Gutter Cleaning Business Insurance: Cost & Quotes From $11

While your gutter cleaning business provides invaluable maintenance services, you’re often exposed to risks that can hurt your financial resources. Consider this scenario: a new employee rips off a gutter while cleaning it using a mechanical brush and hand polisher. In the process, s/he takes off a portion of the roof, or the gutter breaks loose and strikes the client standing below, causing an injury to the head

In the first case, your business is liable for covering the costs of repairing the damaged roof. In the second incident, the customer holds your business responsible for their injuries, and they ask you to pay for her medical bills. Those are only a few hazards that can significantly dent your business’ bank account. Therefore, it’s critical to protect your company from such liabilities by taking out gutter cleaning insurance.

Why is Gutter Cleaning Contractor Insurance Important?

The costs of repairing and replacing a client’s damaged property can accumulate to thousands of dollars, sometimes reaching hundreds of dollars. Additionally, you are vulnerable to property losses, including loss of equipment, tools, and other valuable business assets due to theft, vandalism, and natural disasters. 


In the litigious world that we live in today, no one understands that their damages or injuries result from accidents. Such mishaps offer them grounds to file lawsuits to get compensation. That means you’ll require legal representation and court fees. The accumulated expenses can be too much for your business to cover and can easily force you to close your business due to bankruptcy. 


With gutter cleaner insurance, you can have peace of mind, knowing that your financial assets are safe. You can easily file an insurance claim with your provider to get the funds to cover any risk and protect your business from devastating losses. 

General Liability Insurance for Gutter Cleaning Business

General liability insurance is a critical policy for any business, say for example carpet cleaning, roof cleaning, and janitorial businesses. It protects your company from liabilities suffered by a client or member of the public due to your business activities. These risks include:

  • Property damage – If your workers are cleaning gutters in a residential property, there’s always a chance that they might unintentionally damage the gutter’s structural integrity. If that happens, the property owner can sue your business for the damages. Your liability coverage policy can cater to the replacement and repair costs. 

  • Bodily injuries – A vendor may slip and fall while delivering supplies to your business, or your employee may improperly secure a ladder, which falls and hits a passerby who then suffers a head concussion. You’ll be tacitly mandated to cover the medical expenses for the injury. Liability coverage offers the funds needed to pay the medical costs. 

  • Advertising injuries and reputational harm – General liability insurance comes with an optional advertising injury coverage that protects you from copyright infringement claims or defamation claims (slander or libel). For example, your company creates a new slogan for advertising purposes, but unfortunately, it resembles a competitor’s slogan. The company can sue your business for copyright infringement.


Businesses are not legally mandated to obtain general liability coverage, but operating without it is extremely risky. You never know when unanticipated mishaps may occur. If your business is sued, fighting the case in court can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. With sufficient liability coverage, you can compensate claimants and cover the legal expenses. That’s the only way you can prevent the financial repercussions of the aforementioned risks. 


Aside from having protection against business exposures, get general liability insurance because it will help your business grow.  Clients are more likely to hire gutter cleaners who have general liability insurance. It’s because this policy ensures clients can recover losses if your service caused personal injuries and property damage.

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Other Types of Insurance Coverage Gutter Cleaning Businesses Need

While general liability covers third-party property damages and bodily injuries, including other policies in your gutter cleaning business insurance protects you against other problematic exposures.


Professional Liability Insurance

Also known as errors & omissions insurance (E&O), a professional liability policy covers you against lawsuits due to negligence, mistakes, or failures that cause another person to lose money. For instance, if you wrongly advise a client on gutter maintenance practices and they follow your instructions only to end up damaging the gutter or getting injured, they can file a claim against you. This policy will pay for your legal defense and any compensation if need be. Note that professional liability insurance is a common inclusion in house cleaning insurance and pool cleaning insurance.


Commercial Auto Insurance

If you own a business van or truck that you use to travel and transport equipment and tools to a job site, your personal car insurance will not cover the commercial vehicle if something happens to it. In some cases, coverage applies but the insurance company might increase premiums.

Covering the vehicle you’re using for business purposes is best done with commercial auto insurance. Commercial auto insurance offers the following protection:

  • Auto liability coverage

  • Physical damage coverage

  • Medical payments

  • Emergency roadside assistance

Auto Liability Coverage

You might cause an accident while driving and hurt third parties or damage properties as a result. Someone will surely sue you to get reimbursements for losses or compensation for pain and suffering. Auto liability coverage will take care of your defense costs and settlements.


Auto liability coverage won’t help all the time. If you caused the vehicular accident while engaged in criminal activity (e.g. driving under influence, getting away from police authorities, driving with no license, etc.), the insurance company will deny your claim.


