well as damage caused by vandalism and misfuelling. Customers who decide to buy their insurance online can get an instant 5% discount. 

Best for: Purchasing commercial van insurance online with discounts

Average cost: $221 per month 

Our rating: 7/10

Churchill Commercial Van Insurance


  • Commercial van insurance also serves as personal van insurance

  • Includes coverage for personal belongings


  • Vehicle repair is covered but only if you take the commercial van to a Churchill accredited auto repair shop

  • Doesn’t offer classic commercial van insurance

Churchill’s commercial van insurance can also act as personal van insurance. With Churchill, your commercial van gets protection from fire, theft, and vandalism damage, uninsured motorists, and liability for third party bodily injuries. 

Best for: Van insurance for business and personal use 

Average cost:  $232 per month 

Our rating: 7/10

Quoteline Van Insurance


  • Tailored commercial insurance for courier vans

  • Insures high risk drivers 


  • Need to contact an agent or customer support to know the policies included

  • Courier van insurance cost is higher than average

Quoteline is an insurance broker in partnership with Ghallagher. Therefore, all of the policies you’ll purchase from this policy are underwritten by another company. Quoteline offers a tailored courier van insurance. Coverage is available to freelance and franchised couriers. The company doesn’t disappoint couriers with poor driving records too. If this broker doesn’t click with you, try Confused commercial van insurance. 

Best for: Tailored courier van insurance

Average cost: $210 per month 

Our rating: 6/10

CIS Van Insurance


  • Enjoy a discount upon purchasing insurance online

  • Covers audio equipment installed in commercial vans 


  • Policyholders can only pay premiums monthly

CIS Insurance covers the commercial vans of individuals and companies. Types of protection the company provides to customers are auto liability and breakdown coverage. CIS commercial van insurance policyholders also enjoy coverage for legal advice.

Best for: Commercial van insurance with legal advice coverage and audio equipment breakdown coverage

Average cost: $254 per month

Our rating: 6/10

FBD Commercial Van Insurance


  • Commercial van insurance has generous limits 


  • Has little to no US third party reviews

FBD commercial van insurance allows customers to get auto liability coverage, personal accident coverage, and collision insurance with generous limits. 

Best for: Commercial van insurance with generous policy limits

Average cost: $270 per month 

Our rating: 6/10

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