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“The equipment rental segment is moving like the rest of the macroeconomy from relief to recovery. We are seeing a good uptick in business activity that is going to bring rental revenues back to pre-pandemic levels”,  – John McClelland, Ph.D., ARA


Those renting out equipment were drastically hit by the pandemic. However, signs tell that the equipment rental business sector will be the first to make a full recovery within the years to come. According to the AmericanRental Association, rental businesses will have a 2% – 5% growth rate from 2022 – 2025 as equipment rental cost will get more expensive.


Are you planning to start an equipment rental business or starting to run one already? If so, it’d be wise of you to get equipment rental insurance coverage. This is because rental equipment insurance is one of the fundamentals every equipment rental business owner must have when looking in to how to start an equipment rental business.


If you start equipment rental business without insurance, the situation will be like exploring a dense jungle without a survival kit. In other words, you don’t have an easy countermeasure against future problems.


Here’s a guide that will answer your questions about equipment rental business insurance for party rentals, camera rentals, heavy equipment rentals, construction equipment rentals, handyman’s tool rentals, computer rentals, and other related businesses. Stay because we’ll discuss the definition of equipment rental business insurance, how much does rental insurance cost, and more.


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What is Rental Equipment Insurance: A General Overview

Insurance for rental equi pment companies or simply equipment hire insurance accounts for the numerous risks commonly happening when providing rental services for events, construction projects, recreational activities, etc. Examples of such risks that rental company insurance takes care of are:

  • When the equipment is damaged under the client’s custody because of fire, theft, flood, lighting, and other covered events; and the said client refuses to compensate
  • When the equipment got damaged or lost in your custody because of fire, theft, flood, lightning, and other covered events
  • When the equipment is in poor condition and causes damage or loss to the client
  • There are different types of equipment rental insurance as there are many types of rental business each facing unique risks. And so, we have kayak rental insurance, camera rental insurance, trailer rental insurance, and so on.

Note that your insurance for equipment rental business isn’t providing protection per se. In reality,  it’s the policies included by the carrier in its insurance for rental equipment that shield you from risks.


Don’t confuse equipment rental insurance policy with renters insurance. Renters insurance covers risks associated with living in a rented building. On the other hand, equipment rental company insurance takes care of risks associated with business operations.


Rental Liability Insurance

As we said earlier, insurance for rental company provides protection because of the policies included in it.  One of these policies, which we’ll discuss right now, is rental liability insurance or simply liability insurance.


In a nutshell, liability insurance included in rented equipment insurance will protect your rental businesses against lawsuits that clients, employees, or third parties file.  But note that liability insurance for rental businesses isn’t a single policy on its own but can be further classified as general liability insurance, professional liability insurance, employer’s liability insurance, and cyber liability insurance.


General Liability Insurance for Rental Business

General liability in commercial equipment insurance for rental businesses is the liability policy that immediately comes to mind when one is looking for protection against client personal injury and property damage lawsuits. In brief, this policy kicks in when a client slipped and fell or experienced any other accident and got injured or damaged their property while in your building.


General liability insurance helps you pay for defense costs and compensation to aggrieved parties. This policy, by the way, never goes missing in the insurance for equipment rental businesses.


Now, let’s say you delivered the equipment and the client is already using it. Turns out, while using the equipment, the client got injured or damaged their property and made you responsible for what happened. Will general liability insurance provide coverage? The answer is a yes and no.

A basic general liability policy won’t cover your liability to the client caused by equipment in their custody.


This is where products and completed operations comes in.  Products and completed operations is an additional policy in general liability insurance.  In brief, what it does is give you money if ever the client got injured or damaged their property while using your rental business’s equipment and filed a lawsuit as a result.


Note that general liability insurance with products and  completed operations coverage won’t only take care of lawsuits filed by the client but also other people who happened to use your rental equipment. When purchasing small business equipment insurance for rental services, always prioritize a carrier that offers general liability with products and completed operations.

Professional Liability Insurance for Equipment Rental Businesses

Your rental equipment insurance for small business might also include professional liability insurance. We said might as some carriers include this in their equipment rental insurance program while others don’t.


But still, it’s best if you go for a rental business insurance policy that comes with professional liability coverage. Professional liability coverage will cover you if the client holds you responsible because you failed to maintain the rental equipment well or sourced such rental equipment from manufacturers that don’t follow strict quality standards.


