Home Gym Insurance: Cost & Quotes From $11/mo

The private gym you own at home where students visit for personal training sessions can be insured. After all, insurance isn’t only for businesses that operate outside but also for those that can thrive within a condo, house, garage, or any other personal property of the owner. 

Your home gym, similar to the usual gym, faces a lot of risks. For one, a student might sustain injuries due to the wrongful use of pec fly machines, leg press machines, leg extension machines, and other fitness equipment. Your business can be also held liable for the negligence and inexperience of hired independent fitness coaches. And if your home gym caters to online personal training sessions, then it’s likely for a cyberattack to happen. 

Home gym business insurance grants comprehensive protection against such unfortunate accidents. This is designed for different home gyms fitness activities, such as barre or crossfit. Read this guide to know what policies are included, the cost of premiums, and which companies to work with. 

Home Gym Liability Insurance

General liability and professional liability policies are the two types of home gym liability insurance. These two grant protection against specific claims that students and other third parties can file against you.

Home Gym General Liability Insurance

CoverWalletNEXT (Best)ThimbleHiscox
Per occurrence limit$1,000,000$500,000/$2,000,000$1,000,000/$2,000,000$300,000/$1,000,000
Aggregate limit$2,000,000$500,000/$2,000,000$1,000,000/$2,000,000$300,000/$2,000,000
Products and completed operations aggregate limit$2,000,000
Advertising injury coverage aggregate limit$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Tenant’s legal liability coverage limit$100,000
Waiver of subrogation included?YesNoIncludedCan be included
Hired/non-owned auto liability coverage included?YesNoExcludedCan be included
Equipment breakdown floater included?NoYesYesCan be included

Students can experience accidents while in your home gym. General liability insurance for home gym will have your back if they file a claim for bodily injuries or property damage. By having this, you can easily cover the cost for medical treatment, refund the student’s damaged property, pay for legal defense, and satisfy court judgments. Use the table above to see which insurance company offers the best general liability insurance.

What Common Situations in My Home Gym Can General Liability Insurance Cover?

The following are the common setbacks that may happen in your gym, which general liability insurance caters to:

  • A student slips and falls

  • A student accidentally let’s go of a dumbbell and injures another student

  • Defective gym equipment inflicts bodily injuries or property damage to a student

  • A student falls on his face while running on the treadmill

Can General Liability Insurance Help if Hired Fitness Coaches Sustain Injuries or Property Damage?

The answer depends on your relationship with the hired fitness coach. If he or she is hired as an independent contractor, then general liability insurance can help. On the other hand, if the fitness coach is hired as an employee who receives regular salary from you, then anything bad that happens falls out of the scope of general liability insurance.

Professional Liability Insurance for Home Gyms

CoverWallet (Best)NEXTThimbleHiscox
Per occurrence limit$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000/$2,000,000$1,000,000
Aggregate limit$2,000,000$2,000,000$1,000,000/$2,000,000$1,000,000
Name additional insureds?YesYesYesYes
Waiver of subrogation included?YesNoYesCan be included
Sexual misconduct coverage included?NoNoNoNo

Purchase professional liability insurance to cover your home gym against claims for negligence, violation of good faith, violation of fair dealing, breach of contract, inaccurate advice, and other covered perils. With this insurance, you can reimburse the financial losses of the claimant, pay for legal defense, and meet court judgments. Use the table above to see which insurance company offers the best professional liability insurance.

What Common Situations in My Home Gym Can Professional Liability Insurance Cover?

Here are some situations where professional liability insurance can help your home gym:

  • The student files a claim after a training regimen didn’t bring unexpected results and aggravated an existing bodily condition instead

  • The student wants your home gym to take responsibility for the failure of the fitness coach to supervise and provide accurate advice

  • The student accuses your home gym of using misleading marketing materials to drive sales

Can Professional Liability Insurance Cover Sexual Harassment Claims?

