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When you’re working with heavy machinery like skid steers or dump trucks, it’s often necessary to have liability coverage, at the very least. In this guide, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about insuring these vehicles, including how to get cheap dump truck insurance and garbage truck insurance.

Commercial Dump Truck Insurance

Unless you’re using a dump truck for personal reasons, which is unlikely in 99% of the cases, then you’ll need to get commercial dump truck insurance coverage. The thing about commercial auto insurance policies is that they tend to be a little more expensive than private auto insurance policies because of the additional amount of liability the insurance company is taking on.

When a vehicle like a dump truck is insured on commercial auto insurance policies, then insurance companies expect the vehicle to be used more frequently, while carrying more weight. More time spent on the road means that a dump truck has more chances to end up in an accident, which is why the insurance company considers these policies riskier.

What is Covered by Dump Truck Insurance?

Exactly what is covered by your dump truck insurance depends on the kind of coverage that you’re getting. Keep in mind that each form of coverage that you add to your dump truck insurance policy will increase the price because this increases the chances of your carrier having to pay you out.

General Liability Insurance

Also known as motor truck general liability coverage, this kind of insurance will protect you if your dump truck ends up causing damage to a client’s property while you’re working. This can include your truck colliding with their property and it can also cover mishaps that occur when dumping the load.

Collision Insurance

Much like with a standard auto insurance policy, collision insurance will cover you if your dump truck ends up colliding with a vehicle or even a static object. This form of coverage will pay out to cover repairs to your dump truck, unlike liability coverage, which pays out for repairs to the other party’s property.

Physical Damage Insurance

Physical damage coverage is similar to collision insurance in that it will pay for repairs to your dump truck except the damage doesn’t have to be caused by a collision. In most cases, this kind of coverage will be required if you’re either renting or leasing your dump truck.

Non-Trucking Insurance

Non-trucking insurance ensures that your liability coverage extends beyond your business hours. For example, if your dump truck ends up getting into an accident when the driver is off the clock, you’ll still be able to pay for repairs to the other party’s property or even for their medical bills.

Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance will pay out if the cargo your dump truck was carrying was either damaged or lost. Since dump trucks rarely carry expensive cargo, this kind of coverage usually isn’t that expensive compared to cargo insurance for other kinds of motor trucks.

Business Interruption Insurance

Business interruption insurance, which is also known as downtime insurance, will pay out if your truck ends up getting damaged and you lose income from it being in the repair shop. This coverage will even pay out if your truck can’t be used any longer, for example, if it is a write off.

Fire and Theft Insurance

Fire and theft insurance is a form of comprehensive insurance that covers damage to your vehicle resulting from it being stolen or catching fire. Some of these insurance policies can also pay out if your truck is damaged by an act of god like a hurricane or a tornado.

Bobtail Insurance

As a truck owner, if you drive your vehicle with a trailer or load for non commercial purposes and gets in to an accident, your policy will not cover unless you have bobtail insurance. So this is a must.

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Dump Truck Insurance Cost

The average dump truck insurance cost is about $438 per month, or $5,250 per year. This cost is for insuring a single dump truck.

If you’re looking for an accurate dump truck insurance quote, then you’ll need to account for the specifics of your situation. For example, your dump truck insurance cost will depend on your business’s history and whether or not there have been any collisions involving your trucks.

Another thing to consider is whether you’re insuring a single truck or if you’re insuring an entire fleet of trucks. If you have multiple trucks to insure, then you can expect to get a reduction in your premium on a per truck basis, so you’ll be paying less than you would if you had insured the trucks individually.

You’ll even have to account for the trucks themselves and the drivers behind their wheels. If you’re trying to insure older trucks that aren’t quite as expensive as a modern fleet, then you can expect to pay less to cover them, provided the dump trucks have been well-maintained and have passed an inspection by a mechanic.

Another factors that determine your dump truck insurance cost is what materials your dump truck hauls and what distance it is hauled for.

We’ve gone ahead and compiled some dump truck insurance quotes from some top insurers so you can have a better idea of the typical dump truck insurance price. These dump truck insurance estimates are for a relatively modern dump truck with a million dollars in liability, uninsured motorist coverage, general liability, pollution liability, physical damage coverage, and a $100,000 cargo limit:

CompanyCost per monthCost per year
Liberty Mutual$366$4392
State Farm$430$5160

If you’re curious about how much you can expect it to cost you to insure your vehicle, simply click one of the 'Get Quotes' buttons at this page and follow the process to find some of the cheapest dump truck insurance quotes online from the best insurance companies.

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Best Dump Truck Insurance Companies

Instead of going to Google and typing in “dump truck insurance near me” and hoping for the best, it’s often a good idea to know which companies excel at providing coverage for vehicles like dump trucks. Here are two of the best dump truck insurance companies you can work with:

Geico Dump Truck Insurance

Geico tends to cover dump trucks under their commercial auto insurance policies. Their policies will protect you from damage to your vehicle, injuries caused to other motorists or pedestrians, damage to others’ property, and injury to the driver of the dump truck. Geico currently doesn’t offer coverage for semi trucks and trailers.

Progressive Dump Truck Insurance

Unlike Geico, Progressive offers specific policies for dump trucks, and their coverage includes primary liability insurance and physical damage coverage. Progressive also works closely with motor carriers to make state and federal financial responsibility filings for them.

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