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Whether you are a novice or seasoned photographer, you are going to need photography business insurance. Consider a situation where your camera falls or breaks while you are at a shoot. Worse still, imagine a situation where your photography equipment is stolen. In such scenarios, you will need business insurance for photographers. 


With professional photographer insurance, you should be able to protect yourself from such unexpected events. Seeing as most insurers will let you customize your photographer insurance, you should be able to set up a cover that best fits your needs. If you are a freelancer, you could have your insurer customize your freelance photographer insurance. Similarly, if you've got a studio, you could get photography studio insurance. Further, if you've booked just a single shoot, you could get photo shoot insurance or cameraman insurance. Altogether, if you offer your photography services in a professional setting, you can get commercial photography insurance coverage that will include photo production insurance. 


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Do Photographers Need Insurance?  

The simple answer is yes. Whether you are just starting out or have been in the photography business for long, you are going to need insurance, as working without one exposes you to risks that threaten the closure of your photography business. 


Photographer Liability Insurance  

Business liability insurance for photographers is a specialty coverage designed to protect photographers from the financial obligation that's attached to lawsuits and claims. There are many types but the most common are general liability and professional liability insurance.


General Liability Insurance for Photographers

General liability insurance will provide protection if your photography business's operations inflicted third parties with property damage or personal injuries.  Specific things covered are:

  • Medical expenses - In personal injury claims, general liability insurance will help you cover the medication and medical treatment of aggrieved third parties

  • Reimbursements - In property damage claims, general liability insurance will help recompense a third party whose property got damaged because of your business operations 

  • Legal expenses - When things are taken to court, general liability insurance will cover attorney fees, settlements, administrative costs, and other legal expenses on your behalf 

One Day Public Liability Insurance for Photographers

One day public liability insurance for photographers is a good alternative if you think that general liability insurance is too much for your needs. This insurance policy provides 24-hour coverage for property damage and personal injury claims only. Note that this is also available as a long-term coverage. 

Professional Liability Insurance for Photographers  

As a photographer, there are bound to be professional challenges, including errors and omissions. What's more, you might find yourself in a situation where the client cites negligence. In such a scenario, professional liability insurance for photographers does come in handy as it cushions you from the cost of the legal battle you will likely find yourself in.  


Photography Equipment Insurance for Camera Equipment  

Photography equipment is expensive, and as such, operating without insurance can be quite risky. You ought to get insurance for camera equipment. As a serious photographer, it is paramount that you have photography gear insurance and only work with partners with the best insurance for camera equipment. Photo equipment insurance covers your cameras, lenses, lighting, and all your other photography gear. In the event that you hire your equipment, you should seriously consider getting photography rental insurance.


Photography and drone insurance is a specialized equipment insurance for drone photography. This insurance product provides comprehensive coverage for your drone and other related equipment so that you don’t buy separate insurance for each.


Overall, camera insurance for photographers should ensure that even if your cameras are damaged, your business will not come to an unfortunate halt. You will, however, have to read the fine print on most of the policies to ensure the best insurance for photography equipment provides hefty reimbursements for losses. 


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Best Insurance for Photographers  

Granted, it would be too presumptuous to go all out and declare a policy as the best business insurance for photographers or the best liability insurance for photographers. But note that, there are other insurance products that are very useful in your line of work. These are:

  • Workers compensation insurance - Get this if you have one or more employees. Workers' compensation insurance will cover resulting expenses if at least one employee experiences a work-related injury or disease

  • Commercial property insurance - Commercial property insurance will see to it that you can recover if your photography studio becomes destroyed or damaged due to fire, theft, vandalism, and other covered perils

  • Commercial auto insurance - Commercial auto insurance will protect you against expenses resulting from vehicular accidents or vehicle parts repair/replacement

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Photographer Insurance for One Day  

Suppose you do not want long-term coverage. In that case, you can get short term photography insurance and, particularly, one day photography insurance. Some insurers offer one day liability insurance for photographer, which protects you from any unprecedented occurrence during the event. If you book a shoot once in a while, one day event insurance for photographers is the perfect product for you. This type of  24 hour photographer insurance should be significantly cheaper, yet it still offers comprehensive coverage.      

Wedding Photographer Insurance  

Getting contracted to shoot a wedding is big business. It holds quite the opportunity, and as such, you want to ensure you bring your best. But taking pictures without wedding photography insurance can be quite risky. This insurance policy covers you and your equipment during the wedding. 


As a wedding photographer, you can also purchase wedding photographer liability insurance to protect yourself from public liability and professional indemnity.


Seeing as most couples will often get wedding insurance, there's quite the likelihood that they will require you to be insured as well. 

