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There are considerable factors to look at while selecting the finest hockey insurance providers for hockey teams. The most important thing is finding a USA hockey insurance company that provides appropriate coverage under one roof. The insurance policy should also have ample coverage to account for different risks.

Many companies offer coverage having unique features from others. So, it can be difficult to find the one that best caters to the risks you face.


Here’s a write-up that might help. Read what policies are included in hockey insurance, how much it costs, where to get the best coverage, and more.

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Hockey is a High-Risk Sport, Get Insured 

Hockey is a high-risk contact sport similar to boxing. In the US alone, at least 20,000 hockey-related injuries are recorded each year.  With this, hockey can be considered one of the most dangerous sports in the US together with:

If we go deeper, we’ll find that both children and adults engaged in hockey experience injuries. And it’s stated that:

  • Laceration is the most common facial injury for hockey players

  • The knee is the part of the lower body that frequently gets injured

  • The shoulder is the upper body part that frequently gets injured

Finally, further research tells us that injuries are usually caused by:

  • Body checking

  • Stick contact

  • Puck contact

It’s indisputable that hockey is dangerous for those who engage in it. And so, carriers offer hockey insurance to mitigate risks. This doesn’t only take care of injuries to the other players but does other things too. 

Essential USA Hockey Insurance Policies

Here are some of the crucial insurance policies for hockey players, teams, clubs, coaches, and events:

General Liability Insurance

Accidents can occur regardless of how cautiously you manage risks. Anyone who is hurt as a result of operations has the right to make a claim for compensation. Some of these claims may be extremely expensive.


And so, carriers include general liability in their hockey team insurance and others. General liability will shoulder the cost of personal injury, property damage, and advertising injury claims filed by third parties. 


Accident Insurance

Accident insurance included in hockey team insurance and others is designed exclusively for players, managers, coaches, and administrators, and is only valid during games, travel, and team practice. Accident insurance pays for medical expenditures when a member makes a claim. Accident insurance is common in insurance programs for sports. It pays up to $100,000.


Crime and Equipment Insurance

Hockey equipment can be damaged due to fire, theft, vandalism, storm, and other named perils.  Therefore, it’s important for hockey club insurance and others to include crime and equipment policy. Equipment insurance will help pay for the cost of replacing or repairing damaged hockey equipment. On the other hand, crime insurance will pay for the costs associated with a crime committed by third parties or employees. 


Note that insurance companies have tailored plans to help you make a hockey insurance claim for both equipment insurance and crime insurance.


Travel Insurance

Hockey team insurance, hockey tournament insurance, and others offer travel insurance coverage. Sports travel insurance covers trip interruptions or delays, loss of goods,  illnesses, and accidents that occur while traveling.

Youth Hockey Team Insurance

The injuries children usually experience while playing hockey are concussions, sprains, bruises, and contusions. And according to experts, hockey is the second most common winter sport that injures kids. 

As the manager or owner of a youth hockey team, you might benefit from youth hockey team insurance. Basic youth hockey team insurance offers general liability coverage. This helps cover costs if injured players, volunteers, and spectators file a claim. 

Understand that general liability coverage doesn’t offer an impenetrable shield as there are other exposures you’ll face when running a youth hockey team. And so, it will be wise for you to include the following:

Youth Travel Hockey Insurance

Youth travel hockey insurance covers the cost of trip delays, stolen baggage, trip interruption, and more. The table below shows the inclusions in youth travel hockey team insurance, their limits, and functions

Minimum limit  Function
Emergency medical expenses $100,000 Covers first-aid treatment, medical expenses, and other related costs if a member of the youth hockey team got sick or injured while traveling 
Trip cancellation  $20,000 Covers non-refundable costs for a canceled trip
Missed departure  $50,000 Covers costs you’ll incur after the youth hockey team missed a trip or the trip got delayed 
Lost or stolen baggage $10,000 Helps reimburse a hockey team member whose baggage got lost or stolen during the trip

Youth Hockey Team Personal Accident Coverage

As we said earlier,  young hockey players can get injured easily. Without insurance, you’ll have to pay for their treatment using your own money. And so, it will be very smart if you include personal accident coverage in youth hockey insurance. 

