Toy Hauler Insurance: Cost & Quotes From $11/mo

So what’s the safest way to transport snowmobiles, motorcycles, and other recreational vehicles? You might answer a flatbed trailer since it’s spacious and won’t cause scratches. But then again, let’s not forget that the load is highly exposed. 

Another option is a cargo trailer. Anything inside it is safe during the trip. But still, space might be an issue. 

That said, the best option might be a toy hauler. Manufacturers design their interiors to be spacious. As for the exterior, the sides are equipped with sturdy frames and cover panels. Think about toy hauler insurance if you’re planning to get a toy hauler. Here’s a guide that might help. 

Toy Hauler Liability Insurance

Most states require you to have liability insurance coverage on any vehicle you drive. You purchase this as a policy in commercial auto insurance. Property damage liability coverage covers the cost of damages to someone else's property that resulted from an accident you caused. That could include an accident that you caused due to falling asleep behind the wheel or an accident caused because you failed to follow the rules of the road, grew distracted, or had any other type of incident. 

Bodily injury liability coverage covers the cost of medical expenses associated with an accident you caused. Coverage applies on the hospitalization and treatment of the injured person. However, after an accident, insurance companies will generally calculate the value of the two types of claims separately. 

Toy hauler liability insurance will cover the cost of damages to someone else's vehicle, or the injuries someone else have suffered. However, liability insurance generally will not cover the cost of damages to your toy hauler or its contents. 

Physical Damage Coverage for Toy Hauler

As we said earlier, a liability policy doesn’t take care of damages to your toy hauler. A toy hauler is expensive without a doubt. That’s why an insurance policy that saves you from repair expenses is useful. 

Physical damage coverage is what you’re looking for. This is available as a collision policy and comprehensive policy. So how do these differ?

Collision physical damage coverage, as the name implies, will cover repair expenses if your toy hauler gets damaged after colliding with a vehicle or an object. The payout you get will depend on the limits stipulated in the policy document. 

On the other hand, comprehensive physical damage coverage covers repair costs if damage is caused by any incident except collision. Examples are lightning, falling objects, fire, theft, or vandalism. Note that vermin and normal wear and tear are excluded. 

GAP Insurance for Toy Hauler 

Only a few can purchase a toy hauler outright. Just like most, you might be availing this type of trailer under an RV loan provided by a bank or financing institution. 

The greatest nightmare when owning a loaned toy hauler is if it gets totaled or successfully stolen. After all, even if the toy hauler isn’t there anymore, you’re still expected to pay the monthly obligations for it. 

Purchasing GAP insurance is an easy way to relieve yourself from such stress. So how does this work? In case your toy hauler becomes totaled or successfully stolen, GAP insurance will cover the remaining obligations you have. The amount you receive is equal to the actual cash value of your toy hauler minus its depreciated cost. 

Replacement Cost Personal Effects Coverage 

As we said, a toy hauler can be used to transport  recreational vehicles such as motorcycles and ATVs. Considering that these things are costly, you want to protect them during the trip. An insurance policy that best serves this purpose is replacement cost personal effects coverage. 

Replacement cost personal effects coverage will reimburse the actual cash value of the ATV, motorcycles, and any other valuable stored inside the toy hauler if an accident happens. You purchase this as a floater. 

Note that objects you do not own but are currently inside the toy hauler aren’t covered. It might be possible for you to get an endorsement that addresses this gap. 

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage for Toy Hauler 

An accident can happen while you’re inside the toy hauler. The thing is liability insurance only covers the bodily injuries of third parties, and it doesn’t protect you. One way to solve this coverage gap is to purchase uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.

Some people have the guts to drive a vehicle without insurance. And in case your toy hauler gets involved in an accident caused by such people, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage will cover medical treatment if any person inside sustained injuries. 

Toy Hauler Medical Payments Coverage

Medical payments coverage, just like uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, can cover the medical treatment of persons inside the toy hauler that got hurt when an accident happened. The only difference is that coverage applies regardless if the accident is your fault or is the fault of another driver. 

