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People will always hold celebrations, ceremonies, and parties. If you’re a professional planning and organizing events for families, organizations, and businesses, don’t leave yourself open to exposure. Get protection through event planner insurance.

Event planner insurance is also known as event management, party planner, and event organiser insurance. But regardless of how it’s called, this has the same function - provide protection against lawsuits, business property damage, loss of income, and other exposures.

Event management insurance isn’t an insurance policy on its own. In truth, it is composed of different business insurance products for event planners. That’s said, let’s take a look at the different types of insurance for event planners.

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Types of Insurance for Event Planners

There are various event planner insurance coverage available depending on what exposure you want covered.  

It’s always a good idea to think about what are the most common risks you have to deal with as an event planner when getting insurance. While it’s possible for you to get all types of insurance for event planners, doing so might do more harm than good because some insurance policies might not be very useful for you.

Liability policies are the most essential insurance for event planners.  Aside from these, insurance companies will also suggest you get commercial property insurance, workers compensation insurance, commercial auto insurance, and other types of business insurance for event planners.

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Event Planner Liability Insurance

Event planner liability insurance comes in different types and is one of the most popular forms of insurance coverage because it provides a trusty shield against third-party claims. General liability insurance, public liability insurance, and professional liability insurance are the most common liability insurance policies for event planners.  


Event Planner General Liability Insurance

As an event planner, you take charge of the event. You coordinate with vendors, labor personnel, and individuals to decorate venues, prepare food,  install lighting, and set the stage up. You never know what problematic things can happen while the event is being realized. Consider the following situations:

  • While a technician is installing an equipment, he or she might fall from a height and sustain injuries

  • A client came to check your progress and accidentally tripped over something resulting in minor cuts and bruises 

  • One of the lightings that a technician installed got loose and dropped on someone

  • An electrical wire of the sound system suddenly caught fire and damaged a structure of the event venue 

The above situations are very troublesome as the aggrieved persons can sue you for property damage or personal injuries. Consider getting general liability insurance because it will provide tremendous help. 

General liability insurance is a common inclusion in the event organizer insurance plans of carriers. Its job is to shield you against the costs of personal injury claims and property damage claims filed by third parties. Here’s how general liability insurance works in practice:

  • General liability insurance will cover or reimburse the medical expenses of a third party who sues you for personal injuries 

  • General liability insurance will refund the losses of a third party who sues you for property damage 

  • General liability insurance doesn’t only compensate for injuries or damages on your behalf. You can use this insurance to pay for legal expenses such as attorney fees, administrative costs, etc.

You can add optional policies to general liability insurance so that it covers other perils aside from personal injuries or property damage claims. Common add-ons to general liability insurance are:

  • Products and completed operations coverage-Products and completed operations coverage will cover attorney fees, settlements, and other legal expenses when a client sustained property damage or injuries due to a service you delivered and decides to file a claim

  • Advertising injury coverage-Advertising injury coverage provides protection when you’re sued for slander, libel, and copyright infringement by covering attorney fees, administrative costs, settlements, and other legal expenses 

  • Rented premises liability coverage-The owner can run after you if the venue sustains damage during  the activities of the event. And so, consider adding rented premises liability coverage to general liability insurance because it will refund the owner of the damaged venue on your behalf 

Note that general liability insurance only covers claims filed by third parties against you. Third parties,as used in the language of general liability insurance, pertains to:

  • Clients

  • The guests or attendees of the event

  • Hired labor not signing a contract with you 

  • Other individuals not considered as employees 

So how much insurance money does general liability insurance give? Typically, the general liability insurance for event planners provides $1 million - $2 million, which is the minimum amount of coverage most clients require. But still, there are insurance companies underwriting general liability insurance providing $100,000 - $500,000 minimum coverage. 

Professional Liability Insurance for Event Planners 

An event planner like you assumes a lot of functions. You plan the event, get in touch with clients, manage labor, and many more.  Performing a lot of tasks increases the likelihood of committing oversights. And if your oversights inflict financial or economic losses, trust that clients will hold you responsible. 

