Beauty and Bodywork Insurance (InsureBodywork) Review

Many perils are associated with the personal care and beauty industry. As a beauty therapist, salon owner, cosmetologist, nail technician, makeup artist, or any other profession, it’s important you work with an insurance company that underwrites tailored coverage for your budget and needs. 

One such company is Beauty and Bodywork Insurance. In this guide, know this company, what it offers, reviews, and more.


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Our Take On Beauty And Bodywork Insurance


  • Online application, policy management, and payment of premiums

  • Instant coverage

  • Digital copies of policy documents

  • Comprehensive general liability and professional liability insurance for beauty professionals 

  • Two specialized coverage options-professional liability policy and student liability policy 


  • Doesn’t offer numerous types of business insurance products 

  • Policy limits can’t be customized 

Beauty and Bodywork Insurance provides instant coverage. You get insured online and fast because the company doesn’t ask a lot of details. 

This insurance company also takes your budget into mind. That’s why it created two coverage options that fit your budget as a beauty professional or as a student. 

Beauty and Bodywork Insurance only keeps digital copies of your policy documents. Because of this, you get 24/7 access to them via the company’s website. Note that Beauty and Bodywork allows you to download and print without additional charges. 

Best for: Beauty professionals

Average cost: $8 per month for professional liability policy, $5.58 per month for student liability policy

Our rating: 9/10

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Overview Of Beauty Bodywork Insurance

Also called InsureBodyWork, Beauty Bodywork insurance is a company that offers numerous types of insurance products for students, professionals, and beauty & bodywork businesses.

The company aims to provide flexible coverage options, comprehensive protection, responsive customer service, and affordable protection to customers. Beauty and Bodywork’s services observe the following core values:

  • Transparency

  • Empowerment 

  • Growth

  • Business development

Beauty and Bodywork Insurance offers its policies 100% online. The company doesn’t employ or commission insurance agents. You get to choose the needed coverage. In return, Beauty and Bodywork provides a quick estimate of your rates. 

In addition, Beauty and Body Works Insurance is one of the few companies that follow the “nature-first” approach in its operations. For one, it supports the paperless movement. Because of this, policy documents are only available as a digital copy which you can print yourself.

History Of Beauty And Bodywork Insurance

Beauty and Bodywork (AKA Insure Bodywork) insurance was started in 2012 by Veracity Insurance Solutions. It began as a risk purchasing group that partnered with Great American Insurance Company to tend to the needs of professionals in the beauty field, who were widely underrepresented.

Within a year of being launched, Beauty and Bodywork Insurance grew exponentially, and the program went forward with renewed vigor. Veracity got a full-time staff on the payroll to handle Beauty and Bodywork, and they launched a new project to renew the online presence of the brand.

This marked the point at which it rebranded to BBI (Beauty and Bodywork Insurance), and the company started increasingly relying on technology and the web to connect with its clients. Since then, the company has focused its efforts on providing its customers with better service and convenience.

Location And Contact Details 

Beauty and Bodywork Insurance headquarters is located at 260 South 2500 West Suite 303, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062. The company’s email is Its contact number is +1 877-536-7290. 

Benefits Of Beauty And Bodywork Insurance 

Beauty and Bodywork Insurance is one of the leading carriers when it comes to insurance for beauty and personal care businesses and professionals. Choose this company and enjoy these perks. 

Paperless Policy Documents 

Beauty and Bodywork Insurance operates paperless. All of your policy documents are stored in its database. In case you want to get a copy, a document will be sent to you via email or you can download it from the company website. 

No Quote Process

Beauty and Bodywork Insurance doesn’t want you to spend a lot of time just to get covered. And so, all you have to do is visit its website, choose a policy, provide information about your work, and pay for it. 

Licensed in All 50 States

You can purchase a policy from Beauty and Bodywork Insurance regardless of location, provided that you’re not one of the businesses excluded in its underwriting appetite we mentioned above. 

Instant Coverage

Beauty and Bodywork Insurance provides instant coverage. You don’t need to wait for days before the policy takes effect. You can use your policy the moment you pay for it. Because of this, Beauty and Bodywork Insurance is great if you’re looking for spur-of-the-moment protection. 

No Deductibles 

Beauty and Bodywork professional liability and general liability insurance don’t have any deductibles. This means that you can fully use the funds provided by both policies in order to cover a claim. 

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Beauty And Bodywork Insurance Underwriting Appetite

Beauty and Bodywork Insurance provides its services for the following types of customers in the personal care and beauty industry:

Professionals And Businesses Not Covered

Beauty and Bodywork Insurance doesn’t cover all kinds of professions and businesses in the beauty and personal care industry. The company’s services aren’t available if your business or you,  as a beauty professional, is involved in the following activities:

  • Microblading

  • Black henna

  • Body piercing 

  • Surgical hair removal and hair implant

  • Psychological treatment

  • Massage salon or therapist using massage chairs and other apparatus to provide a service

  • Tanning salon

  • Provides beauty treatment and using x-rays and dangerous equipment

  • Dermatologist specializing in wart removal, moles, skin growths, etc.