Employer’s Liability Insurance for Equipment Rental Businesses

Your rental equipment business won’t run well with only you doing the leg work. According to studies, equipment rentals employ at least 3 – 4 employees on average. Of course, when people are working for you, US laws expect you to provide employee compensation if ever they experience a work-related injury.


The failure to compensate employees adequately and on time can put you in dire straits. For example, an injured employee can file a lawsuit and demand compensation much higher than what should be.


And so, here’s employee liability insurance to the rescue. In brief, what this rental equipment insurance coverage does is help you pay for defense costs and compensation if ever an injured employee files a lawsuit against you and wins.


Employer’s liability insurance won’t provide coverage for wrongful termination, workplace discrimination, missed wages, and sexual harassment. To get coverage for these, you need to get employment practices liability insurance (EPLI).


There are carriers that include employer’s liability insurance, together with general liability and professional liability, in their equipment rental insurance programs. There are also others that offer this as a stand-alone policy. You might also encounter a carrier that offers employer’s liability insurance as an optional policy to workers compensation insurance.


Cyber Liability Insurance for Equipment Rental Businesses

Digital marketing is king and if you’re running a website, getting cyber liability insurance is as important as getting a foolproof network security system. Cybercriminals are evolving – getting smarter and learning new techniques to crack even the most up-to-date website security.


If ever you experience a data breach – we hope this doesn’t happen by the way – expect to pay millions of dollars to contain the breach, reverse the damage, and compensate affected customers.  Find this hard to believe? Then here are some examples:

  • Boston – A company that processes payments for rentals and vacation properties had to pay $155,000 following a data breach incident, which resulted in violations of data security law and consumer protection laws
  • Retail giant, Target, had to pay $18.5 million for a data breach that occurred in 2013
  • The largest U.S. home retailer, Home Depot, had to settle complaints for $17.5 million after its database got breached in 2014

Cyber liability insurance is an equipment rental insurance coverage that’s rarely included by carriers in their rental business insurance programs. But still, do your best to find a carrier that offers it. If a data breach happens, cyber liability insurance will give you the money to pay for the extra expenses needed to inform affected parties, recover data, pay the lawyer, and provide compensation.


Stand Alone Equipment Insurance Coverage You Need to Get: Commercial Property Insurance and Inland Marine Insurance

The success of your rental business lies in the quality of the equipment available to customers. All clients want to get their hands on a piece that looks new.  All defective rental items must be replaced if fixing them is impossible to do.


Know that the rented equipment coverage we mentioned in the previous sections won’t account for physical damage to your rental equipment.  And so, you have to invest in stand-alone policies that will be extremely useful in the long run for your rental equipment business – inland marine and commercial property insurance.


Commercial property insurance is a policy already included or can be added to business insurance for rental equipment. It covers rental items against physical damage as caused by natural disasters, fire, and theft. This policy will also provide coverage if the client damaged your rental equipment accidentally.


In essence, commercial property insurance for rental business works by giving you money equal to the market value of the damaged equipment so that you can invest for replacement or maintenance. But sometimes, the policy also functions to replace or fix the equipment on your behalf. Moreover, commercial property insurance can also protect your rental building if it comes with building coverage.


Note that commercial property insurance won’t apply if your rental items got damaged or stolen while on the way to the client.


Can I insure my equipment against damage while in transit? You can cover damage or loss of your rental equipment while in transit through inland marine insurance. In essence, this stand-alone rental business insurance accounts for situations such as:

  • Your rental equipment got damaged because the carrier vehicle got involved in an accident
  • Your rental equipment got damaged because the latches securing it during the trip got loose
  • The driver of the vehicle tampered with your rental equipment and damaged it in the process

So how does inland marine coverage for rented equipment work the moment I insure my rentals? – This policy provides money equal to the market value of your damaged rental equipment so that you can pay for maintenance or replacement costs.


Do You Deliver Equipment Personally to Clients?

If you deliver your rental items personally to clients, understand that commercial auto, inland marine, and liability policies aren’t what you only need.  Depending on what kind of rental items you deliver, it’s also important to get commercial auto liability insurance or motor carrier insurance.


