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Painting has long been one of the main forms of beautifying residences, and there are countless ways to paint, ranging from the methods of a traditional artisan to the challenging discipline of face painting and body painting. 

In this article, we’re going to take a deeper look at painting insurance, including what kind of painting business insurance policies are recommended and how much does painters insurance coverage cost. We’ll also explore some of the top insurance companies for painters and compare them to each other.

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Do Painters Needs Insurance?

As a painter or a person running a residential and commercial painting services business, you absolutely need insurance. Insurance will take care of many issues that will disrupt or even end  your business. Also, no client will think of hiring a painter without insurance. 

Why do clients want to hire an insured painter anyway? The primary reason is that painters with insurance can reimburse clients if something goes wrong with the project.  

With that said, insurance will cost money. However, it’s more costly if something bad happens and you don’t have coverage ready to take care of expenses. Speaking of insurance, what policy should you consider getting first? We suggest getting liability coverage before everything else. 

Painters Liability Insurance

The most common form of painters insurance is liability coverage, which will protect you from claims third parties filed. There are many types of liability insurance for independent painters and painting service businesses. But still, the most useful are general liability and professional liability insurance. 

General Liability Insurance for Painters

General liability insurance primarily takes care of property damage claims and personal injury claims third parties file against you. Here are some situations where it can help:

  • You were painting a client’s house. The client came in to check how the project is going, stepped on a blotch of paint on the floor you didn’t clean, and slipped. The client experienced injuries and asked you to pay for his injuries as a result

  • You were painting a client’s gutter with white paint. A noisy car passed by and startled you. As a result, the paint you were holding was spilled on the client’s wall. The wall is ruined beyond recognition. Because of this, the client sued and demanded you reimburse his loss

You can decide to add optional policies to the general liability policy included in painter insurance. By doing so, you get more comprehensive protection. Such optional policies are:

  • Products and completed operations

  • Rented premises liability

  • Advertising injury

Clients might file a personal injury claim or property damage claim sometime after you completed a painting project. Products and completed operations coverage covers this peril. 

If you’re renting someone’s space, think about getting rented premises liability coverage. Your landlord might ask you to shoulder costs if his building got damaged. The job of rented premises liability coverage is to cover costs so that you don’t use personal funds and incur losses.


Slander, libel, and copyright infringement might be filed against you.  Reputational harm claims can be very expensive. The job of advertising injury coverage in general liability insurance is to cover defense costs and settlements if claims are failed because of slander, libel, copyright infringement, and other types of reputational harm. 

Is General Liability Insurance Worth the Cost?

General liability insurance is worth the investment. It provides the primary protection you need against the most problematic risk most businesses face - claims from third parties. Also, when it comes to business insurance, protection begins with a general liability policy. Upon purchasing it, you can then add other business insurance policies for more protection. One of these is professional liability insurance.

Professional Liability Insurance 

Work mistakes can happen. Clients might also sue you for negligence. Mistakes and negligence fall outside of the scope of general liability insurance. The insurance that protects you from these perils is professional liability insurance. 

Professional liability insurance covers negligence, violation of good faith, workplace mistakes, and other acts constituting errors and omissions, which cause a client to experience an economic or financial loss. Here are some examples where this insurance policy can help:

  • You misunderstood the instructions of the client and painted the wrong color on the building. As a result, the client has to spend more money to redo the work. To recover losses, the client then filed a claim against you

  • You used an oil-based paint for the client’s building. It turns out that he is sensitive to it and experienced skin, eye, and throat irritation. To recover medical expenses, the client then sued you for negligence

Carriers underwrite professional liability insurance as a claims-made policy or occurrence policy. Claims-made professional liability insurance only provides coverage if you make a claim at the time the client decided to hold you liable for losses. On the other hand, an occurrence professional liability insurance provides coverage anytime so long as it's active when the covered peril happened. 

Should You Have General Liability Insurance and Professional Liability Insurance?

Having general liability insurance and professional liability insurance absolutely protects you from third-party claims. General liability insurance takes care of the drawbacks of professional liability insurance and vice-versa.  In other words, they complement each other perfectly. When planning to purchase liability coverage, look for a carrier that offers general liability insurance and professional liability insurance in a bundled plan. 

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Other Business Insurance for Painting Company

Commercial Property Insurance

Does your painting service business own a commercial space? If this is the case, consider getting commercial property insurance. Your business’s commercial space might get damaged or destroyed and paying for reconstruction and repair isn’t a walk in the park.

Commercial property insurance can make the situation more favorable.  This insurance will help you pay for reconstruction if your painting business’s commercial space is destroyed by fire or extreme weather. But aside from this, commercial property insurance also covers repair costs if the commercial space is damaged by riot, vandalism, theft, and other named perils. 

