Pool Cleaning Business Insurance: Cost & Quotes From $11

If you run a business in many different industries, from roofing to carpentry, cleaning business, and others, it’s essential that you get a proper business insurance policy that will protect your business in case anyone tries to press charges against it.

This is still true even if you’re just a small pool contractoror acommercial swimming pool owner.

Following that line of thought, there’s tailored pool cleaning insurance for pool cleaning businesses.

Also, commercial swimming pool insurance is a tailored coverage for commercial pools, and pool contractor insurance is for those who build/repair pools to make money.

Your insurance premiums can get pricey if you don’t know what you’re looking for, which is why we’ll break down everything you need to know about the various options at your disposal.

Swimming Pool Service Insurance 

A pool cleaning business is different from a pool business. It maintains commercial pools and private pools, whereas a pool business makes money by providing leisure and entertainment to people. Also, pool businesses fall in the hospitality sector while pool cleaning businesses fall in the swimming pool service sector.

Exposures of the former are different from that of the latter. And so, a pool cleaning business gets the best protection through a tailored swimming pool service insurance otherwise known as pool cleaning insurance.  Pool cleaning insurance offers the following:

  • General liability insurance

  • Professional liability insurance

  • Commercial property insurance

  • Commercial auto insurance

  • Workers compensation insurance

  • Employer’s liability insurance


General Liability Insurance for Pool Cleaning Businesses

Just like a domestic helper business and a carpet cleaning business, a pool cleaning business needs general liability insurance. General liability insurance for pool cleaning businesses cover personal injury claims and property damage claims from third parties. This policy will take care of defense costs and settlements when any of the following happens:

  • Someone passed by while you were cleaning the pool who stepped on a slippery surface and held you responsible for injuries

  • An employee was rinsing a drained pool with a hose. The hose slipped from his hand, sent a jet of water towards someone using his phone, and left the person soaking wet. The phone also got wet and was damaged

The general liability policy included in pool service insurance, and other tailored business insurance for other types of cleaning businesses such as window cleaners and gutter cleaners, comes with optional policies namely:  

  • Products and completed operations coverage

  • Advertising injury coverage

Your pool cleaning service might cause damage to a client’s pool that manifests not until later. With that said, it’s possible for past clients to file a claim against you. Products and completed operations can help in this case. In a nutshell,  this coverage in pool cleaning general liability insurance covers personal injuries and property damage caused by the service you completed. 

It’s possible for your business to face slander claims, libel claims, and copyright infringement claims. And so, general liability insurance for pool cleaning businesses can be added with advertising injury coverage, which covers defense costs and settlements if someone sues you for reputational harm. 

Professional Liability Insurance for Pool Cleaning Businesses

Mistakes can happen while cleaning a pool. In connection, your client might experience economic or financial loss because of such mistakes. If ever the client files a claim against your business to recover losses, professional liability insurance sees to it that you don’t spend a single dime to wrap things up. Particularly, this policy will pay for defense costs. In case you lose the lawsuit, professional liability insurance will also shoulder compensatory payments to the client. 

Commercial Property Insurance for Pool Cleaning Businesses

Do you own and use a commercial space for your pool business's office? If this is the case, getting commercial property insurance might be a good idea as well. 

Your commercial building might be destroyed by raging fire, an unforgiving storm, or a powerful hurricane. It’s also possible for thieves, burglars, and vandals to break in and cause some damage to the commercial space’s structures.  Of course, you need to pay for reconstruction or repair to revert the commercial space to its pristine condition.

Building reconstruction or repair isn’t cheap. And so, the purpose of commercial property is to shoulder the costs. If you purchase commercial property insurance, the insurance company will help you reconstruct or repair the commercial space that fire, extreme weather, vandalism, theft, etc. destroyed or damaged. 

Of course, your pool cleaning business uses work tools and equipment, and basic commercial property insurance doesn’t cover these. That’s why consider adding business equipment and tools coverage. 

Commercial property insurance with business and tools equipment coverage will reimburse your loss if work tools and equipment got damaged or lost because of fire, vandalism, theft, extreme weather, and other covered perils. So does this coverage protect all of your pool cleaning business’s equipment? The answer is no, business and tools equipment coverage will only cover equipment and tools you list or name on its terms. 

