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1. What is Event Insurance?1.1. Indoor and Outdoor Event Insurance2. What Are the Policies Included in Event Insurance Plans?2.1. Event Liability Insurance 2.2. Event Cancellation Insurance2.3. Rental Equipment Insurance2.4. Rain Insurance for Events 2.5. Liquor Liability Insurance for Events 3. Weather Insurance for Events4. Different Types of Event Insurance 4.1. Festival Event Insurance4.2. Party Event Insurance4.3. Sports Event Insurance4.4. Wedding Event Insurance4.5. Concert Event Insurance5. Event Insurance Cost6. Best Event Insurance Companies6.1. CoverWallet Event Insurance  6.1.1. Pros6.1.2. Cons6.2. Thimble Event Insurance 6.2.1. Pros6.2.2. Cons6.3. Total Event Insurance 6.3.1. Pros6.3.2. Cons6.4. Event Helper Insurance 6.4.1. Pros6.4.2. Cons6.5. State Farm Event Insurance 6.5.1. Pros6.5.2. Cons6.6. USAA Event Insurance   6.6.1. Pros6.6.2. Cons6.7. Allianz Event Insurance 6.7.1. Pros6.7.2. Cons6.8. Progressive Event Insurance   6.8.1. Pros6.8.2. Cons6.9. Geico Event Insurance 6.9.1. Pros6.9.2. Cons6.10. Markel Event Insurance 6.10.1. Pros6.10.2. Cons6.11. AAA Event Insurance 6.11.1. Pros6.11.2. Cons6.12. Tulip Event Insurance 6.12.1. Pros6.12.2. Cons6.13. Travelers Event Insurance 6.13.1. Pros6.13.2. Cons6.14. Liberty Mutual Event Insurance 6.14.1. Pros6.14.2. Cons6.15. Acord Event Insurance   6.15.1. Pros6.15.2. Cons6.16. Allstate Event Insurance 6.16.1. Pros6.16.2. Cons6.17. K&K Event Insurance 6.17.1. Pros6.17.2. Cons6.18. Nationwide Event Insurance 6.18.1. Pros6.18.2. Cons6.19. Peerspace Event Insurance 6.19.1. Pros6.19.2. Cons

Event insurance mitigates financial losses and takes care of unexpected expenses if accidents, cancellations, delays, and other undesirable things happen to the event you’re in charge of. Purchase this because venue managers or owners won’t sign the rent or lease contract if your event is uninsured. 

What is Event Insurance?

Event insurance is a type of short-term coverage that’s made out of casualty and property insurance policies. You use this as an hourly, weekly, or one-day event insurance to cover the participants, key persons, and equipment.

Indoor and Outdoor Event Insurance

You get the option of availing your event insurance as coverage for indoor or outdoor events. Indoor event insurance doesn’t automatically come with rain coverage. On the other hand, outdoor event insurance comes with rain coverage and other optional policies that cover other unique exposures. 

What Are the Policies Included in Event Insurance Plans?

Liability insurance, cancellation insurance, rental equipment insurance, key person coverage, weather insurance, and rain insurance are the most common inclusions you’ll find in an event insurance plan. Let’s discuss how these work:

Event Liability Insurance 

Per occurrence limitAggregate limitProducts and completed operations aggregate limitAdvertising injury coverage aggregate limitTenant’s legal liability coverage limit
Thimble (Best)$1,000,000/$2,000,000$1,000,000/$2,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000$5,000
Event Helper$1,000,000$3,000,000$2,000,000$1,000,000$300,000

Use the table above to see which insurance companies have the best temporary liability insurance for events. 

Event liability insurance-a general liability policy-grants protection if participants decide to sue after getting injured. Here are some situations where you’ll find this useful:

  • A stampede occurs during the event

  • An audience is hit by an object used by one of the performers of your event

  • An event prop falls on a participant

  • A participant gets hurt while using a vending machine, an arcade machine, or any other equipment of your event

You can use general liability insurance for events to cover these expenses each time a claim for bodily injury or property damage is filed:

  • Medical treatment of the participants

  • Reimbursement for the damaged properties of participants

  • Settlements

  • Legal fees

  • Court judgments

Event general liability insurance comes with rented premises liability coverage, which allows you to reimburse the losses of the venue owner if their property is damaged because of fire. 

Event Cancellation Insurance

Subject to which insurance company you work with, your event insurance can have optional cancellation coverage. 

Event cancellation insurance takes effect if your event is canceled due to conflicting schedules, venue issues, terrorism, war, political unrest, and other covered perils. By using this insurance, you can get a reimbursement for the non-refundable costs for:

  • Food

  • Lighting and installation 

  • Sound system rental

  • Photographer’s fees

  • Event prop rental

Rental Equipment Insurance

You need lighting, an LCD screen, a sound system, and other equipment for your event. Of course, the most cost effective way to have all of these is through renting. The thing is, the equipment rental business might not cater to your needs if you can’t cover their merchandise. 

