Progressive Commercial Insurance: Quotes From $11

Progressive Commercial Insurance is a good option if you’re a businessman looking for a company that underwrites business insurance with competitive rates, customizable limits,  numerous options, and other perks. In this guide, we’ll get you acquainted with Progressive Commercial Insurance company, discuss the business insurance policies it offers, show ratings and reviews, and more. 

Our Take On Progressive Commercial Insurance


  • Offers a lot of discounts

  • Customizable policy limits

  • Numerous add-ons to commercial auto insurance

  • Helps with federal and state filings


  • Poor reviews on Better Business Bureau

  • Some policies sold by Progressive Commercial are underwritten by partners 

Progressive Commercial insurance provides different kinds of business insurance products to customers. It ensures that all get the right coverage at the most reasonable rate by providing multiple discounts. 

In terms of customer service, the company has excellent ratings in AM Best and Consumer Affairs. Customers can call different hotlines to file a claim, track a claim, and resolve concerns. 

Best for: Commercial truckers and other businesses in the transportation industry

Average cost of $1 million general liability policy: $48 per month

Our rating: 9/10

What is Progressive Commercial Insurance?

Progressive Commercial Ins. holds the 9th spot in the Insurance Information Institute ranking of the leading business insurance companies in 2021. This company has $10,282,191 gross written premiums and a market share of 2.6%. 

Progressive also hails itself as the number one motorcycle, watercraft, and commercial auto insurance company in the United States. Here are some quick facts that might back this claim:

  • Progressive has insured more than 1 million commercial vehicles

  • It has insured more than 1.2 million watercraft

  • Progressive underwrote and sold motorcycle insurance for 50 years. It even holds motorcycle rallies such as Ohio Bike Week, Laconia Bike Week, Motoblot, Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and Bikes, Blues, & BBQ

Lawyers Josh Lewis and Jack Green founded Progressive in 1937 as a mutual insurance company that underwrote and sold auto insurance. As it continued operating, Progressive launched initiatives that were the first of their kind in the insurance industry:

  • 1937-First drive-in claims office

  • 1994-First auto insurance rating comparison 

  • 1995-First to launch a website where customers can buy auto insurance policies and get covered in an instant

  • 2003-First company to utilize service centers to streamline the claims of customers

  • 2008-First company to introduce usage-based insurance plug in device

  • 2009-First company that allows customers to determine the rates of their premiums

  • 2017-First to introduce a multiple home insurance quoting platform 

At present, Progressive Commercial continues to provide user-centric and efficient insurance solutions. 

You can get a quote, pay for premiums, and manage insurance online. The company even allows you to enjoy online claims filing and tracking. Furthermore, you can request Progressive Commercial to process federal and state filings on your behalf.

Underwriting Appetite: Which Businesses Does Progressive Commercial Insure?

In insurance lingo, an underwriting appetite is specific risk groups that an insurance company is inclined to provide coverage. In connection, here’s  a table showing which ventures Progressive small business insurance caters:

Business Sector  Particular Business Covered
Retail -Appliances and electronics
-Antiques, art, gifts, flowers, general stores, thrift shops
-Auto, motorcycle, and tire dealers
-Books, comics, and newsstands
-Construction, gardening, and furniture supplies 
-Fashion/clothing, jewelry, and footwear stores 
-Cosmetics stores
-Grocery and convenience stores
-Beer, wine, and liquor stores
-Pharmaceutical stores 
-Tobacco stores
-Musical instrument, sports equipment, and toy stores
-Gun shops
-Online stores
-Pet and pet supply shops
-Candy stores
-Sewing supply stores 
-Hemp/marijuana stores
-Vape stores/shops
Food and hospitality  -Full-service restaurants that don’t serve alcohol
-Full service restaurants that sell alcohol -Fast-food, take-out, and deliveries
-Food trucks
-Mobile food carts
-Hotel (no casino operations)
-Camping sites/campgrounds
Manufacturing -Breweries and wineries
-Apparel and accessories manufacturing
-Candle manufacturing
-Food manufacturing
-Personal care products manufacturing
-Wood products manufacturing
-Signage makers
-Soap manufacturing
-Bread factories
Construction  -Commercial building contractors
-Frame contractors
-General contractors
-Home addition contractors
-New home contractors
-Renovation contractors 
Wholesale -Fashion and accessory wholesalers
-Automobile wholesalers
-Alcoholic beverage wholesalers
-Constructions supply wholesalers
-Food wholesalers
-Furniture wholesalers
-Tire wholesalers
-Hardware and tool wholesalers
Mining -Oil and gas ( limited to businesses engaged in exploration, excavation, and surveying, cementing, treating, and cleaning)
Arts, entertainment, and recreation  -Campgrounds
-Recreation and sports centers
-Entertainers and performers
-Musical groups
Education/consulting -Agriculture consulting firms
-Business management consulting firms
-IT consulting firms
-Economic consulting firms
-Education consulting firms
-Environmental consulting firms
-Financial management consulting firms
-Human resource consulting firms
-Manufacturing, logistics, freight, and transportation consulting firms
-Marketing consulting firms
-Safety consulting firms
-Scientific and technical consulting firms
-Driving schools
Real estate -Real estate agent offices
-Real estate broker offices
Finance -Financial advisors
-Accounting and bookkeeping firms
-Credit intermediation service firms
-Office administrative support firms
Agriculture -Farms
-Lumbermills and tree companies
-Sports hunting businesses
Transportation -Limousine
-Medical transportation (except commercial EMTs)
-Freight brokers
-Scenic cruises and land trips 
Professional and technical services -Law firms
-Residential cleaning businesses
-Commercial cleaning businesses
-Linoleum installers
-Hardwood flooring installers
-Computer repair and maintenance
-Signage erection and installation
-Lawn care technicians
-Tree service technicians
-Auto body paint and repair shops
-Car repair shops
-Truck tractor repair and maintenance shops 
-Lawn sprinkler installers
-Junk and debris removal businesses
-Garbage collection businesses
-Personal chefs
Healthcare -Physicians
-Mental health practitioners
Personal care -Barbershops
-Beauty salons
-Medical spas
-Reiki spas
-Day spas