  • Aqua therapists

  • Microneedling

  • Electrolysis

  • Hypnosis 

  • Dance studio or fitness studio

  • Gua Sha

  • Aerial Yoga

  • Herbal therapy

  • Endermology

  • Body branding

  • Cryotherapy

  • Any beauty professional involved with the sales or prescription of stem cells, vitamins, drugs, and supplements to customers

  • Any beauty professional who provide surgical methods that manipulate the client’s bodily condition

Policies Offered By Beauty And Bodywork Insurance 

Beauty and Bodywork Insurance offers three types of business insurance policies-general liability, professional liability, tools and equipment insurance, inland marine insurance, cyber liability insurance, and business personal property insurance. This section discusses the functions of these policies. 

General Liability Insurance 

As a beauty professional, you can inflict clients with injuries or property damage due to:

  • Equipment malfunction

  • Failure to maintain orderliness and cleanliness in the business premises

  • Lack of care while providing a service

  • Lack of skill and experience

  • Unforeseen accidents

General liability insurance provides protection in case you’re liable for the injuries or property damage sustained by a client. This insurance provides the money you can use to:

  • Pay or reimburse the medical treatment of the client 

  • Reimburse the losses of the client for his or her damaged property

  • Cover the settlement demanded by the client

  • Take care of defense costs such as attorney fees, administrative costs, court fees, investigation fees, and others

By the way, you need to know that additional coverages are included in the terms of general liability insurance. Particularly, these are:

  • Advertising injury coverage-Advertising injury coverage provides protection when someone files a claim against you for slander, libel, and copyright infringement. Costs covered are settlements and defense costs such as attorney fees, investigation fees, administrative fees, etc.

  • Products and completed operations-Products and completed operations provides coverage if a product you delivered or a service you completed inflicted a client with injuries or property damage. This pays for settlements and defense costs

Professional Liability Insurance 

Professional liability insurance is another coverage provided by Beauty and Bodywork Insurance. Its job is to shield you from claims filed with regard to how you provide a service or perform a method for a particular client. 

You can use general liability insurance to cover settlements and defense costs if a client files a claim because you committed any of the following and caused economic or financial losses:

  • Negligence

  • Misrepresentation

  • Violation of good faith

  • Violation of fair dealing

  • Inaccurate advice

  • Missed deadlines

  • Breach of confidentiality

Understand that, unlike general liability insurance, professional liability insurance doesn’t cover claims for bodily injuries, advertising injury, or property damage filed against you. 

You get the best protection as a beauty professional by having professional liability and general liability insurance. This is the reason why Beauty and Bodywork Insurance offers both policies in a bundle. 

Business Personal Property Insurance 

Business and personal property insurance is also offered by Beauty and Bodywork Insurance. This is useful if you own a beauty clinic, spa, or salon. 

With business personal property insurance, you get reimbursement for losses in case computers, furniture, signage, and other fixtures in the clinic, spa, or salon become lost or damaged due to:

  • Fire

  • Theft

  • Vandalism

  • Civil commotion

  • Riot

  • Volcanic action

  • Sinkhole collapse

  • Impact

  • Aircraft

  • Vehicle

  • Sprinkler leakage

  • Hail 

  • Storm

  • Winds

Understand that the protection provided by business personal property insurance isn’t absolute. You can’t use it when damage or loss of business personal property is due to:

  • Floods

  • Earthquakes

  • Mudslides

Tools And Equipment Insurance 

At an additional cost, you can get tools and equipment insurance from Beauty and Bodywork. Tools and equipment insurance will refund your loss in case specialized beauty equipment such as scanners, facial machines, tattoo machines, etc. become lost or damaged due to:

  • Theft

  • Fire

  • Operator error

  • Electrical shorts

  • Electrical surge

  • Impact

  • Mechanical breakdown

Tools and equipment insurance isn’t all-encompassing. It doesn’t provide coverage if tools and equipment got damaged because of inherent defects. 

Inland Marine Insurance

Beauty and Bodywork offers inland marine insurance. Inland marine insurance covers portable equipment during a trip. The policy will reimburse losses if damage or loss of portable equipment is caused by the following during transportation:

  • Theft

  • Fire

  • Impact

  • Jettison

  • Malicious mischief

  • Accidental drop and damage

  • Mysterious disappearance

Cyber Liability Insurance

You can also get cyber liability insurance from Beauty and Bodywork. This covers the following costs in case you become a victim of data breach:

  • Defense costs 

  • Professional services to contain the breach

  • Public relations services to inform concerned parties of the breach

  • Lost income caused by the breach

Beauty And Body Works Insurance Coverage Details 

Beauty and Bodywork bundles its business insurance in two specialized coverages which it calls professional liability policy (don’t confuse this with professional liability insurance) and student liability policy. 