Commercial auto liability insurance is a coverage in commercial auto insurance. This policy can help you pay for costs if you caused an accident while on the way to deliver equipment. Coverage also applies when you have delivered the equipment and are going back to your equipment rental store. Commercial auto liability insurance is best for covering light to medium-duty vehicles.


Motor carrier insurance is a must if you’re a heavy equipment or construction rental business and are using an owned heavy-duty truck for delivery. This policy is required by the FMCSA and there are guidelines about how much coverage you need to get.


Do Equipment Rental Businesses Have to Follow Insurance Requirements?

There are no laws in the United States that lay out equipment rental insurance requirements. But understand that since a renting equipment business can’t run without employees, getting workers comp insurance is a must.


Also, note that if you’re an equipment rental business that provides heavy-duty machinery rental services and delivers such machinery to clients using your own transport equipment, then you’ll have to get commercial auto insurance or motor carrier insurance.

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Do Specific Equipment Rental Insurance for Different Rental Businesses Differ?

Yes. The feature of equipment rental insurance differs from business to business. Such differences might lie in the policy limits, the type of policies included, and so on.  And so, we made sure to include sections that shed light on this.


Ski Rental Insurance

I want to insure my rental equipment for skiing, what policy can provide coverage? Ski rental insurance provides coverage for instances of customer injuries caused by defective skis or snowboards. Moreover, the policy offers further protection if the policyholder is offering tutorial lessons and is accused of causing injuries because of giving poor instructions.  Ski rental insurance also provides coverage in case the rented skis or snowboards get damaged by the customer. Policies common in ski rental insurance are professional liability insurance, general liability insurance, commercial property insurance, and worker’s compensation insurance.


Tent Rental Insurance

Tent rental business insurance includes general liability insurance, commercial property insurance, and workers compensation insurance.


General liability insurance for tent rental business has a $1 million policy limit. In practice, this is useful when

  • The client suffers from an allergic reaction because the tent was improperly cleaned
  • The client got injured because the tent was defective


Commercial property for tent rentals has a $2 million policy limit.  Common situations covered are:

  • When the tent becomes damaged while in the custody of the customer due to severe weather suddenly occurring in the campsite
  • The customer accidentally burned a portion of the tent while camping
  • The tent was damaged by a wild animal while the customer is away

 Bike Rental Business Insurance

Policies included in bike rental business insurance are commercial property with building coverage, commercial general liability insurance, employer’s liability insurance, and professional liability insurance.


The general liability insurance for bike rentals starts with a $1 million policy limit. It will take care of customer injuries as caused by common bike defects such as misaligned wheels, improperly maintained braking system, lack of reflective attachments, unstable handlebar, etc.


Bike rentals’ commercial property insurance comes with building coverage. The policy limit is $1 million with a minimum $500,000 sub-limit for covering bikes in inventory and those damaged by clients.


The employer’s liability insurance for bike rentals has a $1 million limit.


Professional liability insurance for bike rental business has the same limit and will provide coverage if ever the customer experienced an injury because there’s a failure to provide safety gear such as helmets, knee pads, and shoulder pads. This policy also covers bike riding lessons wherein the customer got injured because the instructor failed to provide adequate support or instruction.


Kayak Rental Business Insurance

Policies included in kayak business equipment rental insurance are general liability insurance, physical damage coverage, kayaking event equipment insurance, and worker’s compensation.


Kayak rental businesses enjoy general liability insurance having $1 million up to $2 million coverage. The policy covers instances of drowning as caused by a defective kayak. It also takes care of  bodily injuries as caused by poorly maintained kayaking equipment or accidents in the rental store.


Physical damage coverage is a type of commercial property coverage in rental kayak equipment insurance. Aside from the kayaks, this policy will take care of other kayaking gears available for rent which were damaged by the client or were damaged by fire, theft, or natural events. The limit of physical damage coverage for kayak rentals starts at $2 million.


As the name implies, kayaking event equipment insurance provides further protection for your business. This will take care of personal injuries to your client but also for other people who will use your kayaking equipment.


The policy even adds to the limits of kayak rental physical damage coverage. Kayaking event equipment insurance is a short term equipment insurance and the policy limit starts at $1 million – $2 million. You can also decide to have custom limits.


Golf Cart Rental Business Insurance

Golf cart rental business insurance offers policies such as general liability insurance, public liability insurance, commercial property insurance, and workers comp insurance.


