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Running a business where you serve people food often means exposing yourself to plenty of liability. This is as true for sandwich shops as it is for ice cream parlors. If you want to make sure that your business remains safe even if something goes wrong, you’ll need to have the right insurance policy.

For today’s guide, we will discuss the basics that you need to know about insurance for butchers. Then, we’ll explore the various forms of insurance that are available, discuss the amount that you can expect to pay for coverage, and we’ll also cover some of the top insurance companies for butchers.

Butcher Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is one of the more common forms of coverage that you’ll find available for businesses like butcher shops. This is because liability insurance accounts for a broader range of circumstances than other forms of coverage, making it a lot more versatile than some alternatives.

As the name suggests, liability insurance is a type of insurance designed to pay for costs when you’re held liable for damages sustained by someone else. For example, if someone is injured under your watch, this insurance will pay out for that person’s medical bills.

Butcher liability insurance can also pay out if someone ends up sustaining property damage while they’re at your butchery shop. This can be as simple as someone slipping and dropping their phone, and butcher liability insurance would cover the claim for phone repair. 

Keep in mind that butcher liability insurance has different types that vary based on the people they apply to. Public liability insurance is typically the most popular form because it takes care of incidents where your butcher shop inflicts property damage and bodily injury to community members.

Public liability insurance covers claims for aggrieved parties who are individuals who happen to find themselves in your butcher shop with no intention of buying or are just passersby.

You shouldn’t forget about professional liability insurance too. Professional liability insurance will take care of customer complaints resulting from failure to deliver quality meat, physical injuries, and other situations where you’re deemed professionally liable. 

If you’re looking for more comprehensive liability coverage, then you’ll probably want to opt for a general liability insurance policy. General liability policy has professional liability insurance and public liability insurance as add-ons, and it covers claims from anyone.

Butcher Business Insurance

As a butcher, you may need more than just liability insurance, or you may want your liability coverage to be bundled with other forms of insurance. A cost-effective way to do this is to avail butcher business insurance in the form of business owner’s policy or BOP. 

BOPs usually feature two components, though they can sometimes have more. The first component is either commercial business insurance or general liability insurance.

The second component of BOPs is commercial property insurance policy, which protects the assets of your business, such as its building and equipment. 

You should see that your BOP always comes with commercial property insurance, as it’s always beneficial for businesses that need physical assets to operate. 

Options for BOPs vary per carrier, and that’s why you must compare quotes to find the best butcher insurance. 

Some insurance companies decide to offer BOPs to butcher shops as they already have the coverage needed. However, don’t fret because you won’t be forced to get an option that you don’t need. As the customer, you will always have the liberty to exclude butchery insurance options that are not useful. 

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Butcher Shop Insurance Cost

The cost of butcher shop insurance is dependent on a wide range of factors, and it tends to be a little pricier than other kinds of business insurance for a few different reasons. The first reason is that you’re selling things that people consume, which automatically makes you a bit more of a risk to an insurance company.

The nature of raw meat also means that if it isn’t handled properly, you can be held liable for serious medical expenses on the part of the people who consumed the tainted meat. Aside from these factors, there are a few things about your specific business that you’ll need to consider when figuring out how much your insurance will cost.

The size of your butcher’s business is one thing that you’ll have to consider when buying insurance. Larger businesses almost always have higher insurance costs than smaller ones because they simply see a larger number of clients come through their doors each day, increasing the risk of something going wrong.

Aside from the size of your business, you’ll also want to consider your history in the butchery industry. If your business is new or you have a poor track record of keeping your customers healthy, insurance companies will be hesitant to give you a good rate because of the risk you pose to them.

CompanyCost per monthCost per yearBest For
AXA$40$480Mobile Butchers
smei$47$564Businesses with high risks
Progressive$37$444Online policy management
Average Cost$41$492

As you can see from the table above, the average butcher shop insurance cost is around $41 monthly and $492 yearly for a $1 million general liability insurance.  Keep in mind that these rates vary depending on multiple business-specific factors, such as locations, sales, and experience.

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Butchery Insurance

Butchery insurance is usually similar to butcher shop insurance, but it can sometimes apply to larger businesses depending on where you purchase this coverage. Some companies will sell a separate butchery insurance policy for slaughterhouses and large-scale butchery operations.

This usually means that the insurance will have a higher coverage limit and that it will probably be more expensive because of what we mentioned earlier. Large businesses require larger insurance premiums because of the risks involved in working with them. However, in some cases, butcher shop insurance and butchery insurance may be used interchangeably.

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Best Butcher Shop Insurance Companies

Finding the best insurance company for a butcher shop may be a bit of a challenge due to the niche nature of this form of insurance. However, in many cases, you’ll find that insurance companies offer butcher shop coverage under more general policies like standard BOPs instead of more specialized and tailor-made policies.

We’ve gathered together some of the top insurance companies around for butcher shops, and we’ll cover everything you need to know about the companies themselves, their butcher insurance policies, and more. We’ll also explore how much their policies cost and compare their value.

AXA Butcher Insurance

AXA is a French insurance firm that operates multinationally because of its holdings in numerous regions around the world. AXA works through sub-firms that are based in places like the Middle East, North America, and Africa, and they offer many niche forms of business coverage.

AXA Policy Details

AXA offers insurance for butchers under its Butchers and Fishmongers policy. In most cases, these policies include product liability cover (a must for most butchers), contents cover, and employee liability cover. Optional extras include van insurance and public liability coverage.


  • Optional van insurance

  • Low minimum prices

  • Specialized coverage for butchers


  • A little complicated to get a quote

Average cost: $40

Best for: Mobile butchers

smei Butcher Insurance

If you’re looking for butcher insurance in England, you’ll probably want to opt for smei. This company specializes in working with a wide range of businesses, including those in the beauty industry, but they also have a specialized arm that is used to working in the food and drink industry.

smei Policy Details

This company offers coverage for butchers that may not be able to get a quote from other insurance companies. This includes high-risk businesses that are willing to pay more for coverage and start-up butchers. They offer content coverage, glass coverage, public and product liability insurance, money on premises, and business interruption coverage.


  • Great for high-risk businesses

  • Wide range of coverage options

  • Easy to get a quote


  • Expensive

Average cost: $47

Best for: Businesses with a high degree of risk

Progressive Butcher Insurance

Based in Ohio, Progressive is one of the older insurance companies on this list, having been founded back in 1937 as a car insurance company. Since then, Progressive has expanded into other markets, including food and beverage, though some of these policies are handled by Progressive’s subsidiaries.

Progressive Policy Details

Progressive doesn’t offer a specific policy for butcher shops, but they allow you to get covered under their general business insurance policies. These are pretty standard BOPs that allow you to combine liability coverage with commercial property insurance, so don’t expect many add-ons that cater to the butchery industry in particular.


  • Good price

  • Quick claims responsiveness

  • Great website


  • Not specifically for butchers

Average cost: $37

Best for: Online policy management

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