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Whether you’re an esthetician , makeup artist , massage therapist, nail technician spa owner , tanning salon owner , beauty salon owner  or a beauty therapist , the beauty business is a great industry to take part in if you like the idea of making people feel good about themselves and look better as well. Self-care is incredibly important when it comes to maintaining your self-esteem, and these type of businesses go above and beyond to make people look and feel good.

In this guide, we’re going to address everything that you need to know about  insurance for cosmetologists, including cosmetologist insurance quotes and the best cosmetology insurance companies. We’ll also explore the various types of cosmetology insurance policies you can get your hands on.

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Cosmetology Liability Insurance

Cosmetologist liability insurance is one of the more common forms of insurance coverage for professionals in this industry because it covers some of the most common risks. The exact situation that is covered by your policy depends on the kind of cosmetology liability insurance coverage you’re getting your hands on.

General liability insurance for cosmetologists is the broader form of liability insurance coverage because it applies to anyone on site at your business. This can include workers, the public (aka customers), vendors and even the business owners, though it’s relatively unlikely that you’ll end up on the receiving end of a lawsuit originating with them, but you can never tell. 

Public liability insurance for cosmetologists, on the other hand, only applies to members of the public that are on site at your business, and this makes it a much narrow type of coverage, as it will not protect your business in case one of your employees has claims against your cosmetology business, for instance. Public liability insurance is already included in general liability insurance policies, which is why GL is the coverage that is more recommend for you to obtain as a small business owner.

Finally, product liability insurance for cosmetologists protects you from getting sued because you made a mistake while you were performing your cosmetology work.

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Cosmetology Insurance Cost

Finding cheap cosmetology insurance is a lot easier when you understand every one of the factors that go into coming up with the cost of your insurance. 

The average cosmetologist insurance cost is about $33 per month or $396 per year for a $1 million general liability insurance coverage. 

However, one of the main things you’ll have to consider is the size of your cosmetology business since larger businesses have more expensive premiums.

This makes sense when you put some thought into it because larger businesses have more customers, meaning that you’re more likely to have a situation where someone files a lawsuit against you. Compare a business that sees 50 clients per day to one that sees two per day and you can see how this would increase your insurance rates.

However, the size of your business isn’t the only thing that can increase the price of insurance for cosmetologists. Your business’s history working with clients is yet another thing that you’ll have to account for. Cosmetologists that have a history of making mistakes will typically have higher rates.

To ensure that this info is as accurate as possible, we gathered the following cosmetology insurance quotes based off of a medium-sized business that had no prior issues or claims:

Company Cost per month Cost per year Best for
Hiscox $45 $540 Larger cosmetology businesses
Geico $38 $456 Small businesses that provide a broader spectrum of services other than cosmetology
Next $26 $312 Fastest liability insurance coverage
Thimble $20 $240 On-Demand cosmetology insurance policies
Coverwallet $18 $216 Quote comparison from leading insurers
NACAMS $15 $180 New Cosmetology businesses and students
Bodywork $8 $96 Cheapest rate

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Best Cosmetology Insurance Companies

Before you decide to go out and get a cosmetology insurance quote, you’ll have to know a thing or two about the companies that you can expect to work for. We’re going to examine the top companies in the industry. Read our reviews to know their pros, cons, and rate for a $1 million general liability coverage. 

Before proceeding, know that you can get effective and cheap cosmetology insurance by clicking the 'Get Quotes' button, completing the form, and comparing quotes online.

Hiscox Cosmetology Insurance

Hiscox is a British insurance company that has been in operation for over 100 years, acting as an underwriter for Lloyd’s of London. While this company started off in the marine insurance space, Hiscox has since transitioned to niche forms of insurance that other companies may not offer directly.

Hiscox Cosmetology Insurance Policy Details

Hiscox offers both professional and general liability coverage for professionals in the cosmetology space, and the best thing about them is that they provide you with worldwide coverage. As long as you file a claim in the US or Canada, you’ll be covered anywhere in the world with your Hiscox cosmetology insurance policy.


  • Worldwide coverage

  • Claims responsiveness

  • Monthly payments with no extra fees


  • Rather expensive

Average cost: $45 per month

Best for: Larger cosmetology businesses

Geico Cosmetology Insurance

Geico has existed since the 1930s, when it was founded as the Government Employees Insurance Company, and it’s one of the largest auto insurance companies in the United States. Along with their auto insurance policies, Geico also offers business and property insurance to a wide range of clients.

Geico Cosmetology Insurance Policy Details

Geico doesn’t have a specific insurance policy for cosmetologists, covering them under their umbrella business policies. While Geico offers relatively affordable coverage, one of the main issues with them is that they don’t have specific add-ons that cater to the needs of people working in cosmetology.


  • Pretty affordable

  • Easy quote process

  • Good customer service


  • No tailored add-ons for cosmetologists

Average cost: $38 per month

Best for: Small businesses that provide a broader spectrum of services other than cosmetology

NACAMS Cosmetology Insurance

Unlike the last two companies, NACAMS isn’t exactly an insurance carrier, but rather a risk purchasing group (RPG). This means that it’s an association of people who share similar risks and purchase insurance together for a preferential rate as well as the same kind of coverage.

NACAMS Cosmetology Insurance Policy Details

NACAMS offers different rates for students and for professionals, but all of their policies share the same kind of coverage. Every NACAMS cosmetology insurance policy comes with both professional and general liability insurance with a limit of $3 million total and $2 million per occurrence.


  • Different rates for pros and students

  • $1000 in stolen equipment coverage

  • Very affordable


  • Not an actual carrier

Average cost: $15 per month

Best for:  New cosmetology businesses and students

Bodywork Cosmetology Insurance

Bodywork is yet another risk purchasing group that requires membership before you can get your insurance coverage through them. The parent company of Bodywork is Veracity Insurance Solutions, who works with the Great American Insurance Company to get Bodywork’s members great rates.

Bodywork Cosmetology Insurance Policy Details

Bodywork cosmetology insurance coverage is available for an extremely reasonable price and it features general and professional liability coverage as well as products and completed operations insurance. It features a limit of $2 million per occurrence as well as $300,000 in damage to premises rented to you.


  • Best price that we've found

  • $3 million aggregate for liability coverage

  • $2000 of business personal property coverage


  • Risk purchasing group

Average cost: $8 per month ($96 per year)

Best for: Mobile cosmetologists and cheapest price

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