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Whether you run a ranch or a dairy farm,  you never want to experience seeing livestock contracting a disease or seeing your own farm failing to meet  health and safety protocols. 

Uncontrollable factors play a role in the success of your livestock business and knowing this can be stressful. 

However, you can help negate some of that stress by investing in the right insurance policies. In this guide, we’re going to look at everything you should know about livestock and cattle insurance. We’ll start by going over the various types of livestock insurance available before we start exploring the cost and the top companies in the field.

Livestock Liability Insurance

Liability coverage is one of the more popular forms of livestock insurance, especially if you tend to have visitors and clients over to your farm regularly. This kind of insurance will protect you in situations where you’re found liable for damages and are then ordered to take care of claims. 

There are different kinds of damages that you might have to pay out for, including bodily injury damages, which is always expensive. For example, if a visitor ends up getting kicked by a cow and they get injured, then your cow pasture insurance policy will pay out for their injuries.

However, bodily injuries aren’t the only things that one of these policies can pay out for. A liability insurance policy for a livestock farm can also cover property damage. Using the earlier example of a cow kicking someone, if that kick were to damage someone’s clothes and cell phone, your insurance would pay for replacement and repair. 

If your farm is big and you're raising crops aside from livestock, getting a crop and cattle insurance might be a good idea. This type of insurance will help cover pesticide spills and  problems that your farm animals may cause. 

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Livestock Public Liability Insurance

There are several different kinds of farm animal insurance liability policies that you can invest in, but public liability insurance is what you should prioritize getting.

Compared to general liability insurance, public liability coverage only applies to members of the public who try to come after you for charges that you’re held liable for. Members of the public include people who are visiting your farm, customers who are on the premises, or employees of third-party businesses that are there.

Livestock Theft Insurance

Are you running a sheep farm? If so opt to get livestock theft insurance that offers a sheep farm insurance policy. Standard cattle insurance does not include theft coverage by default so you’ll typically need to pay extra for it. If you have a suspicion that someone has been stealing your animals, you may wish to invest in this kind of coverage.

Keep in mind that this kind of livestock insurance coverage isn’t usually that expensive because stealing livestock is uncommon provided that farms have tight security measures in place. However, some thieves are persistent, and this insurance can protect you from them.

On a further note, if you're running a goat farm, you might want to find a carrier that offers a comprehensive goat farm insurance covering theft.

Livestock Hauling Insurance

Horse hauling insurance and other kinds of livestock transport insurance are key if you are constantly moving herds by road. Transporting livestock is risky and animals can get sick or potentially injured. Usually, these cost between $6,000 - $12,500 a year. 

Getting a livestock trailer insurance policy may be a good idea. You will find this useful as it will take care of trailers you use to deliver your livestock to clients. 

Livestock transit insurance is relatively affordable and useful for taking care of problems while livestock are being delivered to a nearby location. 

On the other hand, go for livestock cargo insurance if your farm sends large batches of farm animals such as horses, sheeps, and cows to more than one location. This insurance will cover death, escape, and sickness of animals while they’re being loaded, transported, and unloaded via cargo. 

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Livestock Insurance Cost

Cattle insurance policy prices are heavily dependent on a range of factors that are unique to your particular farm. This makes it difficult to figure out your cattle insurance cost unless the insurance company knows the details about your herd and your business, and this is why the quote process exists.

However, we understand that getting insurance quotes from several different companies can take a lot of time and effort that you may not be willing to expend for a simple estimate. We went ahead and gathered quotes from three of the top livestock insurance companies out there:

CompanyCost per monthCost per year
Farm Bureau$73$876
The Hartford$76$912
Average Cost$176.33$2,116

We gathered these numbers using a medium-sized herd looked over by a rancher that has no prior claims history to ensure that these numbers are as close to reference values as they can be. The average cost per month of livestock and cattle insurance is about $176.33 and the average cost per year is $2,116. 

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Best Livestock Insurance Companies

There are many cattle insurance companies to choose from, but selecting the best one takes a bit of research. Instead of leaving that burden on your shoulders, we went ahead and took a look at some of the best companies out there and boiled them down to our top three choices.

Farm Bureau Livestock Insurance

Farm Bureau Financial Services was started in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1939. As the name suggests, the company was built to meet the financial and insurance needs of farmers. Over time, the company has expanded its offerings to include life insurance, auto insurance, and property insurance.

Farm Bureau Insurance Policy Details

FBFS offers crop and cattle insurance under their farm and ranch insurance policies. Some of the specific forms of coverage they offer include livestock gross margin insurance, livestock risk protection, and dairy revenue protection. They also offer bundles that cover your farm’s property as well as the livestock.

  • Great bundles
  • Affordable 
  • Gets you in touch with highly qualified agents if you don't know which insurance to get


  • Slow to respond to claims

Average cost: $73

Best for: Those looking for property and livestock coverage combined

Our rating: 5/5

The Harftford Livestock Insurance

The Hartford was founded back in the 1800s in Hartford, Connecticut, as you would expect from the company’s name. Throughout its history, The Hartford has survived some of the most damaging disasters in American history, at times relying on the wealth of its founder to remain afloat.

The Hartford Insurance Policy Details

The Hartford offers a range of domestic animal insurance policies depending on the kind of animal you’re trying to have insured. For example, they offer horse insurance, high-value animal insurance, swine insurance, poultry insurance, and quite a bit more.

  • Reasonable pricing
  • Specialized coverage
  • Affordable transit insurance
  • Doesn't offer insurance to small time livestock farm owners

Average cost:$76

Best for: Farms raising numerous types of  livestock

Our rating: 5/5

Markel Livestock Insurance

Markel has over seventy years of experience providing coverage for farms and ranches, and all of their agents are trained to handle agriculture and livestock better than the competition, at least according to the company.

Markel Insurance Policy Details 

Markel provides a range of livestock insurance solutions ranging from horse insurance to cattle farm and ranch coverage. They are a bit more limited than the competition because these are the two kinds of animals that they have specific coverage for.

  • Proven experience in providing insurance services to livestock farms
  • Provides extras on insurance policies
  • Doesn't provide insurance to farms only raising swines and fowls

Average cost: $82

Best for: Horse insurance

Our rating: 4/5

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