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Pressure washing is nothing short of magic. It takes only a few minutes to transform a dirty, grime-laden roof, floor, wall, or driveway into a new, sparkling, attractive space. 


Pressure washers are the go-to professionals when someone's property needs a quick and affordable facelift. One pressure washing session can drastically improve a property's appeal to give it a homely feel. Power washing is a much more affordable way to transform a property without breaking the bank.


But even the best of magic tricks can backfire on your face, saddling you with huge repair bills. One wrong move could have your client instituting a lawsuit against your company. Pressure washing carries a perpetual risk of property damage, bodily harm, and tripping hazards. There's also the risk of extensive water damage.


Taking out pressure washing insurance protects your business from any financial losses. Pressure washing business insurance covers you against claims made against your business relating to property damage or bodily injuries. Also, the insurance covers equipment theft and damage, employees' injuries, commercial vehicle accidents, etc.

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Pressure Washing Liability Insurance

Pressure washing has its share of specific risks that might expose your business to lawsuits. Pressure washing company insurance limits your exposure by covering you against third-party risks. Some of the inherent dangers in this line of work include property damage, slip and fall accidents, and more. 


Taking out a general liability insurance for pressure washing business provides protection  against: 

  • Bodily injuries to third parties: When cleaning a client's roof, the force of the water jets may dislodge and send shingles and other debris flying through the air. The flying objects, including glass shards, may accidentally injure the property owner or their loved one. Even though the injury was unintentional, your client may hold you responsible and sue you for damages and compensation.

  • Damage to third parties: Site visits are a staple in the pressure washing business. If you accidentally damage a client's property – wall, roof, windows, or a parked vehicle – you'd be on the hook for the repair and replacement costs. General liability coverage in pressure cleaning insurance covers these costs safeguarding your cash flow and business finances.

  • Legal fees: If pressure washing a roof causes your client's home to leak and sustain extensive water damage, they could sue you in court. Paying an attorney's fee out of pocket may cripple your business. Pressure washing general liability insurance covers the legal costs whenever your business needs legal representation. 

Taking out general liability insurance for a pressure washing business protects your cash flow and business reputation. A commercial liability cover bolsters your business credibility by giving your clients peace of mind. 


Your clients are assured that you'll take responsibility for any mishap while onsite. Insurance coverage also gives you a competitive advantage as some clients require proof of coverage before signing a contract. 


Professional Liability Insurance (E&O)

Errors and omissions insurance protects your business against claims of negligence, inaccuracies, mistakes, or similar allegations. It ensures that a simple mistake or oversight doesn't snowball into crippling legal problems. An E&O policy covers your business if you're accused of missing deadlines, failing to deliver a service, error or oversights, professional negligence, or breach of contract. The policy covers:

  • Legal fees and court costs

  • Court judgments

  • Damages and expenses 

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Other Insurance Policies for Pressure Washing Businesses

Given the multiple threats facing your pressure washing business, you need more than liability coverage. General liability insurance protects your business from third parties. You need additional small business insurance for power washing to protect your business from equipment theft, damage or commercial vehicle collision.


You need protection in the unfortunate event that an employee falls off a ladder or slips on a wet surface and sustains life-threatening injuries. Taking out additional insurance policies ensures your business is covered against any possible threat. That leaves you free to run your business with a clear conscience and utmost peace of mind. 


Besides general liability coverage, additional exterior cleaning insurance for your business includes: 


Commercial Property Insurance

Safeguarding business assets is critical to your business success. Commercial property primarily covers your pressure washing business’s commercial building. If the commercial building is destroyed by fire or extreme weather, commercial property insurance will reimburse your losses based on the value of the commercial building. Commercial property insurance also provides coverage if the commercial building only incurred damage due to fire, theft, vandalism, and other covered perils. 


Business equipment and tools coverage is an inclusion in commercial property insurance. You need to cover valuable equipment and tools such as pressure washers, nozzles, hoses, hot water units, surface cleaners, X jets and more. The job of business equipment and tools coverage is to reimburse losses if these items are damaged or destroyed due to fire, theft, vandalism, and other covered perils. 


Commercial property insurance for pressure washing businesses also includes stocks and contents coverage. Inside the commercial building are CCTV cameras, furniture, and other valuable items. Also, there are cleaning agents stored. If these become lost or damaged due to fire, theft, vandalism, and other covered perils, stocks and contents coverage will reimburse your losses. 


How Does Commercial Property Insurance Reimburse Your Losses?

Commercial property insurance provides reimbursements in two ways:

  • Actual cash value

  • Replacement cost value

Reimbursements made through actual cash value will be equal to the depreciated value of the damaged or lost property. In other words, the money you’ll get will be lesser than the original worth of the scheduled property.

On the other hand, reimbursements made through replacement costs will be equal to the non-depreciated value of the property covered. In other words, the money you’ll get will be equal to the original price of the property scheduled. 