Professional liability insurance doesn’t cover sexual harassment and molestation by default. For coverage to apply, you need to introduce a sexual harassment endorsement. With this added, professional liability insurance will cover settlements, defense costs, and court judgments if an instructor of your home gym made unwanted sexual advances to a student.

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Commercial Property Insurance for Home Gyms

CoverWalletNEXTThimble (Best)Hiscox
Building coverage limit (minimum)$50,000$25,000$25,000/$500,000$25,000
Contents coverage limit (minimum)$50,000$25,000$25,000/$500,000$15,000
Outdoor signsExcluded$2,500ExcludedIncluded
Accounts receivableExcludedExcluded$5,000/$10,000Included
Money and securitiesExcluded$2,500$1,000Included
Lock and keysExcluded$2,500ExcludedIncluded
Business interruption floaterExcludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Equipment breakdown floaterExcludedIncludedExcludedIncluded
Inland marine insurance floaterExcludedExcluded$10,000Excluded
Employee dishonesty floaterExcluded$5,000$2,500Excluded

You might think of commercial property insurance coverage for commercial offices, brick-and-mortar-stores, rented or leased spaces, and other locations where a business is traditionally operated.

Times have changed and a business can now operate in one’s own home. Because of this, you can now purchase a commercial property policy that’s designed to cover a house, condo, garage, or any other private space where your home gym is located. Use the table above to see which insurance company offers the best commercial property insurance.

How Does Commercial Property Insurance Help Your Home Gym?

Commercial property insurance helps by reimbursing financial losses if your home gym gets destroyed or damaged by fire, theft, vandalism, and other covered perils. Your dumbbells, leg presses, and other fitness equipment are also covered.

Are the Properties of My Students Covered?

No. Commercial property insurance has a care, custody, and control exclusion. This means that you can’t use this policy to recover the value of the fitness equipment and personal devices of students that got damaged or lost while under your care.

Business Owner’s Policy for Home Gyms

CoverWalletNEXT (Best)ThimbleHiscox
General liability aggregate limit$2,000,000$500,000/$2,000,000$1,000,000/$2,000,000$300,000/$2,000,000
Commercial property coverage limit$50,000$100,000$25,000/$500,000$25,000
Optional policies can be added?YesYesYesYes
Name additional insureds for free?YesYesYesYes
BOP discount?YesYesYesYes

After spending money on retrofitting your garage or basement into a home gym, the last thing you need is to incur high costs on insurance. Taking out a business owner's policy (BOP) can help home gym owners and personal trainers save money.

A standard BOP combines general liability coverage and commercial property insurance into one package, usually offered at a lower cost than purchasing the two policies individually. Other BOP options may also include business interruption coverage–an insurance policy designed to compensate you for any lost revenue and other expenses you might incur if you're forced to close your home gym because of a covered event; For example, natural disaster, fire, theft, or vandalism.

Tools and Equipment Insurance for Home Gyms

NEXT (Best)ThimbleHiscox
Aggregate limit$3,000/$10,000$2,500/$5,000$15,000/$25,000
Covers hired and borrowed equipment?$3,000/$10,000$2,500/$5,000No
Miscellaneous equipment also covered?$5,000/$10,000NoYes
Offered as an endorsement to general liability insurance?YesYesYes

You can use tools and equipment insurance to avoid using your personal money if gym equipment gets damaged or destroyed. If gym equipment needs to be replaced or repaired due to theft, vandalism, operator error, or mechanical breakdown, tools and equipment insurance will cover expenses up to the limits stated on its terms. Use the table above to see which insurance company offers the best tools and equipment insurance for home gyms.

Can I Use Tools and Equipment Insurance to Replace Gym Equipment With Factory Defects?

No. Tools and equipment insurance doesn’t cover gym equipment with inherent product defects. Also, coverage doesn’t apply to damage or destruction caused by normal wear and tear.