General liability insurance doesn’t cover your liability for mistakes committed. This is the job of professional liability insurance for event planners. This type of party planner insurance pays for attorney fees, settlements, administrative costs, and other legal expenses if a client sues you for:

  • Negligence

  • Violation of good faith

  • Violation of fair dealing

  • Breach of confidentiality

  • Misrepresentation 

  • Other acts considered errors and omissions 

Event planner professional liability insurance is sold as a claims-made policy. This type of event coordinator insurance only provides coverage if you file a report to the insurance company at the time the covered incident happened. Here’s an example for you to further understand:

  • A client sued you for negligence on Monday. For professional liability insurance to kick in, you have to file a claim on the same day. However, you decided to do so next week. Since your professional liability insurance is a claims-made policy, it doesn’t provide coverage anymore because a lot of time has lapsed since the covered peril happened 

Public Liability Insurance for Event Organisers

General liability insurance provides a comprehensive protection against many perils. But consider getting public liability insurance for event organisers if you only want to have the most basic protection. Public liability insurance only covers personal injury claims and property damage claims filed by third parties against you. It can’t be added with optional policies. And so, it’s cheaper than general liability insurance. 

In the USA, only a few companies offer public liability insurance. Most underwrite general liability insurance to event planners. But note that public liability insurance can be found in the events insurance of particular carriers. 

General liability, professional liability, and public liability insurance are already enough if you’re only worried about claims third parties file against you. But note that exposure doesn’t only come from people who you deal with.  

Event Management Public Liability Insurance

Event management public liability insurance is a specialty public liability coverage for big event planning agencies. It provides up to $10 million worth of coverage for personal injury and property damage claims. 


Public Liability Insurance for Charity Events

Public liability insurance for charity events is a coverage not for event planners but for charities. This is usually sold as a stand-alone one day policy or an inclusion to charity insurance. It provides protection against personal injury claims or property damage claims due to accidents that happen in fundraisers, yard sales, comedy nights, and other charitable events. 

Short Term Liability Insurance for Event Planners

Event planners such as you can opt to get short term liability insurance? So what is this? Short term liability insurance is essentially a general liability, professional liability, or public liability insurance offering coverage for only hours, weeks, days, or months. This is the perfect liability insurance option if you’re just providing event planning service as a side hustle. 

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Other Business Insurance for Event Planners

If you have an office, then you have to protect that against damage or destruction. If you employ people, then consider shielding yourself against the resulting expenses when they sustain a work-related injury or disease. Overall, there are a lot of other exposures you need to think about. And so, consider getting other business insurance policies for event planners such as:


Event Planner Commercial Property Insurance

Get commercial property insurance if you're renting, leasing, or owning an event planning office. You’ve invested a lot and commercial property insurance can recoup all or some of what you spent in case the building is damaged or destroyed. Here’s a quick run through of how this insurance works:

  • If your event planning office is destroyed because of a fire or extreme weather, commercial property insurance will provide money so that you can recoup losses and pay for reconstruction costs 

  • If your event planning office is damaged by fire, theft, vandalism, extreme weather, and other covered perils, commercial property insurance will cover the cost of repairs 

So how much money can you get from commercial property insurance? Payouts provided by commercial property insurance are determined by the actual cash value or replacement cost of a covered property.  In actual cash value, the amount you’ll receive will be equal to the covered building’s depreciated value. In replacement cost, you’ll receive money equal to the building’s original value. 

Commercial property insurance doesn’t only cover your event planning office. It has optional policies that cover the equipment and valuable items inside. These are:

  • Stocks and contents coverage-Stocks and contents coverage covers office documents, furniture, installations, and other valuable items. If these become lost or damaged due to fire, theft, vandalism, or other covered perils, stocks and contents coverage will reimburse your losses 

  • Business equipment and tools coverage-This provides reimbursement if the office generator, computers, camera, video camera, and other event planning equipment becomes lost or damaged due to fire, theft, vandalism, and other covered perils 

What Perils Are Excluded In The Terms of Commercial Property Insurance?

