Jewellery Business Insurance for Shops & Stores From $5

Regardless of whether you work in the makeup or fashion industry, making people look good is a wonderful business to be in. It’s hard not to get a smile on your face when you see that you’ve made a client feel better about themselves and ensured that other people can see that glow within them.

The jewellery industry is in many ways the same, since you’re selling people accessories that they will treasure for a long time, which they may even hand down to their children. In this guide, we’re going to cover the things that you need to know about getting insured as a jewelry store owner.

After talking about the particulars of jewellery business insurance, we’ll take a look at the top three companies that you can get jewelry store insurance from to make it easier for you to find the right carrier for your needs.

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Jewellery Business Liability Insurance

Jewelry are luxury items. And so, most customers save money for many months or loan to get the piece they want. 

One of the things that keep jewelry store owners awake at night is meeting the standards of customers and what can possibly happen if they don’t meet expectations. Losing customer trust is the least troublesome thing that jewelry stores have to face. However, if luck isn’t on their side, trouble can develop into a full blown lawsuit. Common causes of lawsuits against jewelry stores are:

  • Slip and fall accidents

  • Product defects

  • Allergic reaction to jewelry containing lead

  • Negligence

In the United States about 1 million people are hospitalized because of slipping and falling. In connection, it’s estimated that 9 out of 10 slip and fall accidents in retail businesses such as jewelry shops, delis , and liquor stores can result in the owner facing liability. Injuries customers commonly experience after slipping or falling in jewelry shops are:

  • Back injuries

  • Cuts and lacerations

  • Bruises

  • Paralysis

  • Head injuries

  • Pelvic damage

  • Arm,elbow, or leg fracture

Customers can file a personal injury claim against the jewelry store after experiencing a slip and fall accident.  Settlement and legal fees are costly as personal injury lawsuits usually take a year to conclude. If the defense fails, a jewelry store might have to pay the plaintiff an amount based on the severity of injuries. The table below outlines the estimated cost:


Injuries Sustained Settlement a Jewelry Store Might Pay 
Back injuries $373,678
Cuts and Lacerations $5,431
Bruises $1,834
Paralysis $1,587,214
Head Injuries $253,752
Pelvic Damage $285,348
Arm, Elbow, and Leg Fractures $176,386


As shown by the table above, the settlement for injuries is no joke. And so, jewelry shop owners who are cautious enough to foresee the impact of personal injury lawsuits opt to get jewelry store insurance with a basic general liability coverage. 

A basic general liability coverage provides $1 million up to $2 million to the policyholder. That being said, it gives enough funds to pay for attorney fees and settlement to the plaintiff. Aside from personal injury lawsuits, general liability will also protect jewelry stores against property damage lawsuits by reimbursing the plaintiff equal to the cost of the property destroyed. 

Some people develop allergic reactions to substances present in jewelry like nickel and gold as they grow older. And so, it’s possible for jewelry stores to sell products a customer is unaware they’re allergic to. 

Those running jewelry stores have to be careful when buying jewelry that uses nickel for adults. Even more so if the jewelry is to be worn by a child because 1.1 million kids in the USA exhibit nickel sensitivity according to the AAP (American Association of Pediatrics). 

Nickel can cause dermatitis to those allergic to it. Dermatitis can cause swelling, itchiness, and oozy or scaly skin. And if caused by a product from a jewelry store, a customer can file a personal injury lawsuit or product liability lawsuit. 

In most cases, customers opt to file a product liability lawsuit when a product injures them or a person they care about. General liability won’t cover injuries caused by a product. What provides coverage instead is products liability coverage in jewellery shop insurance. Just like general liability, it will answer legal cost and the settlement to the plaintiff. The money it provides amounts to $500,000 up to $50 million.

Aside from allergic reactions caused by a product, product liability insurance will also cover product defects. In the case of jewelry stores, complaints for product defects can be quite problematic especially if the item bought is something expensive like a diamond wedding ring. If the matter goes to court, settlement can amount to more than $500,000. 

General liability, professional liability, and products liability insurance are the liability policies that jewelry shops need to get. Having these three provides a comprehensive protection for many risks. 

Jewellery Business Insurance

Jewellery business insurance fully protects a jewellery shop against many risks. A lot of owners opt to get a BOP (business owners policy) for their stores because it makes getting insurance simpler. The coverages BOP offers differ depending which company the policyholder works with. The table below shows the jewelry business insurance of different carriers. 

