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Basketball is among the most entertaining and fulfilling sports worldwide. But like in other sports, injuries, theft, and other issues may disrupt the fun.


Whatever worst-case scenario there may be, there’s basketball insurance for it. Reputable carriers like NBA Insurance Company will cover you so that you can focus more on playing or managing the team.

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Basketball Trainer Insurance

As a trainer, the entire team’s welfare is resting on your shoulders. No matter your experience, some things are out of your control and issues, which might result in financial loss, can happen. 

The fields usually witness injured players plus theft, loss, or damage to equipment. The good news is that there’s insurance for basketball trainers. Policies included are:

  • Bodily injury liability 

  • Professional indemnity

  • Personal accident

  • Loss of earnings 

  • Sports equipment coverage

  • Workers compensation insurance

Basketball Trainer Bodily Injury Liability Insurance

Similar to boxing training, basketball training can be very physically taxing. Players might get hurt during a session. In effect, the players or their guardians might put the blame on you and demand payment. 

Bodily injury liability insurance, sold as a public liability policy, can provide a helping hand if this happens. Through bodily injury liability insurance, you can pay the amount demanded as well as legal costs if things are taken to court. The minimum amount you can get from bodily injury liability insurance is $1 million. 

Basketball Trainer Professional Indemnity Insurance

As a basketball trainer, know that you might be accused of committing negligence or giving inaccurate advice which in turn led to financial or economic loss for the players or the basketball team’s management. Note that bodily injury liability insurance won’t provide coverage if this happens. The insurance policy that will protect you is professional indemnity insurance, which is also called errors and omissions insurance or professional liability insurance. 

Professional liability insurance covers legal costs if the incident escalates into a lawsuit. If ever you lose the case, this policy will also cover compensatory payments to the aggrieved party. 

Basketball Trainer Personal Accident Coverage 

You might get injured while training the players and bodily injury liability insurance will never cover you. That’s why you should decide to get personal accident coverage. Personal accident coverage is an optional policy in basketball trainer insurance and will reimburse your medical expenses once the claim is successfully processed. Carriers offer $100,000 – $1 million personal accident coverage. 

Basketball Trainer Loss of Income Coverage 

Let’s say the accident left you with severe injuries.  As a result, you can’t work for weeks. Is there an insurance policy that will help you get through such a crisis? Yes, there is – loss of income coverage. 

Loss of income coverage gives you an allowance during your unemployment. This one kicks in if you get injured or sick. It depends on the carrier how much insurance money you’ll receive. But typically, loss of income coverage gives a $300 – $400 allowance. 

Basketball Trainer Sports Equipment Coverage

Do you bring your own sports equipment for training sessions? If so, you can cover those using sports equipment coverage. With sports equipment coverage, you won’t need to use your own money to replace or repair damaged sports equipment. Note that the basketball isn’t typically covered. 

Basketball Trainer Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance covers the car that you’re using to visit one basketball team to the next. Protections included are auto liability insurance, physical damage coverage, and roadside assistance. 

Auto liability insurance kicks in if you hit another car, a person, or someone’s property while driving. Through this coverage, you can reimburse the losses of concerned parties and pay for legal fees. 

Physical damage coverage covers damages. It has two forms – collision and comprehensive. Collision physical damage coverage covers damage – as the name implies – resulting from collision with another vehicle or object on the road. With this, you can pay for repair or replacement service. 

Comprehensive physical damage coverage, on the other hand, covers damages not resulting from collision. Perils usually included are fire, theft, vandalism, hail, storm, water damage, and more. 

Note that you can also decide to add optional policies on your commercial auto insurance namely, underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage and emergency roadside assistance coverage. 

Emergency roadside assistance helps recover extra expenses if you experience gas leaks, gasoline shortage, engine failure, and battery defect while driving. The policy refunds the amount paid for towing, jumpstart, and gas delivery services. 

Underinsured/uninsured motorist, on the other hand, kicks in if you got involved in a vehicular accident an uninsured or uninsured driver caused. This will pay medical costs if the other driver can’t cover you using their insurance policy. 

Can You Use Personal Car Insurance to Cover the Auto You’re Using for Work?

Your personal car insurance won’t become invalid even if you use your car to attend training sessions as a basketball trainer. However, upon knowing that you’re using the car for work-related purposes, the carrier will charge an additional cost on premiums. As a result, your rates will become unusually expensive. What’s worse is that you’re paying a hefty cost for a policy that doesn’t provide the maximum protection needed.

Basketball Trainer Workers Compensation Insurance

Do you have assistants? If that’s the case, then consider getting workers compensation insurance. Workers compensation insurance is state-mandated insurance. You need this as soon as one or more people are working for you. Through this insurance policy, you can shoulder the medical expenses and weekly allowance of an employee who got injured while working. 

