Pizza Delivery Insurance: Cost, Liability & Quotes From $5

Pizza delivery is a lucrative business due to the high demand for pizza. If you own a pizza delivery business, you know the risks associated with it. The rush to deliver pizza within a short time increases the risk of damage and injuries. Also, some pizza delivery drivers practice unsafe driving habits in an effort to deliver on time, increasing the risks associated with the business.

With all the risks associated with this business, it is important to get pizza delivery insurance, since catering insurance does not cover risks associated with this type of business. Insurance for pizza delivery protects you against various liabilities that could cost you money. This guide discusses pizza delivery driver insurance in detail and why it is important. We will also mention its cost and some of the best companies from whom you can get it.

Before proceeding, it’s worth mentioning that in case you become ineligible for a pizza delivery insurance package. A quick alternative option is food delivery insurance.

Pizza Delivery Liability Insurance

A pizza delivery business insurance policy is vital for your pizza delivery business. This is because it covers the risks associated with this business. Whether you own an established pizza delivery business with many employees or run the business by yourself, getting pizza delivery car insurance is very important if you use a vehicle. 

The risk associated with pizza delivery is overwhelming. In fact, according to the Labour Department statistics, pizza delivery and other drive-related businesses are the fifth riskiest. The situation is so bad that for every 100,000 workers, there are 40 deaths due to accidents, assaults, or robberies. Therefore, similarly to getting   food vendor insurance, it is important to get an insurance policy that covers all the risks your pizza delivery business faces. Generally, pizza delivery insurance has policies like;

Commercial Car Insurance

A commercial car insurance policy protects your pizza delivery business from various risks. It is an all-inclusive policy that protects pizza delivery businesses from risks arising from company vehicles. When a driver causes an accident delivering pizza, this insurance covers it.

Business Owner Policy

This insurance policy combines a variety of insurance covers into one. It includes property damage insurance, business interruption insurance, and general liability insurance. As a business owner, you can choose from two or three separate auto insurance policies. These policies include company-owned coverage and employee-owned coverage. It is important to note that all your employees should be listed on this policy to benefit from it. 

Before getting this policy, your insurance company will want to know the total number of vehicles your business owns and how many employees use them. Worker’s compensation insurance is another important policy under pizza delivery insurance. It covers pizza delivery drivers against lost wages due to life-changing injuries. It also covers their medical expenses. It is important to have this insurance cover as a pizza delivery business due to the high risk. 

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Pizza Delivery Insurance Cost

The average pizza delivery insurance cost is around $50 per month or about $600 annually for $1m pizza delivery liability insurance (general liability). However, it is important to note that several factors determine the cost of pizza delivery insurance. Some of them include the location, size of your pizza delivery business, number of vehicles you have, total payroll, and average sales. To give you an accurate estimate of pizza delivery insurance costs, here is a summary of how some of the best pizza delivery insurance companies charge monthly and annually.

Company Monthly Yearly Best for
Dominos $35 $400 Domino’s pizza delivery drivers
State Farm $60 $680 Nationwide pizza delivery businesses
Progressive $45 $520 Start-up pizza delivery business
Geico $55 $630 Wide-reach pizza delivery businesses
Pizza Hut $58 $650 Pizza Hut Delivery Businesses

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Best Pizza Delivery Insurance Companies

With knowledge of the importance of pizza delivery insurance, you might be thinking of buying it. Many companies offer pizza delivery insurance, but not all of them are reliable or have policies that fit your business. It is for that reason that we have sampled some of the best pizza delivery insurance companies that offer this policy.  Read to know their pros, cons, and pricing for a $1 million general liability coverage. 

You can compare pizza delivery business insurance quotes online from some of these companies and other leading ones, by clicking the ‘Get Quotes’ button, completing the questionnaire and have them compete on your business with their best bids!

Dominos Delivery Insurance

Dominos Insurance has been in existence for many years. It offers its services globally, and you can also access them online. Domino’s pizza delivery driver insurance is comprehensive and covers a wide range of claims. As a pizza delivery business owner, you will benefit from these policies immensely.

Dominos Policy Details

Domino’s delivery driver insurance covers general and professional liability. For instance, when your driver causes an accident, dominos insurance for drivers will cover it. This will help protect against severe financial losses. Furthermore, dominos car insurance covers your vehicle against possible damage.


  • Immediate claim responsiveness

  • Affordable

  • Available worldwide


  • It doesn’t cover some claims

Average cost: $35

Best for : Domino’s pizza delivery businesses with large workforce

State Farm Pizza Delivery Insurance

State Farm is one of the oldest insurance companies. It prides itself in offering comprehensive insurance coverage for all businesses, including pizza delivery. State Farm is one of the most popular companies offering insurance for delivery drivers. It is among the top pizza delivery insurance providers because it offers adequate coverage at an affordable price.

State Farm Policy Details

With State Farm, your pizza delivery business is covered against almost all claims. Be it third-party property damage or a driver sustaining injuries in an accident; this policy covers it all. You can also get tailored insurance that protects against your business’s specific risks.


  • Comprehensive insurance cover

  • Coverage is available in almost every state

  • Tailored insurance cover for pizza delivery


  • Could be expensive

Average cost; $60

Best for: Pizza delivery businesses with nationwide reach.

Progressive Pizza Delivery Insurance

Progressive Insurance is one of the most popular insurance companies globally. It provides its services in more than 150 countries, making it one of the most popular. As a pizza delivery business, you can benefit significantly from these policies.

Progressive Policy Details

Progressive Insurance offers tailored coverage for pizza delivery businesses. Their policies cover both general and professional liability. They have comprehensive insurance coverage that protects your business against many risks. What makes it unique is that third-party damage is included in its cheapest package.


  • Specifically covers pizza delivery

  • Offers a deductible reimbursement

  • Comprehensive insurance cover


  • Rideshare insurance is limited to some policies

Average cost: $45

Best for : Start-up pizza delivery businesses

Geico Pizza Delivery Insurance

Geico Insurance is one of the most popular insurance companies in the US. It has offices in all states in the country, with its services easily accessible. This company offers one of the most comprehensive policies for the pizza delivery business.

Geico Policy Details

Geico offers tailored insurance cover that protects against a wide range of claims. Its policy covers general liability and professional liability. You can also get a tailored BOP policy.


  • Tailored insurance cover

  • Available worldwide

  • Fast claim responsiveness


  • Some policies could be expensive

Average cost: $55

Best for: Wide-reach pizza delivery businesses.

Pizza Hut Delivery Insurance

Pizza Hut is an established company. Being a pizza-making company, Pizza Hut understands what policies fit a pizza delivery business. Therefore, you will enjoy comprehensive coverage that protects your business against lawsuits.

Pizza Hut Policy Details

Pizza Hut offers a wide range of insurance policies. Some of them include general liability, professional liability, and third-party-related liabilities.


  • Excellent customer service ratings

  • Tailored cover for pizza delivery businesses

  • Fast claim responsiveness


  • Could be expensive

Average cost : $58

Best for: Established pizza delivery businesses

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