Crossfit Coach Insurance: Quotes From $11/month

As a CrossFit coach, chances are that you are wholly focused on your trainees and the business. As such, it is probable that thoughts of CrossFit coach insurance have taken a back burner. 

This is detrimental given that the average cost of a fitness liability claim is $29,582.53. For any business, paying this cost out of pocket could take a toll on the finances. Consider getting insured just like dance instructors and pilates instructors

CrossFit trainer insurance helps you save face and cushions you from the financial strain attached to claims filed by your trainees and other aggrieved third parties. It will also cover the damage or destruction of gym equipment.

This article dives a little deeper into the nuances of CrossFit coach insurance with the hope of equipping you with sufficient knowledge to build or purchase a custom CrossFit coach insurance policy for your brand.

Crossfit Coach Liability Insurance 

One of the most responsible choices you can make for your brand and your clients is purchasing CrossFit coach liability insurance. Some of the common liability risks that you are susceptible to as a CrossFit coach include the following: 

  • A trainee dropping weights on their foot, resulting in a broken toe

  • Spilled liquid or misplaced equipment on the floor causes a client or a member of the public using the shared space to slip or fall

These are just a few examples of situations where you could end up being dragged into expensive lawsuits. It would be best to keep in mind that an aggrieved client or member of the public could potentially file a claim against you and your business, even when the said claim is frivolous. 

Similar to sports coaching or football coaching, CrossFit coaching involves strenuous physical activity which could be dangerous. Unfortunately, no matter how much effort you put into managing the risk, you can never really eliminate it. During class or in a competition, someone will most likely get injured. If they were to believe that you were responsible for the bodily injury they suffered, there’s quite the likelihood that they’ll sue.

With CrossFit coach general liability insurance, you do not have to fret at the thought of this eventuality. The cover steps in paying the medical expenses resulting from the bodily injury that occurred due to CrossFit-related activities. 

Whether they claim lower back pain and strain, neck pain, anterior knee pain, wrist strain, hernias, or tennis elbow injuries, the cover sorts out all resulting medical expenses so that you do not have to pay out of pocket. Overall, general liability insurance covers the following:

  • Medical payments 

  • Reimbursement for property damage

  • Legal defense costs

  • Court judgments


What if you are accused of slandering another business while conducting your CrossFit coaching-related activities? You and your business will likely come under fire which is why you need slander protection. General liability insurance can be used for this purpose. 

Finally, while growing your CrossFit coaching brand, you will often use pictures and videos to highlight your services with the aim of informing your customers what you are doing and hopefully pulling them in as potential trainees. 

If you were to use these images and videos without the appropriate permission from their owners, you could be sued for improper image use or copyright infringement. Copyright infringement is an additional exposure covered in the terms of general liability insurance.

Professional Liability Insurance for CrossFit Coaches

When clients hire you as their CrossFit coach of choice, they expect that you are a certified coach that will help them with their fitness goals. They are also looking to you for fitness advice and help inside and outside the facility. 

Unfortunately, there will be claims that you might have given the wrong advice or encouraged them to do something that essentially ends up in harm. In such an instance, given their investment and subsequent disappointment, they will likely sue for negligence or failure to deliver as per the contract.

If you were to be found liable for misinformation that resulted in harm to your client medically, financially, or in any capacity, professional liability insurance for CrossFit coaches steps in. The policy covers any damage costs and reimbursements on your behalf and that of your employees. 

Professional indemnity policy for crossfit instructors, zumba instructors, and aerobics instructors further steps in to help with settling the legal costs arising from the claim. Note that, professional liability insurance also protects you and your CrossFit coaching business against claims of breach of confidentiality, violation of good faith, violation of fair dealing, etc. 

Evidently, CrossFit coach liability insurance is a must-have if you are to survive in today’s litigious sports culture. This doesn’t mean that general liability and professional indemnity insurance make up the full CrossFit coach insurance package. There are additional policies that you should consider adding to create a claim-proof front for your CrossFit coaching business. 

Excess Liability Insurance for CrossFit Coaches

There will be situations whereby your general liability insurance is insufficient when it comes to providing coverage for the accidents and incidents that occur during your CrossFit coaching. In this case, you are going to need excess liability insurance. The latter increases your liability limit and essentially reduces the chances of you having to pay for damages out of pocket.