Actual cash value commercial property insurance is cheaper than replacement cost commercial property insurance. However, the protection it provides isn’t very comprehensive. It’s not ideal if your pressure washing business doesn’t have adequate reserves to shoulder any excess. 


Workers Compensation Insurance

Most states require pressure washing businesses with employees to have workers' compensation insurance. This insurance will help if an employee gets injured or sick because of work. 


This type of interior and exterior cleaning insurance for pressure washing businesses cover the treatment, hospitalization, rehabilitation, and lost income compensation of an injured or sick employee. 


Compensation for lost income, which workers' compensation insurance provides, is a weekly allowance equal to two-thirds or 67% of the average weekly wage. Say, if the employee makes $545, then he or she will receive $365.15 insurance money per week from workers' compensation insurance.


Workers' compensation also provides death benefits if the employee dies. Death benefits include but are not limited to payments for funeral expenses and cash aid to the deceased’s family.  Cash aid is also equal to 67% of the average weekly wage. 


Is Workers Compensation Insurance Useful for Pressure Washing Businesses?

Workers' compensation insurance is useful as work-related hazards are very common among pressure washing businesses. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the incident rate at 2.4. Here are some examples of recorded incidents. 

Incident DateWhat Happened
October 4, 2020Workers were about to do pressure washing work using a pump and a pressure washing gun. While pressure testing, one of the employees lost control of the gun. The gun then sent a jet of water to the other employee’s face and neck. The employee who got hit sustained a severed carotid artery and died

April 5, 2018An employee was using a pressure washer to clean equipment. While cleaning, the pressurized water struck the employee's right boot, went through it, and cut his foot. Responders  were called and the employee in question was treated for foot laceration

October 1, 2019An employee was using a pressure washer to clean a tractor-trailer. Since the machine is big, he used a ladder as a platform in order to accomplish a thorough cleaning. It should be noted that this ladder had wheels that didn't have a lock to prevent them from turning. As he was descending from the ladder, the employee fell and struck his head on solid concrete that  caused his death 

August 9, 2006An employee was pressure washing equipment. While working, the end of the pressure washing tank blew off resulting in the metal bands to loosen and hit the worker in question. This resulted in bruises and abrasions. The worker was taken to the hospital to get treated 


Business Interruption Insurance 

Relocation, renovation, and the occurrence of a hurricane, storm, and other extreme weather will force you to close business temporarily. If business is closed, income isn’t generated. The tricky thing is you’ll still have to pay for a lot of operational costs, and paying using your business’s previous earnings will do significant financial damage. 


Insurance companies offer business interruption insurance for such exposure. If you have to stop business momentarily due to the causes we mentioned, this insurance policy will help pay for employee wages, taxes, loans, electrical bills, and other operational costs. 


Commercial Auto Insurance

Pressure washers must travel to a client's premises to provide services. Commercial auto insurance is a must if you use a vehicle for business purposes. 


You need this if you use your truck to meet clients, haul pressure washing equipment, and take employees to different project sites. Note that some insurance companies allow customers to upgrade their personal auto insurance to commercial auto insurance for easier policy management.  


Commercial auto insurance provides the following protections for your pressure washing business’s vehicle:

  • Auto liability coverage

  • Physical damage coverage

  • Medical payments/personal injury protection 


The commercial vehicle of your pressure washing business might cause an accident. As a result, third parties might incur injuries or have their property damaged.  Your business will be responsible for what happened. In connection, auto liability coverage will help by paying for medical expenses and reimbursing damaged property on your behalf. 


Aside from third parties, the driver, as well as the employees inside the commercial vehicle, might sustain injuries. Medical payments coverage can help with this. Its function is to cover the medical expenses if the commercial vehicle caused or got involved in an accident resulting in the driver and the passengers incurring injuries. 


Physical damage coverage will pay for parts repair or replacement if the commercial vehicle of your pressure washing business incurred damage. This has two types:

  • Collision physical damage coverage - Collision physical damage coverage will take care of parts repair or replacement if the commercial vehicle incurred damage after crashing into an object or another vehicle 

  • Comprehensive physical damage coverage  - Comprehensive physical damage coverage will take care of parts repair or replacement if fire, extreme weather, vandalism, theft, and other covered perils damaged or destroyed the commercial vehicle of your pressure washing business

Cyber Liability Insurance 

Hackers are increasingly targeting small businesses. Cyber liability insurance protects your company against losses resulting from a cyber-attack, including data breaches, ransomware extortion, and theft. The policy will cover the costs of:

  • Investigating the incident 

  • Loss of revenue 

  • Ransomware attack payments 

  • Risk assessment to thwart future incidents

Business Owner’s Policy for Pressure Washing Businesses

BOP bundles the basic business commercial property insurance and general liability insurance. If you’re planning to buy general liability and commercial property insurance separately, then get this instead. By doing so, you’ll save 5% - 10% on premium costs.


