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f you own a gym, fitness studio, or even your own personal training business, maintaining a comprehensive gym insurance policy is essential. Unfortunately, carriers see that gyms are very risky because injuries 

Even personal fitness trainers should purchase insurance for fitness classes that they guide. All it takes to ruin your business is for one student to get hurt in your class. Without gym liability insurance coverage, you could be forced to pay thousands from your own pocket for claims. 

If you’re trying to open a gym or start your training business, this is the article for you! 

Below, we’ll break down the different types of gym insurance policies that you’ll be able to purchase and explain what type of fitness clubs can benefit from each type of coverage. Then, we’ll show you some gym insurance quotes, so you have an idea of what to expect and budget for and answer some commonly asked questions regarding fitness club and training insurance. 

Let’s hit the track! 


Fitness Business Insurance: The Basics

Whether you’re looking for large fitness center insurance, small gym insurance, or you just want to purchase insurance for your home training gym, you’ll almost always need to start with a standard liability insurance policy. 

This will protect you from financial liability claims that could cost billions if you're running a gym chain. Additionally, if you employ personal trainers, you may need to purchase a workers’ comp plan if your employees are injured on the job while training another gym member. 

Gym Liability Insurance

There are several different types of liability insurance that gym owners should be aware of. Each is designed to cover different types of claims that your business could face. 

Public Liability Insurance for Gyms

Public liability insurance is easily the most common type of insurance that gyms will need. This type of coverage protects your gym from personal injury claims coming from gym members or visitors. For example, a piece of equipment could break while a member is using it, causing considerable damage. In connection, it is estimated that 459,978 people were injured while exercising or using exercise equipment in 2012.

Professional Liability Insurance for Gyms

If you offer specialty training or dietary services, then you’ll definitely want to maintain professional liability insurance. This type of insurance coverage protects you from claims if your service didn’t live up to customer expectations. 

It’s not uncommon for members to make claims against a gym if they didn’t lose weight as fast as they thought, get buffed, or become an expert yogi in a week. Whether you own a boxing gym or yoga studio, professional liability insurance will cover any claims  from complaints. 

General Liability Insurance for Gyms

General liability insurance usually combines aspects of public liability insurance along with product liability insurance (if your gym sells workout gear, clothing, or supplements). It can also protect you against small claims made by gym employees about the safety of the workplace.

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How Much Does Gym Liability Insurance Cost? 

To give you a ballpark number of what to expect for a $1,000,000/$2,000,000 ($1,000,000 per occurrence, $2,000,000 per year) general liability policy, we’ve put together a table with the average premiums charged by some of the top health club insurance providers on the market. On average, general liability insurance for gym owners costs $55 per month or $660 per year

Insurance ProviderAverage Monthly PremiumAverage Annual Premium
The Hartford$72$864
State Farm$36$432

Different actors determine how much you’ll pay for fitness club insurance policy, including:

  • The size of your gym. 

  • What type of equipment is at your gym. 

  • The city your gym is located in. 

  • How many members you have. 

  • Whether or not your gym offers childcare. 

  • Whether or not your gym offers personal training. 

To get your personalized fitness studio insurance policy quote, simply click the ‘Get Quotes’ button below, enter some information about your gym, and you’ll receive customized quotes from reputable small business insurance companies. 

How Much Does Personal Training Insurance Cost

Personal training insurance or personal training studio insurance more affordable than insuring an entire gym. Since you’ll be working one-on-one with clients or teaching group fitness classes, the risk of claims is significantly reduced compared to a large gym with hundreds of members coming in and out every day. 

The average cost of a $1,000,000/$2,000,000 general liability insurance policy for personal trainers is $30 per month or $360 per year. Here are the average rates charged by popular personal training insurance providers. 

Insurance ProviderAverage Monthly PremiumAverage Annual Premium
State Farm$31$372

Specialty Gym Insurance Rates

In the table above, we looked at the average general liability rates of fitness center insurance policies. Those quotes assume that you’re operating a standard gym with a few dumbbells, treadmills, and some cable machines. 

