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Suppose you are in the process of planning a party. In that case, whether it is an engagement party, a Bar Mitzvah, christening, birthday, or retirement, you will need a party insurance policy. On the other hand, if you plan to have a private party, you will need to get private party insurance.

Party event insurance provides liability and cancellation cover. It often has provisions whereby customers can add other policies like equipment insurance. The tenet of these insurance policies is to provide some form of cushion from the ramifications of a party going sideways. For example, if an attendee chokes on a candy or slips from a spilled drink. 


On the other hand, as a party planner, your priority is likely to make the event as safe as possible for guests, photographers, and other third parties. While you work around the clock to provide an unparalleled experience during the party, you shouldn’t have to worry about what could possibly go wrong. Specifically, you are going to require party planner insurance which should cover you from public liability during the party. Besides, it is current industry practice for venue coordinators to ask party planners to present proof of their party planner insurance.

Party Liability Insurance 

Liability insurance is required for hiring a venue for your party – gardens, town halls, and other related locations.  This is primarily offered as general liability insurance or public liability insurance. 


An accident will happen during your party and someone will surely sustain an injury or property damage. The purpose of general liability insurance is to cover this situation. Here’s what it does:

  • If someone slipped and sustained a fracture or got cut by something, general liability insurance will cover medical and funeral expenses if a claim is filed

  • If a guest or any other third party holds your party liable for property damage, general liability insurance covers reimbursements

  • If the aggrieved person decides to take legal action, general liability insurance will pay legal expenses – attorney fees, compensatory payments, administrative costs, etc. 


General liability in one day party insurance policy can be added with rented premises liability coverage. Rented premises liability coverage is very useful because it will take care of expenses if your party inflicted damage to a hired venue. 


Public liability insurance for private party and public party is a policy that protects the policyholder from claims of personal injury or property damage that an aggrieved third party might file. Yes, this one works similarly to general liability insurance. But note that this party liability insurance is more limited in scope. Why? Compared to general liability insurance, public liability insurance can’t be added with endorsements. 

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Alcohol Insurance for Party  

Liquor liability insurance for party is meant to protect the policyholder from any consequences of property damage or bodily harm due to alcohol consumption. If you intend on having an open bar or allowing the revelers to come with their own booze, it would be best to purchase party alcohol liability insurance to protect yourself in the event of excessive intoxication.  


Party Cancellation Insurance  

Suppose you have made a financial investment towards a party and said party gets canceled for one reason or another. Without party cancellation insurance, you’ll have to forego the deposits you’d made and solely take the financial ramifications of said cancellation. Depending on the insurer you go with, you should be able to stipulate the terms that warrant a reimbursement in the event that the party is canceled. 


Party Insurance Cost

On average, one day insurance coverage for parties costs $110. But note that your actual rates will vary and are determined by taking the length of coverage, number of attendees, and location into account. Your choice of carrier is another factor too. That said, here’s a table showing the rates of the best party insurance companies.

Average Cost for One Day Coverage Best for
CoverWallet $82 Party insurance quotes comparison online 
Hiscox  $92 Insurance for party vendors
Event Helper $75 Automation of entire party liability insurance purchase process 
Allstate $112 Claims handling
State Farm  $119 Businesses involved in facilitating parties, including party rental businesses
USLI  $122 Corporate parties 

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Party Rental Insurance  

If there’s a business that’s serious about parties, it has to be a party rental business. Are you running one and taking charge of organizing the exciting parties clients have in mind? But while the end goal is to create a fun experience, exposures require that you, as the business owner, purchase insurance for party rental business. Inclusions are as follows:

  • General liability insurance – Covers costs if an accident happens in the premises of your party rental business that inflicted personal injuries or property damage to third parties. This one comes with product liability insurance which covers cost if rented equipment such as a bounce house is defective and caused injuries or property damage to the renter 

  • Equipment breakdown insurance – Equipment breakdown insurance for party rental companies will cover losses if the client damaged rented equipment