Your events insurance can cover rented equipment through its rental equipment coverage. This will reimburse the losses of the owner and cover repair or replacement costs in case rented equipment gets lost or damaged because of:

  • Fire

  • Theft

  • Vandalism

  • Operator error

  • Electrical shorts

  • Electrical breakdown

  • Impact

  • Water damage

Rain Insurance for Events 

Rain coverage might be included as an optional or automatic add-on to your event insurance plan. Rain insurance for events will reimburse non-refundable expenses if your event has to be postponed, relocated, delayed, or canceled due to heavy rains. Another thing to remember is that rain insurance for outdoor events doesn’t cover lost revenues. 

Liquor Liability Insurance for Events 

Liquor liability insurance can be added to your event insurance plan if your event sells liquor.  You can use this to cover expenses if an intoxicated attendee injures himself or injures others resulting in a claim to be filed. Liquor liability insurance has its own limits or can share its limits to the general liability policy of your event insurance plan. 

Weather Insurance for Events

Event insurance doesn’t cover lost revenues caused by adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow, sandstorm, hail, or heatwave. Coverage for this exposure is only possible if you get a stand alone event weather insurance. 

If adverse weather conditions happen during your event or before it takes place, weather insurance will reimburse the lost revenue that you would’ve earned from ticket sales, concessionaire fees, and parking fees. 

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Different Types of Event Insurance 

Events come in different types. The same is also true for event insurance plans. The following sections discuss the specialized varieties of event insurance. 

Festival Event Insurance

A festival event insurance is used to cover oktober fests, cultural festivals, religious festivals, folk festivals, film festivals, art festivals, and other related events. This costs $150 for 24 hours of coverage. 

Party Event Insurance

Party event insurance covers birthday parties, graduation parties, tea parties, Halloween parties, Christmas parties, garden parties, cocktail parties, and banquets. This costs $110 for 24 hours of coverage. 

Sports Event Insurance

Sports event insurance is the specialized coverage for tournaments and exhibition matches for basketball, softball, tennis, hockey, football, and other sports. This costs $200 for 24 hours of coverage. 

Wedding Event Insurance

Wedding event insurance grants coverage for accidents that happen during a wedding. This also comes with optional policies that insure the wedding ring and the wedding attires of the groom and bride. Coverage for a canceled wedding due to cold feet is also included. Wedding insurance costs $100-$200 for 24-hour coverage.

Concert Event Insurance

Organizers of pop, rock, jazz, R&B, and EDM concerts go for concert event insurance. This covers cancellation in case the performers can’t show up. Coverage also applies to musical instrument damage or loss. You’ll pay $159.94 for one-day coverage. 

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Event Insurance Cost

The average event insurance cost is $115 for a one-day general liability coverage. Cost depends on various factors, including:

  • The type of cover you want

  • The level of cover you need

  • The kind of event you are organizing

  • How long the event will last

  • The event location

  • The event size and how many people will attend

Your actual rates will vary depending on the above factors. In addition, here are the general liability insurance rates of the best carriers for event insurance:

CostBest for
CoverWallet$33Event insurance quotes comparison online
Thimble$41On-demand event insurance that provides coverage for 5 days minimum
Progressive$43Event cancellation insurance covers
Markel$50Same-day event insurance
K&K$52Comprehensive event insurance
USAA$56Event insurance cover with engagement ring coverage
AAA$64Event insurance covers festivals, dance marathons, and auto shows
Nationwide$68Immediate replacement for damaged items and belongings
Liberty Mutual$78Event insurance with a quick claims process
Allstate$89Event insurance that covers parties, weddings, corporate events, and business meetings
ACORD$95Event insurance that covers animal shows
Tulip$100Event insurance with rental agreement cover
GEICO$103Wedding event insurance
State Farm$115Customizable event insurance coverage
Event Helper$117Event insurance with an optional workers comp coverage
Allianz$121Event insurance that provides full reimbursement for the ticket price if an event is canceled or attendance is made null
Total$130Events wherein prizes are awarded to guests or participants
Peerspace$182Short-term liability insurance for events of Peerspace users
Travelers$192Event insurance with deposit coverage

You should compare the different insurance providers' premiums for the best deals, especially when buying event insurance online. Click the “Get Quotes” on this page to get a cheap event insurance quote and see the pricing and offers of carriers.

Compare Cheap Event Insurance Quotes Online

Get all the best quotes from leading providers in a click of a button!

Best Event Insurance Companies

Below is a breakdown of some of the best event insurance companies in the industry. The analysis includes a brief overview of the company, its insurance products, and the pros and cons.