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Basketball Player Insurance

Carriers offer coverage for basketball players. A typical basketball player’s insurance provides protection against lawsuits, loss of earnings, and more. Policies included are as follows:

  • Loss of earnings 

  • Personal accident 

  • General liability

Basketball Player General Liability Insurance 

General liability insurance covers the cost of personal injury claims and property damage claims filed against you. This policy will also help if you committed or allegedly committed reputational harm against a particular individual or organization. Below are some examples that will help you understand how general liability for basketball players works:

  • During a game, you passed the ball forcefully to a nearby teammate. The teammate failed to catch the ball. The ball flew out of the court and landed on a spectator’s face causing nosebleeds and some minor cuts on the lips. The person’s expensive phone got severely damaged too. 

  • You and the basketball team’s management had an argument. You posted some defamatory statements about the basketball team on social media. Because of this, the basketball team’s management had to spend money on PR so that the heat wouldn’t escalate. To recover what was spent, the basketball team’s management filed a lawsuit against you and demanded reimbursement for their losses

Basketball Player Personal Accident Coverage

Sprains and fractures are examples of possible injuries you’ll incur as a basketball player. In every game, there’s always the chance of you getting injured. And so, don’t forget to have personal accident coverage.  Personal accident coverage shoulders your emergency medical expenses. Furthermore, it will shoulder medication. Rehabilitation and after-hospital visits are excluded. 

Loss of Earnings 

Severe basketball injuries will push you to stop playing for a while. And so, consider getting loss of earnings coverage. Loss of earnings coverage provides an allowance while you’re not playing and income isn’t generated. You’ll find this very useful if your basketball team’s management won’t provide coverage using workers compensation insurance. 

Youth Basketball Team Insurance

Like in any other sport, effective teamwork and performance bring success. But whether you’re honing your skills or facing your opponent, every player is at risk of injury. That’s why you need to ensure you have youth basketball insurance. The following are policies included in youth basketball team insurance:

  • General liability 

  • Accident coverage

  • Travel insurance

  • Commercial Auto Insurance

Youth Basketball Team General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance covers personal injury claims or property damage claims filed against your youth basketball team’s management. The following example situations make you understand when the policy can be very useful:

  • During a game, a 13-year-old member of the youth basketball team injured a spectator by accident. Since filing a claim against a 13-year-old is impossible, the injured person sued your basketball team’s management instead

  • Another basketball team accused your basketball team of committing libel or slander

  • Your basketball team hosted a party. An accident occurred and one of the guests got injured. A claim is then filed against your basketball team

Youth Basketball Team Accident Coverage 

Don’t think twice about getting accident coverage for your basketball team. If a player gets injured during a game or practice, then you’ll have to shoulder the cost of emergency treatment. Accident coverage functions to reimburse what you spent. Note that accident coverage will not reimburse any allowance or monetary assistance given while the injured player is healing. 

Travel Basketball Team Insurance

Traveling is a part of a youth basketball team’s activities. Visiting another team in a different state for a practice match, going out of town for a retreat, and joining a basketball tournament in another state are some of the reasons why the youth basketball team needs to travel. 

The youth basketball team is facing unknown exposures while traveling. That’s why you need to get travel insurance that offers accident and trip interruption coverages. 

Accident coverage in basketball travel insurance will help you shoulder emergency medical treatment expenses if a member of the youth basketball team became injured or sick during the trip.  Situations where this is useful are:

  • A member bought a sandwich from a deli and got sick because of salmonella

  • A member slipped and fell while rushing to catch a flight and need to get his broken arm treated

  • A member of the youth basketball team has severe motion sickness and needs to be taken to the hospital as the continuous vomiting left him dehydrated and weak

Interrupted trips due to missed flights or vehicle issues incur extra expenses for lodging, food, and others, so don’t think twice about getting trip interruption insurance. This policy provides a $300 – $400 allowance so that you can recover some of the expenditures caused by trip interruptions.

Basketball Camp Insurance

Many kids enroll in basketball summer camps. If you’re running one, know that parents will ask if you have comprehensive insurance coverage so that their kids are safe and protected.  Many carriers offer basketball camp insurance, which includes:

  • General liability 

  • Commercial property 

  • Commercial auto 

Basketball Camp General Liability Insurance

Kids enrolled in your basketball camp can get hurt while playing, training, or simply just by doing other things. Note that you’re liable in such a situation. And so, don’t forget to include general liability insurance, which will pay for the settlement and legal fees. 

Basketball Camp Commercial Property Insurance 

Someone might vandalize the sports facilities and structures of your basketball camp. Extreme weather or an accidental fire might also have caused the damage. Furthermore, it’s even possible for moveable equipment to be stolen. And so, don’t forget to have commercial property insurance. 

Basic commercial property insurance covers the cost of building repair or reconstruction needed to reverse the damage caused by vandalism, fire, or extreme weather. If you decide to add stocks and contents coverage, then commercial property insurance will also help repair or replace equipment inside or outside the basketball camp at little cost or no cost at all. 

Commercial Auto Insurance for Basketball Camps

Commercial auto insurance for basketball camps provide protection through its auto liability, physical damage, and accident coverages. 

Auto liability insurance covers the cost if your basketball camp’s passenger van or bus caused an accident and third parties got injured or someone’s property got damaged. On the other hand,  physical damage coverage covers repair costs if your basketball camp’s vehicle got damaged due to collision, fire, vandalism, or theft. Finally, accident coverage pays for the medical costs of the vehicle’s driver and passengers should an accident happen. 