The general liability insurance for golf cart rental businesses has a $2 million policy limit. The policy provides coverage if the client injured themselves while driving the golf cart and is holding the business responsible.


What if the client injured someone with their rented golf cart and the person in question is suing the golf cart rental business as well? In this case, public liability insurance in golf cart rental small business equipment insurance can offer protection. Public liability insurance for golf cart rentals has a limit amounting to $1 million.


The limit of commercial property insurance for golf cart rentals is $2 million. This will pay for the cost of fixing or replacing damaged golf cart components.


Trailer Rental Business Insurance

Insurance for trailer rental business includes commercial property insurance having equipment breakdown coverage. Carriers also offer trucker’s policy or motor carrier insurance if the trailer rental business also offers cargo delivery services.


Bobcat Rental Insurance

Bobcat rental insurance is a specialized machine hire insurance for businesses that provide bobcat equipment rental services to construction firms, carpenters, gardeners, or landscapers. Insurance coverage for a bobcat rental business typically includes commercial property insurance having $1 million equipment breakdown coverage. There’s also workers compensation insurance. For more coverage, the policyholder can decide to add stand-alone policies the carrier offers.


Crane Rental Insurance

Crane rental insurance is a tailored coverage for rigging companies. The liability policies included are general liability insurance and riggers liability insurance.


In case the customer wants more coverage, carriers also offer excess liability insurance. There’s even inland marine and cargo insurance, which is helpful for delivering the cranes to the client. If the cranes were damaged on-site, the policyholder is also protected because crane rental cover comes with crane physical damage coverage.


Tool Rental Insurance

Everyone has their own DIY projects to finish. That’s why there’s a tool rental business offering services for those who don’t own specialty tools for crafting or building. And for such a business, carriers offer tool rental business insurance. Note that insurance for tools rental isn’t a requirement. However, getting it is one of the most important steps in starting a tool rental business or successfully managing tool rental franchises.


A typical tool rental business insurance offers general liability insurance with product liability coverage and commercial property insurance for work tools. Some carriers also offer theft coverage on their rental business insurance for tools at work.


Tool rental insurance is a stand-alone policy. However, you should also know that it can be a coverage included in contractors equipment rental insurance, which has general liability coverage, property in transit coverage, professional liability coverage, and commercial property insurance.


Party Equipment Rental Insurance

Insurance for party rental business is coverage for those running trampoline rental businesses,  bounce house rental businesses, and even disco equipment rental businesses. Policies included in party event equipment hire insurance are general liability, commercial property, workers compensation, and commercial vehicle insurance.


Stand-alone policies policyholders can add on their insurance for party rental business are cargo and inland marine insurance for party rental companies.


Note that party rental insurance might also offer special coverages depending on the type of party equipment the policyholder allows customers to hire. For example, a bounce house business might get party equipment rental insurance offering fire coverage and non-customer bodily injury liability insurance.

Heavy Equipment Rental Insurance

Insurance for heavy equipment rental services is a policy for bop rental companies and businesses renting out trucks, semi-trucks, tractors, skid steers, excavators, and other heavy-duty machinery. But aside from such machines, insurance for heavy equipment rental can also cover businesses providing bulldozer, dump truck, and backhoe rental services.


So, in a way, the policy can also serve as construction equipment rental insurance, which is a specialized coverage for those providing cat, komatsu, and case rental equipment services.


Policies included in heavy equipment rental insurance are commercial property, inland marine insurance, and general liability insurance.


On the other hand, construction equipment rental insurance has the same policies but might also offer special coverages. Note that, there’s also short term construction equipment rental insurance available from carriers.


In case you’re wondering “ Are there construction rental equipment insurance near me ?”, we recommend you use our intuitive online quote generator on this page, which can quickly show the offer and pricing of the best insurance companies nearby.


Camera Rental Insurance

I want to insure my gear for photography available for rental, is there an insurance policy for this? – Camera shops offering DLSR rental, vintage rental, compact camera rental, and mirrorless camera rental services for photographers will find camera equipment rental insurance or camera hire insurance absolutely useful for protecting their products against damage or loss. But note that aside from cameras, camera gear rental insurance can also insure equipment such as tripods, lenses, and other photographic equipment.