Aside from business tools and equipment, we’re sure that your pool cleaning business has other valuable materials in store. You can cover those too but not with business equipment and tools coverage.  Instead, the insurance policy that will reimburse your losses if your pool cleaning business’s valuable materials got lost or damaged is stocks and contents coverage. 

Workers Compensation Insurance for Pool Cleaning Businesses

Running a pool cleaning business means that you have at least one or four employees at the very least. Recognize that cleaning pools is very risky. For instance, your employees might slip and fall and then suffer minor fractures. Just like any other employer, it’s your obligation to shoulder costs if an employee gets sick or hurt because of work. And to avoid incurring losses, consider getting workers compensation insurance. 

So how does workers compensation insurance work ? If an employee suffers from a work-related injury or illness, workers compensation insurance provides money for emergency treatment and hospitalization. This type of pool cleaning insurance policy also provides an allowance if the injured or sick employee needs to take a leave to continue healing. So how much will the employee receive? The allowance will be equal to two-thirds of an employee's average weekly wage and will be given until the employee is strong enough to get back to work or until a cap is reached. 

What if the employee dies because of a work-related injury or illness? Workers compensation will provide help if this happens. Specifically, the policy will provide death benefits to the dead employee’s spouse and children. 

So is workers compensation insurance expensive? Yes, but don’t let its priciness discourage you from getting covered. Otherwise, you’ll face a penalty. Workers compensation is mandated in most states except Texas. The penalty varies from state to state. For example:

  • In California, pool cleaning businesses that fail to get workers comp insurance can be fined a minimum of $10,000. Furthermore, the owner might be imprisoned for one year or less

  • Pool cleaning businesses in Michigan that don’t cover employees with workers comp insurance will face a fine starting at $1,000. Moreover, the owner might be imprisoned for thirty days to six months 

  • In Hawaii, pool cleaning businesses that fail to get workers comp insurance will be fined $100 a day for each employee that didn’t receive coverage. For example, if you have two employees not covered by workers comp for 10 days, then the fine will be $2,000. Hawaii doesn’t imprison employers who don’t purchase workers comp

  • The penalty for pool cleaning businesses in Colorado not getting workers comp is $500 multiplied by the length of days when coverage is non-existent. For example, if the pool cleaning business didn’t have workers comp for 30 days, the fine will be $15,000

Employer’s Liability Insurance for Pool Cleaning Businesses

Your employees might sue you for negligence after they experienced a work-related accident. General liability doesn’t cover claims from employees. The same is also true for professional liability insurance. 

So what insurance policy will protect you from employee personal injury claims? Employer’s liability insurance. This type of pool cleaning insurance policy typically added in workers comp insurance covers defense costs and settlements if an employee accuses you of being negligent and causing workplace injuries. 

Accusations of sexual harassment, workplace discrimination, and wrongful termination are other issues you might encounter with employees. We want you to know that employer’s liability insurance doesn’t cover these things. Instead, what provides protection is employment practices liability insurance. 

Employee Dishonesty Insurance for Pool Cleaning Businesses

Employees might steal money or do other dishonest acts against you. You’ll experience losses in such incidents. 

We recommend you get employee dishonesty insurance for your pool cleaning business. This is a policy included in crime insurance and not an inclusion in pool cleaning insurance. Employee dishonesty insurance reimburses losses if an employee or employees do any of the following:

  • Document manipulation

  • Unauthorized use of business finances

  • Theft or destruction of money and other similar objects

  • Social engineering

  • Fraud

Pool Cleaning Insurance Requirements 

There are no state-mandated pool cleaning insurance requirements, except for workers compensation insurance. But still, know that clients might require your pool cleaning business to get a particular amount of coverage. 

First off, your pool cleaning business needs to get pool cleaning insurance offering a general liability policy having $1 million coverage for personal injury claims and a $100,000 minimum coverage for property damage claims. 

As for workers compensation insurance, the required amount varies from state to state. And so, we recommend you contact your workers comp department to avoid buying too much or too little coverage. 

