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Progressive Commercial Insurance is one of the top carriers in the US providing different kinds of business insurance products to small and established businesses in all 50 states. In this guide, you’ll get to know what Progressive Commercial Insurance company has in store, how to get a quote, and how to contact. 

Progressive Commercial Overview

Pros Cons Best for  Average cost Our rating
-Assists with state filings
-Provides online quotes
-Offers commercial insurance to more than 20 types of businesses
-Tailored policies for each kind of business
-Offers discount options for commercial auto insurance
-Offers commercial boat insurance
-Some insurance quotes are not available through Progressive’s quotation tool
-Claims handling is poor
Commercial trucking businesses $53 for a $1 million general liability coverage 8/10

Progressive Business Liability Insurance

Progressive commercial ins offer small business insurance having numerous kinds of liability coverages. The primary liability coverages included in Progressive small business insurance are 

  • General liability insurance

  • Professional liability insurance

General liability insurance from Progressive covers third party:

  • Bodily injuries or property damage (property damage coverage includes property rented to you)

  • Medical payments (in case of personal injury claims)

  • Reputational harm

  • Product liability

An advantage with Progressive commercial general liability insurance is that it comes with custom deductibles. A deductible is an amount you’ll pay or have to return to the insurance company upon getting your claim approved.  Deductibles are one determinant of the cost of insurance. - the higher it is, the cheaper the premiums.  

Usually, the deductible is set at $500 or $1,000. But since Progressive commercial liability insurance deductible can be tailored to your needs, you can pay a deductible amounting to $1,500 or more. This means you’ll enjoy cheaper premiums. According to the company, its general liability insurance starts at $53 a month or $636 per year for a $1 million coverage. 

Professional liability is another Progressive commercial policy that customers avail. This coverage included in Progressive small business insurance covers claims from third parties who experienced economic or financial loss after a business committed or allegedly committed negligence, violation of good faith, misrepresentation, etc. So what’s the cost of this policy in Progressive business insurance? According to the company, its professional liability coverage is $46 per month or $552 per year for a $1 million coverage. 

Businesses or professions  that can certainly get Progressive commercial insurance quotes offering general liability coverage and professional liability coverage are:

See the full list of professions and businesses Progressive can certainly give a small business insurance quote.

Progressive also offers other liability policies that specific businesses need to comply with state insurance requirements. Optional policies included in Progressive commercial insurance quote are:

  • Liquor liability insurance

  • Employment practices liability insurance

Progressive Commercial Property Insurance

Progressive covers the tangible assets of small businesses with its commercial property insurance.  Coverage extends to immovable and movable business properties. With its commercial property insurance, Progressive protects businesses from the cost of debris removal and pollution cleanup. The company also ensures that no further costs are incurred if the business property gets stolen or damaged. Note that Progressive’s commercial property insurance is only available through its business owners policy which costs $84 per month or $1,008 per year.

Progressive Inland Marine Insurance

Progressive offers stand-alone inland marine insurance for small businesses such as landscaping companies, food trucks, contractors, and others. Progressive’s inland marine insurance is very unique as it can be endorsed to the customer’s general liability coverage. Pricing is then added to commercial general liability insurance cost.

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Progressive Commercial Auto Insurance

Progressive claims to be the number one commercial auto insurer in the United States, with more than 1 million commercial vehicles insured.  The table below shows the Progressive business auto insurance coverage and their limit:

Commercial Auto Coverage Minimum Policy Limit Minimum Deductible
Auto liability $25,000 per bodily injury,  $50,000 per accident, $20,000 per property damage $500
Physical damage coverage (collision, CAC, or comprehensive) Depends on the value of the vehicle $500
Medical payments $2,000 per person
Uninsured/underinsured motorist $50,000 per person and $100,00 per accident Depends on the location of the customer (note that Progressive doesn’t put deductibles if the customer lives in a location where a deductible is not required for uninsured/underinsured motorist)
Individual named endorsement $25,000/$50,000/$20,000 $500

Here’s a bullet that briefly discusses the functions of each Progressive commercial vehicle insurance in the above table:

  • Auto liability - If you’re commercial vehicle is at fault for a vehicular accident, this coverage included in Progressive commercial auto policy functions to cover property damage claims and bodily injury claims from third-parties

  • Physical damage coverage - Answers repair or replacement costs if your commercial vehicle got damaged in a collision, fire, lightning, and more. 

  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage - If a driver, who doesn’t have insurance or doesn’t have enough insurance, causes an accident and injures you, the passengers, or damages the commercial vehicle, uninsured/underinsured motorist can help pay for your medical costs and the passengers’ as well as repairs of your damaged vehicle

  • Individual named endorsement - An endorsement to your commercial auto insurance. Individual named endorsement allows you to cover any car you’re driving using your vehicle’s commercial insurance. 

Specialty coverage can be included in Progressive commercial auto insurance quote. These are:

  • Hired auto coverage

  • Any auto coverage

  • Non-owned car coverage

  • Drive other car coverage

  • Single deductible endorsement

So what kinds of autos does Progressive cover using its commercial auto insurance? Vehicles covered are:

  • Business auto

  • Sports utility vehicles

  • Motorhome 

  • Bus

  • Limousine

  • Trucks

  • Tractors

  • Tractor-trailers

  • Pickups

  • Passenger vans

In connection, Progressive doesn’t insure the following vehicles right now:

  • Double-decker buses

  • Wheelchair buses

  • Emergency vehicles (e.g. ambulance)

  • Exhibition vehicles (e.g. monster trucks, race cars, and drag cars)

  • Golf carts

  • Vintage vehicles

  • Military vehicles

Progressive Commercial Truck Insurance

Motor carriers, private carriers, and owner-operators using trucks, tractors, and other similar power vehicles can get Progressive commercial truck insurance quotes that include the following primary coverages:

  • Motor truck cargo - Allows you to reimburse the client if their cargo got lost or damaged during delivery 

  • Motor truck general liability - Covers cost if you’re trucking business is accused of bodily injuries, property damage, and reputational harm 

  • Non-trucking liability -  Shoulders finances if your truck caused an accident and injured third parties or damaged property while being used for personal errands

  • Trailer interchange - Shoulders the repair or replacement costs for borrowed or hired trailers you’re using under trailer interchange agreement

Another specialty coverage, aside from the ones above, you can get from Progressive is rental reimbursement with downtime coverage. In brief, what this policy does is reimburse rental costs if your truck is out of commission and is currently getting repaired. 