If you’re willing to invest more in premiums, then decide to include emergency roadside assistance on your basketball camp commercial auto insurance. By having this coverage, you’ll get reimbursement for towing and other roadside assistance services needed to get the vehicle moving once again. 


Basketball Tournament Insurance

Basketball tournaments come with risks related to college-level sporting events. Furthermore, the venues, level of play, and the tournament’s popularity can enhance some of these risks. 


Basically, it would be best if you had a commercial business policy and liability coverages for a large tournament. Tournament games occur in various arenas to accommodate the spectators anticipated for the multiple games. Each location must have its insurance coverage. 

Understand that basketball tournaments need to get $1 million general liability coverage to adequately cover participants and guests. But it’s best to provide more than the minimum amount required. With that said, $2 million general liability insurance offers the best protection.>  


Travel Basketball Team Insurance

The basketball team might travel locally or overseas. Before boarding that plane, be sure you’ve taken out basketball travel insurance. 

The reason why you should get basketball travel insurance is that it comes with coverages that take care of:  

  • Trip delays

  • Trip cancellation

  • Optional cancel 

  • Emergency travel assistance

Basketball League Insurance

Basketball leagues opt to get commercial general liability insurance, commercial property insurance, excess commercial and liability coverage, and directors and officers liability. 

Youth Basketball League Insurance

Organizing and officiating a youth league can be a rewarding career. The organizers have to ensure that every participant’s well-being is intact. But people rarely think of insurance covers until a person gets injured. 


Insurance for basketball league is an expense, but your peace of mind is worth that cost. It covers several activities, including supervised and organized practices, games, and play-offs.

AAU Basketball Team Insurance

If you’re wondering, AAU stands for Amateur Athletic Union, a youth sports organization in America. Basketball players can form independent teams that play against each other in AAU tournaments.


The AAU’s insurance program is provided to all AAU members. It’s comprehensive, offering two broad coverages:

  • Sports accident

  • General liability

It protects:

  • Basketball players that take part in a competition

  • Trainers while coaching

  • Event operators while carrying out licensed events

  • Spectators

  • Facilities while partnering with AAU members

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Basketball Insurance Cost

  • Basketball trainers pay $45 a month or $540 a year for a $1 million professional indemnity insurance

  • Basketball players pay $52 a month or $624 a year for coverage consisting of basketball liability insurance and personal accident insurance each having a $1 million limit

  • The cost of youth basketball insurance coverage is $34 a month or $408 a year for a $1 million general liability coverage

  • Basketball camp insurance is $162 a month or $1,944 a year for a coverage comprising of general liability and commercial property insurance

  • Basketball tournament insurance for small scale competitions is $115 a month or $1,380 a year

  • The cost of basketball league insurance is $215 a month or $2,580 a year

For further reference, here’s a table showing the pricing of the companies offering the best basketball insurance right now:

Monthly Rates Annual Rates Best for
CoverWallet $58 $696 Basketball insurance quotes comparison online
Next $67 $804 Basketball trainer insurance with free certificate of insurance
Hiscox $78 $936 Basketball league and tournament insurance with generous policy limits

AAU Basketball Insurance Cost

The AAU basketball insurance cost is $30 per club and $16 per player/coach. The basketball court is full of risks. It isn’t worth stepping out into it without shielding yourself and your career with basketball insurance. 

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Best Basketball Insurance Companies

Here are some reviews of the best basketball insurance companies. Read to know their pros, cons, and monthly pricing for a $1 million general liability coverage. 

CoverWallet Insurance


  • Helps you find the best coverage through its online quote comparison platform

  • CoverWallet gives you a certificate of insurance if you decide to get insured by its partners


  • Not an insurance company, but a basketball insurance broker

CoverWallet doesn’t underwrite its own basketball insurance but sells the ones offered by its partners. With this company, you’ll enjoy immediate coverage, a free certificate of insurance, and online policy management. Another good thing about the company is that it has an online quote comparison tool, which you can use to find specialized basketball training insurance, basketball league insurance, and more.

Best for: Basketball insurance quotes comparison online

Average cost: $58 per month

Our rating: 10/10

Next Insurance


  • Offers discounts options

  • Certificate of basketball insurance can be sent as a text message, email, or social media post


  • Insurance service might be complex for customers used to traditional insurance processes

Next insures basketball coaches through its sports coach insurance program. Policies included are general liability insurance, workers’ compensation, and commercial auto. Next also gives you a free certificate of insurance, which can be sent as a text message, email, or social media post via the Next app.

Best for: Basketball trainer insurance with a free certificate of insurance

Average cost: $67 per month

Our rating: 9/10

Hiscox Insurance


  • Provides coverage not only to basketball professionals but also to basketball events

  • Generous policy limits


  • Has a lot of customer complaints

Hiscox covers a wide range of sporting events including basketball leagues, youth basketball leagues, and more. Coverage this company offers includes general liability, commercial property, public liability, and more. Decide to work with Hiscox if you’re looking for generous coverage for leagues and tournaments.

Best for: Basketball league and tournament insurance with generous policy limits

Average cost: $78 per month

Our rating: 8/10

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