What about if you own a specialty gym like boxing gyms, MMA gyms, or climbing gyms?. Below, we’ll go over the average rates of liability insurance for these psecialty gyms. 

Boxing Gym Insurance Cost 

If you own a boxing gym, then you’ll have to pay extra as there's a higher risk of injuries. The same goes for martial arts gym insurance and MMA gym insurance as well. The average insurance cost for martial arts studios, MMA and boxing gym insurance is $87 per month or $1,044 per year for a $1m general liability insurance policy. As always, your rates are depending on the size of your studio, the number of members, location and other risk assessment factors. 

Crossfit Gym Insurance Cost

Crossfit is a popular exercise style that incorporates aspects of powerlifting, high-intensity aerobics, plyometrics, and even acrobatics. Popular crossfit exercises often involve dangerous exercises like climbing 30-foot-tall ropes or jumping onto high boxes. While trainers may do their best to decrease the overall risk factor associated with crossfit training, there’s always a high possibility of bodily injury claims. 

That said, the average crossfit gym insurance cost is about $58.5 per month or $702 per year. 

Climbing Gym Insurance Cost

Climbing gyms are designed to give members the experience of rock climbing without having to take a trip to the closest mountain cliff. They typically feature large climbing walls, hard-to-maneuver obstacles, and may include additional training equipment. Unfortunately, while safety precautions are usually taken seriously, there’s often a possibility for equipment malfunction or dangerous slip-and-fall accidents that can result in broken bones or even death. 

The average climbing gym insurance cost is $72 per month, or $864 per year.

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How to Get Cheap Commercial Gym Insurance

If you’re ready to get your free gym insurance quote, then click the ‘Get Quotes’ button at this page! After following the process and entering some basic information about your gym, you’ll receive a generous amount of competitive, customized gym insurance quotes online from top gym insurers. Then, you’ll be able to compare and contrast rates and coverage options from the best gym insurance companies to figure out which insurance option is best for your gym business. 

Comparing gym insurance quotes online is the best way to make sure that you find cheap commercial gym insurance! 

Fitness Industry Insurance F.A.Q

Before we end this discussion,  let’s answer some frequently asked questions about fitness industry insurance rates and coverage types. So hopefully, if  there are questions we didn’t answer before,  we hope that you’ll find an answer below! 

Is Personal Training Business Insurance the Same as Gym Business Insurance? 

Personal training business insurance is usually a good bit cheaper than gym business insurance. This is because, in a fitness club, you’re also purchasing insurance for gym facilities and equipment that increase the risk of injury or property damage claims that could be brought against you and your business. 

Do I Need Insurance to Teach Fitness Classes at a Gym? 

It depends on whether you’re an employee of the gym or a self-employed fitness instructor contracted by the gym. If you work for a gym, then you should be covered under your gym’s umbrella policy. On the other hand, if you’re contracted to instruct classes at a gym as an independent instructor, then you’ll need to purchase gym instructor insurance to cover your classes. 

Does 24-Hour Gym Insurance Cost More? 

If you run a gym that’s open 24 hours, then you may pay slightly higher rates for your insurance coverage. This is due to the fact that the gym is open for business for a greater amount of time, thus increasing the overall risk. Additionally, there may not be enough staff to watch over members late at night, increasing the risk even further. 

Do You Need Insurance for Online Fitness Classes? 

If you own a business teaching online fitness classes, it’s good to purchase online fitness insurance. This will protect you against personal injury claims from students who follow your instruction and professional liability claims from disgruntled students who weren’t willing to put in the work and didn’t get the results they wanted. 

Do You Need Home Gym Insurance? 

If you train clients at your home gym, then you’ll want to purchase a home gym business insurance policy. This will protect you from claims by your clients that they were injured at your home gym. Personal gym insurance may seem like overkill to some, but it’s usually quite affordable and can save you a lot of headaches from disgruntled or injured clients. 

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