  • Commercial property insurance – Commercial property insurance will recoup losses if your party rental business’s building and the contents inside become damaged or lost due to fire, theft, vandalism, and other covered perils 

  • Workers compensation insurance – Workers compensation insurance will cover costs if an employee of your party rental business experiences a work-related injury or disease. Coverage extends to expenses for medical treatment, hospitalization, rehabilitation, medication, lost income compensation, and death benefits 


Tent Rental Business Insurance

Tent rental business insurance is a tailored protection for businesses renting out tents for parties and other events. Inclusions are general liability insurance, equipment breakdown insurance, and commercial property insurance. That said, the features of the coverage aren’t very different from party rental insurance. 

 Party Rental Insurance Cost  

On average, a party rental business in the United States will spend approximately between $500 and $1,000 per year on a party rental insurance cover of $1,000,000. The monthly premium rates will range between $41.66 and $83.33 depending on the coverage the policyholder has bundled together, the location of said party, claims history, business history, and more. 

Party Bus Insurance  

Owning and operating a party bus is, without a doubt, exciting. You take on the responsibility of ensuring that customers on your party van have the best time of their lives. 


Beyond the enjoyment, however, lies a great responsibility. You are solely in charge of ensuring that passengers on your party bus stay safe the entire time they are within the vehicle. This responsibility can be quite overwhelming, which is where party van insurance comes in. 


Most often, the party bus insurance will include general liability insurance that protects your business in the event that a passenger on the party bus gets injured. Moreover, since most party buses will have alcoholic beverages, some insurers will include liquor liability insurance as part of the party bus insurance. Further, since you probably will probably hire additional drivers as your party bus business grows, you should consider bundling workers ‘compensation insurance into your party bus insurance policy. 


Add commercial auto insurance for your party bus’s tailored coverage. Commercial auto insurance for party bus provides the following protection:

  • Auto liability coverage – Your party bus will cause an accident and injure third parties and damage properties. Auto liability coverage will help with this. When aggrieved parties file a claim, auto liability coverage will cover medical expenses and reimbursements for damaged properties. Note that injuries or property damage of passengers are excluded by auto liability coverage

  • Physical damage coverage – Physical damage coverage sees to it that your party bus gets back to its pristine shape after incurring damage. This has two forms – collision and comprehensive. Collision physical damage coverage will cover parts repair or replacement if your party bus rammed a vehicle or an object. On the other hand, comprehensive physical damage coverage will cover parts repair or replacement if your party bus got damaged by fire, wind, vandalism, theft, and other covered perils 

  • MedPay/personal injury protection – MedPay and personal injury protection functions to protect the passengers and driver of your party bus. If the passengers and drivers got injured because of a vehicular accident, personal injury protection provides help by covering medical expenses, funeral expenses, lost income compensation, after-hospital visits, etc.  On the other hand, medical protection does the same but only covers medical and funeral expenses. 


Party Bus Insurance Cost  

The average party bus insurance will cost  $25 per month or $300 per year for a $1 million general liability insurance. 


When deciding the cost of your party bus insurance, the insurer will consider the type of vehicle, the routes taken, and activities likely to be carried out on the bus. 


To keep your premiums low, consider having stringent safety measures in place. That way, there’s little risk of property damage and bodily injury within the confines of the party bus. Also,  get the best coverage by comparing quotes online.


Birthday Party Insurance 

Birthday parties are all fun and games until one of the parties in attendance damages the venue’s property, or they end up getting hurt and consequently filling a claim. Given the risk therein, it is only right to put a hold on the birthday party celebrations until you purchase the right party event insurance.


Birthday party event insurance protects the birthday party’s host from the financial ramifications resulting from any liability claims filed by an aggrieved party. Other than the event host, this birthday party insurance should cover the party planner and, in some instances, the venue management.      


Public Liability Insurance for Birthday Parties 

Right out of the gate, it is prudent to mention that while the law doesn’t mandate a public liability for private birthday parties, said parties with members of the public require that the host of the private party purchase public liability insurance. 