Stocks and contents coverage is an optional policy in commercial property insurance. It covers valuable painting materials. So how does this work? Stocks and contents coverage reimburses your losses if valuable painting materials are damaged or lost because of fire, vandalism, theft, and other named perils. 

Business equipment coverage is another optional policy in commercial property insurance. This one works similarly to stocks and contents coverage. The only thing that makes it unique is that it covers business work tools and equipment that got lost or damaged because of fire, vandalism, theft, and other named perils. 

What is a Business Owner’s Policy?

A business owner’s policy is a type of tailored plan for all kinds of businesses. It bundles general liability insurance and commercial property insurance. Purchasing a business owner’s policy is advantageous. Its cost is cheaper than buying commercial property insurance and general liability insurance separately. Furthermore, you can decide to add one or two insurance policies for added protection.


Business Interruption Insurance

Are you worried about losses if your painting business needs to stop operating for a while? If so, consider getting business interruption insurance. The purpose of this policy is to give your business money so that it can pay employee wages, taxes, and other operational costs while business operations are currently suspended because of relocation or renovation. Business interruption insurance doesn’t cover suspensions caused by government sanctions and pandemics. 

Painting Contractors Insurance

Are you a self-employed painter? If this is the case, consider getting painting contractors insurance. Painting contractors insurance bundles general liability, professional liability, commercial auto, and equipment and tools insurance. Remember that general liability insurance covers personal injury claims and property damage claims. On the other hand, professional liability insurance covers claims resulting from workplace mistakes, negligence, violation of good faith, and other acts constituting errors and omissions. 

How about commercial auto and equipment and tools insurance? How do these help your work as a self-employed painting contractor?

As a painting contractor, you’re using a cargo van or flatbed truck to carry transport equipment to and from a project site. The job of commercial auto insurance is to cover that vehicle you’re using for work-related purposes. The types of protection included in this insurance are:

  • Auto liability coverage

  • Physical damage coverage

  • Medical payments

  • Emergency roadside assistance

You might cause an accident while going to a project site or driving to go home. Of course, you’re responsible for injured third parties as well as damaged property. The job of auto liability coverage in commercial auto insurance is to cover costs when this happens. This will pay for the emergency treatment of injured third parties. As for property damage, auto liability coverage will reimburse the owners. And if the matter reaches court, your defense costs will be paid by commercial auto insurance’s auto liability coverage too. 

In the event of a car accident, not only third parties can get injured but you too. Auto liability coverage in commercial auto insurance doesn’t cover your injuries.  And if this is the only policy you have, you’ll pay for your own emergency treatment. On the flip side, this isn’t the case if you have medical payments coverage or MedPay. Medical payments coverage will cover your emergency treatment after a vehicular accident happened. Coverage applies regardless of who is at fault. Also, the injuries of passengers (if there are any) are covered too.

The vehicle you’re driving for work purposes might get damaged sooner or later. That’s why it’s smart to add physical damage coverage to commercial auto insurance. Physical damage coverage has two forms - collision and comprehensive. Collision physical damage coverage covers vehicle parts repair or replacement if you caused an accident or got involved in a vehicular accident. 

On the other hand, comprehensive physical damage coverage takes care of vehicle parts repair or replacement costs if damage is caused by the following:

  • Vandalism

  • Theft

  • Fire

  • Lightning

  • Extreme weather

  • Collision with a wild animal 

Your commercial vehicle might experience issues while running.  And sometimes, you’ll have to spend money to solve them. Emergency roadside assistance will reimburse what you spent to get the commercial vehicle running once again. Specifically, this covers the following:

  • Expenses for battery jump start service

  • Expenses for tire delivery and installation service

  • Expenses for towing service

  • Expenses for gas delivery

  • Lodging expenses (if ever you’re somewhere far away and need to stay in the location where you’re car experienced issues)

Aside from the vehicle you’re using to reach project sites,  work equipment and tools need to be insured. Purchase equipment and tools coverage to do so. So how does this help? Equipment and tools coverage reimburses the value of lost or damaged work tools and equipment. Also, if tools and equipment are less than three years old,  the policy will provide immediate replacements. 

Interior Painting Insurance 

Interior painters can opt to get tailored interior painting insurance. Policies included in this insurance product are:

  • General liability insurance - Covers personal injury claims and property damage claims caused by your interior painting service

  • Professional liability insurance - Takes care of claims made by clients accusing you of causing economic or financial loss by committing acts considered as errors and omissions

  • Commercial auto - Covers liability for vehicular accidents, your injuries, vehicle damages, and out of pocket expenses when the vehicle stalls on the road and needs roadside assistance

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Painters Insurance Cost

Insurance for independent painting contractors is usually more affordable than insurance for a full-fledged business because of the lower stakes involved in covering contractors. Contractors tend to have less equipment that needs to be covered and they usually take on smaller jobs that have a lower likelihood of resulting in damages.

