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If you own a small business that utilizes one or more tractors, then you would be smart to have it covered with a tractor insurance policy. These are essentially comprehensive commercial auto insurance policies that are specifically designed to cover various types of tractors.

Whether you own a small farm tractor, a large tractor-trailer, or you own a whole fleet of semi-trailers and trucks, all states require drivers to maintain an insurance policy to drive on the road. Even if you just own a small agricultural tractor for farm use, it’s still a good idea to get it insured to protect it from theft or physical damage.

In this article, we’re going to explain everything that you ever wanted to know about tractor insurance. We’ll help you get some cheap tractor insurance quotes online more easily by clicking the 'Get Quotes' button from this page, show you the average cost of insuring different types of tractors, and answer some commonly asked questions. Lastly, we’ll provide you with a list of the best tractor insurance companies on the market and our Insuranks review of each.

Tractor Insurance Coverage: Why You Need It

Tractors are self-propelled machines categorized as heavy trucks. Their purpose is to operate agricultural or industrial implements such as plows, morrows, harrows, buckets, and trailers. 

Though a bit similar to automobiles in navigation, tractors are nevertheless harder to operate. Government agencies recommend operators undergo training before using a tractor. The core reason for this is that tractors are dangerous machines. Proving this point is a study that analyzed tractor accidents in Wisconsin from 1961 - 1975, which tallied more than 100 tractor-related deaths within the study year.

We can safely assume that tractors are more dangerous than automobiles. One good reason for this is that a lot of research papers have shown that tractor-related accidents don’t only involve adults but children too. There's research conducted in Turkey on tractor accidents killing or injuring children as young as 9-years old. A study in Ireland also discovered 62 cases of child deaths wherein the deceased were as young as 15-years old. 

The United States joins the quests to figure out how likely tractors are to kill children. One report we found credible is the one from National Children’s Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety. Accordingly, 47% of all youth fatalities in US farm accidents are caused by transportation equipment such as tractors, and it’s assumed that a child dies because of an accident every three days. In connection, here are some real-life examples of tractors killing children:

  • Manitoba - A 2-year old boy dies after falling from a tractor. The report adds that the tractor, which the boy was riding on, had no safety harness to keep passengers, aside from the driver, in place.

  • Lewis County - A five-year-old bay died after a reversing tractor, which was pulling a skid steer, hit him with its rear tire

  • Brandon Township, Michigan - A 2-year-old boy falls from a tractor and dies from blunt force trauma. The boy’s cousin was driving the tractor and admitted to the police of drinking liquor before operating the machine

  • Quebec - Three 5-year-old kids died during Canada day after getting ejected from the tractor’s front loader. 

  • Brazos County, Texas - A 5-year-old boy died after an accident involving a tractor happened. Authorities didn’t disclose any information on how the tragedy took place

  • Austria -  A tractor ran over and killed an infant.  The driver of the tractor in question was a 17-year old teen who failed to machine to a halt when the infant suddenly appeared

  • Delano - An 8-year-old boy driving a mini-ATV collided with a tractor and died

Research published in the American Journal of Medicine provides a comprehensive outlook on the likelihood of tractors causing injuries. It explored accidents that happened in the US Midwest, and here are its highlights.

  • The injury rate of tractor accidents is 9.6 per 1,000 individuals

  • The majority of reported injuries were caused by tractors with more than 20 horsepower

  • North Dakota has the highest number of tractor related accidents, while Wisconsin has the lowest count

  • Injuries happened while:

Mounting/dismounting the tractor

Conducting general repairs

Driving the tractor

Riding/hitching a ride on the tractor

Doing adjustments

Loading/adjusting load of the tractor

Using the tractor to transport equipment, animal feed, or grain

Tractors are not only hazardous to people but also to cars when on public roads.  Year after year, surveys are conducted to gain insights into the number of police-reported motor vehicle crashes involving tractors and other heavy trucks. The National Traffic Highway and Safety Administration provide the most credible figures, as shown in the tables below:

Collision with Motor Vehicle in Transport

YearFatalInjuries OnlyProperty Damage Only

Collision with Fixed Object

YearFatalInjuries OnlyProperty Damage Only

Collision with Non-Fixed Object

YearFatalInjuries OnlyProperty Damage Only

All in all, tractors are dangerous machines. Since they’re risky and may cause injuries or even death, it’s best to enroll them on some type of heavy equipment insurance policy that will take care of lawsuits. Plaintiffs will always demand a settlement equal or greater to what they spent for medicare. With said, settlement can reach up to 1 million or more depending on the effects and severity of the injury. 

