Telehandler Insurance: Cost & Quotes From $70/mo

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1. General Liability Insurance for Telehandlers1.1. Add-Ons to General Liability Insurance for Telehandlers1.2. Coverage Limits of General Liability Insurance for Telehandlers2. Professional Liability Insurance for Telehandlers 2.1. Add-Ons to Professional Liability Insurance for Telehandlers2.2. Coverage Limits of Professional Liability Insurance for Telehandlers2.3. Can Clients Require Professional Liability Insurance?3. Commercial Property Insurance for Telehandlers3.1. Add-Ons to Commercial Property Insurance for Telehandlers3.2. Coverage Limits of Commercial Property Insurance for Telehandlers3.3. Will Commercial Property Insurance Cover My Telehandler Business Contents?4. Business Owner’s Policy for Telehandlers4.1. Add-Ons to Business Owner’s Policy for Telehandlers4.2. Coverage Limits of Business Owner’s Policy for Telehandlers4.3. What Information Will I Need for A Business Owner’s Policy Application?5. Tools and Equipment Insurance for Telehandlers5.1. Add-Ons to Tools and Equipment Insurance for Telehandlers5.2. Coverage Limits of Tools and Equipment Insurance for Telehandlers5.3. Does Tools and Equipment Insurance Cover Damage by Your Employees?6. Workers Compensation Insurance for Telehandlers  6.1. Will Workers Comp Policies Cover Funeral Costs?7. Commercial Auto Insurance for Telehandlers7.1. Add-Ons to Commercial Auto Insurance for Telehandlers7.2. Coverage Limits of Commercial Auto Insurance for Telehandlers7.3. What is the Difference Between Personal Auto Insurance and Commercial Auto Insurance? 8. Telehandler Insurance Cost9. Best Telehandler Insurance Companies9.1. NEXT Telehandler Insurance 9.1.1. Pros 9.1.2. Cons 9.2. The Hartford Telehandler Insurance 9.2.1. Pros 9.2.2. Cons 9.3. CoverWallet Telehandler Insurance 9.3.1. Pros 9.3.2. Cons 9.4. Tivly Telehandler Insurance 9.4.1. Pros 9.4.2. Cons 9.5. Thimble Telehandler Insurance 9.5.1. Pros 9.5.2. Cons 9.6. Hiscox Telehandler Insurance 9.6.1. Pros 9.6.2. Cons 

A forklift doesn’t provide much maneuverability when loading heavy cargo. This is why businesses also use telehandlers. Telehandlers can move heavy objects up and down, forward and backward, or side to side. 

Consider purchasing telehandler insurance. This consists of policies that protect against liability claims, equipment breakdown, and other risks. Read this guide to know how each work, the cost of premiums, and the best companies. 

General Liability Insurance for Telehandlers

CoverWallet NEXT (Best)Thimble HiscoxThe Hartford
Per occurrence limit $1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000/$2,000,000$300,000/$1,000,000$1,000,000/$2,000,000
Aggregate limit $2,000,000$1,000,000/$2,000,000$1,000,000/$2,000,000$300,000/$2,000,000$1,000,000/$2,000,000
Products and completed operations aggregate limit $2,000,000
Advertising injury coverage aggregate limit $1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Tenant’s legal liability coverage limit $100,000
Waiver of subrogation included?YesNoIncludedCan be includedNo
Hired/non-owned auto liability coverage included?YesNoExcludedCan be includedCan be included
Equipment breakdown floater included?No YesYesCan be includedCan be included
Can you get a certificate of insurance online?YesYesYesYesYes
Name additional insureds?YesYes

Your telehandler insurance policy will need to cover the liabilities of your business. One of the best liability insurance policies is general liability insurance. This policy will protect your business from third-party property damage and bodily injury claims. Example situations include:

  • You accidentally damage customer property while on the job

  • You run someone over while driving the telehandler

Add-Ons to General Liability Insurance for Telehandlers

  • Products and completed operations–Takes care of costs if the completed or delivered service of your telehandler caused bodily injuries or property damage to third parties

  • Cyber liability–Covers any costs that arise from a data breach or cyber attack on your telehandler business

Coverage Limits of General Liability Insurance for Telehandlers

Your telehandler's general liability coverage will have a $1 million-$2 million per occurrence and aggregate limit. Nonetheless, some companies offer up to $5 million if your business profile is good. 

Professional Liability Insurance for Telehandlers 

CoverWallet NEXTThimble (Best)HiscoxThe Hartford
Per occurrence limit $1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000/$2,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Aggregate limit $2,000,000$2,000,000$1,000,000/$2,000,000$1,000,000$2,000,000
Name additional insureds?YesYesYesYesYes
Waiver of subrogation included?YesNoYesCan be includedNo

Your telehandler business can use professional liability coverage to protect against the catastrophic costs of lawsuits related to errors or omissions you make in your business operations. Examples of coverage include:

  • A client sues you for failing to deliver a promised service on time

  • One of your employees makes a mistake that causes substantial financial loss to a client

Add-Ons to Professional Liability Insurance for Telehandlers

  • Prior acts coverage–Protects your telehandler business from liabilities that may have occurred before your current professional liability policy

  • Excess liability–An excess liability policy will help you extend the coverage limit of your professional liability insurance

Coverage Limits of Professional Liability Insurance for Telehandlers

Your policy typically has a professional liability coverage limit of $1 million.

Can Clients Require Professional Liability Insurance?

Yes. Sometimes a client may ask that a telehandler have a professional liability insurance policy to ensure your business has the resources to cover potential lawsuits. One reason is that your client will want to make sure you can compensate their losses if you cannot fulfill the terms of a business contract.

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Commercial Property Insurance for Telehandlers

CoverWalletNEXT (Best)ThimbleThe HartfordHiscox
Building coverage limit (minimum)$50,000$320,000$25,000/$500,000$75,000$25,000
Contents coverage limit (minimum)$50,000$35,000$25,000/$500,000$75,000$15,000
Outdoor signsExcluded$2,500ExcludedExcludedIncluded
Accounts receivable ExcludedExcluded$5,000/$10,000ExcludedIncluded
Money and securitiesExcluded$2,500$1,000ExcludedIncluded
Lock and keys Excluded$2,500ExcludedExcludedIncluded
Business interruption floaterExcludedIncludedIncludedExcludedIncluded
Equipment breakdown floaterExcludedIncludedExcludedExcludedIncluded
Inland marine insurance floaterExcludedExcluded$10,000ExcludedExcluded
Employee dishonesty floaterExcluded$5,000$2,500ExcludedExcluded

A commercial property policy will protect your premises and any personal business property within against fire, theft, vandalism, lightning, sinkhole collapse, falling objects, riot, and other covered perils. 

Add-Ons to Commercial Property Insurance for Telehandlers

  • Business interruption insurance–Helps you compensate for lost income and other costs associated with a physical event interrupting business operations

  • Equipment breakdown–This policy will protect your telehandler equipment from internal breakdowns due to mechanical failure, electronic failure, or power surges

Coverage Limits of Commercial Property Insurance for Telehandlers

Commercial property insurance will have a typical coverage limit of about $50,000, though much higher limits are available depending on the policy.

Will Commercial Property Insurance Cover My Telehandler Business Contents?

Commercial property insurance will insure personal and business assets within a radius of your premises. This will include items like electronics, chairs, desks, and equipment. It will also cover specific outdoor properties like trees, shrubs, and fences.