The cost of your painters insurance will vary dramatically based on the size of your house painting venture. A larger business that works on more valuable homes will likely end up having to pay more for their coverage because of the larger amount of money that’s at stake with each job.

For a $1 million general liability insurance policy, the average painters insurance cost is about $44 per month or $528 per year.

You’ll also have to account for the number of employees that are working for you if you’re planning on paying for a workers’ compensation policy. Finally, if your business has a history of botching jobs, you’ll likely pay more for insurance because that won’t inspire much faith in the insurance company.

The table below provides further insights about pricing by showing the rates of the best painting business insurance companies:

Company Cost per month Cost per year Best for:
CoverWallet  $35 $420 Painting liability insurance quotes comparison online
Thimble $37 $444 Painting business insurance with short-term general liability coverage
NEXT $40 $480 Painting business insurance with discounts
$43 $516 Low-risk painting businesses
Geico $55 $660 Larger painting businesses

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Best Painters Insurance Companies

When shopping around for painting insurance quotes, the cheapest painters insurance price is important but shouldn’t be the only thing that you focus on. You should also take a close look at the company that you’re going to be working with since you don’t want your first claims experience with it to become a customer service nightmare.

Instead of typing “painting insurance near me” into Google, simply click one of the 'Get Quotes' buttons on this page, complete the form and compare painting business insurance quotes online from some of the leading painting insurance companies in America! This way you will find the cheapest painters insurance coverage options from the best insurers!

In addition, check out the reviews below to know the pros, cons, and cost of the $1 million general liability insurance of the best insurance companies for painters.

CoverWallet Painting Business Insurance


  • Get covered online

  • Compare painting business insurance quotes


  • Not an insurance company but a broker selling the quotes of its partners

CoverWallet offers liability insurance options for painting businesses. This company’s basic coverage starts with a general liability coverage only. For more protection, you can add professional liability insurance. Nonetheless, CoverWallet’s most comprehensive painting liability insurance plan bundles general liability, professional liability, and workers compensation insurance.

Best for: Painting liability insurance quotes comparison online

Average cost: $35

Our rating: 10/10

Thimble Painting Business Insurance


  • Short-term painting liability insurance


  • Claims can only be filed online

Thimble’s painting business insurance offers short-term general liability coverage that has a $1 million - $2 million limit. Work with this company because you can file a claim, purchase insurance, and get a certificate of insurance online.

Best for: Painting business insurance with short-term general liability coverage

Average cost: $37 per month
Our rating: 9/10

NEXT Painting Business Insurance


  • Available in all states

  • Send your proof insurance as a text message, email, or social media post

  • Streamlined painting business insurance management


  • Customers not familiar with digital insurance processes might find trouble using NEXT’s services

NEXT’s painting business insurance offers commercial auto, workers comp, and general liability coverage with optional tools and equipment coverage. Choose CoverWallet if you’re looking for a company that gives discounts if you decide to buy more than one policy.

Best for: Painting business insurance with discounts

Average cost: $40 per month

Our rating: 8/10

Progressive Painters Insurance


  • Wide range of policies are available

  • Quick claims handling

  • Affordable


  • Can get pricier due to risk exposure

The Progressive Corporation made its name selling auto insurance, but the company has since expanded into more niche fields of insurance, including painting insurance. The company has been running since 1937, and it has a reputation for quick claims handling and reasonable prices.

Progressive offers two main types of coverage for painters, including general liability insurance and commercial auto insurance for any vehicles that you may have in your fleet. Optional add-ons for painting businesses include a BOP (business owners policy) and workers’ comp.

Best for: Low-risk painting businesses

Average Cost: $43 per month

Our Rating: 7/10

Geico Painters Insurance


  • Covers defense costs

  • Geico has experience working with artisan contractors

  • BOPs also available


  • A little pricey

Geico stands for The Government Employees Insurance Company, and they’ve been in business since 1995, making them one of the younger insurers in the United States. While the company is known for its witty commercials, they specialize in auto insurance, tackling more niche insurance types on a case-by-case basis.

Geico doesn’t actually have a specific painting business insurance policy, though they do cover painters with their general liability coverage. This policy is designed to cover you in case of property damage, physical injury, personal and advertising injury, and defense costs.

Best for: Larger painting businesses

Average Cost: $55 per month

Our Rating: 6/10

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