But note that since the insurance industry is very competitive, many carriers add more perks to their business owner’s policy to leverage themselves. For example, CoverWallet’s business owner’s policy comes with workers' compensation insurance. There’s also The Hartford selling a business owner’s policy that includes data breach insurance and professional liability insurance.

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Pressure Washing Insurance Cost

Pressure washing business insurance cost depends on the type and amount of coverage you need and your choice of provider. Other significant variables that affect power washing insurance costs include: 

  • Policy length 

  • Policy add-ons

  • Coverage limits and deductible

  • Area of operation 

  • Number of employees

  • Your assets and equipment

On average, pressure washing businesses in the US spend about $103 per month or $1,236 per year for a $1 million general liability insurance. To get more idea about the cost, take a look at the pricing of the best pressure washing insurance companies in the table below:

Cost per MonthCost per YearBest for
CoverWallet$98$1,176Pressure washing insurance quotes comparison online
Thimble$101$1,212Pressure washing businesses looking for short-term commercial insurance
NEXT$110$1,320Pressure washing business insurance available in all 50 states

Most pressure washing businesses opt for general liability insurance with a $1 million or $2 million liability coverage limit. You can snag cheap pressure washing insurance by shopping around and requesting quotes from multiple insurers.

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Best Pressure Washing Insurance Companies

The intricate risks associated with power washing require specific insurance coverage. It's best to partner with an insurer specializing in pressure washing and window cleaning insurance. They can provide the specialized coverage you need to ward off your unique business risks. Read to know their pros, cons, and monthly pricing for a $1 million general liability coverage.

CoverWallet Pressure Washing Insurance


  • Pay premiums online

  • Cancel a policy anytime

  • Get covered fast online

  • Free certificate of insurance

  • Add additional insureds for free

  • Compare quotes to find the best insurance for pressure washing business


  • Not an insurance company but an insurance broker

CoverWallet’s tailored pressure washing company insurance consists of the different insurance products of its partners. Available insurance products for you are general liability, professional liability, commercial auto, and commercial property. You can also decide to get a business owner’s policy that bundles commercial property insurance, general liability insurance, and workers' compensation insurance.

This company can also help if you want to check the pricing of insurance companies offering pressure washing business insurance. CoverWallet has an online quotes comparison platform you can use to get the pressure washing insurance quotes of carriers to compare features and pricing.

Work with CoverWallet to enjoy immediate coverage. With this company, you can get insured fast without talking to an insurance agent. After getting covered, CoverWallet will give you access to the MyCoverWallet app. Through this app, you can pay premiums, manage insurance, and get proof of insurance online

Best for: Pressure washing insurance quotes comparison online

Average cost: $98 per month

Our rating: 10/10

Thimble Pressure Washing Insurance


  • Quick and efficient online service

  • Tailored made hourly, daily, or monthly coverage

  • Transparent pricing with no hidden fees


  • You can only file claims via phone or email

  • Customer support provided online

Founded in 2015, Thimble is a New York-based online insurance broker. Thimble partners with various insurance companies to underwrite the insurance plans. If you need temporary insurance coverage to secure a contract, you're better off with Thimble.

If your one-person pressure washing business secures a new contract, but the client insists on general liability insurance, Thimble has you covered. The brokerage firm provides comprehensive hourly, daily, or monthly contracts.

This convenience lets you take out insurance coverage whenever you need it instead of splurging a fortune on the long-term coverage you may not need.

Thimble provides a diverse range of pressure washing insurance policies, including general liability, BOP, commercial property, professional liability, business interruption, and cyber liability coverage.

While you may not always need this much coverage, Thimble ensures you have the coverage you need for your business. The only downside is that all transactions are online-based.

Best for: Pressure washing businesses looking for short-term commercial insurance

Average cost: $101 per month

Our rating: 8/10

NEXT Pressure Washing Insurance


  • Online claims filing and tracking

  • Live certificate of insurance - send as a text message, email, or social post

  • Pay premiums online

  • Gives you a 10% discount


  • Customers with poor claims history are sure to be charged expensively

NEXT is an insurance company that specializes in the needs of small businesses such as independent professionals, sole proprietorships, and growing LLCs. This company is available in all 50 states and takes pride in its very digitized insurance solutions.

The tailored pressure washing insurance from NEXT includes general liability insurance, contractors’ professional liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, commercial auto insurance, and commercial property insurance. When purchasing insurance from this company, it’s good to include 2 or more policies to get a 10% discount on premiums.

Apart from discounts, other perks of working with NEXT are instant live certificates of insurance, fast customer support, and online claims filing and tracking.

Best for: Pressure washing business insurance available in all 50 states

Average cost: $110 per month

Our rating: 8/10

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