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Commercial Swimming Pool Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is an inclusion in most tailored insurance plans for commercial swimming pools. There are many types of liability policies available. But one most business owners decide to get before others is general liability insurance.

General liability insurance is the primary protection insurance companies offer. Basic general liability insurance handles personal injury claims and property damage claims. For example, if someone slips and falls on the premises of your commercial swimming pool, general liability will take care of defense costs and settlements if a claim is filed. 

But taking care of property damage and personal injury claims is just the tip of the iceberg - general liability insurance has more to offer. Insurance companies underwrite optional policies that make general liability more comprehensive. Such optional policies are:

  • Product liability insurance

  • Advertising injury coverage

Swimming pool businesses usually run a bar or restaurant where customers can buy snacks and drinks. If someone files a claim for food poisoning,  product liability coverage in general liability insurance will cover defense costs and settlements on behalf of your business. Note that some insurance companies offer product liability insurance as a stand-alone policy. 

Advertising is very important for the success of your commercial swimming pool. We’re sure that you’re spending a huge amount on this.  

You might be accused of copying another business’s ad. If this happens, advertising injury coverage is the optional policy in commercial pool general liability insurance that will cover defense costs and settlements. Advertising injury coverage doesn’t only take care of copyright infringement but also slander, libel, and other types of reputational harm.

Hold Harmless Agreement for Pool Business and Pool Cleaning Business 

Insurance can always help minimize costs if your pool business or pool cleaning business gets on the bad side of clients. However, disputes don't only hurt your finances but your reputation too. And sadly speaking, insurance can’t help salvage a tarnished business reputation

With that said, prevention is better than cure. Always think of ways to minimize risks.  In connection, one method you can use to ensure clients won’t file claims is to use a hold harmless agreement .  So what does this do?

You ask clients to sign a harmless agreement with you. Once a client signs this, he or she expressly agrees not to sue in case personal injuries, property damage, and other kinds of losses are incurred because of named events stated in the agreement’s terms. Hold harmless agreements are enforceable but only if they’re made according to specific guidelines. 

Business Owner’s Policy for Pool Businesses and Pool Cleaning Businesses 

Lengthy talks with an agent will take a lot of time. The same is also true if you figure out the policies your business needs on your own. If you want to get covered fast and broadly with multiple commercial coverage types at a discounted rate, get a business owner’s policy. You can do it easily through this page by clicking the 'Get Quotes' button, completing the questionnaire, and compare cheap BOP insurance quotes online for your pool business from some of the best pool business insurance companies in America!

What Makes a Business Owner's Policy Good?

Purchasing a business owner’s policy is the quickest and the most certain way for you to be covered comprehensively against business hazards . It bundles two of the most useful policies - general liability and commercial property insurance. 

Another thing, a business owner’s policy is very cost-efficient as it's cheaper than buying commercial property and general liability insurance separately. In fact, if you request an insurance company to cover you with general liability and commercial property insurance, the company’s representative or online platform will suggest you get a business owner’s policy to save money on premiums.

Swimming Pool Contractor Insurance

Are you someone who builds or repairs swimming pools? If this is the case,  you’ll have the best protection against exposures through pool contractor insurance. The following are the policies included:

  • General liability insurance - Covers defense costs and settlements if you caused personal injuries or property damage while building or repairing the pool. Includes optional products and completed operations coverage and advertising injury coverage

  • Professional liability insurance - Covers defense costs and settlements if clients sue you for missing deadlines and providing substandard output. 

  • Workers compensation insurance - Covers emergency treatment, rehabilitation, and lost income compensation of your employee who got injured or sick because of work. Common injuries in pool construction or repair are fractures, cuts, and burns

  • Commercial auto insurance - Covers liabilities if you caused a vehicular accident. Also pays for parts repair or replacement if your vehicle got damaged in a collision or damaged because of fire, weather, hail, storm, and other covered perils

  • Tools and equipment coverage - Covers your losses if tools and equipment got damaged while being used. Tools and equipment coverage will reimburse what you invested on damaged equipment/tools or give you replacements

  • Commercial property insurance - Pays for the reconstruction or repair of your commercial space. Also, reimburses losses if equipment and tools inside got damaged or lost. Perils covered are fire, theft, vandalism, lightning, and more. 

