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Insurance is valuable when it comes to sports events. Consider a situation where an athlete suffers an injury or fans damage the venue; In such a scenario, you want to ensure that you are covered from liability.


Sports event insurance does exactly that. The insurer charges you an insurance premium for the sporting event insurance coverage, which should help you mitigate any unprecedented occurrence during the sporting event. 


When it comes to sports events, there are different sports special events insurance products that you can get depending on the specific event. For instance, for an athletics event, you can get athletic event insurance. 

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Sports Event Liability Insurance 

Suppose a sporting event player, coach, or any other third party suffers an injury or property damage. For instance, a football player might get knocked down and suffer a concussion or, worse still, traumatic brain injury. In this case, you will need sports event liability insurance. This cover should help you compensate for the harm inflicted. If you run a sports camp, consider liability insurance for sports camps, as this will cover you from mishaps that will happen. 


If you organize small sports events, it is best that you consider a $1 million per accident limit and a $2 million aggregate limit while negotiating the terms of your general liability policy with the insurance company. 


So what does general liability insurance for sports events actually do? It does the following:

  • If a third party gets injured during the sports event, general liability insurance will cover the person’s medical expenses such as emergency medical treatment and ambulance fees

  • If a property is damaged due to the sports event you organized, general liability insurance will recompense the owner

  • Cover legal expenses such as settlements, attorney fees, and administrative costs if the aggrieved third-party decides to take legal recourse upon sustaining property damage or bodily injuries 


Note that general liability insurance allows you to add additional insureds. This means that you can add other entities who have something to do with your sports event such as vendors, organizers, and more. 


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Liquor Liability Insurance for Sports Event

Purchase liquor liability insurance if alcoholic drinks will be sold during the sports event you organized. This will cover medical expenses or property damage if a third party sustains injuries or property damage by his or her own fault due to drinking too much alcohol. On an additional note, if legal action is taken, and you’re accused of overserving third parties or serving minors with alcohol, liquor liability insurance will take care of attorney fees, administrative costs, settlements, and other legal expenses. 

Liquor liability insurance doesn’t provide coverage if you’re only serving liquor for free during your sports event. And so, you’ll need to get host liquor liability insurance. Host liquor liability insurance provides the same coverage as liquor liability insurance. The only thing that makes it different is that it’s for events where liquor isn’t sold but served for free. 

You can purchase liquor liability insurance as a stand-alone policy. However, the best way of having this coverage is by adding it to general liability insurance as additional coverage. Doing so helps to save costs and makes policy management easier. 

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Public Liability Insurance for Sports Event

There are times when bodily harm might be caused to a member of the public attending your event. For instance, a stray ball might strike a spectator or a vehicle in the parking lot. In such a situation, you are likely going to face legal action. In the event that the complainant is successfully able to prove negligence, you will be forced to pay some compensation. Public liability insurance for sports events helps you pay this claim and saves you from paying out of pocket. 

Product Liability Insurance for Sports Events 

Food will be served for free or at a price during your sports event. When there’s food, there’s the likelihood of participants and other third parties getting sick due to food poisoning or improper food preparation. You need protection against this exposure. And so, get product liability insurance. 

Product liability insurance provides coverage for medical expenses if a third party sustains injuries due to food poisoning or improper food preparation which your sports event is responsible for.  It will also take care of administrative costs, attorney fees, and settlements if legal recourse is taken.

Note that product liability insurance is available as a stand-alone policy. However, many insurance companies providing coverage for sports events sell this as an add-on to general liability insurance. 

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Sports Event Cancellation Insurance  

Imagine a situation where a sporting event into which you have invested money gets canceled. You stand to lose that investment and all the different deposits you’ve likely made. Fortunately, with sports event cancellation insurance, you are assured of a reimbursement that should cover your investment, including the deposits you’ve made. 

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Rain Insurance for Sports Events

Rain can cancel plans. This is why insurance companies offer rain insurance. Rain insurance will cover non-refundable expenses for equipment, food, transport, and others when the sports event is canceled or postponed due to the onset of rain. 

Rental Equipment Insurance

You need to rent equipment for a sports event – chairs, tables, lighting, stages, sound systems, and props. You’re responsible to reimburse the losses of the owner if a rented equipment becomes lost or damaged due to fire, theft, vandalism, and other covered perils. To avoid using personal funds, get rental equipment insurance. This will reimburse the property owner on your behalf or provide immediate replacements for lost or damaged covered rental equipment. 

