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Getting insured as a service business can often be a challenge because you may not know exactly what kind of coverage you need and what you can expect it to cost you. Unlike running a cateringcoffee shop, restaurant, etc. - running a B&B seamlessly combines both the hospitality and food service industries. In this guide, we’re here to talk about and cover B&B insurance.

Bed and Breakfast Insurance Cost

As with any other business, the cost of insurance depends on your particular situation when you’re running a B&B. There’s a bit more variance in the cost of bed & breakfast insurance because of how radically the size of each operation can vary compared to one another, as some B&Bs consist of a single room while others are multi-floor operations.

If you run a mom and pop B&B that only has a single bedroom and no extra employees, you can expect to pay quite a bit less. This is because you likely won’t need workers’ comp coverage and you also won’t have to insure anywhere near as large of a property in case of damage.

The number of customers that you tend to work with over the course of a year will also impact how much you pay for insurance. If you have more clients coming through your door over the course of a given month or year, then you’re taking more of a risk that one of them comes after you for damages.

Since this will increase the risk that the insurance company is taking on on your behalf, you can expect to pay them more each month for your insurance premium. 

That said, the average bed and breakfast insurance cost is about $46 per month, or $544 per year, for general liability insurance coverage.

As a bed and breakfast business owner, you may wish to have several other coverages in addition to general liability, like commercial property insurance, business interruption and more. A Business Owners' Policy (BOP insurance) typically includes general liability, commercial property and business interruption insurance coverage at discounted rate, but may include other add-ons as well upon demand or recommendation by your insurance agent/provider. A typical Business Owners' Policy for bed and breakfast will cost around $184 per month, or $2,203 per year, on average.

If you’re looking to get your policy started ASAP and interested in the rates, here are some average B&B insurance costs from some of the best B&B insurance companies that accept B&B insurance pay online in most cases. We’ve collected the following bed and breakfast insurance quotes for a small-sized B&B that has had no safety issues in its past:

CompanyCost per monthCost per year
Allen Financial Insurance Group$164$1968
Outdoor Insurance Group$189$2268
Leavitt Recreation & Hospitality$172$2064
Heist Insurance$203$2436

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Guest House Insurance

The vast majority of guest house insurance policies also apply to B&Bs or vice versa. As such, you’ll find that the average cost of a guest house policy roughly mirrors that of a B&B policy, provided you’re getting the same kind of coverage for both of them and they’re of about equal size.

However, since guest houses tend to be larger than most B&B’s, the average guest house insurance cost for them realistically tends to be a little bit higher, at about $83 per month or $996 per year for general liability coverage only. Most guest house insurance policies provide the policyholder with property coverage as well as general liability coverage and business interruption insurance through a Business Owners' Policy, though additional add-ons can be purchased. A Typical BOP insurance for a guest house may cost around $3,500 per year and even more.

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Hostel Insurance

Hostel owners have access to the same kinds of policies as other hospitality industry owners. If you want complete coverage, including property coverage and liability coverage and sometimes business interruption and other coverage types on a bundled business owners policy rate, you can expect to pay about the same as you would for a guest house insurance policy, at about $3,500 to $4,000 per year. If you're interested in just general liability though, you can expect to pay about $46 per month or $544 per year on average. Pretty much the same as the average bed and breakfast insurance costs.

Of course, as with a B&B, your hostel insurance depends on the size of your hostel as well as any safety issues that may be on your business’s record. If your record is spotless and you run a relatively small hostel, then you can expect to pay a little bit less for your combined coverage.

Innkeepers Liability Insurance

Innkeepers liability insurance (also known as inn insurance or simply innkeepers insurance) is another form of business insurance that applies to the inn or any other type of hospitality business you run. 

Innkeepers liability insurance covers damage or loss to guests property while staying on the premises. This is definitely an insurance type to look in to if your business involves lodging. 

Hospitality industry operators are charged with the safekeeping of the property of the people staying at their place of business, and this kind of insurance will pay out if someone loses their property or has it damaged on your watch.

Due to the niche nature of this kind of insurance and the relatively low limits that are applicable to it, of $1,000 per guest (unless the damage/loss is due to an act of nature like a hurricane, due to civil unrest, or due to the guest's own actions), you shouldn’t expect to pay more than $10-$20 per month for your innkeepers liability insurance. 

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Best Bed and Breakfast Insurance Companies

When shopping around for bed and breakfast insurance, one of the best things you can do is ensure that you are working with the best possible company. This will ensure that you get the best service available and that you pay the most reasonable rates for that service. Instead of searching “B&B insurance near me” in Google, here are some of the top companies in the industry:

Allen Financial Insurance Group

Allen Financial offers a specific policy for B&Bs that aren’t covered by basic homeowners insurance policies. For example, they offer full replacement cost coverage, even if the overall policy limit is exceeded. They also offer replacement cost for any of your personal belongings and will cover you in case of crime and business interruption.

Leavitt Recreation and Hospitality

Leavitt offers a range of hospitality industry insurance policies, including b and b insurance. Their most common offerings in the B&B insurance space include commercial property insurance, which will cover you in case you have to repair the premises after it’s been damaged by clients.

They also offer innkeepers’ liability coverage, which will kick in if any of your clients have their property lost or damaged while they’re staying at your B&B. Finally, they also offer more general business insurance policies like general liability coverage and coverage for loss of business income.

Outdoor Insurance Group

Outdoor Insurance Group (OIG) is a B&B insurance company that offers this particular form of coverage alongside their guest house coverage. However, you can opt for just their B&B coverage if you don’t have a guest house or if you already have yours insured with a different provider.

What makes these bed and breakfast insurance specialists unique compared to some of their competitors is the fact that they’re used to working with high-value property, so they offer expanded coverage limits. They also cover commercial kitchens and they offer liquor liability insurance, as well.

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