Commercial property insurance doesn’t provide coverage if your event planning office,as well as the items and equipment inside, are damaged or lost due to mudslides, earthquakes, and floods. Also, insurance companies will reject your claim if damage or destruction of your business property is caused by an intentional fire. 


Workers Compensation Insurance for Event Planners 

Event planners like you can work solo. However, you’ll eventually need to hire part-time or full-time employees.  As soon as one or more are working for you, be sure to get workers' compensation insurance to avoid infringing labor laws or workers comp laws. 

On another note, you’ll need to get workers' comp insurance for yourself if this is required by the workers' comp law or labor law of the state you're at. 

Workers' compensation insurance will kick in if you or an employee experiences a work-related injury or disease. Particularly, this will pay for:

  • Medical expenses-Workers compensation insurance will cover ambulance and emergency treatment fees if you or an employee experiences an injury or sickness while working. In the same way, it will also cover surgeries, therapies, and other medical treatments/procedures needed 

  • Hospitalization-It’s ensured that you or an employee gets adequate medical care upon sustaining a work-related injury or illness as workers compensation insurance will cover hospital bills

  • Medication-Workers compensation insurance provides money if you or an employee needs to buy prescription medicines to fully recover from a work-related injury or disease 

  • Rehabilitation-Workers compensation insurance will cover rehabilitation if you or an employee needs it to recover or adapt to an impairment caused by a work-related injury or disease 

  • Lost income compensation-Lost wages is covered by workers' compensation insurance. It provides a weekly allowance equal to two-thirds or 67% of the average weekly wage. You or an employee will receive this until the amount or duration prescribed in the terms of workers comp is satisfied 

  • Death benefits-Funeral expenses will be covered by workers' compensation insurance if you or an employee dies due to a work-related injury or disease. Dependents will also receive an allowance equal to two-thirds or 67% of the average weekly wage. This will be received until the amount or duration prescribed in the terms of workers comp is satisfied 

Authorities will impose sanctions if you fail to get workers comp, especially as a coverage for employees. Penalties differ between states. But it can be generalized as:

  • Imprisonment in the county jail

  • Stop-hold order

  • Revocation of exclusive remedy

  • A fine twice the premiums of workers compensation insurance

  • A fine multiplied by the days you didn’t get workers comp insurance 

Workers' compensation insurance is expensive. The best way for you to save money on premiums is to get it as a pay-as-you-go policy. A pay-as-you-go workers' compensation insurance determines premiums based on a business's monthly payroll. And so, rates are more accurate and cheaper. 


Commercial Auto Insurance

Get commercial auto insurance if you’re using an owned auto to transport equipment or meet clients. It’s bad if you continue having personal auto insurance if the vehicle is always used for business activities because it will result in more expensive rates or revocation of your insurance policy if the carrier finds out. 

Commercial auto insurance provides the best protection if your vehicle is always used commercially. The following are what this insurance offers:

  • Auto liability coverage-Auto liability coverage will pay for the medical expenses or reimburse the losses of third parties who sustained personal injuries or property damage after getting involved in an accident your vehicle caused 

  • Physical damage coverage-Physical damage coverage covers your vehicle’s maintenance. This is underwritten as a collision policy or comprehensive policy. Collision physical damage coverage will cover parts repair or replacement if your vehicle sustained damage after crashing into another vehicle or object. On the other hand, comprehensive physical damage coverage will cover costs if your vehicle sustained damage due to fire, theft, vandalism, winds, hail, and other covered perils 

  • Personal injury protection/medical payments coverage-Medical payments coverage and personal injury protection covers medical expenses if you got injured after causing an accident or getting involved in an accident another driver caused 

  • Underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage-Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage will cover costs if you got involved in an accident and the driver at fault can’t cover you with his or her insurance 

Auto liability coverage in commercial auto insurance is a primary inclusion. This means that you need to get it. The same also applies for personal injury protection and med pay coverage. As for physical damage coverage and underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage, it’s up to you whether to get these or not. 