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Commercial Property Insurance for Crossfit Coaches

Similar to spin instructors and barre instructors, you need property protection if you have an office or gym where you conduct your CrossFit coaching. If you host a number of events with a significant number of participants, a lot of unexpected damage can happen. Ultimately, this will result in significant financial losses on your part.

Commercial property insurance sees to it that you can continue as if nothing happened. This insurance reimburses the replacement cost of the space you own or lease as a CrossFit coach. Coverage applies when your building gets damaged or destroyed because of:

  • Fire

  • Theft

  • Vandalism

  • Sinkhole collapse

  • Lightning

  • Impact

  • Aircraft

  • Vehicle

  • Volcanic action

  • Other covered perils


Note that commercial property insurance will also provide help if valuables inside your building such as equipment and computers get damaged or lost due to the perils we mentioned above. 

Commercial property insurance might provide separate amounts of reimbursement for accounts receivable, off-premises business property, lost or damaged credit cards, and damaged utility services. 

Gear And Equipment Insurance for CrossFit Coaches

A policy you should consider adding to your CrossFit coach insurance package is gear and equipment coverage. This policy for CrossFit, fitness instructors, and yoga instructors protects everything from your safety gear to your weights in the event that these are stolen or damaged. The policy caters to the cost of repair or replacement and might even meet the cost of renting or leasing third-party gear or equipment as you await the repair or replacement of yours. 

Workers Compensation Insurance for Crossfit Coaches 

As will often be the case, your CrossFit coaching business will likely have a full staff. If this is the case, you are going to need workers’ compensation insurance. Note that workers’ compensation insurance is mandatory if you have one or more employees. Failure to get this insurance will result in fines, lawsuits, or cease-and-desist orders. 

If any of your employees were to get injured while on the job, workers comp insurance helps the injured employee secure money for their medical bills, missed wages replacement, disability benefits, and even death benefits. On your end, the workers’ compensation policy for CrossFit trainers, private personal trainers, and online personal trainers helps reduce your liability for work-related injuries and illnesses.

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Crossfit Coach Insurance Cost

General liability insurance for CrossFit coaches costs $29 per month or $348 per year for a $1 million coverage. To determine the CrossFit coach insurance cost, the providers consider your: 

  • Gross revenue 

  • Value of the property you intend to insure 

  • Number of clients working with you 

  • Perceived risk factors 

The key to getting the right insurance plan for your business is finding the best fit for your CrossFit coaching business needs.  What you need to look for is coverage that fits your risk level without having to pay for policies that offer little value for money. 

To provide you with a better perspective, here’s a breakdown of what you’d pay in premiums from the best CrossFit coach insurance companies:


Cost per Month Cost per Year Best for
NEXT $11 $132 Best overall;Fastest general liability insurance for CrossFit coaches
CoverWallet $15 $180 CrossFit coach insurance quotes comparison online
Tivly $17 $204 Comparing CrossFit coach insurance quotes over the phone
Thimble $20 $240 Flexible, scalable insurance policies
Hiscox $23 $276 General liability insurance with worldwide coverage for CrossFit instructors
Insurance Canopy $26.50 $318.00 Cyber liability coverage


Compare Cheap Crossfit Coach Insurance Quotes Online

Get all the best quotes from leading providers in a click of a button!

Best Crossfit Coach Insurance Companies 

When looking to purchase CrossFit coach insurance, chances are you are in search of a provider that offers sensational value and true peace of mind. To aid your search, here’s a list of the best CrossFit coach insurance companies in the market today. Read to know their pros, cons, and rate for a $1 million general liability insurance. 


NEXT Crossfit Coach Insurance


  • Best overall

  • Get an online proof of insurance and send as a text message, email, or social media post

  • Fastest general liability insurance for CrossFit coaches

  • Great customer service and reputation

  • Issues an online proof of insurance instantly

  • Outstanding value for money

  • Bundle two or more insurance policies and get a 10% discount



  • Couldn’t find any

NEXT, in partnership with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, is among the best providers for CrossFit coach insurance. This policy covers both general and professional liability for $11 per month or $132 annually. The highest limit offered of $2 million occurrence limit and $4 million aggregate costs, on average, $379.59 monthly. You could also add equipment coverage for an additional $79 per month. 