However, not all customers can get Progressive’s rental reimbursement with downtime coverage. Qualified customers are as follows:

  • Trucking/hauling owner-operators

  • Scrap metal, scrap auto, and recycling businesses

  • Dirt, sand, and gravel, delivery/hauling businesses

  • Debris removal businesses

  • Logging businesses

Trucking drivers can get further protection with Progressive CDL insurance, which offers the following:

  • Medical payments coverage

  • Personal injury protection coverage

There’s also Progressive commercial fleet insurance. Commercial fleet insurance has all the coverage offered in commercial truck insurance. The only difference is that this can be used to cover 2 or more vehicles. Speaking of commercial fleet insurance, customers who buy this policy also decide to get bobtail insurance. Furthermore, Progressive helps all types of truckers/haulers with state filing requirements. 

Progressive Bobtail Insurance

Customers can also avail bobtail insurance with the help of a Progressive agent. This is a coverage that’s very useful for tractor-trailer owners, hotshot pickup truckers, car haulers, and other related businesses that use a trailer to transport materials, equipment, and goods. 

Progressive Box Truck Insurance

Progressive offers tailored box truck insurance for owner-operators and for-hire motor carriers using box trucks for business. The company mainly offers this insurance product to delivery and courier services, distributors/wholesalers, and retail operations. But nonetheless, small businesses that use a box truck, even just a single one, are welcome to get the coverage. Policies included are:

  • Auto liability insurance

  • Physical damage coverage

  • Motor truck cargo insurance (optional)

  • Non-trucking liability insurance (optional)

Progressive Dump Truck Insurance

Progressive’s dump truck insurance is a tailored commercial vehicle insurance product for debri-removal businesses, garbage collectors, construction companies, and others. Primary coverages are bodily injury and property damage liability. However, other optional policies are also available such as:

  • Physical damage coverage

  • Medical payments

  • Uninsured motorist coverage

  • Motor truck cargo coverage

Progressive Semi Truck Insurance Cost

Progressive offers specialty commercial truck coverage for motor carriers and owner-operators using semi-trucks. Primary coverages included are bodily injury liability, property damage liability, and physical damage coverage. Progressive semi-truck insurance cost $291.66 a month or $3,500 a year. 

Progressive Commercial Boat Insurance

Aside from ensuring commercial trucks and other vehicles, Progressive also offers tailored insurance for boats. This insurance product is available to:

  • Fishing boats

  • Pontoon boats

  • Powerboats

  • Personal watercraft

  • Sailboats

So what are the coverages included? Commercial boat insurance from Progressive allows you to get:

  • Sign & Glide® on-water towing - Reimburses costs you’ll pay for towing and gas delivery if the boat runs out of gas while being used

  • Full replacement cost coverage - Reimburses you for the full cost of replacing parts so long as they're caused by a covered peril

  • Propulsion plus - Covers the repair or replacement costs of the boat's motor even for damages caused by wear and tear

  • Wreckage and fuel spill coverage - Covers costs if your boat sinks and authorities require you to remove the spill and haul the boat out of the water

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Progressive Commercial Insurance Bundle Discount

Progressive doesn’t offer a bundle discount on its business insurance right now. The 4% insurance discount is only available when buying auto insurance with condo insurance or renters insurance. 

However, the company offers a commercial auto insurance discount if you decide to insure two or more vehicles. Commercial vehicle discounts available are:

  • Commercial driving license discount - Save up to $1,106 on commercial auto and commercial truck insurance premiums

  • Business experience discount - Discount option available for any type of covered business operating for at least three years

  • Paid in full discount - Get 15% decrease in premium rates if you pay for the whole year

  • Boat multi-policy discount - Discount option available for any type of business insuring more than one boat through boat insurance

  • SmartHaul - Save $1,106 on premiums if you allow Progressive to again access to your truck’s electronic logging device

  • Snapshot ProView - Enroll on this and you’ll get 5% discount on commercial auto insurance premiums

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Progressive Commercial: How to Retrieve Quote 

Follow the steps below to get your Progressive business insurance quote online. Note that for specialty businesses, getting a quote is only possible through a Progressive agent. 

Step 1: Visit Progressive’s Website

Step 2: Look for the Quotes Generator on the Progressive Business Page and Choose the Insurance Product Needed from the Dropdown List and Click Get Quote (Don’t Forget Your Zip Code)

Step 3: After Doing Step 2 You’ll Be Taken to Progressive’s Quotes Generator Page, Provide Details, and You’re Good to Go 

Progressive Commercial Customer Service

Progressive Commercial Phone Number

The table below shows the different Progressive contact numbers and their functions:

Contact Number Function
1-888-806-9598 Get a Quote
1-800-444-4487 Pay a Bill or Update Your Policy
1-800-776-4737 Reporting a Claim
1-440-461-5000 Company Information
1-440-395-2298 Public Financial Information
1-440-395-0803 Media Relations

Progressive Commercial Insurance Address

Progressive’s address is The Progressive Corporation, 6300 Wilson Mills Road, Mayfield Village, Ohio 44143

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