Hired/Non-Owned Auto Insurance for Event Planners

Do you borrow or hire a car for work? If this is the case, consider getting hired/non-owned auto insurance for event planners. Carriers won’t sell commercial auto insurance if you don’t own a vehicle. 

Hired/non-owned auto insurance will cover costs if you caused an accident while using a borrowed or hired car for work. It will cover the medical expenses or reimburses the losses of affected individuals. 

Unlike commercial auto insurance, hired/non-owned auto insurance doesn’t offer uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage and physical damage coverage. That said, if you want something more comprehensive, consider getting temporary car insurance. 


Business Owner’s Policy for Event Planners 

Another type of event planner insurance is a BOP, also known as a business owner’s policy. This bundles commercial property insurance and general liability insurance into one insurance product. A business owner’s policy is cheaper than buying general liability and commercial property insurance separately. 

But in practice, the business owner’s policy from different insurance companies doesn’t only bundle general liability and commercial property insurance. For example, CoverWallet’s business owner’s policy has workers' compensation insurance. On the other hand, State Farm’s business owner’s policy offers professional liability insurance.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Tools and equipment insurance is a stand-alone policy that will reimburse your losses if laptops, tablets, and other event planning equipment become damaged due to use. 

Theft Coverage

Theft coverage will reimburse your losses or provide a replacement unit if your laptop, tablet, or any other event planning equipment is stolen while being used. 

Inland Marine Insurance 

Consider getting inland marine insurance since you’re constantly transporting materials and goods for events. Inland marine insurance will recoup your losses if materials and goods become lost or damaged during the trip. 

Wedding Planner Insurance 

Wedding planner insurance is a tailored coverage for event planners specializing in weddings. This is available as a one day or long-term insurance policy. Inclusions are general liability insurance with products and completed operations coverage, professional liability insurance, commercial auto insurance, and workers compensation insurance. 

One Day Event Planner Insurance

One day event planner insurance is an on-demand 24-hour insurance policy for part-time event planners. The primary inclusion is a general liability insurance with products and completed operations coverage. Other policies you can add to its terms are commercial auto insurance, equipment insurance, and more. 


Event Planner Insurance Application 

Get covered quickly through an online event planner insurance application. All you have to do is provide basic business information such as:

  • Number of employees (if there are any)

  • Your business’s name

  • Your name

  • Your street address

  • City

  • Zip code

An online event insurance planner insurance application will enable you to quickly see how much your premiums will be. Plus, you can decide to choose the coverage needed yourself or let an agent figure things out. The best part is that you can get covered on the same day you decide to apply for insurance. 

If not online, then apply for event planner insurance by meeting an agent face to face. The agent will make the quote for you. All you have to do is tell the agent what coverages you need and provide a background of your event planning venture.

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Event Planner Insurance Cost

Event planner insurance cost $27 per month or $468 per year for a $1 million general liability insurance. The cost of event planner insurance depends on different factors, including the kind of policy you intend to get your hands on.

Also, premium costs are dependent on you and your event planning business. As always, business size is one of the main factors determining the cost of event planner insurance, with larger businesses paying more for their coverage.

This is because larger businesses will have more clients over the course of their policy, which will increase the chance of them filing a claim with the insurance company. Smaller companies enjoy lower premiums for the opposite reason because the chance of a claim being filed is lower with fewer clients.

The insurance company that you’re getting a quote from will also look at the history of your event planning business. If you have a history of planning events that go terribly wrong and result in claims being filed, then you’ll be seen as a higher risk and will have to pay more for coverage.

CompanyCost per MonthCost per YearBest for
CoverWallet$20$240Event planner insurance quotes comparison online
Thimble$25$300Scalable event planner insurance
NEXT$28$336Event planner insurance available regardless of location
Hiscox$34$408Event planner insurance with generous liability policy limits
Progressive$38$456Event planner commercial auto insurance
R.V. Nuccio and Associates$39$468Event planner insurance with employee crime coverage

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Best Event Planner Insurance Companies

When looking for the best event planner insurance available, you’ll need to look closely at the companies providing the coverage. To make this easier, we’ve gone ahead and researched some of the top insurance companies in the event planning insurance field and gathered them here.