  • Inland marine insurance - Equipment and tools might get damaged during the trip, and the job of inland marine insurance is to reimburse your losses or provide immediate replacements 

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Swimming Pool Business Insurance Cost

The average swimming pool business insurance cost is $38 per month or $456 per year for a $1 million general liability insurance policy. Factors that affect the cost of insurance for commercial swimming pools are location, number of employees, revenues, etc. 

How Much Will Insurance Cost for a Swimming Pool Cleaning Business?

It’s always a good idea to know how much does swimming pool cleaning insurance cost before buying a policy. Having a frame of reference for the average cost of a swimming pool cleaning insurance policy will allow you to determine if you’re getting a good deal or not.

Swimming pool cleaning businesses pay $45 a month or $540 a year for a $1 million general liability coverage. However, the cost of a pool cleaning insurance policy will also depend on the nature of your business as well as its size. For example, if you run a large swimming pool cleaning company with several employees and high-profile clients, then you can expect to pay more for coverage.

On the other hand, if your swimming pool cleaning business operates on a simple contract basis and you’re the only employee, you can get away with much more affordable premiums. The cost of an insurance policy is always grounded in the risk that an insurer is taking when they cover you.

How Much is Pool Cleaning Insurance and Commercial Pool Insurance from Reputable Insurance Companies?

For further reference, here's a table showing the pricing of the best carriers for pool business insurance and pool cleaning insurance:

Cost per Month  Cost per Year Best for
CoverWallet $36.29 $435.38 Pool business insurance quotes comparison online
Thimble $52.18 $626.16 Short-term pool cleaning business insurance

How Much Will Insurance Cost for Swimming Pool Contractors?

Swimming pool contractors pay $51 a month or $612 a year for a $1 million general liability coverage. Pool contractors pay more than pool businesses and pool cleaning businesses because exposures in building or repairing swimming pools are more likely to happen.

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Best Pool Business and Pool Cleaning Insurance Companies 

Below are reviews of the best pool cleaning and pool business insurance companies so that you know where to get the best coverage. Information provided are the pros, cons, and pricing of each carrier for a $1 million general liability insurance. 

CoverWallet Pool Business Insurance


  • Get insured online

  • Stable rates 

  • Compare pool business insurance quotes for an informed purchase

  • Cancel a policy anytime

  • Low deductibles


  • Policy cancellation takes 30 days or longer

CoverWallet offers three insurance plans for a pool business. The first plan only offers general liability coverage having a minimum $200,000 limit. As for the second plan, it offers general liability with commercial property insurance. The third plan is a business owner’s policy that can be added with workers compensation insurance. 

What are the perks of getting insured by CoverWallet? This company helps you purchase the best coverage with its online quotes comparison platform. To use this, all you have to do is visit the CoverWallet website, find the platform on the homepage, click it, and provide the necessary details. After you’re done, CoverWallet’s online quotes comparison platform will give you the quotes of insurance companies underwriting pool business insurance policies. 

Also, CoverWallet insures you immediately. There’s no need to wait for audits or inspections. This company allows you to purchase insurance and pay annual or monthly premiums online. 

Best for: Pool business insurance quotes comparison online

Average cost: $36.29  per month

Our rating: 10/10

Thimble Pool Cleaning Insurance


  • Short-term pool cleaning business insurance by the hour, days, weeks, or months 


  • Some customers complained that Thimble's representatives took long to respond to queries 

Thimble’s pool cleaning insurance includes general liability coverage only. However, this is okay because you can decide to only get covered for hours, days, weeks, or months. Moreover, this insurance company has a no-deductible policy but insurance premiums are still very cheap. Just like CoverWallet, you can purchase insurance and get a certificate of insurance online from Thimble

Best for: Short-term pool cleaning business insurance

Average cost: $52.18  per month

Our rating: 9/10

Conclusion and The Next Step!

Whether you’re a residential pool cleaner or a commercial one, it’s essential to make sure that you have the swimming pool business insurance coverage that your business needs and that you’re not getting overcharged for it. To reassure this outcome, click the 'Get Quotes' button below and complete the form to compare countless swimming pool business insurance quotes online from the best pool business insurance companies in America! 

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