Physical Damage Insurance for Tractors

Carriers offer insurance policies covering the physical damage of tractors. Physical damage insurance will help to replace and repair tractor components such as the engine, filters, hydraulic system, cooling system, light bulbs, fuses, and many more. 

So what’s the cost of tractor repair and maintenance? Pricing depends on the severity of the damage and how much work needs to be done. But in most cases, maintenance and repair costs are expensive, and this is why insurance is essential. Here’s a table that shows the close estimates. Before we proceed, all these figures are calculated from assuming a  tractor has 6,000 hours of use.

TractorRepair/Maintenance Cost 
Mahindra 1526 4WD HST Tractor$5,985
John Deere 5100ML Tractor$13,484
Massey Ferguson 1736 Compact Tractor$8,875
Case IH PUMA 150 Tractor (CVT)$38,777
2017 SONALIKA SOLIS 90$4,930
Kubota B2650HSDC Tractor$7,523.75
Fendt 207 Vario Tractor$13,287.75
DEUTZ FAHR DX6.30$3,225
2020 CLAAS AXION 810$38,888.75

Can I Get Temporary Tractor Insurance?

Suppose you’re just renting a tractor or tractor-trailer for a short-term job. In that case, most tractor insurance providers are more than willing to provide you with temporary tractor insurance or 1-day tractor insurance. This is commonly referred to as “on-demand insurance” and is designed to cover your tractor for a specific time range.

Generally speaking, it’s a little bit more expensive per day than a regular full-term insurance policy. However, if you’re just using the tractor for a quick job, it will save you a lot of money compared to purchasing a full-term policy. Take a look at this table that shows the different pricing of short term tractor insurance:

1 Day Short Term Tractor Insurance$140
2 Day Short Term Tractor Insurance$240
3 Day Short Term Tractor Insurance$340
4 Day Short Term Tractor Insurance$440

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Common Types of Tractor Insurance and Terms

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most common types of tractor insurance that you may need to discuss with your insurance agent. Before we begin, though, we figured that it would be a good idea to give you a quick breakdown of what exactly is covered by tractor insurance so you can better understand the terminology that we’ll be using throughout the rest of the article.

  • Bodily Injury Liability: This is the most basic type of coverage that all auto or tractor insurance policies cover. It provides coverage for bodily injury sustained by persons if your tractor caused an accident

  • Property Damage Liability: Property damage liability protects you from being financially liable for property damage dealt to buildings, houses, fences, yards, and other valuable belongings of people.

  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage: This type of coverage insures you in the event that the other driver does not have an auto insurance policy or does not have enough insurance coverage to cover the damage sustained by your tractor. Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage will “fill in” and pay the extra amount required to repair your tractor or even pay for personal injury.

  • Personal Injury Protection: This provides additional coverage to pay for the tractor driver’s injuries if they’re sustained during an at-fault accident or due to a comprehensive accident such as losing control of the vehicle or hitting an object in the road. Coverage extends to hospital bills, medical procedures, and medicines. 

  • Rental Coverage: Rental coverage will help to cover the costs of renting another tractor for a certain period of time while your damaged tractor is being repaired. This allows you to continue on with your transportation or farming work unhindered.

Now that you have a better understanding of the common insurance terms that we’ll be using throughout the rest of the article let’s take some time to break down the different types of tractor insurance and the types of coverage that are most necessary for each.