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Policies You Can Avail from Progressive Commercial Insurance

We visited the company’s page in order to see the policies you can avail. Progressive business insurance policies are as follows:

  • Commercial liability insurance policies 

  • Commercial property insurance 

  • Business owner’s policy

  • Commercial auto insurance

  • Workers comp insurance

  • Inland marine insurance

  • Commercial truck insurance

  • Dump truck insurance

  • Box truck insurance

  • Boat insurance

Progressive Business Liability Insurance

Progressive business liability insurance shields your business from third-party claims. This is available as:

  • General liability insurance

  • Professional liability insurance

  • Cyber liability insurance

Progressive Commercial General Liability Insurance 

Bodily injury and property damage coverage per occurrence limit  $1 million
Bodily injury and property damage coverage aggregate limit  $2 million 
Products and completed operations coverage aggregate limit  $2 million 
Advertising injury coverage aggregate limit  $100,000
Medical payments coverage limit  $5,000


Progressive Commercial general liability insurance protects your business against third-party claims for bodily injuries or property damage. It covers the following costs:

  • Medical payments 

  • Settlements

  • Reimbursements for property damage

  • Defense costs and court judgments 

Progressive Commercial liability insurance doesn’t only cover claims for bodily injury or property damage. It also takes care of:

  • Your liability for products and completed operations that inflict injuries or property damage to third parties

  • Slander, libel, invasion of privacy, and copyright infringement

  • Your liability for the damage to a rented space as a result of gross negligence

Note that Progressive allows you to customize the limits of its general liability insurance in case you need to have more coverage to satisfy contract requirements. 

Another thing to remember is that you can endorse liquor liability insurance to Progressive’s general liability insurance.


Progressive Professional Liability Insurance and Cyber Liability Insurance

Progressive Commercial sells professional liability insurance that covers defense costs, settlements, and judgments if your business is sued for:

  • Negligence

  • Errors and omissions

  • Misrepresentation

  • Breach of contract

  • Breach of confidentiality 

You must understand that Progressive Commercial only sells professional liability insurance in partnership with Insureon and CommercialInsurance.Net. It doesn’t underwrite the policy. 

Progressive also sells the cyber liability insurance of its partner, CyberPolicy. This insurance takes care of the following expenses if cyber criminals or employee negligence cause a data breach:

  • Defense costs

  • Settlements

  • Public relations expenses

  • Lost income

  • Professional services needed to contain the breach

Progressive Workers Compensation Insurance

Bodily injury by accident  $500,000
Bodily injury by disease $500,000
Each employee’s bodily injury by disease $500,000

You can avail workers’ compensation insurance from Progressive. Policy limits are customizable just like the previous Progressive Commercial policy in the section above.