Personal accident coverage covers the cost of injuries your youth hockey team members sustain while playing or training. This policy will pay for their emergency medical treatment, hospital bills, medicine, and after-hospital visits.  

Youth Hockey Team Abuse and Molestation Coverage 

Abuse and molestation coverage isn’t packaged in youth hockey sports team insurance, but it can be endorsed as additional protection. 

Some kids in your youth hockey team might be very sensitive or peculiar. Or the staff of your youth hockey team might do something bad to the kids. When this happens, parents can sue you for damages. 

Abuse and molestation coverage helps pay costs. By having this insurance policy included, you can pay legal fees. Furthermore, in case you lose the case,  the carrier will also take care of paying the settlement to the aggrieved party. 

Youth Hockey Team Commercial Auto Insurance

If your youth hockey team owns a vehicle, then decide to endorse commercial auto insurance. Coverages offered in commercial auto insurance are as follows:

  • Personal accident coverage – Covers the passengers and the driver of the vehicle in the event of a vehicular accident. Helps pay for emergency medical treatment and hospital bills

  • Auto liability insurance – Helps you compensate third-party property damage and personal injuries, if the youth hockey team’s vehicle causes an accident

  • Physical damage coverage – Gives you money to repair damage to the youth hockey team’s vehicle as caused by a collision, extreme weather, vandalism, or theft

Hockey Camp Insurance

Your hockey camp has facilities, buildings, and equipment. This needs to be covered by insurance to avoid extra costs in case of damage or loss. 

Aside from the hockey equipment, you also need to cover individuals that enroll in your hockey camp too. Who knows when they’ll get injured while training or playing?

Carriers offer  tailored hockey camp insurance to meet your needs. Policies included are personal accident insurance, general liability insurance, business interruption insurance, and commercial property insurance. 

Personal Accident Insurance

Personal accident insurance helps you pay for the emergency treatment and hospital bills in case one of the attendees experienced an accident while on the premises of the hockey camp. For hockey camps, this coverage gives a $1 million minimum limit. 

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance for hockey camps comes with products and completed operations coverage. This doesn’t only cover personal injuries or property damage caused by accidents. It also takes care of food poisoning claims if the enrollees of your hockey camp got sick after eating the food served. 

Business Interruption Insurance 

Should your business take a sudden halt because of property damage or economic crisis, then business interruption can help. This policy gives you an allowance so that you can pay loans, employee wage, taxes, and other operational costs even if the hockey camp isn’t generating income. 

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance protects your hockey camp’s facilities, equipment, and buildings against extreme weather, vandalism, theft, and other named perils. If you purchase this, the carrier will reimburse you for what you spent to replace a lost tangible business asset or replace a damaged tangible business asset.

Hockey Club Insurance

Are you running a hockey club? If that’s the case, then there’s tailored hockey club insurance that can help. Policies included are general liability insurance, directors and officers liability insurance, and commercial property insurance. 

General Liability Insurance for Hockey Clubs

General liability insurance for your hockey club covers third-party personal injury and property damage claims. You can also decide to add advertising injury coverage. Advertising injury coverage kicks in if your hockey club is accused of slander, libel, and copyright infringement.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance for Hockey Clubs 

Directors and officers’ liability insurance protects the management of your hockey club against claims. The policy provides money if someone files a claim and accuses the directors and officers of committing mismanagement, misappropriation, fraud, embezzlement, and other wrongful acts. 

Hockey Tournament Insurance

Organizing a hockey tournament without getting insurance isn’t smart. As the tournament organizer, you might be liable for:

  • Player injuries or property damage

  • Participant injuries or property damage

  • Damage to the venue

  • Theft of players’ hockey equipment and personal effects

Getting hockey tournament insurance is one of the essential steps in organizing a hockey tournament. It provides protection against the above-mentioned perils because it has policies such as general liability insurance, rented premises coverage, and equipment coverage. 

General Liability Insurance for Hockey Tournaments

General liability insurance will help cover costs if players and spectators get injured or have their property damaged. For hockey tournaments, the minimum limit of this policy is $1 million or $2 million. General liability will be very useful in case of:

  • Stampede

  • A hockey bat flew out of the cage and injured a spectator

  • A hockey player slipped and fell while on the premises of the tournament venue

Rented Premises Coverage for Hockey Tournaments

Rented premises will pay the property owner on your behalf if the tournament venue got damaged because of vandalism, theft, fire, and other named perils. This one is only useful if you’re renting a stadium, sports facility, or any other venue where hockey can be played. If you own the tournament venue, get commercial property insurance instead. 