Carrier  Business Owners Policy Coverages
Thimble  General liability+products liability coverage with equipment coverage as an option
Coverwallet  General liability+commercial property+workers compensation with no other coverages as options
AmTrust Financial General liability+cyber liability with workers compensation as an option
Hiscox General liability+professional liability
Jewelers Mutual General liability+business interruption+professional liability+commercial property

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Insurance for Jewelry Restoration Service

Owners have some connection to their jewelry. It might be because the piece was given by someone as a gratutory gift, romantic gift, congratulatory gift, or as a keepsake. So aside from monetary value, jewelry also has sentimental value for their owners. And so, many opt to get restoration service when their jewelry becomes damaged or noticeably old.

To make more money, jewelry shops employ jewelry craftsmen and offer restoration service to customers. Restoration service can range from putting a new gem to a jewelry, replating it, or removing any imperfections.

However, due to mistakes at work, craftsmen might end up scrapping a piece instead of restoring it. And when this happens, clients can file a lawsuit to demand money from the jewelry store.

Products and completed operations in jewelry store insurance is the coverage that will take care of lawsuits resulting from failed restoration. With this insurance, it’s easy to pay if the aggrieved clients ask for reimbursement equal to the value of the damaged jewelry. In addition, products and completed operations will also provide for any additional damages and their cost.

Will Insurance Cover Fake Jewelry Lawsuits?

The event of selling fake jewelry or being accused of selling fakes is rare among jewelry stores. When this happens, jewelers can use their general liability insurance. However, this is only possible if the aggrieved client files a complaint by reason of false advertising.

If using general liability isn’t the option, a jewelry store can turn to fraud coverage as an alternative. This is a specialized policy that only AON offers.

In the case the accusation of fraud resulted from an honest mistake, then professional liability coverage can help. A good example of this is when a jewelry store sells a ring with lab grown diamond to a client and forgets to disclose that it is so.

What Insurance Covers Jewelry Store Crimes?

Aside from legal issues, jewelry store owners also have to think about the social risks associated with their business. Jewelry is a “hot” item. It still sells expensively at high prices even when bought as a stolen item. And unlike cars, most pieces of jewelry don’t have serial numbers which makes tracking impossible. Burglary, robbery, or theft can end everything for a jewelry store, especially if it’s new. These examples provide this point:

  • Long Boat Jewelry in San Francisco loses 250,000 after a successful burglary

  • Stephen’s Jewellers in Titusville, Florida loses an estimated $8,000 – $12,000 after thieves stole several pounds of sterling silver jewelry

  • A jewelry store in Falls Church loses $300,000 after armed men ransacked its products

  • Nuggets and Carats, a family owned jewelry store running in Orange County for 3 decades, lost all of its stocks amounting to several million dollars in a burglary heist

Finding a jewellery shop insurance policy offering coverage for theft, burglary, and robbery is very important. The number of jewelry store crimes increased from 1,438 in 2018 to 1,718 in 2020 , and 89 out of 1,000 jewelry stores may experience them. So, it’s important to ask, “ what coverage will provide support for jewelry stores after a robbery, burglary, or theft successfully happens ?”

Jewelers block policy is a stand-alone jewelry store insurance that takes care of financial losses and damage stocks after theft, burglary, or robbery happens. As its name implies, this is a special policy with terms that’s designed for jewelry stores, jewelry suppliers, and jewelry online retailers.

Jewelers block consists of compulsory and optional protection to the policyholder. Majority of carriers make it compulsory for their jewelers block coverage to take effect when fire, explosion, lightning, riot, strike, malicious acts, burglary, housebreaking, theft, robbery, or hold-up causes damage or loss of jewelry inside the jewelry shop. Note that jewelers block won’t provide coverage for all stocks. It only accounts for the destruction or theft of:

  • Jewellery

  • Gold and silver ornaments or plates

  • Precious stones

  • Cash and currency notes

If the policyholder decides to for it, jewelers block will also cover for the damage or loss that happen when the above mentioned objects are:

  • In transit

  • Being distributed outside of the premises of the jewellery shop

  • Damaged or lost due the infidelity of an employee

The policyholder can also decide for their jewelers block policy to cover the jewelry store building, it’s fixtures, and other associated property. A policyholder will enjoy the protection of the jewelers block for 12 months and may renew it upon the carrier’s decision.

Jewellery Business Insurance Cost

If you’ve never looked for jewelry store insurance, then you may be wondering how much it’s going to cost you. Unfortunately, it can often be difficult to get an idea of how much your insurance will cost because of different factors.