CoverWallet Event Insurance 


  • Cancel your coverage anytime

  • Get insured online

  • Compare quotes to find the best coverage


  • Policy cancellation takes long to process 

CoverWallet’s event insurance offers general liability insurance, liquor liability insurance, and cancellation coverage. Note that this insurance broker has an online quotes comparison platform you can use to find other companies offering insurance for events. Work with CoverWallet and enjoy online policy management, insurance cancellation with no additional fees, and instant online certificate of insurance. 

Best for: Event insurance quotes comparison online

Average cost: $33 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 10/10

Thimble Event Insurance


  • Allows policy cancellation up to the minute it starts

  • Provides liquor liability

  • Provides online quotes


  • It does not cover event cancellation 

Thimble started in 2016. Its event insurance grants a $1 million-$2 million general liability policy. Rental equipment can also be covered. Thimble doesn’t sell cancellation coverage. 

Best for: On-demand event insurance that provides coverage for 5 days minimum 

Average cost: $41 for 5-day coverage

Our rating: 9/10

Total Event Insurance


  • One-time event insurance has prize coverage

  • Offers event surety bonds


  • Website isn’t very intuitive

Total’s event insurance is perfect for sports events and other kinds of events where prizes are given. Why? Aside from cancellation, liability, and weather coverage, this company’s event insurance has prize coverage which insures prizes up to $1 million. 

Best for: Events wherein prizes are awarded to guests or participants

Average cost:  $130 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 9/10

Event Helper Insurance


  • Outstanding customer support

  • Instant online quotes


  • No cancellation policy

  • Does not cover events help abroad

Event Helper started in 2009. It offers products with excellent coverage. Event insurance from this company includes specialized coverage that other carriers might not be offering. 

Best for: Event insurance that covers animal shows

Average cost: $117 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 9/10

State Farm Event Insurance


  • Covers all 50 states

  • Provides 24/7 customer support

  • Allows you to customize your coverage

  • Offers event insurance Oregon and other 49 states


  • Only allows you to purchase coverage from the company or its agents

State Farm started in 1922 and has grown into a leading insurer providing events insurance and handling 39,000 claims daily. Its customer base exceeds 85 million policyholders. State Farm doesn’t have event insurance. However, according to forums, this insurance company provides coverage if the customer has existing liability coverage in their homeowner’s or business insurance policies. 

Best for: Customizable event insurance coverage

Average cost: $115 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 9/10

USAA Event Insurance 


  • Offers a money-back guarantee

  • Protects insured party during rehearsals up to 48 hours before the event

  • Provides engagement ring insurance

  • Can purchase event policy the day before


  • Only available for USAA members, including active military personnel, reservists, veterans, and family members

USAA event insurance policies cover military personnel and their families. The insurer covers all events within the country and its territories, plus on cruise ships.

Best for: Event insurance cover with engagement ring coverage for wedding events

Average cost:  $56 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 9/10

Allianz Event Insurance


  • Covers 100 percent of original ticket prices, including taxes and additional shipping charges

  • Cover certain pre-existing conditions

  • Allows online claims


  • Only refunds ticket costs for covered reasons

Allianz event ticket insurance reimburses 100 percent of ticket prices for canceled events, including taxes and shipping charges. In addition, the insurer covers you against financial losses if you fail to attend an event due to unavoidable circumstances, such as illness, injury, traffic accidents, employer termination, carrier delay, weather, jury duty, military duty, etc.

Best for: Event insurance that provides full reimbursement for the ticket price if an event is canceled or attendance is made null 

Average cost: $121 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 8/10

Progressive Event Insurance 


  • Covers over 400 event types

  • Offers a five percent discount on every direct policy purchase from the company

  • Offers cancellation insurance


  • Has mixed customer service feedback

Progressive Insurance Company started in 1937. The BBB and AM Best highly rate it. The insurer offers a broad range of event policies with highly accessible online claims reporting, live customer support, and online premium payments.

Best for: Event cancellation insurance covers

Average cost: $43 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 8/10


Geico Event Insurance


  • Liability starts at $500,000

  • Offers cheap event cancellation coverage

  • Offers event insurance Florida

  • You can secure up to $2 million in event insurance one day before

  • Offers a 15% discount when purchasing wedding liability and event cancellation coverage concurrently


  • You must purchase the event cancellation policy at least 15 days before cancellation

  • No online quotes

  • The cancellation insurance policy does not cover infectious diseases

  • No non-profit event insurance

  • It does not cover sporting events, concerts (paid attendance events), or events featuring firearms

Geico Insurance provides event insurance cover for several events, including weddings, baby showers, and anniversaries. You can purchase insurance as far back as two weeks prior.