Renters Insurance Camera Equipment

Renters insurance can be used to cover a camera rented from a rental shop. Why is this possible? This is because the terms of renters insurance don’t exclude borrowed or rented items. Therefore, if you’re running a camera rental business, it’s a good idea to ask customers if they have renters insurance before allowing them to rent an expensive camera or gear. 

Film Equipment Rental Insurance

Those renting video cameras, shotgun microphones, and other film equipment can’t be covered by camera rental insurance. But still, there’s protection they can get from carriers called film equipment hire insurance or film equipment rental insurance. This insurance, just like camera rental insurance, includes general liability, commercial property as well as special coverages. Note that some carriers offer short term film equipment rental insurance too. Don’t confuse video equipment rental insurance and film equipment rental insurance as the latter has a narrower coverage than the former.


Production Equipment Rental Insurance

Businesses providing movie set rental services can get covered through production equipment rental insurance. This is available as a short term policy and includes general liability, inland marine, cargo, and commercial auto insurance.


Short Term Equipment Rental Insurance

Over the course of our discussion, we always mentioned short term equipment rental insurance or temporary insurance for rental equipment. So what is this anyway? Short term rental equipment insurance is a policy that lasts for only hours, days, or weeks. This is very useful if you’re providing rental services in the midst of festivals and other special events.


Equipment Leasing Insurance

Some business lend their equipment through a lease contract. In a nutshell, the difference between lease and rent is that a lease lasts longer, meaning that the customer can use an item for several months.


And so, instead of rental insurance, some businesses who lend items for money decide to get equipment lease insurance.


Insurance for leased equipment or simply leased equipment insurance works the same way as rental insurance for equipment hiring services. Insurance coverage for leased equipment carriers offer are general liability, commercial property, and inland marine.


Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Rental Equipment?

If you’re a customer, the equipment rental company might require you to get insurance for hiring out equipment. This is especially true for computer rental or camera rental businesses.


So is there insurance for rented equipment you can purchase? The answer is yes. But know that your homeowners insurance or renters insurance comes with a scheduled property policy which can serve as rented equipment insurance coverage.


With that said, if ever you damage the camera or laptop owned by a rental store, there’s no need to worry for you can ask the insurance equipment company to compensate the business owner or manager on your behalf.

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Equipment Rental Insurance Cost

We’ll first give you the estimate of rental equipment insurance cost based on the type of rental business that wants to be covered.

  • Rental equipment insurance cost for camera rental businesses is $41 a month or $492 a year for a $1 million general liability coverage
  • Business rental insurance cost for film equipment rental businesses is $46 a month or $552 a year for a $1 million general liability coverage
  • Commercial rental insurance cost for production equipment rental businesses is $51 a month or $612 a year for $1 million general liability insurance
  • Rental insurance cost of party equipment rental businesses is $48 a month or $576 a year for $1 million general liability insurance
  • Ski rentals pay $31 a month or $372 a year for equipment rental business insurance having $1 million general liability insurance
  • Tent rentals pay $42 a month or $504 a year for equipment rental business insurance having $1 million general liability insurance
  • The cost of equipment rental business insurance for bike rentals is $57 a month or $684 a year for $1 million general liability insurance
  • Kayak rental businesses pay $44 a month or $528 a year for a $1 million general liability insurance
  • Golf rental businesses pay $61 a month or $732 a year for a $1 million general liability insurance
  • So how much is rental insurance for those lending trailers? Trailer rentals invest $85 a month or$1,020 a year for a $1 million general liability insurance
  • Those running bobcat rentals pay $91 a month or $1,092 a year for a $1 million general liability insurance
  • Those running tool rentals pay $44 a month or $528 a year for a $1 million general liability insurance
  • Heavy equipment rental insurance cost is $102 a month or $1,224 a year for a $1 million general liability insurance

Let’s explore rental insurance prices for equipment rental businesses based on the policies to be purchased:

  • Rental liability insurance cost is $47 a month or $564 a year for a $1 million coverage
  • The cost of commercial property insurance based on equipment business rental insurance price is $53 a month or $636 a year for a $1 million coverage
  • Equipment rental businesses pay $19 a month or $228 a year for inland marine insurance


For further reference, here’s a table showing the equipment rental insurance rate of companies offering the best coverage for equipment rental businesses:

Monthly Rate Annual Rate
CoverWallet $30.08 $361
Next $45 $540
The Hartford $50 $600
Insure My Equipment $58 $696


Note that the rental insurance costs for equipment businesses we provided are only estimates. Factors, such as location, equipment rental cost, number of employees, years in business, and prior history of making claims; affect your actual rates.


