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Massage therapy brings healing and relief to many who suffer from chronic pain and other disorders. As part of the medical community, it is crucial to understand that massage therapists need to be covered by appropriate insurance protection. Peace of mind for therapist and patient means obtaining adequate massage insurance to mitigate the risk of negative events and their financial impact.

Similar to aromatherapists, physical therapists, cosmetologists, and reflexologists, massage professionals must ensure that their business and their clients are adequately provided for in the event of a negative and unintended consequence of their professional activities.

Massage Therapy Liability Insurance

Massage liability insurance pertains to a plethora of policies that help shoulder costs if massage therapists are held liable for losses, personal injuries, or property damage. Common liability policies available for massage therapists are:

  • General liability

  • Professional liability

Massage Therapist General Liability Insurance

As a massage therapist, you underwent rigorous training to ensure that clients don’t become injured because of your services. Nonetheless, clients can blame your massage service for any bodily injuries they’ll suddenly have.

Client claims can incur costs that might be too much for you to shoulder. To wrap things up, you’ll need to pay lawyer fees, other legal costs, and settlements.

Consider getting general liability insurance. This policy kicks in if a customer blames your massage service for their injuries. The policy will also cover accidents that caused property damage to the customer. And note that not only claims from customers are covered but other third parties too.

Professional Liability Insurance for Massage Therapists

As a massage therapist, you might commit mistakes at work and cause economic or financial loss for the clients. Also, clients might accuse you of committing negligent acts. If any of the two happen, you’ll have to pay for legal fees and reimburse the aggrieved party for their losses.

Professional liability insurance is the massage therapy insurance coverage, which sees to it that you don’t use personal money in such an incident. This one kicks in if you’re being held liable for negligence, violation of good faith, inaccurate advice, and other acts that constitute errors or omissions.

Loss of Income Coverage

Loss of income coverage isn't a liability insurance. However, let’s discuss what this is. Why? Loss of income coverage can be very helpful if you’re an independent massage therapist with no employer who can provide workers comp coverage.

To explain quickly, in case you get hurt and can’t work for a while, loss of income coverage provides an allowance so that you’ll have money to get through the day. However, remember that unlike workers comp, loss of income coverage won’t shoulder your medication. It won’t provide death benefits too if you die.

Mobile Massage Insurance

Some independent massage therapists are mobile massage therapists - meaning massage professionals who don’t have their own commercial space but instead visit clients to perform a service.

There’s tailored mobile massage insurance for such types of massage therapists, which bundles general liability, professional liability, and commercial auto insurance.

The third policy, commercial auto insurance, covers a mobile massage therapist’s vehicle. The policy provides protection against liability for vehicular accidents, cost of repairing damages, and cost of emergency services if an issue happens while traveling. Coverages included in commercial auto insurance are:

  • Auto liability insurance

  • Physical damage coverage

  • Emergency roadside assistance

Auto liability insurance covers the cost if you get involved in an accident while on the way to meet a client. The purpose of this policy is to give you money to pay for legal fees and settlements to injured third parties. In case someone’s property got damaged, auto liability will cover the claim of that person too.

Physical damage coverage can be categorized into two; collision insurance and comprehensive insurance. Collision physical damage coverage helps you repair your vehicle if it got damaged in a collision with a vehicle or object. On the other hand, comprehensive insurance covers costs if your vehicle got damaged because of extreme weather, vandalism, theft, fire, or arson.

Massage and Bodywork Insurance

Are you running a massage and bodywork business? If so, there’s a tailored massage and bodywork insurance available for you and other business offering the following services:

  • Deep Tissue Massage

  • Reiki

  • Shiatsu

  • Yoga

  • Cosmetology

  • Esthetics

  • Zumba

  • Pilates

The features of massage and bodywork insurance differ from carrier to carrier. But note that the following policies are usually included:

  • General liability

  • Professional liability

  • Workers compensation

  • Employer’s liability

  • Commercial property

General Liability Insurance for Massage and Bodywork Businesses

Clients might accuse your employees of causing property damage and personal injuries. Your business might be pulled into the mess. If this happens, this massage and bodywork liability insurance sees to it that you don’t use personal funds to pay for legal fees and settlements. The minimum amount you can get from general liability is $1 million.

Professional Liability Insurance for Massage and Bodywork Businesses

Clients might accuse your business of not providing the accepted standard level of care. This matter can be easily taken to court. General liability insurance can’t help you with this.

Professional liability insurance does the job general liability can’t do. With this insurance policy included in bodyworker insurance and massage insurance, you can pay for legal defense and compensation. Note that coverage only kicks in if your business committed or allegedly commited negligence, inaccurate advice, and other types of acts constituting errors and omissions. The minimum amount of coverage you can get from professional liability insurance is $1 million.

Workers Compensation Insurance for Massage and Bodywork Businesses

Your massage therapists can get injured at work. Causes are the use of force, awkward posture, and repetitive motion. The resulting injuries are rotator cuff injuries, wrist tendonitis and tenosynovitis, trigger fingers, & bursa injuries.