Tractor-Trailer Insurance

A tractor isn’t covered by its tractor insurance policy the moment the owner equips it with a trailer.  This is where tractor-trailer insurance comes in. The terms of this policy apply to any accidents and injuries a tractor-trailer causes. Tractor-trailers accidents can result in costly settlement fees to the victims. The tables below show the probable figures according to surveys:

Cost of Injuries/Accidents a 1-Trailer Tractor Cause  

Severity/Type of InjuryMedical CostProperty Damage CostCost of Lost Productivity
No injury$1,119$6,493$5,024
Possible injury$13,010$15,410 $10,506
Non-incapacitating injury$15,828$12,832$7,909
Incapacitating injury$53,003 $16,329$9,528

Cost of Injuries/Accidents a 1or 3-Trailer Tractor Cause 

Severity/Type of InjuryMedical CostProperty Damage CostCost of Lost Productivity
No injury$1,059$16,350$4,568
Possible injury$12,207$44,308$10,971
Non-incapacitating injury$11,766$48,302$10,609
Incapacitating injury$140,004 $58,279 $11,729
Fatal$61,309$98,318$12,726 1

A commercial auto insurance policy will serve as tractor insurance for road use. To get this insurance, you might have to register your tractor as commercial equipment, which people can rent or hire to transport goods.  This insurance's policies will account for all accidents and injuries a tractor causes while running on highways. 

Semi-Tractor Insurance

Semi-tractors are the same thing as tractor-trailers. In fact, the actual term for the combination of a tractor and a trailer is technically worded as a “semi-tractor-trailer truck.” However, depending on the area you live in and the insurance company you’re working with, semi-tractor insurance and tractor-trailer insurance may be used interchangeably. Ultimately, though, they’re all just words used to describe the same commercial tractor insurance policies.

Farm Tractor Insurance

Farms use farm tractorsfor various purposes. And so, most get large models which operators can comfortably fit with different attachments. Farm tractors may cause accidents and deaths. Research investigating farm tractor accidents in Georgia from 1971-1981 provides the most common accidents which are:

  • Overturning of the farm tractor ( 153 fatalities)

  • Farm tractor ran someone over (28 fatalities)

  • The tractor fell into a stream or lake (6 fatalities)

In addition, fatal injuries such accidents caused are:

  • Crushed chest

  • Exsanguination

  • Strangulation

  • Drowning

More recent papers suggest that overturning is one of the leading causes of tractor-related fatalities. Research published in the Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health looked into the number and cost of tractor overturn accidents from 1997 - 2021. Results showed that there are 2,412 tractor overturns (comprising farm tractors and non-farm tractors), and these overturns were associated with 125 deaths and 573 nonfatal injuries requiring at least outpatient treatment. In addition, the average cost tallied at $1.5 billion in 2006 dollars. Here’s a table that shows the specific  cost of farm tractor-related injuries”

Cost of Farm Tractor Related Accidents/Injuries in 2006 Million (Figures are a Combination of Accidents/Injuries With or Without Rollover Protective Structure)


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Tractor Insurance Cost

At this time, you’re probably wondering about tractor insurance rates and what you can expect to pay for different levels of coverage. In this section, we’ll break down the average tractor insurance price that you should budget for, depending on the type of tractor you’re driving.

In general, though, the average tractor liability insurance cost is $55 per month or $650 per year for $1 million general liability coverage.

We’ll also include some cheap tractor insurance quotes from some of the top insurers in the nation. On the other hand, if you’re tired of reading, and you’re ready to see your personalized tractor insurance quotes, simply click the ‘Get Quotes’ button below and complete the questionnaire to be matched with affordable commercial insurance policies for your tractor-trailer, compact trailer, or agricultural tractor from the best tractor insurers now!

Tractor Insurance 1-Year Price

If you’re just getting into the trucking business, then you’re probably wondering about the average amount you’ll be required to pay for a full-term 1-year tractor insurance policy. Generally speaking, tractor insurance companies charge about $8,350 per year on average for a comprehensive commercial trucking insurance policy. However, general liability insurance for tractors will cost only $650 for a 1 year period on average. Ultimately, the price you’ll pay depends heavily on your experience as a truck driver, your accident history, the type of tractor you’re driving, which state you’re primarily operating in, and how many miles you drive per year. Here's a breakdown by coverage type:

Coverage1 Year Price
Primary Liability$8,348
General Liability$650
Physical Damage$1,920
Bobtail Insurance$360
Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist$75

Tractor Theft Insurance

As long as you purchase a comprehensive tractor insurance policy (as described above), then it should include tractor theft insurance. Thankfully, this doesn’t occur too often, but if it ever does happen, your comprehensive tractor theft insurance policy can save you tens of thousands of dollars!