Workers’ compensation insurance kicks in when an employee sustains a work-related injury or disease and takes care of the following costs:

  • Ambulance fees and emergency medical treatment

  • Hospitalization

  • Rehabilitation

  • Medication

  • Lost wages

  • Death benefits 

Progressive Commercial Property Insurance

General liability per occurrence $1 million
General liability aggregate $2 million 
Commercial property minimum building coverage $25,000
Commercial property minimum contents coverage $15,000

You get Progressive Commercial property insurance if you decide to purchase a BOP. A business owner’s policy is a combination of general liability and commercial property insurance. However, it can also offer additional business insurance policies. 

Progressive Commercial Auto Insurance 

Bodily injury and property damage coverage $1 million combined single limit 
Uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage $1 million combined single limit 
Uninsured motorist property damage coverage $1 million combined single limit 
Medical payments coverage $500 (minimum)
Comprehensive physical damage coverage $5,000 (minimum)
Collision physical damage coverage $5,000 (minimum)

Purchase Progressive Commercial auto insurance if your business owns a commercial vehicle and is using it to transport goods, equipment, clients, or workforce. These are the most common vehicles you can insure with Progressive business auto insurance:

  • Business auto

  • Sports utility vehicle

  • Bus 

  • Limousine

  • For-rent motorhomes

  • Tractor-trailers

  • Box trucks

  • Food trucks

  • Cargo vans 

  • Passenger vans

  • Flatbed trucks

  • Dump trucks

  • Dump trailers

  • Car haulers

  • Dry freight trailers

  • Flatbed trailers

  • Utility trailers 

  • Bulk trailers

  • Concession trailers

  • Pole trailers 

  • Refrigerated trailers

  • Food trailers

By the way, Progressive Commercial vehicle insurance doesn’t cover the following:

  • Double-decker buses

  • Emergency vehicles

  • Monster trucks

  • Golf carts

  • Pinzgauer, Unimog, and other military vehicles

  • Wheelchair buses

  • Vehicles manufactured before 1931

Multiple drivers can be named as insured on Progressive Commercial auto policy. Moreover, you can choose how much deductibles to have on its comprehensive and physical damage coverage. 

Note that your Progressive Commercial auto insurance quote can be added with these additional coverages:

  • Hired auto liability

  • Employer non-owned auto liability

  • Motor truck cargo insurance

  • Trailer interchange insurance

  • Non-owned trailer physical damage coverage

Progressive Inland Marine Insurance

Progressive offers inland marine insurance. This is available as an endorsement to the company’s general liability insurance and is also called commercial property floater. 

With Progressive inland marine insurance, you can recoup losses if business property becomes lost or damaged during transit. This is useful for landscapers, installers, and other businesses that frequently transport specialty tools and equipment.

Progressive Commercial Truck Insurance

Motor carriers, private carriers, and owner-operators using trucks, tractors, and other similar power vehicles can get Progressive Commercial truck insurance that offers the following primary coverages:

  • Motor truck cargo-Allows you to reimburse the client if their cargo got lost or damaged during delivery 

  • Motor truck general liability-Covers cost if you’re trucking business is accused of bodily injuries, property damage, and reputational harm 

  • Non-trucking liability– Shoulders finances if your truck caused an accident and injured third parties or damaged property while being used for personal errands

  • Trailer interchange-Shoulders the repair or replacement costs for borrowed or hired trailers you’re using under trailer interchange agreement

Another specialty coverage, aside from the ones above, you can get from Progressive Commercial truck insurance quotes is rental reimbursement with downtime coverage. In brief, what this policy does is reimburse rental costs if your truck is out of commission and is being repaired. 

However, not all customers can get Progressive’s rental reimbursement with downtime coverage. Qualified customers are as follows:

  • Trucking/hauling owner-operators

  • Scrap metal, scrap auto, and recycling businesses

  • Dirt, sand, and gravel delivery/hauling businesses

  • Debris removal businesses

  • Logging businesses

Progressive CDL insurance for truckers can be endorsed with an MCS 90 endorsement. You don’t need to do this yourself. Progressive can do the MCS 90 filing on your behalf within 48 hours. 

There’s also Progressive Commercial fleet insurance. Commercial fleet insurance has all the coverage offered in commercial truck insurance. The only difference is that this can be used to cover 2 or more vehicles. Speaking of commercial fleet insurance, customers who buy this policy also decide to get bobtail insurance. Furthermore, Progressive helps all types of truckers/haulers with state filing requirements. 

Progressive Bobtail Insurance

Customers can also avail bobtail insurance with the help of a Progressive agent. This is a coverage that’s very useful for tractor-trailer owners, hotshot pickup truckers, car haulers, and other related businesses that use a trailer to transport materials, equipment, and goods. 

