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Working with heavy machinery has some inherent hazards. Whether you’re dealing with a dump truck or an excavator, you have to take special care not to make any mistakes unless you want to end up being held liable for some heavy property damage, or even worse, bodily injuries to others.

Of course, if you want to avoid these risks, you can always get your hands on a business insurance policy that will cover your commercial operation in case the worst happens. In today’s guide, we’re going to focus on snow plow insurance. We’ll discuss the cost of insurance for snow removal contractors as well as some of the best snow removal insurance companies in America.

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Snow Plow Liability Insurance

If you’re looking for snow removal insurance, then you probably want liability coverage because it covers you in the most financially damaging situations. Liability insurance is designed to kick in when you are found liable for property damage or bodily injury while your snow plowing business is at work.

There are several different types of snow removal liability insurance that will affect who the policy covers. For example, general liability insurance for snow plow business will cover anyone that comes into contact with your snow plow business. From members of the public, through employees and business partners, it provides the most extensive coverage from all policy and is considered a standard for the most basic coverage for many small business, including snow removal businesses. Due to its coverage from broad range of risks, many snow removal businesses make use of GL.

If general liability snowplow insurance seems too pricey, then public liability insurance for snow removal business is another good option, however it will give you less coverage. Public snow plowing insurance is a little more limited than general coverage, but it still protects you from the parties that are the most likely to file a lawsuit against you, members of the general public.

The general public includes passers-by as well as your clients when you’re in the middle of a snow plowing job. The individuals who are not covered by a public snow removal business insurance policy include your employees and the boss of the business, but lawsuits are relatively unlikely to come from them.

Another coverage that you might want to make use of is bobtail insurance. Bobtail insurance will cover your business if for any reason one of your commercial vehicles end up in an accident without load or trailer while on a non-commercial use.

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Snow Plow Insurance Cost

The average snow plow insurance cost is about $60 per month, or $720 per year for a standard general liability insurance policy with $1 million in coverage.

However, snow plowing insurance cost depends on a variety of factors that an insurance carrier will review before giving you a quote. These factors depend on the exact kind of insurance you’re trying to get your hands on. For example, if you want to insure the snow plows themselves, then you’ll need a commercial vehicle insurance policy.

The average cost of snow plow insurance varies based on the value of the snow plows your business uses, but this will only affect your premiums if you’re getting commercial auto insurance. If you’re trying to determine the snow removal insurance cost for a business liability policy, there are other factors that come into effect.

General liability insurance rates for snow removal mainly depend on the size of your business. Since a business with more snow plows will likely undertake bigger operations and they’ll be working more frequently, this means that the insurance company is taking a bigger risk of having to pay out.

To ensure that our snow plow insurance quotes are as accurate as possible, we’ve gathered them based on a snow plowing business of moderate size. The business that we used to gather the quotes also has a clean history and no prior claims to ensure that our quotes are as close to reference values as possible.

CompanyCost per monthCost per yearBest for
Coverwallet$34$400Online Quote Comparison
Thimble$40$480On-Demand Policies Online
Next$60$720Fastest Policy Online
Hiscox$60$720International Snow Plow Business
Geico$62$744Customized policies
State Farm$70$840Small Snow Plow Businesses
Progressive$69$828Comprehensive Coverage

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Best Snow Removal Insurance Companies

We’re now going to take a look at some of the best snow plow business insurance carriers. Working with an insurer that’s qualified and experienced when dealing with snow removal businesses will ensure that you get better customer service and will also affect the speed with which they respond to your claims.

Geico Snow Plow Insurance

Geico is one of the better-known insurers due to their commercials featuring their well-known gecko mascot. The company has been around since 1936 and it was founded as the Government Employees Insurance Company. Geico specializes in auto insurance, but they also offer business and property coverage.

Geico Policy Details

Geico doesn’t have a specific commercial snow plow insurance policy, but they offer both general liability and commercial auto coverage, which are the most common forms of insurance needed by snow plow businesses. Keep in mind that Geico’s commercial auto insurance policy doesn’t cover unattached tools in the vehicle.


  • Offers both commercial auto insurance and liability coverage

  • Easy quote process

  • Good customer service


  • Commercial auto insurance doesn’t apply to unattached tools

Average cost: $62 per month

Best for: Custom snow removal business insurance packages

State Farm Snow Plow Insurance

State Farm is one of the largest insurance companies in the United States, and they have been in business for nearly 100 years. The company is known for using captive agents, meaning they can only sell State Farm insurance and that they’re the only ones qualified to sell the company’s products.

State Farm Policy Details

Much like Geico, State Farm doesn’t have a specific commercial snow removal insurance policy. Instead, you have to get coverage through their business insurance program that contains both commercial auto insurance as well as commercial liability policies. They also offer optional BOPs and workers’ comp.


  • Customizable policies

  • Used to working with small businesses

  • Available in all 50 states


  • Relatively expensive

Average cost: $70 per month

Best for: Small snow removal businesses

Progressive Commercial Snow Plow Insurance

Progressive is true to their name in that they’re one of the most innovative insurance carriers in the United States. They were one of the first insurers to start doing business over the internet, and they’ve kept up with the mobile device revolution by always ensuring that their mobile site and apps are always up to par.

Progressive Policy Details

Progressive is the only one of the three carriers we’ve looked at that has a specific policy for snow plow insurance. The two basic forms of coverage this policy includes are commercial auto and general liability, but you can also bundle in workers’ comp, if needed.


  • Specific policy for snow plows

  • Offers seasonal comprehensive coverage

  • Simple online quote process


  • Relatively pricey

Average cost: $69 per month

Best for: Comprehensive snow removal business insurance coverage

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