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Working in the beauty industry takes plenty of training and that still doesn’t mean that mistakes can’t happen. Unfortunately, unlike in other fields, making a mistake in a field like permanent makeup can mean harming another person, and this might even end up incurring charges against you.

Over the course of this guide, we’re going to be going over the details of permanent makeup insurance and microblading insurance. These beauty procedures are growing in popularity with each day, and this means that more and more beauty businesses are opening up and require the best business insurance for permanent makeup artist available to this specific area of activity.

Microblading Liability Insurance

Liability insurance tends to be the most common type of coverage when it comes to permanent makeup, permanent cosmetics and even cosmetic tattoo insurance. This is because the most damaging claims against businesses like these are typically liability claims brought on by clients who have sustained property damage or bodily injuries.

An example would be someone who comes to you for microblading but ends up getting injured during the procedure. That client can go on to sue you for their medical bills, even if you weren’t negligent in the performance of your job, so liability insurance is a crucial part of keeping your income stream safe.

Microblading in particular is a field in which almost all businesses have some form of insurance. This is due to the risk of injuring a client while working with a microblading tool. This also means that microblading tends to have slightly higher business insurance premiums than other permanent makeup types.

Microblading Insurance Cost

The cost of microblading insurance tends to be a little bit higher than for other kinds of small business insurance coverages because of the risk that’s inherent in microblading. Since microblading can potentially result in complications if not handled properly, then insurers will charge you high premiums if you’re not experienced or proven.

In general, the average microblading insurance cost is about $53 per month or $636 per year.

Since every business is different, you can expect to get different rates based on the size of your microblading operation and your history with clients as well as other risk factors. For example, if you have a history of people getting hurt at your microblading salon, you might end up paying much higher premiums than a competitor with a clean record.

To make sure that these are reference prices, we’ve gathered the following premiums based on a medium-sized microblading business that has a good history with no accidents or prior claims.

CompanyCost per monthCost per year
Allen Financial$53$636

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Permanent Makeup Liability Insurance

There isn’t much of a difference between liability insurance for microblading and liability insurance for permanent makeup and cosmetics businesses. Liability coverage will still cover you in case someone ends up getting injured or their property gets damaged while they’re at your place of business.

As with microblading liability insurance policies, you can choose between general and professional liability coverage. The difference is that professional coverage will protect you in case of errors whereas general coverage will kick in if there’s an accident, like somebody slipping and getting injured as they step into your parlor.

Permanent Makeup Insurance Cost

Since permanent makeup procedures that don’t involve microblading have a lower risk of injuring a client, you’ll notice that the cost of insurance for non-microblading beauty and cosmetics professionals is a little bit lower. However, due to the already affordable insurance cost of most microblading policies, the savings aren’t quite that significant.

Generally speaking, the average permanent cosmetics insurance cost is about $49 per month or $588 per year.

As with microblading, the rates that you’re offered depend on the experience of your beauty technicians and the size of your business as well as other regular risk factors. A larger business will have higher premiums because they’re expected to have more clients and employees than a small one, such as one run out of your home.

CompanyCost per monthCost per year
Allen Financial$50$600

Semi-Permanent Makeup Insurance

Semi-permanent makeup insurance is usually a little more affordable than permanent makeup insurance because the results can sometimes be reversed. There’s also less of a risk in semi-permanent procedures since they tend to be a little bit less invasive than permanent ones.

The more invasive your work is, the more likely that you’ll have to pay a higher premium for your insurance because of the higher chances of someone getting injured while you work on them. Semi-permanent makeup artists also don’t need to be as thoroughly trained as permanent makeup artists.

The average semi-permanent makeup insurance cost is around $29 per month or $348 per year.

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Permanent Makeup & Microblading Insurance Companies

Finding permanent makeup insurance quotes from top companies is often a headache if you don’t know where to look first, that's why we made it easy for you, by clicking one of the 'Get Quotes' buttons at this page and completing the simple form, you'll be able to compare permanent makeup and microblading insurance quotes online from some of the best permanent makeup insurance companies in the U.S. In addition, knowing the companies to opt for can help simplify your search. We’re going to go over everything you need to know about two of the best companies. However, keep in mind that there are several other good companies that can accommodate your permanent cosmetics insurance needs, so be sure to compare quotes through our quote comparison tool and find the best options at the best rates.

NACAMS Permanent Makeup Insurance

NACAMS stands for the National Association of Complementary and Alternative Medicines. This organization exists to provide a wide range of professionals with liability insurance, including professionals who work in the fields of cosmetology, dance, nail techs, yoga, and more.

NACAMS Policy Details

NACAMS protects professionals through its microblading insurance policy, and this policy features professional and general liability coverage. There's a $2 million limit per occurrence and a $3 million limit annually. The policy also provides $2 million in product coverage and $100,000 in rental damage insurance.


  • Good policy limits

  • General and professional liability coverage

  • Also features stolen equipment coverage


  • Requires membership

Average Cost: $41

Best for: New beauty techs

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Allen Financial Permanent Makeup Insurance

Allen Financial works in the field of specialty insurance, and they’ve been providing Americans with coverage since 1971. The company dabbles in the fields of tattooing, agribusiness, spas, sports, and permanent makeup like microblading. Allen prioritizes efficiency and customer service above all else.

Allen Financial Policy Details

Allen Financial offers insurance for permanent makeup artist businesses under their microblading and permanent makeup policy. Their coverage includes cyber protection, general liability, excess liability, and property coverage. In many states, they also offer workers’ comp.


  • Comes with cyber protection

  • Multiple liability coverage types

  • Covers multiple permanent cosmetic procedures


  • Expensive

Average Cost: $53

Best for: Beauty salons that specialize in many different permanent makeup procedures.

Our Rating: 4/5

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