This public liability insurance for birthday parties should cover you from any claims filed by the members of the public. The provider covers any costs that might arise as a result of the said filed claim.

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Best Party Insurance Companies 

Here are some reviews of the best party insurance companies. Know their pros, cons, and pricing for a one-day coverage.

CoverWallet Party Insurance 



  • Find and buy insurance directly with CoverWallet

  • Online policy management


  • Not an insurance company but an insurance broker 


CoverWallet doesn’t sell insurance for parties. However, it has an online quotes comparison platform you can use to find and compare the offers of carriers underwriting insurance for parties. Note that CoverWallet has a tailored event insurance though. This means that you might get your party covered using that. Inclusions are general liability insurance and cancellation coverage. 


Best for: Party insurance quotes comparison online 

Average cost: $82 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 10/10


USLI Party Insurance 



  • Comprehensive coverage for caterers, bartending services, and banquet venues is available 

  • Policies for one-day and multi-day parties are available 

  • Coverage for events with up to 20,000 attendees

  • Host liquor liability coverage available 


  • USLI is not BBB accredited 


USLI, short for United States Liability Insurance, is an insurance company that provides coverage in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Founded in 1867, USLI boasts of being the first insurance company in the country. With time, it has evolved to the status of an A++ insurer. Its underwriting capabilities and strong capitalization make USLI stand out as it is able to hastily process claims and payout reimbursements. 


Best for: Corporate parties 

Average cost: $122 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 9/10


Event Helper Party Insurance 



  • Insurance premiums that are as low as $75

  • Easy quote and ordering process 

  • Responsive and knowledgeable customer service 


  • Doesn’t offer cancellation coverage


Event Helper, Inc., founded in 2009, is an online insurance company that offers various policies, including coverage for thousands of events, including parties. The brokerage firm starts off its interaction with event planners by offering 100% free quotes on party insurance coverage. 


Event Helper is committed to offering its customer base the lowest cost coverage without compromising on the quality of coverage. The party insurance from Event Helper does meet significant venue requirements. The insurer is so confident about the latter that they offer a money-back guarantee in the event that the venue declines the insurance policy. 


Best for: Automation of entire party liability insurance purchase process 

Average cost: $75 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 8/10


Allstate Party Insurance 



  • Massive reach

  • Wide range of party insurance products 

  • Enough local agents to streamline claim reporting and payment 


  • Public parties and private corporate parties are not covered 

  • Below-average customer service 


Allstate is among the largest insurers in the country. Founded in 1931 as an auto insurance company, the entity has evolved to offer more than just property, casualty, and auto insurance. Specifically, Allstate offers party insurance as part of the special event insurance policy.


Best for: Claims handling

Average cost: $112 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 8/10


State Farm Party Insurance 



  • A nationwide network of able agents 

  • General liability insurance of up to $1,000,000

  • Possibility of adding on specialty coverages


  • Inconsistent customer service 

  • Cross-state restrictions that hamper good service 


State Farm was founded in 1922 by G.J. Mecherle, who had extensive experience as an insurance salesman. Granted, State Farm is best known for its auto and home insurance offering. Still, it has specialty products for parties, including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations. 


Businesses involved in the party’s landscape should find State Farm exceptionally enticing as its general liability cover includes professional liability. Besides, there’s room to bundle different policies to meet individual needs effectively. 


Best for: Businesses involved in facilitating parties such as party planning businesses

Average cost: $119 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 8/10



Hiscox Party Vendor Insurance



  • Covers international parties 

  • Insurance products specifically curated for micro-businesses within the party niche


  • A meager nine offices throughout the U.S

  • Doesn’t cover businesses in Alaska

  • Hiscox’s parent company is not U.S based 


Hiscox was founded in 1901 and has since morphed to do business in 14 countries, and all the 50 states in the U.S. Amongst the most sought-after insurance products from Hiscox are professional liability, workers liability, and general commercial liability. The latter is especially handy for small businesses within the party celebration niche. 


Best for: Insurance for party vendors

Average cost: $92 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 6/10

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