One Day Wedding Photography Insurance

One day wedding photographer insurance consists of 24-hour business insurance products. The one day photographer liability insurance policies included in this tailored coverage are general liability insurance and professional liability insurance. Additional inclusions are equipment breakdown insurance and inland marine insurance. 1 day photography insurance for weddings might also include an optional drone insurance. The policy limit of the general liability coverage included in one day wedding photography insurance is $1 million-$2 million. 

Photography Event Insurance  

As a professional photographer, you will likely be called upon to photograph special events, including birthdays, parties, anniversaries, festivals, sports events, and graduations. While you might be excited to take on the challenge, you want to start by getting photographer event insurance. You can get single event photographer insurance for the event in question or get longer-term coverage. 

Real Estate Photography Insurance  

As a real estate photographer, you will be in and out of clients' homes. As you photograph these private spaces and seek aerial shots of the property and the neighborhood, you are likely to face challenges that necessitate getting real estate photographer insurance. This policy will cover the costs that arise from property damage and other liability. 

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Photography Insurance Cost

Photographer insurance cost will differ from one insurer to the other. While some plans might cost as low as $16. But on average, photographer liability insurance cost is $1,230 and $2,300 a year. By the way, these figures - if translated to monthly rates - are $102.5 and $191.66 respectively.

For more ideas about the cost, take a look at this table showing the rates of the best photographer insurance companies.

Cost per MonthCost per YearBest for
RV Nuccio$ 4.58$54.96Cheapest plan
Full Frame$ 10.75$129Limited insurance budget
Pro Photographers$ 15.29$183.48Home studios
NEXT$ 16$192Photographers looking to buy insurance in bundles
Thimble$ 17$204One-day coverage
Hiscox$ 29.16$350Home studios
The Hartford$ 36.66$439.92Employee Coverage
CoverWallet$ 39$468Photography insurance quotes comparison online
Hill and Usher$ 41.66$499.92Studio owners
PPA$ 42$504Comprehensive coverage
Progressive$ 55$660Photographers with employees
National$ 59$708Instant coverage
Allstate$ 73.83$885.96Full coverage
State FarmState Farm doesn’t state an average pricing for its photographer insurance. Contact an agent for accurate pricingState Farm doesn’t state an average pricing for its photographer insurance. Contact an agent for accurate pricingEquipment coverage
TravelersTravelers doesn’t state an average pricing for its photographer insurance. Contact Travelers for accurate pricingTravelers doesn’t state an average pricing for its photographer insurance. Contact Travelers for accurate pricingCustomer service

As for photography equipment insurance cost, this can start for as low as $10 or much more expensive. It all depends on the make, model, age, and the number of photography equipment you want to get covered. By the way, the best camera gear insurance doesn’t only recoup losses if your photography equipment becomes damaged or lost but also provides replacements for covered items less than three years old.

Overall, the photography business insurance cost you pay will be affected by your revenue, coverage limit, deductibles, and claims history. Consider an extensive search to find the cheap photography insurance quote on offer. Start doing so here. Click the "Get Quotes" button to start.

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Best Photography Insurance Companies

If you are looking to purchase photography insurance, here are the best photography insurance companies available. Take a look at their pros, cons, and pricing for a photographer insurance policy.


CoverWallet Photography Insurance



  • Stable rates

  • Compare photography insurance quotes to get the best coverage

  • Get insured online 

  • Photographer insurance has terrorism coverage 


  • Not an insurance company but an insurance broker


CoverWallet is an insurance broker selling a tailored photography insurance made out of its partners’ insurance products. With this insurance company, you can get insured easily online. Know that its tailored insurance for photographers offers general liability coverage, professional liability, commercial property, and other business insurance policies.  CoverWallet allows you to add additional insureds for free and cancel a policy anytime. It even has an online quotes comparison platform you can use to compare the rates of other companies offering photographer insurance. 


Best for: Photography insurance quotes comparison online 

Average cost: $39 per month  for a $1 million general liability coverage

Our rating: 10/10


NEXT Photography Insurance



  • Live certificate of insurance

  • Add additional insureds online anytime for free


  • Expensive rates for photographers with a lot of prior claims history 


NEXT underwrites a tailored insurance for photographers having general liability, workers compensation, commercial auto, and commercial property insurance policies. Work with NEXT because you can get a 10% discount if you decide to get covered with two or more insurance. Also, the company will give a live certificate of insurance you can send as an email, text message, or social media post. 


Best for: Photographers looking to buy insurance in bundles

Average cost: $16 per month for a $1 million general liability coverage 

Our rating: 10/10


Thimble Photography Insurance  



  • A monthly coverage option is available

  • You can pause or cancel your coverage when needed

  • Comprehensive coverage 


  • No coverage for photography studio 

  • No in-person services


Thimble is fairly new in the insurance landscape, having only been established in 2016. Third-party insurance agencies, including Global Aerospace, Inc. and  Markel Insurance Company, underwritten their business insurance policies. 