When employees get injured, your massage and bodywork business has the obligation to shoulder medical costs. Allowances have to be provided also if the employees are advised to take a leave.

Shouldering such expenses might hurt your business’s reserves. That’s why it’s smart to purchase workers compensation and add it to massage business insurance.

Workers compensation insurance shoulders medical bills, after hospital visits, and medications of employees that got injured or sick at work. It also provides a weekly allowance equal to a percentage of the employee’s average weekly wage. If an employee died while working, workers compensation also gives death benefits to dependents.

Workers compensation is expensive. However, you can’t decide not to get this one. Workers comp is a state-mandated insurance policy. You need to get this as soon as one or more part-time, full-time, or contractual massage therapists are working for you. Penalties for noncompliance differ in each state. For example, in Wisconsin, employers can get fined up to $30,000.

Employer’s Liability Insurance for Massage and Bodywork Businesses

The failure to provide safe working conditions, employee benefits, and timely wages can put you in hot water. If employees file a claim and are accused of doing any of these things, then employer’s liability policy in massage and bodywork insurance can help. This insurance policy gives $1 million minimum coverage so that you can pay for legal fees and settlements.

Commercial Property Insurance for Massage and Bodywork Businesses

Commercial property insurance covers your massage salon. This one provides money or reimbursements if the massage salon got damaged or totaled because of theft, fire, vandalism, riot, and extreme weather. Note that damages incurred by earthquakes or floods are excluded. To cover earthquakes and floods, you need specialized earthquake insurance or flood insurance.

Basic commercial property insurance doesn’t cover what’s inside the building. And so, endorse stocks and contents coverage to it. If you have this policy, carriers will reimburse the total value of business equipment and materials that got damaged or stolen.

I’m About to Build a New Commercial Building with a Contractor, Will Commercial Property Cover Damages that Occur During Construction?

Commercial property insurance only covers buildings already finished. It doesn’t cover a building undergoing construction. If you want to insure your building project, purchase builders risk insurance. But before doing this, you should know that the usual practice is to demand the contractor working with you to cover the building project using his builders' risk insurance.

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Massage Therapist Insurance Cost

In general, the average massage therapist insurance cost is about $18 per month or $216 per year for a $1 million general liability coverage. That said, rates vary depending on business-specific factors such as:

  • Years in business

  • Claims history

  • Location

  • Policy limits

  • Deductibles

To get the best rates, compare massage therapist insurance quotes online by clicking the 'Get Quotes' button and completing the questionnaire.

Let's take a look at the average massage therapist insurance cost of some companies with pricing lower than massage liability insurance $99.  

Company Cost per Month Cost per Year Best for
CoverWallet $13.83 $165.96 Massage therapist insurance online quotes comparison
Thimble $16.49 $197.88 Short-term massage insurance with commercial property and business interruption
NEXT $15.41 $184.92 Massage insurance with bundle discount
ABMP 19.08 228.96 Massage therapists insurance with benefits
AMTA  $19.58 $234.96 Massage insurance with comprehensive limits
Beauty and Bodywork Insurance $25.16 $301.92 Specialty insurance for massage and bodywork professionals
LMT  $28.34 $340.08 Massage therapist liability insurance

How to Begin Finding the Best Coverage for Massage Therapists?

Finding the best insurance for massage therapists should begin with reviewing the insurance policies available through affiliation with a professional association. There are three significant industry associations we will look at specifically. Once you have reviewed the coverage policies available with various membership options, you will better determine which association is ideal for joining. You can also consider providing your insurance broker with the relevant policy information so that a complete review of your business insurance needs can be undertaken.

What is the Best Insurance for Therapists and Massage Businesses?

The best insurance for massage therapists and massage businesses is a business owner’s policy.  In general, a business owner’s policy bundles general liability and commercial property insurance. However, there are carriers that do things differently. And so, you’ll find a business owners policy that bundles general liability with professional liability, commercial auto, or workers comp. 

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Best Massage Insurance Companies

When choosing the insurance underwriter who is best for your massage therapy business, you'll need to consider whether you want to move in one of the following directions:

  • Rely on the insurance coverage included in your professional association membership (after determining which association you want to be supported by)

  • Independently obtain coverage through an insurance provider directly

  • Obtain an insurance coverage review from a reputable insurance broker who can assess your business parameters and professional association coverage and advise regarding recommended additional endorsements, riders, or policy coverage

For massage therapists, finding an insurance provider directly is not a difficult undertaking as it might be in other businesses or industries. Due to the insurance coverage provided by the industry's governing bodies, specific market knowledge regarding possible market underwriters is less significant than knowing which of the following key industry organizations and carriers you trust for direction regarding your insurance coverage:

  • CoverWallet

  • Thimble

  • NEXT

  • Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals

  • American Massage Therapy Association

  • American Massage Council

  • InsureLMT

  • Beauty and Bodywork Insurance (InsureBodywork)

Designed to bring healing, comfort, peace of mind, and relaxation, massage therapists and bodywork professionals are primed to think ahead in providing their business and their clients' excellence in terms of insurance coverage. Being adequately insured will give the assurance you need regarding the risks associated with this rewarding profession.