Other Types of Home Gym Business Insurance Policies

The policies above are the most useful types of home gym insurance when running a home gym business. However, consider investing in these policies for additional protection:

  • Workers' compensation insurance–If you've employed other fitness instructors in your home gym business, you must also ensure your employees are covered in case of injuries and lost income they might suffer while providing fitness coaching services. If you have a workers' compensation scheme, your insurance company will cover the medical costs, lost wages, and other employee benefits.

  • Cyber liability insurance–Cyber Liability insurance can help if you own a website where clients can book training schedules in your home gym. When your site is breached, this insurance will cover the cost for containment, recovery of lost data, credit and fraud monitoring, as well as legal defense costs

  • Products and completed operations insurance-This caters to bodily injuries or property damage that students sustain after attending a fitness session held at your home gym. Products and completed operations insurance for home gym insurance is included as an add-on to general liability coverage.

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Home Gym Insurance Cost

Cost per MonthCost per YearDeductible
General liability insurance$30$360$0-$500
Professional liability insurance$45$540$500-$1,000
Commercial property insurance$60$720$1,000-$2,000
Business owner’s policy$90$1,080$1,000-$2,000
Cyber liability insurance$40$480$1,000-$3,000
Workers compensation insurance$118$1,416$2,000-$5,000
Tools and equipment insuranceDepends on the value of gym equipment to be insuredDepends on the value of gym equipment to be insured$1,000

The average home gym insurance cost is $30 per month or $360 per year for a $1 million general liability policy. Note that the majority of insurance companies cover home gyms under their online personal trainer insurance or gym insurance programs. Factors that determine the cost of premiums are:

  • Your home's location

  • Your home gym equipment's value 

  • Deductibles

  • Policy limits

  • Types of insurance purchased

Additionally, providers usually offer discounted rates on home gym insurance to customers who take steps to mitigate their risks or invest more in insurance. Some of these measures include:

  • Raising their deductible

  • Bundling policies

  • Updating their insurance policies regularly

  • Joining a professional association

  • Maintaining an excellent safety record

  • Attending safety and training courses

Here’s another table showing the cost of a $1 million general liability policy from the recommended insurance companies:

Cost per MonthCost per YearBest for
NEXT$11$132Best overall; Fastest general liability insurance for home gyms
Insure Fitness Group$14.90$178.80Home gym businesses looking for industry-specific, tailored coverage
CoverWallet$15$180Comparing home gym insurance quotes over the phone
Tivly$17$204Comparing insurance quotes for home gyms over the phone
Thimble$20$240On demand coverage for home gyms
Hiscox$22$264Insurance for home gyms with automatic renewal

Different insurance companies provide different coverages, discounts, and exclusions. Therefore, it would be best to shop around and compare home gym insurance quotes to ensure you're getting the best coverage at the most affordable rates. Start by clicking the “Get Quotes” button on this page. 

Compare Cheap Home Gym Insurance Quotes Online

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Best Home Gym Insurance Companies

There are wide-ranging providers you can choose for your home gym insurance coverage. If you're looking for the best home gym insurance companies, the carriers below might be it. Read some of the reviews below to know their pros, cons, and rate for a $1 million general liability policy. 

NEXT Home Gym Insurance 


  • Best overall

  • Issues an online proof of insurance instantly

  • Fastest general liability insurance for home gyms

  • Great customer service and reputation

  • Excellent rates

  • Outstanding value for money

  • Get a 10% discount if you buy two or more policies 


  • Couldn’t find any

Established in 2016, NEXT is a digital-centric insurer that purely sells its home gym insurance policies online. The company provides specialized coverage, including general liability,  workers' compensation, commercial property insurance, and professional liability. It offers these policies in three levels to fit the unique needs of your business. 

With NEXT, you can easily access quotes, manage your policy, and even add additional insureds online, all at no extra charge. So, if you want a user-friendly and customizable insurance solution for your business, NEXT may be the right choice for you.

While the company is a relative newcomer in the industry, it vaunts an excellent rating from AM Best for financial stability. In addition, it handles and settles all claims independently, unlike other internet-based providers who rely on their parent companies. 