Equipment Coverage  for Hockey Tournaments

Equipment coverage allows you to cover the participants’ personal effects and equipment. All you have to do is schedule or list them as additional insureds. With equipment coverage, you can reimburse participants should their personal effects get lost or damaged within the premises of the tournament venue. 

Hockey Coach Insurance

A tailored hockey coach insurance will provide the protection that you need when working as a personal hockey coach, contractual hockey coach, or permanent hockey coach. Policies included in this insurance product are professional liability insurance, employer’s liability insurance, and commercial auto insurance. 

Employer’s Liability Insurance for a Hockey Coach

Consider getting employer’s liability insurance if you have assistants. This policy will cover costs if they accuse you of not giving employment benefits mandated by state laws. Specific costs shouldered by employer’s liability insurance are lawyer fees, other legal costs, and settlement. 

Hockey Coach Professional Liability Insurance

Players might accuse you of committing negligence or giving inaccurate advice. That’s why you shouldn’t think twice about getting professional liability insurance. If you include this policy in hockey coach insurance, you can pay lawyer’s fees, other legal costs, and compensatory payments in negligence lawsuits. 

Hockey Coach Commercial Auto Insurance

If you own a car and use it to visit one hockey team or player to the next, then ditch your personal car insurance and get commercial auto insurance. Alternatively, if your carrier allows it, you can also upgrade your personal car insurance to commercial auto insurance. Covering your car is better with commercial auto insurance because it can be added with endorsements and provide further protection.

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USA Hockey Insurance Cost

The average cost of USA hockey insurance is $47 a month or $564 a year for a $1 million general liability coverage. For a better insight into how much you’ll pay, take a look at the pricing of the best hockey insurance companies shown in the table below:

Cost per Month Cost per Year Best for
CoverWallet $42 $504 Hockey insurance quotes comparison online
Thimble $45 $540 Short-term ice hockey insurance and field hockey insurance
Sadler Sports $49 $588 Hockey insurance for camps, tournaments, clubs, and teams
RHA $53 $636 Hockey insurance that follows the requirements of clubs and tournaments
USA Hockey Association $56 $672 USA hockey association members
AAU $59 $708 Youth hockey team insurance
Esports $61 $732 Best for umbrella insurance for hockey teams, clubs, tournaments, etc.
OMHA $67 $804 USA hockey insurance in Canada

How to Choose the Best Hockey Insurance Company?

Choosing a suitable ice hockey, field hockey insurance, hockey team insurance, etc. is all about knowing the factors to think about. We recommend you consider these factors when choosing suitable insurance cover:

  • All-in-one-house cover – Finding an insurance company that serves all of your insurance needs can help you save on the total USA hockey insurance cost. Plus, it’s easier to deal with one insurance company than several in the case of an emergency. 

  • Choose the value you desire – A good insurance company does not have to be inexpensive. What matters most is that it gives you the service and coverage equating to the cost of premiums

  • A company’s rating – A high-rated company makes timely payouts and delivers its promises without complicating issues.

  • Proven track record and financial rating – A suitable hockey insurance company has a proven track record and good financial rating as proved by  customers and third-party watchdogs

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Best Hockey Insurance Companies in the USA

While there are many hockey insurance firms in the United States, here is a list of the best ones:  

CoverWallet Hockey Insurance


  • Offers the hockey insurance quotes of different companies and allows you to compare prices

  • Fast online certificate of insurance


  • Doesn’t underwrite its own hockey insurance

CoverWallet’s hockey insurance quotes come from its partners. Policies included are general liability insurance, directors and officers liability, workers comp, and commercial property insurance. Hockey professionals might like this company as it offers a free USA hockey certificate of insurance online. 