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General Liability Insurance for Toy Hauler Rentals 

CoverWallet NEXT (Best)Thimble HiscoxThe Hartford
Per occurrence limit $1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000/$2,000,000$300,000/$1,000,000$1,000,000/$2,000,000
Aggregate limit $2,000,000$1,000,000/$2,000,000$1,000,000/$2,000,000$300,000/$2,000,000$1,000,000/$2,000,000
Products and completed operations aggregate limit $2,000,000
Advertising injury coverage aggregate limit $1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Tenant’s legal liability coverage limit $100,000
Waiver of subrogation included?YesNoIncludedCan be includedNo
Hired/non-owned auto liability coverage included?YesNoExcludedCan be includedCan be included
Equipment breakdown floater included?No YesYesCan be includedCan be included

General liability insurance is useful if you’re running a toy hauler equipment rental business. This covers costs if a renter sustains bodily injuries or property damage because of the toy hauler you provided. Costs covered are medical treatment, property damage reimbursement, legal defense, and court judgments. Use the table above to see which insurance company offers the best general liability insurance for toy haulers

Commercial Property Insurance for Toy Hauler Rentals 

CoverWalletNEXT (Best)ThimbleThe HartfordHiscox
Building coverage limit (minimum)$50,000$340,000$25,000/$500,000$35,000$25,000
Contents coverage limit (minimum)$50,000$35,000$25,000/$500,000$35,000$15,000
Outdoor signsExcluded$2,500ExcludedExcludedIncluded
Accounts receivable ExcludedExcluded$5,000/$10,000ExcludedIncluded
Money and securitiesExcluded$2,500$1,000ExcludedIncluded
Lock and keys Excluded$2,500ExcludedExcludedIncluded
Business interruption floaterExcludedIncludedIncludedExcludedIncluded
Equipment breakdown floaterExcludedIncludedExcludedExcludedIncluded
Inland marine insurance floaterExcludedExcluded$10,000ExcludedExcluded
Employee dishonesty floaterExcluded$5,000$2,500ExcludedExcluded

Commercial property insurance protects the physical assets of your toy hauler rental business against fire, theft, vandalism, and other related perils. This will cover your losses based on the actual cash value or replacement cost of the covered item. Having commercial property insurance is a good way to insure the survival of your business even if disasters strike. Use the table above to see which insurance company offers the best commercial property insurance for toy hauler rentals. 

Business Owner’s Policy for Toy Hauler Rentals

CoverWalletNEXT (Best)Thimble The HartfordHiscox
General liability aggregate limit $2,000,000$1,000,000/$2,000,000$1,000,000/$2,000,000$1,000,000/$2,000,000$300,000/$2,000,000
Commercial property coverage limit $50,000$320,000$25,000/$500,000$35,000$75,000
Optional policies can be added?YesYesYesYesYes
Name additional insureds for free?YesYesYesYesYes
BOP discount?YesYesYesYesYes


A business owner’s policy combines general liability and commercial property insurance. This helps you save money. After all, a business owner’s policy is much cheaper than buying general liability and commercial property insurance individually. Moreover, optional policies might become available such as hired/non-owned auto liability coverage, customer property coverage, and more. Use the table above to see which insurance company offers the best business owner’s policy. 

Tools and Equipment Insurance for Toy Hauler Rentals

NEXT ThimbleHiscox
Aggregate limit$3,000/$10,000$2,500/$5,000$15,000/$25,000
Covers hired and borrowed equipment?$3,000/$10,000$2,500/$5,000No
Miscellaneous equipment also covered?$5,000/$10,000NoYes
Offered as an endorsement to general liability insurance?YesYesYes

Tools and equipment insurance can cover repair or replacement expenses if your toy hauler and other business equipment gets damaged or destroyed because of fire, theft, vandalism, operator error, mechanical breakdown, and other covered perils. You can purchase this as a stand-alone policy or as an add-on to general liability insurance. Use the table above to see which insurance company offers the best tools and equipment insurance. 