Tractor-Trailer Insurance Cost

Commercial tractor-trailer insurance is probably the most common type of tractor insurance issued by insurers. The trucking, logistics, and transportation industry is bigger than ever thanks to large companies like Amazon that offer overnight delivery for everyday consumer items. On average, semi-truck and tractor-trailer insurance costs are around $8,350 per year.

Cheap Tractor-Trailer Insurance Quotes

Given that tractor-trailer insurance is the most common type of coverage purchased by truckers, we figured that it would be a good idea to find you some cheap tractor-trailer insurance quotes as provided by major insurers.

Insurance ProviderAverage Monthly RateAverage Annual Rate
AXA Insurance$839$10,065
State Farm$657.50$7,890
ACKO Insurance$676$8,110
Liberty $720$8,639

The numbers obtained above are an average taken from consumer insurance data, including new tractor insurance rates, used tractor insurance rates, experienced truckers, and first-time truckers. That being said, keep in mind that the rates you’ll pay probably won’t match up exactly to the table above. As we discussed, many different factors contribute to the tractor insurance rate you’re quoted.

Ultimately, the best way to get cheap tractor-trailer insurance that you can afford is to shop around and compare quotes from different insurance companies. The insurance industry is easily one of the most competitive markets in the world. As such, insurers are constantly fighting for customers’ business, and by letting them know that you’re comparing quotes, you’ll ensure that you’re getting the best deal.

To start comparing quotes today, click the ‘Get Quotes’ button below! After entering some basic info on your tractor and business operations, you’ll receive cheap insurance quotes online from top tractor insurers, so you can choose which company best suits your commercial needs and your budget!

Farm Tractor Insurance Rates

Farm tractor insurance costs a lot less than tractor-trailer insurance. In fact, if you’re just using your farm tractor on your home property, then you can usually get it covered under your home property insurance. However, home insurance coverage can have higher-than-average deductibles, which could leave you in hot water if something ends up happening to your tractor.

For this reason, it’s always a good idea to purchase a simple farm tractor insurance policy. For the most part, the average farm tractor insurance rates are $8,500 per year or about $750 per month. You will be smart, however, to compare quotes online in order to get the best deals!

Compact Trailer Insurance Cost

A compact trailer is a trailer that is considerably smaller than what you’d see on a typically semi-tractor-trailer setup. Common examples of compact trailers could include:

  • Box trailers.

  • Open equipment trailers.

  • Dump trailers.

  • Tow-behind campers.

Most of the time, your compact trailer should be covered by your personal or commercial auto insurance policy. However, this only protects it while it’s attached to your truck or tractor and you’re driving on the road. It’s never a bad idea to purchase additional coverage for your trailer to cover it in the event of theft, weather damage, or vandalism.

On average, compact trailer insurance cost is $375 per year, making it quite affordable for the coverage you’ll get. 

Sub-Compact Trailer Insurance Cost

While we’re on the topic of compact trailers, then we might as well mention what you can expect to shell out to insure a sub-compact trailer. These are typically ultra-small trailers that can be used to tow around small equipment or haul junk. Sub-compact trailers are often towed by small sedans, farm tractors, or even contractors who need to carry extra equipment to and from their job site. 

Sub-compact trailer insurance costs typically range between $98 and $145 per year, making them incredibly affordable to insure. 

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Best Tractor Insurance Companies

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! You’re practically a tractor insurance expert. You should now be armed with all of the knowledge you need to understand the policies outlined by major insurance providers, so you’ll never be left in the dark regarding your policy’s fine print. Now, it’s time to take a look at some of the top tractor insurance companies on the market. 

To get your free, customized tractor insurance quotes from top insurance providers, simply click ‘Get Quotes’ below! After filling out some basic information, you’ll receive competitively-priced quotes that most insurance agents won’t tell you about upfront, allowing you to save BIG on your tractor insurance policy. 

Whether you’re looking for farm tractor insurance companies or tractor-trailer insurance companies, we’ve provided a brief review of some of the most popular insurance providers below. After using our free quote generator, it’s likely that several of these companies will try to contact you offering a cheap tractor insurance quote, so it’s a good idea to know who you’re dealing with. 