Best for: Hockey insurance quotes comparison online

Average cost: $42  per month

Our rating: 10/10

Thimble Hockey Insurance


  • You can get a quote and purchase an insurance policy within minutes

  • It has monthly, daily, and even hourly coverage

  • Budget-friendly USA hockey insurance cost

  • Fast coverage for USA hockey injury claim


  • Customer support is only available online

  • Claims must be filed by email or phone


Thimble is a small and medium-sized business insurance agent that sells insurance coverage online. It offers short-term ice hockey insurance, hockey coach insurance, and field hockey insurance. Thimble also provides insurance cover for other sports. General liability, workers’ compensation, event liability insurance, and commercial property insurance are their primary policies.


Best for: Short-term ice hockey insurance and field hockey insurance

Average cost: $45  per month

Our rating: 9/10


Sadler Sports Hockey Insurance


  • Quality coverage at a low cost

  • Fully trained employees who are people-oriented and are trained to offer the best service


  • Limited communication and support

Sadler Sports and Recreation Insurance is a well-known sports insurance firm in the United States created in 1946. The company’s headquarters is in South Carolina. They specialize in providing packages for a variety of sports. They also include hockey club insurance, hockey camp insurance, hockey tournament insurance, and hockey team insurance.


Best for: Hockey insurance for camps, tournaments, clubs, and teams

Average cost: $49  per month

Our rating: 8/10

RHA Hockey Insurance


  • It’s highly accepted in most tournaments 

  • Coverage applies to all RHA sanctioned leagues or tournaments 

  • RHA insurance hockey coverage helps you save on costs and time


  • Need to talk with an agent to better understand the terms of its coverage

RHA is highly valued for providing the most comprehensive ice hockey, field hockey, and roller hockey insurance. They highly recommend consulting with clubs and tournaments you want to participate in to find out what package is most suitable for you. This can help you save money and time. 


Best for: Hockey insurance that follows the requirements of clubs and tournaments

Average cost: $53  per month

Our rating: 7/10

USA Hockey Association Insurance


  • The program not only ensures players and teams but offers other benefits relating to the sport


  • Only members of the USA Hockey Association are covered

  • USA hockey insurance claim takes long to be processed

This insurance is given automatically to all members of the USA Hockey Association. The cover is quite comprehensive, covering players, events, coaches, and the property. This insurance for USA hockey covers all teams so long as they are registered properly with the program.


Best for: USA hockey association members

Average cost: $56  per month

Our rating: 7/10

AAU Hockey Insurance


  • Their sports insurance covers individuals and clubs

  • They also have youth hockey team insurance for teams comprising of players under 25 years old 

  • Budget-friendly


  • AAU insurance hockey is only comprehensive for members

AAU has been in service since the 1880s. They provide comprehensive roller and ice hockey insurance to over 700,000 members across the nation. Their insurance packages are widely accepted in many tournaments and championships. 


Best for: Youth hockey team insurance

Average cost: $59  per month

Our  rating: 7/10


Esports Insurance


  • Provides instant online quotes

  • Provides special programs tailored to every sport


  • Has very few customer reviews, making it hard to verify customer satisfaction

Esports headquarters is in Lilburn, Georgia, and it is licensed in all 50 states. This company has been in existence for more than 20 years. They focus on general liability insurance, young hockey team insurance programs, accidental medical insurance, sports equipment coverage, and sports umbrella/excess liability coverage.


Best for: Best for umbrella insurance for hockey teams, clubs, tournaments, etc. 

Average cost: $61  per month

Our rating: 6/10

OMHA Insurance


  • Provides comprehensive coverage to USA hockey players, teams, and coaches in Canada


  • OMHA doesn’t lay out what specific policies are included in its hockey insurance aside from directors’ and officers’ liability policy

USA hockey teams, coaches, or players should try to get insured with Ontario Minor Hockey Association’s (OMHA) coverage. According to the organization, its insurance ensures that individuals engaged in hockey have adequate financial resources to compensate for the financial loss, injuries, and property damage of third parties.

Best for: USA hockey insurance in Canada

Average cost: $67  per month

Our rating: 6/10 

Final Words

Hockey is a contact sport, which means that injuries are unavoidable. A comprehensive sports insurance policy will protect the policyholder against various risks. In addition, all equipment will be protected, even while in transit. Compare quotes to find the best hockey insurance. Use our quotes generator tool to do so. Click the “Get Quotes” button to start.

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