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Toy Hauler Insurance Cost

Cost per MonthCost per YearDeductible
General liability insurance$58$696$0-$500
Professional liability insurance$60$720$500-$1,000
Commercial property insurance$73$876$1,000-$2,000
Business owner's policy$90$1,080$1,500
Commercial auto insurance$59$708$500-$1,000

The cost of toy hauler insurance may depend on a number of factors. The average toy hauler insurance cost is $58 per month or $696 per year for a $1 million general liability policy. Here’s a table showing the rates of the best companies:

Cost per MonthCost per YearBest for
NEXT$38.32$459.84Best overall; Fastest general liability insurance for toy haulers
CoverWallet$42.83$513.96Comparing insurance quotes for toy hauler online
The Hartford$46.50$558.00Specialized coverage for toy hauler
Comparing toy hauler insurance quotes over the phone
Thimble$48$576Short-term general liability insurance for toy hauler
Hiscox$49.80$597.60Toy hauler insurance that automatically renews every year
Geico$54.25$651.00Ensuring that you have full insurance coverage for your toy hauler, toys, and vehicles
Progressive$79.51$954.12Low-cost insurance coverage
State Farm$81$972Responsive support from your insurance team

For RVs and other large toy haulers that serve as both residence on wheels and trailers for transporting motorcycles, ATVs, and other vehicles, insurance can range between $1,000 and $3,000 per year. Take a look at these common factors that may influence your toy hauler insurance costs:

The Size, Type, and Value of Your Toy Hauler

The value of your toy hauler, often influenced by its size and type, can have a significant impact on the insurance costs you can expect. Toy hauler collision insurance or comprehensive insurance may depend on how much insurance coverage you need. If you need to insure a large RV, for example, you may end up spending much more on your insurance than if you need to insure a smaller vehicle.

Frequency of Use

Annual insurance premiums on a toy hauler may depend on how much use it sees. If you only take your toy hauler out a couple of times per year, you may find yourself paying far less for insurance than if you take it out every weekend regardless of the season. 

Type of Coverage

What coverage do you want on your toy hauler? If you carry collision insurance or comprehensive coverage, it can cause your insurance costs to increase substantially. It's important, however, to make sure that you have the right toy hauler insurance coverage. Evaluate:

  • You may want to make sure that you have comprehensive coverage that will ensure that you can repair your vehicle regardless of what causes the damage. 

  • How much coverage you need for your toy hauler

  • What you plan to haul in your toy hauler. Sometimes, you may need your toy hauler insurance to cover the cost of damages to its contents

Compare Toy Hauler Insurance Quotes Online

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The Best Toy Hauler Insurance Companies

These are the best toy hauler insurance companies. Read to know their pros, cons, and rate for a $1 million general liability insurance.

NEXT Toy Hauler Insurance


  • Best overall

  • Issues an online proof of insurance instantly

  • Fastest general liability insurance for toy haulers

  • Great customer service and reputation

  • Excellent rates

  • Outstanding value for money

  • Get a 10% discount if you buy two or more policies


  • Couldn’t find any

NEXT doesn’t have a toy hauler insurance package. However, you can purchase this company’s commercial auto, general liability, and other business insurance policies found in its equipment rental insurance package. Work with NEXT because it streamlines the insurance process by immediately giving online quotes. Policy limits are already determined so that you don’t need to figure out how much coverage to have.

Best for: Best overall; Fastest general liability insurance for toy haulers

Average cost: $38.32 per month

Our rating: 10/10

CoverWallet Toy Hauler Insurance


  • Compare toy hauler insurance quotes online

  • Cancel your coverage anytime with no charges

  • Buy a quote online or with the help of an agent


  • Not an insurance company but an insurance broker

CoverWallet can cover your toy hauler using the general liability, commercial property, tools and equipment, and other business insurance policies of its partners. To get covered, you need to use this company’s online quotes comparison tool by providing some basic information. You can also call an agent to get a quote. Consider CoverWallet because it enables you to quickly manage policies through its online dashboard.

Best for: Comparing insurance quotes for toy hauler online

Average cost: $42.83 per month

Our rating: 10/10

The Hartford Toy Hauler Insurance


  • Hired/non-owned auto liability coverage automatically included to general liability insurance

  • Waiver of subrogation automatically included to general liability insurance

  • Number 2 best company for workers compensation insurance

  • Has insured millions of small businesses


  • There might be hidden charges

The Hartford hails itself as an Ethisphere award. It also prides on being one of the top companies for workers compensation insurance. Go for The Hartford if you want specialized coverage as it can underwrite or customize policies according to your needs. You can purchase general liability insurance, commercial auto insurance, tools and equipment insurance, commercial property insurance, and other products from this company.