For example, your jewelry store’s size will play a huge role in determining the cost of your coverage. A larger jewelry store will automatically be more expensive to insure because you’re more likely to see more clients over the course of a month, meaning that there’s a higher risk of needing to make a claim.

Speaking of making claims, if you have a history of making several then expect to have higher insurance premiums. This is because insurers don’t quite trust that you won’t be filing any more claims in the future.

We’ve gathered the following numbers from some of the top carriers of jewelry business insurance. To get the numbers, we’ve used a medium-sized jewelry store that has no history of making prior claims.

Company Cost per month Cost per year Best for
Hiscox $51 $612 Jewelers who own shops locally and abroad
AmTrust $56 $672 Startup jewelry store owners
Progressive $55 $660 Jewelry stores selling products through websites only
Average Cost $69.66 $835.92

As you can see, the average cost of jewelry store insurance tends to hover around $69.66 per month, coming out to an average total of about $835.92 per year for general liability coverage.

But we know that you’re not here just to know the cost of general liability, and so here are other jewelry store insurance cost of the coverages we mentioned:

  • The cost of jewelers block insurance is $84 a month or $1,008 a year on average for starting and continuing jewellery shops

  • The cost of professional liability insurance for jewelers is $62 a month or $744 a year

Insurance for Small Jewelry Business

If you run a smaller jewelry store and you’re wondering how much you can expect to pay for your coverage, you can expect to pay less on your insurance policy.

One thing to remember is that jewelry businesses (even small ones) are considered high-risk for insurance companies. And so, it’s best for starting jewelry stores to work with carriers that specialize in insurance for small jewelry businesses.

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Best Jewelry Business Insurance Companies

Looking around for the right jewelry business insurance company may seem like a bit of a challenge if you’ve never done so before. You need to do your research to find the right companies that are going to provide you with good rates and the claims responsiveness that your business needs.

In this part of our guide, we’ve gathered together some of the top insurance companies in the industry. We’ll go over what you need to know about them, including a bit of background about them, what you should know about their policies, and what you can expect to pay for their $1 million general liability coverage. 

Hiscox Jewelry Store Insurance

Hiscox was founded in the early 1900s as an underwriter for Lloyd’s of London, and they originally focused on marine insurance. Since then, the company has started to deal with niche insurance policies that most other carriers won’t get involved in, and that involves jeweler’s insurance.

Hiscox Policy Details

Hiscox’s insurance policies for jewelers are mainly centered around providing general liability insurance coverage. The company offers worldwide coverage as well as quick responses to any claims that you have to make. They aren’t too specific about the details of their coverage, instead insisting that potential customers come to them for a quote.

  • Claims process is fast
  • Provides coverage for jewelry stores locally and internationally
  • Insurance features are complex and needs agent consultation for further clarifications

Average cost : $51

Best for : Jewelers who own shops locally and abroad

Our rating : 5/5

AmTrust Jewelry Store Insurance

AmTrust specializes in both property and casualty insurance, and the company is based in New York. Their main area of specialty is small business insurance, making them an excellent choice for jewelers who run smaller stores and want to pay reasonable rates for their coverage instead of getting rolled into a more commercially-oriented policy.

AmTurst Policy Details

AmTrust  offers a range of policies that are tailored specifically for jewelry store owners, including workers’ comp policies, general liability insurance, and cyber liability coverage. The company is used to working with high-risk clients like those in the jewelry industry.

  • Not afraid to insure high risk customers
  • Has a wide range of policies tailored for jewelry store
  • Doesn’t attend to the needs of established jewelry shops

Average cost : $56

Best for : Startup jewelry store owners

Our Rating : 5/5

Progressive Jewelry Store Insurance

Progressive got started in 1937 as an auto insurance company and the company has always been known for being on the technological forefront when it comes to insurance coverage. For example, Progressive is one of the first companies to start selling insurance over the internet.

Progressive Policy Details 

Progressive doesn’t necessarily offer a specific policy that applies to jewelry shops, but they do cover jewelers and their stores under their retail insurance policy. They offer a range of different forms of coverage, including general liability insurance, BOPs, and workers’ comp. They also offer commercial auto as an add-on

  • Reasonable pricing
  • Online insurance application
  • Offers jewelry store insurance that comes with commercial auto coverage
  • Has a reputation of being slow to respond to claims made by customers

Average cost: $55

Best for: Jewelry stores selling products through websites only

Our rating: 5/5

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