Skid Steer Insurance Cost

Skid steer rental businesses pay $7 a month or $84 a year for skid steer insurance .


Excavator Insurance Cost

Excavator rental businesses pay $334 a month or $4,012 a year for excavator insurance .


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Best Equipment Insurance Companies

Let’s take a look at the best rental equipment insurance companies that cover equipment rental businesses. Read to know their pros, cons, and monthly pricing for a $1 million general liability coverage.


CoverWallet Insurance Equipment


Why Get Insured by CoverWallet?

  • Allows you to compare the quotes of insurance companies covering equipment rental businesses
  • Offers an equipment rental business insurance you can customize

Why Take CoverWallet with a Grain of Salt?

  • Not an insurance company but a broker offering the policies of its partners

Are you looking for business insurance for equipment rental companies having leased and rented equipment coverage? If so, go for CoverWallet . This insurance company offers workers compensation insurance, commercial property insurance, and liability policies you can bundle at a reasonable price. You can also add stand-alone policies that CoverWallet offers. Note that this company is not an insurance carrier and its insurance products come from its partners.


Best for: Rental equipment insurance online quote comparison

Average cost: $30.08 per month

Our rating: 10/10


The Hartford Equipment Rental Insurance


Why Get Insured by The Harford?

  • Offers comprehensive coverage for party rental and equipment rental businesses for weddings and other events

Why Take The Hartford with a Grain of Salt?

  • Has a lot of customer complaints

The Hartford covers party rentals and other equipment rental businesses, specifically wedding equipment business. Its basic leased rented equipment insurance has general liability, inland marine, business property, commercial auto, and excess liability coverages. For more protection, the company allows customers to purchase special policies such as loss of use insurance and replacement cost insurance.


Best for: Party rental business insurance and events equipment rental insurance with special tools and equipment coverage

Average cost: $50 per month

Our rating: 7/10


Next Equipment Rental Insurance


Why Get Insured by Next?

  • Offers discounts if you bundle equipment rental business insurance policies

Why Take Next with a Grain of Salt?

  • Doesn’t cover all kinds of equipment rental businesses

Next’s rented leased equipment insurance covers AV equipment rental businesses only. Policies included are general liability insurance, commercial property insurance, workers compensation, and commercial auto insurance. Just like CoverWallet, Next allows policyholders to get coi for rental equipment (certificate of insurance).


Best for: Equipment rental insurance for AV equipment rental businesses

Average cost: $45 per month

Our rating: 9/10


Insure My Equipment


Why Get Insured by Insure My Equipment?

  • Offers equipment business rental insurance in partnership with Thimble

Why Take Insure My Equipment with a Grain of Salt?

  • Expensive

Insure My Equipment, sometimes mistakenly called insuremyrentals provides coverage for equipment rental businesses in partnership with Thimble. Its rental insurance on equipment only offers general liability coverage. However, it’s available as short term insurance, which is perfect if you don’t need coverage for a long time.


Best for: Short term equipment rental insurance

Average cost: $58 per month

Our rating: 7/10


Final Words: Some Clarifications

During the course of our research, we stumbled upon sources that say equipment rental business insurance is offered by AON, triple A or AAA insurance, SunBelt rentals, and United Rentals.


Sunbelt rentals insurance is not for rental businesses. Instead, the company’s Rental Protection Plan caters to the needs of customers. Specifically, what the policy does is cover the liability of the customer to compensate the rental business if a rented equipment is lost or damaged.


Triple a rental insurance or AAA rental insurance is also not a policy for equipment rental businesses. Instead, the policy is for those renting apartments, houses, or flats.


United Rentals Insurance is the same. Its rental equipment protection plan is for customers taking possession of United Rentals’ equipment for construction and other projects. Note that if you’re asking “ Are there cheap equipment rental near me ?”, United Rentals is a good option aside from equipment rental co.


Last but not least is AON rent protect. Again, this is a policy not for equipment rental businesses but for individuals who set their house or apartment for lease. This policy is an insurance solution that protects the policyholder from non-payment of rent.

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