We’re going to look at the best companies we included in the table above in greater detail, exploring their history, policies, and the cost of their $1 million general liability insurance.


CoverWallet Event Planner Insurance


  • Get the quotes of different carriers within minutes

  • Compare pricing and offers before deciding to get insured

  • Get insured online within minutes


  • Policy cancellation takes 30 days to be processed

CoverWallet has an online quotes comparison platform where you can find insurance companies that offer coverage for event planners. Get quotes within minutes, compare the pricing of companies, and let CoverWallet insure you instantly.

Upon getting insured, CoverWallet allows you to pay premiums and get a certificate of insurance online. Furthermore, this company won’t mind if you decide to cancel your policy at any given time. Lastly, CoverWallet’s online insurance agents are available online to help resolve issues regarding claims filing and policy cancellation.

Best for: Event planner insurance quotes comparison online

Average cost: $20 per month

Our rating: 10/10


Thimble Event Planner Insurance


  • Easy to use insurance management platform

  • File a claim online

  • Contact customer service online


  • Some customers reported that Thimble takes time to process claims

Thimble’s event planner insurance offers general liability insurance and professional liability insurance. Get it if you’re looking for an insurance policy that provides coverage for only hours, weeks, days, or months.

Best for: Scalable event planner insurance

Average cost: $25 per month

Our rating: 9/10


NEXT Event Planner Insurance


  • Live certificate of insurance - send proof of insurance as a text message, email, or social media post

  • Available in all 50 states

  • Offers low limits in its insurance policies for customers who only want to get basic protection

  • General liability insurance includes tools and equipment coverage


  • Only offers discounts if you bundle two or more policies

NEXT is available in all 50 states. In other words, it can cover you regardless of where you are. Policies included in NEXT’s event planner insurance are general liability, professional liability insurance, commercial auto insurance, workers compensation insurance, and commercial property insurance.

Best for: Event planner insurance available regardless of location

Average cost: $28 per month

Our rating: 8/10


Hiscox Event Planner Insurance


  • Quick to respond to claims

  • Coverage extends around the world

  • Highly-trained agents


  • A little slow to get a quote

Hiscox started as a marine insurance underwriter for Lloyd’s of London, but the company has moved into niche insurance over the course of the past few decades. The company specializes in forms of insurance that typically aren’t offered by the competition, which extends to event planning insurance.

Hiscox offers a specific policy for event planners who have all of the insurance that is needed. This includes general liability coverage, professional liability insurance, and BOPs for those looking for more comprehensive coverage. The company also offers a wide range of add-ons.

Best for: Event planner insurance with generous liability policy limits

Average cost: $34 per month

Our rating: 8/10


Progressive Event Planner Insurance


  • Customizable insurance policies

  • Easy to get a quote

  • Quick claims responsiveness


  • Expensive

Progressive has always prided itself on being one of the world’s most innovative insurance companies, and they’ve certainly proved that throughout their history. This company was one of the first to pioneer the online claims process, and this is a reputation that follows to this day.

Progressive offers insurance in this industry under its Event Planner Insurance policy, which combines a few different forms of coverage. For example, it features general liability coverage, professional liability coverage, and even commercial auto insurance. The policy optionally includes a BOP as well.

Best for: Event planner commercial auto insurance

Average cost: $38 per month

Our rating: 7/10


R.V. Nuccio and Associates Event Planner Insurance


  • Wide range of coverage

  • Affordable

  • Good limits


  • Only a brokerage firm

R.V. Nuccio and Associates is an insurance brokerage firm that works with some of the most reliable carriers in the world to provide its clients with quality coverage in a wide range of niches. This includes working with event planning companies to insure parties, weddings, and more.

R.V. Nuccio’s event planning policies start at $26 per month, and they feature several components, including general liability coverage with a limit of $1 million per occurrence and $2 million aggregate, as well as suitable property coverage. R.V. Nuccio also offers coverage against theft or willful destruction by employees.

Best for: Event planner insurance with employee crime coverage

Average cost: $39 per month

Our rating: 6/10

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