Progressive Box Truck Insurance

Progressive offers tailored box truck insurance for owner-operators and for-hire motor carriers using box trucks for business. The company mainly offers this insurance product to delivery and courier services, distributors/wholesalers, and retail operations. But nonetheless, small businesses that use a box truck, even just a single one, are welcome to get the coverage. Policies included are:

  • Auto liability insurance

  • Physical damage coverage

  • Motor truck cargo insurance (optional)

  • Non-trucking liability insurance (optional)

Progressive Dump Truck Insurance

Progressive’s dump truck insurance is a tailored commercial vehicle insurance product for debri-removal businesses, garbage collectors, construction companies, and others. Primary coverages are bodily injury and property damage liability. However, other optional policies are also available such as:

  • Physical damage coverage

  • Medical payments

  • Uninsured motorist coverage

  • Motor truck cargo coverage

Progressive Commercial Boat Insurance

Per person bodily injury liability  $25,000 (minimum)
Per accident liability  $50,000 (minimum)
Per property damage liability  $15,000 (minimum)
Medical payments per person $1,000 (minimum)
Uninsured boater per bodily injury  $25,000 (minimum)
Uninsured boater per accident  $50,000 (minimum)
Fishing equipment coverage $1,000 (minimum)
Comprehensive physical damage coverage $1,000 (minimum)
Collision physical damage coverage $1,000 (minimum)

Progressive Commercial boat insurance is a fast and efficient method for recouping losses if your boat spills oil, injures someone, or gets damaged. Its highlights are:

  • Provides coverage regardless of which river or lake you’re using the boat

  • Provides coverage within 75 miles away from the coast

  • Easy sign-up as you don’t need to submit a costly navigation plan or marine survey

  • Disappearing deductibles

  • Comprehensive boat hull repair coverage

Note that Progressive’s boat insurance is only available if your boat is not more than $500,000 in value and 50 feet in length. 

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Progressive Commercial: How To Retrieve Quote

Progressive Commercial allows you to get a quote online. The company doesn’t force you to purchase a policy instantly. 

You can leave your Progressive online quote and take a look at the offer of another company. The neat thing is that your progress is saved and you can retrieve your Progressive Commercial insurance quote. 

Progressive Commercial insurance quotes are very easy to retrieve. In this section, we will teach you how to do so. 

Retrieving Your Progressive Business Insurance Quote 

Step 1

To retrieve your Progressive business insurance quote, visit the Progressive Commercial website. 

After reaching the site, look for this box where you can choose different business insurance policies.

Click on retrieve a quote placed in its lower left corner.

Step 2

After doing step 1, you will be taken to this page. 

Input the following data, click the retrieve quote button,  then you’ll receive your Progressive business insurance quote once again. 

  • Type of insurance quote Progressive issued to you before

  • Quote number or email address

  • Last name

  • Zip code

Retrieving Your Boat Insurance Quote from Progressive 

Aside from the retrieval of small business insurance quote, Progressive Commercial allows you to get your boat insurance quote once again. These are the steps.

Step 1

Visit Progressive’s boat insurance page, look for the continue previous quote button, and click it. 

Step 2

After doing step 1, you’ll be taken to this page.

Provide the following details, click the retrieve quote button, and you’re all set:

  • Last name

  • Quote number or email

  • Date of birth

  • Zip code

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Progressive Commercial Insurance Cost

The table below shows the average cost of Progressive Commercial insurance policies:

Cost per Month  Cost per Year
General liability $48 $576
Professional liability  $56 $672
Business owner’s policy $101 $1,212
Commercial auto  $187 $2,244
Commercial truck insurance $640 $7,680
Boat Insurance $65.22 $782.64

Progressive Semi Truck Insurance Cost

Progressive offers specialty commercial truck coverage for motor carriers and owner-operators using semi-trucks. Primary coverages included are bodily injury liability, property damage liability, and physical damage coverage. Progressive semi-truck insurance costs $291.66 a month or $3,500 a year. 

Progressive Commercial Insurance Bundle Discount

There are different kinds of Progressive Commercial insurance bundle discounts:

  • Package discount for customers who bought a BOP

  • Commercial vehicle+personal auto discount

  • Progressive Advantage® Business Program discount

Aside from policy bundle discounts, there are other cost-saving opportunities such as:

  • Commercial driving license discount-Save up to $1,106 on commercial auto and commercial truck insurance premiums

  • Paid in full discount-Get 15% decrease in premium rates 

  • Boat multi-policy discount-Discount option available for any type of business insuring more than one boat through boat insurance

  • SmartHaul-Save $1,106 on premiums if you allow Progressive to gain access to your truck’s electronic logging device

  • Snapshot ProView-Get a 5% discount on commercial auto insurance premiums

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