Best for: Wedding event insurance

Average cost: $103 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 8/10

Markel Event Insurance


  • Offers a 15% discount for a concurrent purchase of general liability and cancellation policies

  • Offers low deductibles for cancellation policies, up to $25

  • The cancellation policy covers the whole country and selected international destinations

  • You can purchase policies the day before your event without additional costs


  • The liability policy does not cover international destinations

  • Has a $300 limit on all cash gift loses

Markel Insurance curates two low-cost event policies: event liability and cancellation coverage. Note that you can also buy Markel’s event insurance coverage from GEICO. 

Best for: Same-day event insurance with cancellation coverage having low deductibles

Average cost: $50 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 8/10

AAA Event Insurance


  • Offers protection plans as low as $160

  • Covers replacement and repair costs for damaged gifts

  • Reimburses non-recoverable expenses resulting from unexpected active duty call-ups

  • Covers sudden illnesses resulting in even postponement

  • The protection plan offers vendor liability coverage


  • The policy is only available through the insurer's agents

  • It has a high average premium

American Automobile Association has a collection of branded policy products to protect events. In addition, it offers discounts to help policyholders save money on the first premium.

Best for: Event insurance covers festivals, dance marathons, and auto shows

Average cost: $64 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 8/10


Tulip Event Insurance


  • Includes host liquor liability

  • Offers curated insurance policies to meet the contractual requirements of rental agreements

  • Includes hired and non-renewable automobile liability cover


  • Charges additional premium for terrorism covers

  • Premiums account for one- to four-day events, with additional charges for extra days

Tenant Users Liability Insurance Policy protects venue owners and lessees from third-party liability.

Best for: Event insurance with rental agreement cover

Average cost: $100 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 8/10

Travelers Event Insurance


  • Covers event cancellation and postponement 

  • Covers event gifts and attire

  • Has optional liability and liquor liability policies

  • Covers lost deposits


  • It only covers 42 states

  • Has reportedly high premiums after filing claims

Travelers Insurance helps individuals and businesses protect their investments during their events. It covers anniversaries, birthdays, baby showers, retirement parties, and Bar mitzvahs.

Best for: Event insurance with deposit coverage

Average cost: $192 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 8/10

Liberty Mutual Event Insurance


  • Comprehensive policy coverage extending to 29 countries

  • Great mobile app accessibility

  • Quick and efficient claim resolution


  • It does not cover damages from intentional acts or certain vehicle types

Liberty Mutual featured among the top 100 fortune 500 companies and was the sixth-largest global insurer in 2021. The company started in 1912 and has grown to provide comprehensive solutions for various risks.

Best for: Event insurance  with a quick claims process

Average cost: $78 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 7/10

Acord Event Insurance 


  • Provides music and entertainment insurance

  • Covers liquor liability

  • It has a one million limit for workers' compensation

  • Covers property damage


  • It's not BBB accredited 

Acord provides insurance policies for various events, including business meetings, social gatherings, boxing matches, diner dances, balls, seminars, conferences, festivals, and sporting events.

Best for: Event insurance with an optional workers comp coverage

Average cost: $95 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 7/10

Allstate Event Insurance


  • Offers broad event liability and cancellation policies

  • Offers online quotes

  • Has customizable policies


  • Has no 1-day insurance policies for events with over 500 people or sporting events

Allstate offers events policies for parties, weddings, corporate events, and business meetings.

Best for: Event insurance covers parties, weddings, corporate events, and business meetings

Average cost: $89 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 6/10

K&K Event Insurance


  • Offers special insurance policies for entertainment, sports, and recreation

  • Offers various products at competitive prices

  • Offers specialized general liability insurance covers such as liquor liability or motorsports liability for events up to 12,000 participants


  • Has poor customer service

K&K started in 1952 and now boasts an A+ BBB rating because of its extensive network of independent agents. This company is a great option if you’re looking for event insurance coverages that other carriers don’t offer. 

Best for: Comprehensive event insurance

Average cost: $52 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 6/10

Nationwide Event Insurance


  • Coverage is standard and does not attract extra charges

  • Has exemplary customer service

  • Offers various discounts

  • Provide immediate replacement for damaged items


  • It offers limited coverage and excludes Alaska, Louisiana, and Hawaii

  • Event insurance is underwritten by K&K

Nationwide offers a standout event insurance cover with a brand-new belongings clause to ensure you receive enough compensation to restore damaged property or replace it.

Best for: Immediate replacement for damaged items and belongings

Average cost: $68 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 6/10

Peerspace Event Insurance


  • Provides space coverage up to $1 million

  • Cover kicks in after exhausting the primary coverage


  • Requires a primary cover to access the policy

Peerspace covers property owners and lessees who rent out their space by the hour for events. Hosts receive unprecedented protection for up to $1 million.

Best for: Short term liability insurance for events of Peerspace users

Average cost: $182 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 5/10

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