Professional Liability Policy  

Beauty and Bodywork Insurance sells professional liability policy to licensed and unlicensed beauty professionals who are employed, own a beauty business, or currently working independently. 

Business insurance products included in its terms are general liability, professional liability, and business personal property insurance. 

General liability insurance for beauty professionals has a $2 million per occurrence limit with a $3 million aggregate. This comes with a $3 million product and completed operations coverage and a $300,000 rented premises liability coverage. Protection against advertising injuries is included but BBI doesn’t state the limits. 

Professional liability insurance comes with a 2 million per occurrence limit with a $3 million aggregate. 

Beauty and Bodywork’s business personal property insurance offers $2,000 coverage. Unfortunately, you can’t customize to get more. Tools and equipment insurance is available. However, you’ll need to get this as an optional coverage, which comes at an increased price. 

Student Liability Policy

Beauty and Bodywork’s student liability policy is a discounted version of its professional liability policy. That said, the inclusions and limits will be the same. The only difference is the cost of premiums.  The company will offer its  student liability policy if you meet these criteria:

  • Takes 20 credit hours of beauty service classes per week

  • Decides to get insured within 30 days before graduation or less

Can You Name Additional Insureds On Your Policy?

Beauty and Bodywork Insurance allows you to name additional insureds on your policy. In simpler terms, you can use your general liability insurance and professional liability insurance from the company to cover clients or landlords. 

However, this doesn’t come for free. Beauty and Bodywork Insurance charges $15 for naming one additional insured on your policy. If you want to name multiple individuals, the company will charge an additional $30 on your monthly premiums. 

Policies Not Offered By Beauty And Bodywork Insurance

Beauty and Bodywork Insurance doesn’t offer all insurance solutions you need. These are the business insurance products you can’t purchase from the company:

  • Workers compensation insurance

  • Commercial umbrella liability insurance

  • Commercial auto insurance

  • Business owner’s policy

  • Employee dishonesty insurance

  • Employer’s liability insurance

  • Employment practices liability insurance

Beauty And Bodywork Insurance Login

Beauty and Bodywork Insurance creates an online account after you get insured. This online account will hold details of your policy such as monthly premiums, current policy limits, and more. 

You have to login to the Beauty and Bodywork Insurance website to access your account. To do so, visit it, and look for the login button on the topmost right corner. 

Login using the credentials provided by Beauty and Bodywork. You can also bind your Google account or Facebook account for quicker access. 

Filing A Claim And Canceling Your Insurance

Requesting Beauty and Bodywork Insurance to grant you coverage is very easy. All you have to do is login to its website and click the “File A Claim” button found at the “Manage Policies” tab of your account dashboard. 

Beauty and Bodywork Insurance allows you to cancel a policy. However, you can’t do it online. You have to call or email the company. Also, you must recognize that Beauty and Bodywork Insurance doesn’t grant refunds when you terminate your coverage. 

Beauty And Bodywork Insurance Coupon

You may have decided that you want to become a policyholder and do the Beauty and Bodywork Insurance login process. Before going out and applying for their services, it may be a good idea to look around for a Beauty and Bodywork Insurance coupon.

It is hard to find a BBI insurance coupon, but if you get your hands on a valid one, this may allow you to get as much as 50% off of your first year of coverage, allowing you to keep your beauty business safe without breaking the bank. Considering the affordability of BBI coverage, this will get your premium more than 90% lower than what you’d be paying with other insurance carriers.

Another great idea which is much easier to do, will be to compare quotes  from many leading beauty business insurance companies online by clicking the ‘Get Quotes’ button below, completing the process and have more options on your table.

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Beauty And Bodywork Insurance Reviews 

Beauty and Bodywork Insurance reviews are mixed. We looked at different sources. This section presents what we found out. 

Beauty And Bodywork Insurance BBB Reviews 

The Better Business Bureau doesn’t have bodywork insurance reviews. However, it has many for the insurance company’s program administrator, Veracity Insurance Solutions.  We can take a glimpse of how good Beauty and Bodywork Insurance is based on this. 

Beauty and Bodywork’s program administrator has a C- rating on BBB. Moreover, it’s not an accredited company. Despite this, its record seems pretty clean as it only earned 8 complaints in the last 12 months. 

Beauty And Bodywork Insurance Google Reviews

Insurebodywork reviews can be found on Google. Recent customer feedback indicates that the company has done its part in providing comprehensive coverage at the utmost convenience of policyholders. Beauty and Bodywork Insurance earned a rating of 5 stars on average from 109 reviews. 

Beauty And Bodywork Insurance Smart Reviews

Insure bodywork reviews in Smart Reviews show 117 complaints in the past 2 years. Nonetheless, this is overshadowed by the positive comments of numerous users. Beauty and Bodywork earned a 4.6 rating and 74% marked the service they received as excellent. 

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