Let’s take a look! 

Kubota Insurance

In addition to manufacturing some of the world’s most versatile, high-tech tractors, the company also provides Kubota tractor insurance coverage for all of its tractors. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to insure your non-Kubota tractor, but if you do own one, you’ll get an amazing deal on your farm tractor or commercial tractor insurance policy. 

Kubota Insurance Cost

Kubota tractor insurance is officially handled by Kubota’s subsidiary KTAC (Kubota Tractor Assurance Corporation). The average KTAC insurance cost is $1.25 per $1,000 value increment on the tractor per month for general liability insurance coverage. In more direct terms, this means that you would pay $12.50 per month to insure a $10,000 tractor or $25 per month to insure a $20,000 tractor. 

  • Affordable insurance for Kubota tractors.

  • Easy-to-understand pricing.

  • Fair customer service.

  • Not available for non-Kubota tractors.

Best For: Kubota tractor owners.

Our Rating: 4/5 

John Deere Insurance

John Deere tractor insurance provides simple, easy, and incredibly affordable tractor insurance for John Deere tractor owners. If you have a John Deere tractor, then this is easily the cheapest farm tractor insurance policy that you’ll find on the market. Their low cost of coverage is due to their confidence in the quality of engineering and the low chance of comprehensive claims being made. 

John Deere Tractor Insurance Cost

On average, John Deere tractor insurance cost is $35 per month for general liability, depending on the type and value of the tractor you own. 

  • More affordable farm tractor insurance than most providers. 

  • Great customer service and claims service reviews. 

  • Not available for other tractor brands. 

Best For: John Deere tractor owners. 

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Tractor Insurance Geico

Geico is the second-largest insurance company in the United States and they provide everything from home and auto insurance to tractor truck insurance. Whether you’re insuring a large dump truck for your commercial construction business or a semi-tractor trailer, Geico has you covered with affordable, comprehensive policies designed for all truckers. 

  • Immediate proof of insurance coverage. 

  • File claims and manage your policy through Geico’s easy-to-use app. 

  • Insure anything from a small farm tractor to a large semi-tractor. 

  • Customer service ratings aren’t always the best. 

Best For: Part-time or full-time trucking/logistic company owners. 

Our Rating: 4/5

Tractor Insurance Progressive

Progressive is another large U.S.-based insurance provider. They have built an excellent reputation for providing friendly customer service, and offer great deals on bundling your insurance policies. This makes them a great option if you already own a Progressive home, auto, or business insurance policy.

Progressive Farm Tractor Insurance Cost

In addition to insuring large tractor-trailers, Progressive can also provide you with a basic liability or physical damage insurance policy for your farm tractor. On average, Progressive farm tractor insurance costs about $748 per month, depending on the type of tractor you drive and other factors. 

  • You can bundle all Progressive policies and save money. 

  • Insure small farm tractors or semi-trucks. 

  • Superb customer service. 

  • Sometimes the claims process can be lengthy. 

Best For: At-home farm tractors or truckers who own their own semi-tractor-trailer. 

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Mahindra Tractor Insurance

Mahindra dominates the global tractor market and is headquartered in India (where tractors are literally everywhere). In addition to manufacturing and shipping high-quality agricultural equipment and tractors around the world, they also happen to have one of the world’s best farm tractor insurance companies. Mahindra offers special rates on insuring Mahindra tractors that you won’t be able to get through most normal insurance agencies. 

Mahindra Tractor Insurance Price

The average Mahindra tractor insurance cost is $76 per month for commercial general liability insurance coverage, depending on the value of your Mahindra tractor and other risk factors. 

  • Insurance directly from the manufacturer. 

  • Low-cost policies for both cheap and expensive tractors. 

  • Call wait times to make a claim can be very long. 

Best For: Mahindra tractor owners.

Our Rating: 3.8/5

AXA Tractor Insurance

AXA is a British multinational insurance provider that specializes in providing commercial liability policies for a number of different industries. Overall, they’ve received excellent reviews in regards to their customer service, professionalism, and ability to handle claims quickly and easily. This makes them an obvious choice for those who own large trucking and logistics companies and a fleet of tractor-trailers. 