Their photography insurance product is unique in that you are allowed to buy the coverage for a day or when needed. Each of their policies allows you to add extra insureds at no cost. 


Best for: One day coverage

Average cost: $17 per month for a $1 million general liability coverage

Our rating: 9/10


State Farm Photography Insurance  



  • Personal property coverage applies all over the world 

  • Flexible coverage

  • Affordable DSLR camera insurance package

  • Zero deductible 


  • Photography in Massachusetts and Rhodes Island are not covered

  • Doesn’t have online quotes for an estimated pricing


State Farm, founded in 1922, has its headquarters in Bloomington. As of 2021, the insurer had a 23% market share and offered its insurance products to over 83 million customers. With an A++ financial strength rating, you are assured that your claims will be swiftly paid. 


State Farm photographer insurance also includes a drone package that's a go-to for hobby pilots looking for affordable coverage. This will cost $6 per month, and you can have the drone appraised yearly to get inflation coverage. 


Best for: Equipment coverage 

Average cost: State Farm doesn’t state an average pricing for its photographer insurance. Contact an agent for accurate pricing

Our rating: 9/10



RV Nuccio Photographer Insurance 



  • Ability to renew online 24/7 

  • Quotes available in less than 5 minutes 

  • Nationwide coverage 


  • Mobile app not available 


Rv Nuccio was founded in 1990 and was the pioneer of specialty insurance programs. Based in Los Angeles, the insurer operates nationwide as an insurance broker and program administrator. Their photographer insurance starts at $55 annually and includes general liability, property and equipment coverage, employee crime coverage, and workers' compensation. 


Best for: Cheapest plan 

Average cost: $4.58 per month for a photographer insurance that includes general liability, property and equipment coverage, employee crime coverage, and workers' compensation 

Our rating: 9/10


 Travelers Photography Insurance  



  • Easy quote process 

  • Strong financial standing 


  • Doesn’t have online quotes for an estimated pricing


Travelers is an American insurance company founded in 1864. While it started as an auto and home insurance company, it now offers specialty products, including photography insurance. The latter is offered in 42 states and Washington, DC.  


This insurance company doesn’t offer stand-alone general liability coverage. Instead, protection is sold as a business owner’s policy for photographers having commercial property insurance, general liability insurance, employee crime insurance, and business income protection. Note that you can upgrade Traveler’s BOP for photographers into Power Pac PremierSM. This is a specialized policy offering 40 types of coverages.


Best for: Customer service 

Average cost: Travelers doesn’t state an average pricing for its photographer insurance.Contact Travelers for accurate pricing

Our rating: 8/10



 Allstate Photography Insurance 



  • Free express shipping to and fro repair centers 

  • A network of local agents 

  • A++  financial strength 


  • Costly plans 


Allstate was founded in 1931 and has evolved to be one of the most sought-after insurers in the nation. In 2021, the insurer wrote over $27 billion in premiums catapulting its market share to 10%. When seeking photographer insurance, you will be required to start your policy with a local agent. In terms of claims filing, you can do so through their official website or over the phone. 


Best for: Full coverage

Average cost: $73.83 per month for a basic BOP plan

Our rating: 8/10


Progressive Photography Insurance  



  • Multiple coverage options

  • A long history of offering insurance to customers in the U.S 


  • One-day photography insurance and shoot-based coverage are not available 



Progressive has been operational since 1937. While it started out only offering auto and homeowners insurance products, it has extended its product pool to include an array of business and commercial coverage. 


For photography insurance coverage, Progressive lets you tailor your own policy, which will automatically include general liability coverage. In case you have a photography studio where you've hired additional help, you could get workers' compensation coverage and Business Owner's Policy (BOP). 


Best for: Photographers with employees

Average cost: $55 per month for a general liability coverage

Our rating: 8/10


PPA Photography Insurance 



  • Members get malpractice insurance 

  • Agents that help with access to good photography equipment


  • PPA membership is compulsory 


PPA (Professional Photographers of America Insurance) is the world's largest nonprofit photography association with over 30000 members in more than 50 countries. The NGO founded in 1868 has, with time, curated insurance policies for its members. 


Professional Photographers of America (PPA) insurance is the most popular photographer's insurance company in the market today. The insurer leaves nothing to chance with its general liability insurance. Its specialty product for photographers, PhotoCare, gives the PPA member up to $15,000 in equipment insurance automatically. You can also get a business owner's policy for $42 per month. 


Best for: Comprehensive coverage

Average cost: $42 per month for a BOP

Our rating: 8/10


National Photographers Insurance  



  • Nationwide coverage

  • Network of agents available 


  • Poor customer service 


National is a nationally recognized insurer that starts its photographers' insurance at $59 for single events. To get a quote, you can apply online only if your revenue is below $200,000. The type of coverage includes general liability and equipment, which is the perfect solution if you want to get protected without unnecessary coverage. 