Best for: Best overall; Fastest general liability insurance for CrossFit coaches

Average cost: $11 per month

Our rating: 10/10

CoverWallet Crossfit Coach Insurance


  • Stable rates

  • Cancel a policy anytime

  • Name additional insureds on your policy for free

  • Terrorism coverage included in general liability insurance


  • Not an insurance company but an insurance broker 

CoverWallet doesn’t have a CrossFit coach insurance program. Instead, you get covered through this company’s insurance package for sports and recreation instructors or fitness and recreation centers. 

Policies you can get from CoverWallet are general liability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, commercial property insurance, and more. 

Use this company’s online quotes comparison tool to find the best offers at the most reasonable rates. Note that CoverWallet isn’t an underwriter but sells the quotes from different companies instead. 

Best for: CrossFit coach insurance quotes comparison online

Average cost: $15 per month

Our rating: 10/10

Tivly Crossfit Coach Insurance


  • Responsive customer service

  • Call and compare CrossFit insurance quotes over the phone

  • A partner of many reputable insurance companies


  • You need to call to get a quote 

Tivly can provide coverage if no insurance company is willing to insure you. It can also help you find the best options, just like what CoverWallet does. Tivly assigns a representative who will evaluate your insurability and discuss coverage options. Call Tivly now to compare CrossFit coach insurance quotes over the phone and get covered. 

Best for: Comparing CrossFit coach insurance quotes over the phone

Average cost: $17 per month

Our rating: 10/10

Thimble Crossfit Coach Insurance


  • Fast policy application and claims handling through the Thimble app 

  • Thimble’s CrossFit coach insurance covers damages to your equipment 

  • Certificate of Insurance (COI) and other policy documents are delivered to your inbox immediately following a request 


  • Customer support is only available online 

For CrossFit coach insurance, Thimble allows you to choose a policy limit of either $1 million or $2 million. The limit you choose depends on your needs and the risks you’d like to be insured against. Thimble insists on customizing each quote and, as such, isn’t forthcoming with how much their standard CrossFit coach insurance package costs. However, at the cheapest policy package, you get cover for:

  • Third-party, non-employee bodily injury 

  • Third-party property damage 

  • Defense costs 

  • Errors and omissions 

What stands out about Thimble’s CrossFit coach insurance offering is that you can get an insurance policy by the hour, day, or monthly, all done in 60 seconds. This is especially handy for CrossFit trainers who do not have training sessions throughout and only land contracts on the fly. 

Best for: Flexible, scalable  insurance policies 

Average cost: $20 per month 

Our rating: 9/10

Hiscox Crossfit Coach Insurance


  • 14-day money-back guarantee

  • Dedicated claims adjusters for quick approval or rejection of claims

  • 5% discount if you bundle two or more insurance products


  • Poor customer reviews

Similar to CoverWallet, Hiscox doesn’t have a CrossFit coach insurance program. Instead, you get covered through this company’s instructor’s insurance package that offers general liability, cyber liability, business owner’s policy, and workers compensation insurance. 

Best for: General liability insurance with worldwide coverage for CrossFit instructors

Average cost: $23 per month

Our rating: 10/10

Insurance Canopy Crossfit Coach Insurance


  • Customizable policies 

  • Instant coverage in less than 10 minutes after application 

  • Flexible payments made either once a year or monthly 

  • Policy available to CrossFit coaches in all 50 states, including Washington, DC 


  • Theft of equipment is not covered 

  • Policyholders do not get an identity protection plan 

The Insurance Canopy team brings over a decade of experience in the CrossFit coaching world. They leverage this experience to customize a policy for your business to cater to the specific needs you have.  You get the following:

  • General and professional liability coverage with an aggregate limit of $3,000,000 and per occurrence limit of $2,000,000

  • Products and completed operations coverage with an aggregate limit of $3,000,000

  • Personal and advertising injury coverage 

  • Damage to premises rented to you of up to $300,000

  • Medical expense limit of $5,000


Policyholders can then choose to add on additional coverage, including: 

  • Gear and equipment coverage with a limit of $2,000

  • Cyber liability coverage with a $100,000 limit


Insurance Canopy CrossFit coach insurance starts as low as $26.50 monthly or $318  annually.

Best for: Cyber liability coverage 

Average cost: $26.50 per month 

Our rating: 9/10 

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