  • Great reviews for claims handling and professional service. 

  • Competitive rates for large commercial trucking companies. 

  • As AXA specializes in commercial policies, they’re not a great choice for small farm tractors or other personally-owned vehicles. 

Best For: Logistics companies that need to insure 10 - 20  tractor-trailers. 

Our Rating: 4/5

State Farm Tractor Insurance

State Farm is the largest insurance company in America (by volume) and is one of the most popular semi-tractor-trailer insurance companies on the market. In addition to insuring larger trailers, though, they’re more than willing to insure small tractors, compact trailers, and any other farm equipment that you may have. State Farm actually started their company by only providing farm and farm equipment insurance in the early-1920s, so they’re used by many large farms throughout the American Midwest. 

  • Long history of insuring farm equipment and tractors. 

  • Amazing ratings for customer service and claims handling. 

  • Affordable rates and policy bundling available. 

  • The underwriting process can be somewhat lengthy when purchasing coverage. 

Best For: Farmers who need to insure farm equipment/tractors or small trucking companies. 

Our Rating: 5/5

ACKO Tractor Insurance

ACKO is one of the newest players on the insurance scene and they specialize in providing commercial vehicle insurance to truckers and logistics companies. What sets ACKO apart from most insurers is the fact that their entire insurance company is online-based. While this means that you’ll save money on premiums compared to other larger insurance companies, it also means that the claims process can be more difficult. 

  • Affordable insurance coverage thanks to ACKO’s online-only business model. 

  • They specialize in commercial auto insurance.

  • Getting in touch with a real agent can be difficult.

Best For: Small trucking companies that own less than 3 tractor-trailers or commercial vehicles. 

Our Rating: 3.5/5

USAA Tractor Insurance

Whether you’re in need of single tractor insurance or you need to insure an entire fleet, USAA is easily one of the best tractor insurance companies in the United States. They have the most affordable rates in the country, outstanding customer service, and are easy to get in touch with. The only caveat is that USAA is only available to active or retired members of the United States military and their immediate family members (spouses and children). 

  • Incredible rates on tractor insurance or large commercial vehicle insurance policies. 

  • Great customer service ratings. 

  • Easy to get in touch with about claims or help. 

  • Only available to members of the U.S. armed forces and their families. 

Best For: Veterans who own trucking companies or need to insure a farm tractor. 

Our Rating: 5/5

Tata AIG Tractor Insurance

Tata is another large automaker based out of India and is Mahindra’s direct competitor. Tata manufactures a number of farm tractors, semi-trucks, and even compact trucks. Tata’s insurance subsidiary company is Tata AIG, which provides affordable insurance coverage for all Tata tractors or full-sized trucks. 

  • Affordable insurance for Tata tractors and trucks. 

  • Insurance directly from the manufacturer. 

  • Not available for non-Tata tractors. 

Best For: Tata tractor or truck owners. 

Our Rating: 4/5

Farm Bureau Tractor Insurance

Farm Bureau Financial Services is a large insurance company based out of Des Moines, Iowa. They started in 1939 by providing specialized insurance policies to farmers in Iowa. Since then, they’ve expanded the types of insurance coverage that they offer and provide coverage across the United States. 

  • Great customer service. 

  • Specializes in commercial auto insurance and farm tractor insurance policies. 

  • Affordable rates and policy bundling available. 

  • The claims process can be somewhat lengthy. 

Best For: Farmers who need to insure tractors or small logistics companies. 

Our Rating: 4/5

Liberty Tractor Insurance

Liberty Insurance offers coverage for every type of personal property or business you might have. So whether you need to insure small farm equipment and tractors or large commercial semi-trucks, Liberty makes the process of applying for insurance incredibly easy. Additionally, you’ll be able to build your own policy from the ground up, adding on whatever coverage you need. This is made evident by the company’s slogan, “You only pay for what you need.”

  • Affordable insurance policies for all companies.

  • Build your own policy from the ground-up.

  • Easy application process for coverage.

  • You may need to double-check your policy to make sure that you have all of the coverage you need. 

Best For: Small to mid-sized trucking companies or small farmers.

Our Rating: 4.5/5

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