Temporary Auto Insurance for Sports Event 

You’ll use a vehicle to fetch persons integral to your sports events activities – teams, celebrities, bands, organizers, volunteers, and the like. And so, it will be smart to get temporary auto insurance that provides the following protection:

  • Auto liability coverage – Auto liability coverage will help cover expenses if your sports event’s vehicle causes an accident and inflicts injuries or property damage to third parties. In practice, this will cover medical expenses and recompense the value of the damaged property. Administrative costs, attorney fees, and other legal expenses are also covered if aggrieved parties decide to take things to court

  • MedPay/personal injury protection – MedPay will cover the medical expenses of the passengers and the driver when your sports event’s vehicle causes an accident or gets involved in an accident. Personal injury protection provides the same coverage but also includes after-hospital visits, compensation for lost income, and more 

Temporary car insurance for sports events lasts for 1 day up to a month. Pricing is determined based on how long you want to have coverage. 

Rented/Hired Auto Insurance

Are you renting or hiring a vehicle for your sports event? If this is the case, get rented/hired auto insurance instead of temporary auto insurance. This will cover expenses when the vehicle your hired or rented for your sports event causes an accident and injures third parties or destroys properties.  Unlike temporary car insurance, rented/hired auto insurance doesn’t have MedPay and personal injury protection. 


Ski Racing Insurance  

There’s a high risk associated with ski racing which necessitates ski racing insurance. This insurance policy should cover any mishaps that might happen during the race.


Ski racing insurance has participant accident coverage. This will cover medical expenses or medical expenses if the ski racers sustain injuries or property damage during the race. 


The next inclusion in tailored insurance for ski racing is general liability insurance. General liability insurance will cover costs if watchers and other third parties sustain injuries due to your ski racing event. 


Ski racing insurance also comes with theft coverage. This will cover costs if owned or rented equipment used for the ski racing event becomes lost or damaged due to theft. It will also provide reimbursements if the ski racers have their personal effects stolen. 

Running Race Insurance  

Running race insurance is special event insurance for sanctioned running races. The policy will cover liability, emergency medical expenses, and property damage. Whether you have organized a mile fun run or multi-stage running race, the insurance cover should protect you from any mishaps that might happen. Inclusions in running race insurance are:

  • General liability insurance

  • Volunteer coverage

  • Operations insurance


General liability insurance for running races will cover costs if participants and other third-parties sustain property damage or bodily injuries during the running race. Costs covered are medical expenses, legal fees, and reimbursements for damaged property. 


Volunteer coverage is an add-on to general liability insurance for running races. This will cover medical expenses if ever volunteers sustain injuries due to an accident in the running race event. 


Operations insurance is a comprehensive protection included in running race insurance. This will cover costs when owned or rented equipment becomes damaged or lost due to fire, theft, vandalism, and other covered perils. 


Wrestling Event Insurance  

There is a real threat of injury during a wrestling event making wrestling event insurance a must-have. This policy covers the medical expenses in the event that a participant is injured or property is damaged. You want your wrestling event insurance to cover your teams, leagues, camps, and tournaments. 

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One Day Sports Insurance  

Suppose you have organized a one day sporting event and you do not particularly need long-term insurance. You should consider one day sporting event insurance as this will cover you the day of the event. Often, insurers offering this type of insurance will accept the purchase of the cover a day before the event as it is likely a matter of urgency. 

Sporting Event Insurance Cost  

On average, one-day sports event insurance will cost $200. If the event lasts up to 10 days, you will pay $250 or more in premiums. The insurer will consider your previous sporting events, your claim history, and the number of people participating. Consider comparing different sports event insurance quotes to find the best coverage at the most reasonable price. Start here by clicking the “Get Quotes” button. Also, take a look at the table below to know the rates of the best sports event insurance companies.

Cost for One Day Coverage Best for
USA Football League $130 Football sports event insurance
CoverWallet $152 Sports event insurance quotes comparison online
Thimble $158 Last-minute sports event coverage
SportsCover Direct $167 Sports events insurance with international coverage
AMPED $180 Sports event insurance for action sports and fitness companies
Sadler Sport $194 Amateur sports teams and leagues
JMG $215 Sport event insurance for runs, marathons, and races
ESports $250 Youth and adult sports organizations

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Best Sports Event Insurance Companies  

Here are some reviews of the best sports event insurance companies. Read to know their pros, cons, and pricing for one day coverage. 

CoverWallet Sports Event Insurance 


  • Compare quotes online

  • Get instant coverage online


  • Doesn’t offer insurance written especially for sports events 

Visit CoverWallet’s website and use its online quotes comparison platform. Looking for the best coverage doesn’t have to be a chore. This company’s online quotes comparison platform gives you the pricing and offers of numerous insurance companies providing tailored one day insurance for sports events. Also, there’s no need to contact carriers because you can buy any quotes directly through CoverWallet’s website. 

CoverWallet has event insurance and you can get your sport event covered using it. Inclusions are general liability insurance, cancellation insurance, and liquor liability insurance. 

