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Reflexology is the study of the body’s reflexes. Professionals who practice reflexology therapies provide natural and healing techniques to patients dealing with chronic conditions. Reflexology leverages the body as a complex system of intertwining causes and effects, as our body parts, glands and organs work together to create health and wellness.

Similar to other alternative forms of medicine, it is important for industry practitioners to consider the potential for unintended, negative consequences to their actions and to obtain sufficient business insurance coverage. Reflexology Insurance, Massage Therapist Insurance, Physical Therapy Insurance, Acupuncturist Insurance, Chiropractor Insurance, Aromatherapy Insurance and Hypnotherapy Insurance are all examples of alternative medical practices finding the right balance of coverage for risk mitigation. In this article though, we are going to focus on reflexology business insurance.

The relief associated with reflexology extends beyond the physical and improves the quality of life, quality of relationships, mood and outlook. A successful reflexologist’s ability to reduce stress, muscular tension and pain while increasing relaxation, body functionality, muscle strength and mobility can be life-changing. It is important to consider that such benefits come about in circumstances that have associated risks. Mitigating those risks is the stress-free wellness that adequate reflexologist insurance coverage uniquely contributes to the whole.

Reflexology Liability Insurance

Every business or medical practitioner must have Commercial General Liability insurance coverage and we will discuss this overarching policy in more detail later. But not everyone realizes that Reflexology Liability Insurance is a separate and essential policy for those working in reflexology therapies. Fortunately, there are several programs that combine these two essential insurance components into one package.

Industry-specific coverage contains two basic elements, which provide insurance for reflexologists plus protection for the business as a whole and the patient/client:

  • Reflexology Liability Insurance

  • Commercial General Liability Insurance

Let’s look at the items covered by each type of policy:

Reflexology Liability Insurance Policy Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy
Public liability coverage against accidental injury to clients or their property during professional acts

Products liability coverage in case of injury or damage following use of products during treatment

Medical malpractice coverage against accusations of error or omission, including legal and settlement costs

Insurance against bodily injury, personal injury and property damage caused by business operations

Coverage for others contracted as “additional insured”

Advertising injury

Personal injury (such as accusations involving slander or libel)Any non-professional negligent act

Other coverage that can be obtained from the insurance provider through separate policies, riders or endorsements includes:

  • Sexual Abuse Liability

  • Cyber Liability

  • Automobile Insurance

  • Rented Premises Damage (check your policy as this is sometimes included in Commercial General Liability)

  • Home Insurance (if working from home)

It is important to stress that reflexology liability insurance is only one type of reflexology business insurance. Every reflexologist should make sure that they add any extra policies or coverage they might need based on their individual circumstances. If you are unsure of your reflexologist insurance coverage or appropriate levels of insurance for reflexologists, consider contacting an insurance broker who is familiar with providing evaluation assistance to those working in the reflexology and alternative medicine fields.

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Reflexology Insurance Cost

It’s clear that there are several easy-to-find sources of comprehensive insurance coverage for reflexologists. To reduce your reflexology insurance cost, simply compare reflexology business insurance quotes online by clicking the ‘Get Quotes’ button and completing the questionnaire. 

Let’s take a closer look at the reflexology insurance cost associated with each option, as well as some of the value-added benefits included in the various policy purchase avenues.

  • ABMP $229 annual membership fee (budgeted monthly $19)

Provides additional non-insurance related member benefits

  • NACAMS $179 annual premium (budgeted monthly $15)

Free newsletter and online networking marketing

  • Alternative Balance $269 annual premium (budgeted monthly $23)

Additional cost for more than one practitioner

  • InsureBodywork $96 annual premium (budgeted monthly $8)

Includes damage to rented premises coverage

Level of insurance payout coverage, annual aggregate payout maximums and other variables should also be taken into consideration. Ease of purchase might be a factor when deciding which reflexology business insurance to choose. Let’s consider a few more issues and compare the alternatives:

Per Incident Payout Max Annual Aggregate Payout Max Purchase online? Other information
ABMP $2M $6M yes Monthly payment plan is available
NACAMS $2M $3M yes Stolen Equipment coverage included
Alternative Balance $2M $3M yes Sexual Abuse and Cyber Liability coverage additional $149/ea per year
InsureBodywork $2M $3M yes $30 for unlimited Additional Insured parties

Reflexology is based on the principle of creating wellness through adequate balance and timely restoration of the body’s energies. Using pressure to correct imbalances and release blockages, the practice is distinct from massage therapy or acupuncture in its focus on one’s vital energy or “qi” (pronounced “chee”). As wonderful as these alternative therapies can be, there is also a practical reality to the contemporary business risk environment of their operations.

Armed with excellent information and quality industry sources, reflexology practitioners can now arrange for their business insurance needs with confidence. If a policy is purchased online, a comprehensive policy and coverage review is a good idea, keeping in mind the various other insurance transactions business stakeholders might require annually (i.e. vehicle, home, business income loss, cyber security, workers’ compensation and other insurance products). With good information and adequate protection, you can rest in the holistic wellness your well-run practice provides to you, your family and your patients.

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Reflexology Insurance Companies

Obtaining reflexology liability and commercial general insurance can seem confusing, so let’s take a look at where to best access these policies.

The American Reflexology Certification Board is the only non-profit certification body for reflexologists in the US recognized by the Reflexology Association of America (RAA). After graduating from an approved program, reflexologists obtain board certification and can register to participate in the national umbrella organizational activities of the RAA. The RAA has arranged for professional liability insurance policy coverage access through the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP) and Massage Magazine Insurance Plus.  

Professional Liability Insurance Commercial General Liability Insurance
ABMP All members covered, requires annual dues payment Included in combined package
National Association of Complementary and Alternative Medicines (NACAMS) Not covered by annual dues; discount available to members through partnership with Massage Magazine “Insurance Plus” program Included in combined package
Alternative Balance Professional Group Available for direct purchase Included in combined package
Beauty and Bodywork Insurance (BBI) Program (also called InsureBodywork) Available for direct purchase Included in combined package

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