Best for: Specialized coverage for toy hauler

Average cost: $45 per month

Our rating: 10/10

Tivly Toy Hauler Insurance


  • Compare toy hauler insurance quotes over the phone

  • Responsive customer service

  • A partner of many reputable companies such as NEXT, The Hartford, and Thimble


  • Doesn’t issue online quotes

Tivly’s toy hauler insurance offers general liability, commercial property, commercial auto, and business owner’s policy. You need to call a Tivly representative to get a quote. Note that your coverage isn’t made by Tivly itself. Instead, your insurance is sourced from several partners. Nonetheless, Tivly is a good option because it will grant coverage regardless of how poor your business profile is.

Best for: Comparing toy hauler insurance quotes over the phone

Average cost: $47 per month

Our rating: 10/10

Thimble Toy Hauler Insurance


  • Short-term coverage can help bridge the gap when you do not have insurance coverage during a specific period of time

  • Floaters can be added to general liability insurance

  • Quick to issue an estimate of your rates


  • Online-only customer support, with no phone assistance

Consider Thimble if you’re looking for short-term and long-term coverage for your toy hauler business. This company’s general liability insurance can be bought as an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly policy. Thimble also sells a business owner’s policy. But note that this isn’t available if you don’t own the commercial space where your business is operating.

Best for: Short-term general liability insurance for toy hauler

Average cost: $48 per month

Our rating: 9/10

Hiscox Toy Hauler Insurance


  • Online claim filing and tracking

  • In-house insurance adjusters, which help ensure faster processing on a new policy or claim

  • Worldwide coverage

  • Automatic policy renewal


  • Slow to process claims

Hiscox grants general liability insurance and business owner’s policy for toy hauler businesses. Both policies can be added with floaters Moreover, limits are also customizable. The best thing about Hiscox is that your liability coverage offers worldwide protection. Moreover, your policy overall automatically renews every year. Hiscox doesn’t offer its coverage for toy haulers online and you’ll need to talk to an agent.

Best for: Toy hauler insurance that automatically renews every year

Average cost: $49.80 per month

Our rating: 9/10

GEICO Toy Hauler Insurance


  • Available multi-car discount

  • Discounts for modern vehicles, including toy haulers, that contain better safety features

  • Offers bundles for multiple policies, which many people with toy haulers will need


  • May not be as responsive as you hope immediately after a collision

GEICO is a well-known insurance company trusted by many people. It provides solid deals on auto insurance, including toy hauler insurance. Furthermore, GEICO provides insurance bundles that work very well for many people, who may need several types of auto insurance coverage.

Best for: Ensuring that you have full insurance coverage for your toy hauler, toys, and vehicles

Average cost: $54.25 per month

Our rating: 9/10

Progressive Toy Hauler Insurance


  • Comprehensive insurance coverage for your toy hauler, including the potential for full replacement if needed

  • Accident forgiveness for claims under $500

  • Extensive insurance options


  • Sometimes not responsive immediately after a collision

  • May not cover the full cost of damages, depending on the extent of your policy

Progressive offers reasonably-priced insurance policies and affordable options that can make it easier for you to cover the cost of insurance for your toy hauler. Progressive is your best bet for a comprehensive commercial auto insurance coverage. This company also sells other policies. However, they might be sourced from partners.

Best for: Commercial auto insurance for toy hauler

Average cost: $79.51 per month

Our rating: 9/10

State Farm Toy Hauler Insurance


  • Affordable

  • Responsive

  • Accident forgiveness for low-cost claims

  • Variety of insurance and coverage options


  • May be more expensive than other providers

State Farm offers reasonably-priced insurance for a variety of potential disasters, including comprehensive and collision insurance. State Farm may also allow you to bundle insurance coverage if you have more than one policy through the company.

Best for: Responsive support from your insurance team

Average cost: $81 per month

Our rating: 9/10

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