Best for: Sports event insurance quotes comparison online

Average cost: $152 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 10/10


Thimble Sports Event Insurance


  • One-day  event coverage for sports is available

  • You can get a quote and purchase the cover online


  • Claims have to be filled either by email or through the phone

  • Customer service is not available over the phone 

  • Doesn’t underwrite tailored sport event insurance but covers sports with its generalized events coverage

Thimble is an online insurance age that sells both short-term and long-term sports event coverage. Originally known as Verifly, Thimble was founded in 2015 and has since grown to a Fortune 500 company with an A++ financial rating. If you were to get their sports events general liability coverage, it will be underwritten by Markel Insurance Company. Their professional indemnity insurance is highly rated amongst coaches and trainers as it provides comprehensive protection at a relatively cheap price.


You can extend, modify, temporarily pause or completely cancel your sports event insurance through their mobile app. You can also use the platform to access your certificate of insurance and add on insureds, like venue administrators, still via the application. Finally, its flexible policy terms are particularly attractive, which is an added advantage on top of the lower than market rates.


Best for: Last-minute sports event coverage 

Average cost: $158 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 9/10

The USA Football Youth League Insurance 


  • Special premium offers thus saving up to 25%

  • Commercial general liability of $1 million per occurrence or $2 million aggregate


  • Participants get a $100000 max accident limit


The USA Football Youth League Insurance was founded to help provide American youth involved in football at whatever level insurance, including general liability coverage, accident coverage, and sexual abuse and molestation coverage. The latter should protect the league in case there are allegations of misconduct and abuse. Additionally, as the product is customer-centric, it pays for therapy following the incident. Further, in case one of the team members is unable to make it through the season due to injury, and their parents end up asking for a refund, the cover protects you by providing the refund, thus protecting the league’s budget. You can add on property and inland marine coverage, which will cover all the equipment at the venue or while in transit.


Best for: Football sports event insurance 

Average cost: $130 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 9/10 

SportsCover Direct Insurance


  • Prompt service

  • Responsive website 

  • Scalable coverage options 


  • A third party underwrites claims 


SportsCover Direct was established in 1991 specifically to offer comprehensive and specialist insurance products to customers involved in any sport or leisure activity. It covers the entire 50 states and Washington, DC. They have recently expanded into the UK market, offering specialist sports insurance online. AXA XL underwrites all policies, but they are BBB-rated. 


Best for:  Sports events insurance with international coverage 

Average cost:  $167 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 8/10




  • Affordable rates

  • Superior coverage

  • A large pool of sports covered 

  • Free quotes

  • Available in all 50 states 


  • Crime coverage has a limit of $25,000


AMPED’s insurance offerings include:

  • General liability 

  • Professional liability

  • Employment practice liability 

  • Volunteer accident

  • Cyber liability 

  • Workers’ compensation 


Best for:  Sports event insurance for action sports and fitness companies 

Average cost: $180 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 8/10


Sadler Sport & Recreation Insurance 


  • More than 35% savings 

  • Quick processing of applications  

  • Instant quotes in less than 60 seconds 


  • Damage to premises limit of $10000

  • You can only purchase the policy through an agent 


Sadler & Co. was founded in 1946, with Sadler Sports & Recreation Insurance beings its primary division. The insurer operates in all 50 states and currently insures 15700 sports organizations. Their policy covers:

  • Director and officer liability 

  • Workers’ compensation 

  • Equipment

  • Accidents 

  • General liability 

Sadler Sports & Recreation creates tailored insurance policies for each of its policyholders. Overall, you can expect the best quality insurance coverage at the lowest price point.


Best for: Amateur sports teams and leagues   

Average cost: $194 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 8/10


John M. Glover Sports Event Insurance 


  • Great customer service

  • Quick claim processing and approval process 

  • A mobile application is available 


  • Not BBB accredited

  • A limited number of sports covered  


Established in 1916, John M. Glover is a nationwide independent insurance agency that offers sports insurance for runs, marathons, and races. While based in Fairfield County, this insurer has extended its sports event coverage to Connecticut, New Jersey, Rhode Island, New York, and Hawaii. 


Best for: Sport event insurance for runs, marathons, and races 

Average cost: $215 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 8/10

ESports Insurance


  • Lowest rates 

  • Flexible coverage with the option of tailor-making a solution 

  • A wide range of sports covered 


  • You can only cover one event per policy 


ESports Insurance has provided sports insurance coverage to amateur youth and adult sports organizations for over 20 years. The insurer has its headquarters in Atlanta and covers all 50 states and Washington DC. Policies offered by ESports include:

  • General liability insurance 

  • Sports equipment coverage

  • Crime coverage 

  • Accident medical coverage 


You can get insurance coverage for individual sports teams, special sports events, sports camps, and sports associations and leagues. 


ESports is adept at understanding current sports event insurance needs. Their agents work with you to ensure proper coverage is achieved. As they have an A++ rating, you rest assured that your policy will be upheld and claims honored. Their quick response to inquiries is most notable, as they have a dedicated support team to support customers. 


Best for: Youth and adult sports organizations 

Average cost: $250 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 6/10

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