Best for: Best overall; Fastest general liability insurance for home gyms 

Average cost: $11 per month 

Our rating: 10/10

CoverWallet Home Gym Insurance


  • Compare home gym insurance quotes online

  • General liability insurance for home gyms comes with a waiver of subrogation and equipment coverage

  • Cancel your policies anytime with no charges

  • Broad-form cyber liability insurance


  • Not an insurance company but an insurance broker 

CoverWallet can cover your gym through its gym and fitness insurance packages. Note that the policies you’ll get won’t come from CoverWallet itself. Instead, they’ll come from partners such as Chubb, Liberty Mutual, or Hiscox. 

To get covered, you need to use this company’s online platform to get quotes and compare. Once you find the best coverage, CoverWallet the finalization of the purchase online or through an agent. By the way, here’s a quick glimpse of the policies available:

  • $1 million-$2 million general liability insurance

  • $1 million professional liability insurance

  • $2 million cyber liability insurance

  • $50,000 commercial property insurance 

  • Workers compensation insurance

  • Business owner’s policy

Best for: Comparing home gym insurance quotes over the phone

Average cost: $15 per month

Our rating: 10/10

Tivly Home Gym Insurance


  • Compare quotes over the phone

  • A partner of many reputable insurance companies 

  • Responsive customer service


  • You need to call to get a quote

Tivly covers home gyms through its personal trainer insurance package. Policies offered are general liability, professional liability, workers compensation, and business owner’s policy. You need to call a representative to compare quotes over the phone and get an idea of the specific policy limits. 

Best for: Comparing insurance quotes for home gyms over the phone

Average cost: $17 per month

Our rating: 10/10

Thimble Home Gym Insurance


  • General liability insurance is available as a short-term policy

  • Numerous endorsements can be added to general liability and business owner’s policy

  • On-demand coverage

  • Quick to issue an estimate of your rates 


  • You can’t reach customer service by calling 

You can purchase Thimble’s gym insurance package as a coverage for your home gym. This offers general liability insurance, business owner’s policy, and workers' compensation insurance. Your business owner’s policy and general liability policy from this company offers numerous endorsements, such as cyber liability, hired/non-owned auto liability coverage, and customer property coverage. 

Best for: On-demand coverage for home gyms

Average cost: $20 per month

Our rating: 9/10

Hiscox Home Gym Insurance


  • Automatic policy renewal

  • Waiver of subrogation can be added to general liability and professional liability insurance

  • Numerous upgrades to your coverage are available

  • Fast to process claims 


  • Low limits on its business owner’s policy 

Hiscox doesn’t have a home gym insurance package. However, you can still work with this company by going for its personal training insurance program. Policies offered are general liability, professional liability, cyber liability, and business owner’s policy. Similar to Thimble, Hiscox allows you to add numerous endorsements to your coverage. However, this company might be better because your policy automatically renews every year. 

Best for: Insurance for home gyms with automatic renewal

Average cost: $22 per month

Our rating: 9/10

Insure Fitness Group Home Gym Insurance


  • Group insurance plans typically cheaper than individual plans

  • More extensive coverage than single policies

  • It's easy to enroll in a group plan

  • Online quotes available 


  • Non-members may not get insurance coverage

If you're a home gym business owner looking for an insurer with in-depth industry knowledge, networking opportunities, and additional risk management resources, look no further than Insure Fitness Group. 

The company underwrites business insurance exclusively to fitness professionals, including home gym owners and personal trainers. The insurer's tailored gym insurance includes various policies, including general liability coverage, product liability, E&O insurance, stolen equipment, and rental damage insurance. 

Like most insurance companies, Fitness Group enables customers to obtain quotes, purchase business policies, and manage their coverages online. Besides, members get exclusive discounts, valuable risk-management resources, and other industry-related perks.  

Best for: Home gym businesses looking for industry-specific, tailored coverage

Average cost: $14.90 per month

Our rating: 8/10

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