Best for: Instant coverage

Average cost: $59 for single event photographer insurance 

Our rating: 8/10



Hill and Usher Photography Insurance  



  • A policy specifically targeted at studio owners

  • Free online available online 

  • Comprehensive coverage available 


  • Policies have to be underwritten by a 3rd party 

  • No per-gig insurance coverage 


Hill & Usher was founded in 1995 as a boutique construction-only insurance firm. At the time, they specialized in large and hard-to-place commercial accounts. With time, however, they have started offering other insurance packages. 


Hill & Usher photography insurance, Package Choice coverage, fulfills all photography coverage needs. The insurer offers Package Choice, the specialty insurance for professional photographers. This policy bundles together property and liability coverage, thus offering photographers the option of paying a single premium for these while still comprehensively protecting their business. 


This policy protects your photography equipment both in the U.S and Canada. If you travel to other locations, you can extend your premium to get international coverage. You also have the option of insuring rented or leased equipment. 


Note that this policy also covers your studio. This means that if your computers, printers, furniture, dark-room equipment or supplies get stolen or damaged, you are assured of coverage. What's more, if you intend on making improvements to your studio space, the policy should sufficiently cover these.  


Suppose there's property loss. In that case, you are covered by the Business Income Interruption and Extra Expense insurance, which should reimburse you for any lost income for at least 12 months.


Best for: Studio owners 

Average cost: $41.66 per month for Package Choice policy

Our rating: 7/10


Hiscox Photography Insurance  



  • You can get quotes, purchase policies, and file claims online

  • Discounts available for home-based businesses

  • Suitable for businesses with 0-10 employees 


  • Photographers in Alaska do not get professional and general liability 

  • BOP is not offered  

  • No mobile app 


Hiscox is an Anglo-Bermudan insurance company founded in 1901. Its minimum premium for general liability is $350, but if you have a home studio, you are eligible for a 5% discount. With their general liability policy, you get a $2 million aggregate limit available online and $100,000 for premises rented. The BOP comes with coverage limits of $500,000 for studios and $250,000 for contents within the studio. 


Best for: Home studios 

Average cost: $19.16 per month for a general liability coverage

Our rating: 6/10



The Hartford Photography Insurance  



  • A pool of coverage options 

  • Quotes are available online, or you could work directly with an agent 


  • Coverage for individual jobs is not available 


The Hartford is a Fortune 500 company that was founded in 1810. With its A++ financial rating, the insurer is able to offer a variety of insurance products, including photography insurance. The Hartford's photographer's insurance coverage options are quite robust. They offer comprehensive coverage, especially for photographers with studios housing multiple teams. 


Best for: Employee Coverage 

Average cost: $36.66 per month for a BOP

Our rating: 6/10  



Full Frame Photography Insurance  



  • Affordable plans

  • Flexibility to tailor your coverage


  • Coverage is not available in Iowa, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Massachusetts 

  • Minimal coverage options offered 


Full Frame has created a successful brand providing business insurance to small photography businesses. They offer scalable coverage options meant to meet the unique needs of photographers in a total of 44 states. Photographers seeking insurance get easy, hassle-free quotes that are handled online. As a photographer, you get to handle your policy directly with the company as the entire process is free of brokers. 


The photography insurance policy from Full Frame includes general liability coverage, errors and omission coverage, professional liability coverage, and damage to rented premises coverage, among others. 


There are three different policy plans, Annual Plus, Annual, and Event. The Annual Plus policy starts at $184 per year and covers your photography business up to $2 million in general liability. This includes multiple camera insurance options with the option of including additional policies. If you add an insured, you will incur $30 per individual. 


The Annual policy costs $129 per year. It includes general liability coverage of up to $2M and will also cost you $30 per additional insured. 


Finally, the Event policy will set you back $59 and should cover you for three days. This policy plan is perfect if you are looking for a policy to cover you for the particular event where you are taking pictures. 


Best for: Limited insurance budget

Average cost:  $10.75 per month per year for its Annual photographer insurance policy offering $2 million general liability coverage 

Our rating: 6/10


Pro Photographers Insurance  



  • Instant coverage for as low as $15.29 per month 

  • You can get a quote and buy coverage online 24/7 

  • Comprehensive drone liability policies of between $100,000 and $2 million 


  • There's a ceiling on compensation 


Pro Photographers Insurance has over 50 years of industry experience offering photographers photography insurance products. As a specialist broker, the agents could also help you source top-notch equipment. 


Best for: Home studios

Average cost: $15.29 per month for a $1 million general liability coverage

Our rating:  6/10

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