CoverWallet Massage Insurance


  • Get insured online

  • Compare massage insurance quotes

  • Cancel your policy quickly and without additional fees


  • Not a carrier but a broker offering the quotes of its partners

CoverWallet is an insurance broker with an online quote comparison platform where you can compare the offers of different carriers having massage insurance. The company also customizes the quotes of its partners and comes up with its own insurance product for customers who want to get insured instantly.

You have four insurance options with CoveWallet. You can decide to get general liability only, general liability with commercial property, bundle general liability and commercial property in a business owner’s policy and get professional liability insurance, or get a customized cover where you can freely add or remove insurance policies.

So what are the perks of getting insured with CoverWallet? Aside from having the ability to manage and pay for insurance online, you can also get an online certificate of insurance and 24/7 online claims filing.

Best for: Massage therapist insurance online quotes comparison

Average cost: $13.83 per month for $1 million general liability coverage

Our rating: 10/10


Thimble Massage Insurance



  • Short-term massage insurance

  • Get insured online

  • Get instant proof of insurance


  • Online policy management is not very intuitive


Thimble's massage insurance is exclusive for spas. Just like CoverWallet, Thimble can insure you instantly online. The best part is you don’t need to talk with an agent. All you have to do is choose which policies to get and then proceed with the purchase.

So what are the policies included in Thimble’s massage insurance? Inclusions are general liability, commercial property, and business interruption. If you want more protection from claims, Thimble also offers stand-alone professional liability insurance.

Choose to work with Thimble because its massage insurance can be availed as a short-term policy. This means that you can choose to get insured for only hours, days, weeks, or months. Also, you can cancel your policy anytime without getting charged.


Best for: Short-term massage insurance with commercial property and business interruption policies

Average cost: $16.49 per month for $1 million general liability coverage

Our rating: 9/10


NEXT Massage Insurance



  • Intuitive certificate of insurance

  • Get discounts when buying more than one policy


  • Some customers reported that NEXT increased premiums without prior notice


NEXT offers a business owner’s policy with optional workers compensation insurance coverage. Work with NEXT because it allows you to get instant proof of insurance upon getting covered. Furthermore, a 10% discount is granted if you decide to get a business owner’s policy with workers comp.


Best for: Massage insurance with a bundle discount

Average cost: $15.41 per month for a $1 million general liability coverage

Our rating: 8/10


ABMP Massage Insurance



  • Annual limits per member, not aggregated across all of the association's members

  • Legal defense coverage included

  • Additional insured endorsement (AIE) available for employers/landlords

  • Protection from late-filed claims

  • Additional non-insurance benefits as part of association membership, such as professional development, marketing opportunities, and networking events


  • Doesn’t offer commercial auto insurance for mobile massage therapists


The Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals organization offers ABMP Liability Insurance coverage as part of its member benefits. The liability coverage includes the highest-possible industry rates of $2M per incident ($6M aggregate per year). The policy is the same for those in mobile practice as for stationary therapists. ABMP insurance cost $229 annually. If paid per month, then ABMP massage insurance cost $19.08


Best for: Massage therapists’ insurance with benefits

Average cost: $19.08 per month for $1 million general liability coverage

Our rating: 7/10


AMTA Massage Insurance



  • Per occurrence coverage of $2M ($6M aggregate)

  • Master Policy annual aggregate of $10M

  • Legal defense coverage

  • Covers personal injury, slander, and libel

  • License Protection in the event of legal and settlement costs pertaining to a client filing a claim to a licensing board


  • Only covers massage professionals


The American Massage Therapy Association offers its form of liability insurance coverage as well. AMTA is a professional organization specifically for massage therapy graduates and does not cover other bodywork professionals. AMTA insurance cost $235 annually.


Best for: Massage insurance with comprehensive limits

Average cost: $19.58 per month for $1 million general liability coverage

Our rating: 6/10


Beauty and Bodywork Massage Insurance



  • Get insured online

  • Insurance is specially underwritten for the needs of massage and bodywork professionals


  • Previous customers reported that claims take long to be approved

Beauty and bodywork massage insurance is an insurance program from the company Insure My Bodywork. It offers massage liability insurance for $25.16 per month. Other policies included are commercial property with stocks and contents coverage, workers compensation, professional liability, employer’s liability, and more.


Best for: Specialty insurance for massage and bodywork professionals

Average cost: $25.16 per month for $1 million general liability coverage

Our rating: 6/10


LMT Insurance



  • LMT liability insurance includes occurrence coverage form pro and general liability insurance


  • Expensive


Licensed Massage Therapist Insurance policies are available through insurance underwriters for those who feel memberships in industry organizing bodies do not adequately cover them. LMT insurance policies can be found online. You are encouraged to find a reputable insurance broker who can help you determine which policy provides appropriate and affordable coverage for your practice. Remember that obtaining cheap massage insurance is possible but not always preferable, so be certain that you understand your business's coverage through industry associations and whether you need additional insurance products.


Best for: Massage therapist liability insurance

Average cost: $28.34 per month for $1 million general liability coverage

Our rating: 5/10

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