Physical Damage Coverage

Your car will incur some damages sooner or later. Physical damage coverage in commercial auto insurance will finance parts repair or replacement.


Additionally, physical damage coverage has two forms – collision and comprehensive. As the name implies, collision physical damage coverage will pay for parts repair or replacement if the commercial vehicle was damaged in a collision with an object or another vehicle. As for comprehensive physical damage coverage, this will provide money for replacing or repairing vehicle parts damaged because of fire, theft, vandalism, hail, windstorm, and other covered perils.


Medical Payments Coverage

Medical payment insurance – also referred to as medical expense coverage – is part of commercial auto coverage. It pays for the medical costs due to the injuries you, your employees, or other passengers sustain if your commercial vehicle is involved in a crash, whether you’re at fault or the other driver’s negligence that caused the collision.

Your medical payments insurance will typically cover the following expenses:

  • Medical insurance deductibles and co-pays

  • Surgeries, X-rays, or prostheses

  • Doctor appointments or hospital visits

  • Professional nursing services

  • Rehabilitation costs

  • Ambulance and emergency medical technician costs


The Difference between Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Medical Payments Coverage

Like medical expenses coverage, PIP pays for your or your passengers’ medical costs following an accident involving your commercial vehicle. However, they differ in three aspects.

You’ll need to take out PIP if you operate in a “no-fault” state, but medical payments coverage is required in a “fault” state. In other words, medical expenses coverage is only available in states that don’t have PIP.

  • PIP may be a mandatory or optional requirement, depending on your state’s laws. On the flip side, medical payments coverage is always an optional insurance policy.

  • PIP covers expenses, such as lost income or child care, if you’re incapacitated to perform essential services due to injuries sustained from an accident. Medical payments coverage doesn’t cover these essential services

Emergency Roadside Assistance

Issues might occur while you’re driving. The commercial vehicle might refuse to start, the tires might explode, or the tank might run out of gas. Such issues will force you to spend money just to resume the trip. The purpose of emergency roadside assistance is to reimburse what you spent for battery jumpstart service, tire delivery and replacement, gas delivery, and other roadside assistance services.


Commercial Property Insurance

You spent a lot of fortune on your gutter cleaning business’s commercial space. And so, it will be very devastating if something happens. You never know when a fire or destructive weather occurs. Protect your commercial building from contingencies, get commercial property insurance.


Commercial property insurance will pay for reconstruction costs if fire or extreme weather destroys your business’s commercial building. In case fire, extreme weather, theft, and other covered perils only caused some damages, then commercial property insurance will pay for building repair.


Equipment and tools inside or outside of the commercial building are also covered by commercial property insurance. Commercial property insurance has business equipment and tools coverage. Business equipment and tools coverage reimburses your losses if fire, theft, vandalism, and other covered perils damage or utterly destroy the equipment and tools placed inside or outside of the commercial building.


Commercial property insurance also has stocks and contents coverage. Stocks and contents coverage reimburses your losses if valuable materials – not classified as equipment and tools – get damaged or lost because of fire, theft, extreme weather, vandalism, and other covered perils.


Tools and Equipment Insurance

You can only use business equipment and tools coverage if your gutter cleaning tools and equipment were damaged within the premises of the commercial building. If your gutter cleaning tools and equipment incurred damage while being used, you need something else entirely – tools and equipment insurance.


Tools and equipment insurance will cover losses if your gutter cleaning tools and equipment were damaged on-site or off-site. In practice, this will reimburse you equal to their current market value. But note that you might receive a replacement instead if your gutter cleaning tools and equipment are less than three years old.

Equipment in Transit Insurance

Someone might manage to steal your gutter cleaning equipment and tools stored in the car. It’s also possible for damage to be incurred during the trip. Tools and equipment insurance can’t help you in such scenarios.


Equipment in transit insurance is to the rescue if something happens to your gutter cleaning tools and equipment while they’re in the commercial vehicle. This will reimburse your losses if fire, vandalism, theft, and other covered perils destroyed or damaged your gutter cleaning tools and equipment during the trip.


Business Interruption Insurance

You might need to stop business operations for a while. We don’t wish for this to happen. For instance, you might need to renovate the commercial building, relocate, and let an economic crisis pass by. You’ll still have to pay for operational costs even if your gutter cleaning business is closed. In connection, business interruption insurance can help.


Business interruption insurance will supplement a portion of your business’s lost income. In a nutshell, this insurance policy seeks to minimize losses by giving you money to pay for employee wages, loans, taxes, and other operational costs. You will receive money for 30 days. However, you can extend this duration to 360 days with an endorsement.


Workers Compensation Insurance

Workplace accidents might happen and will injure employees. You, as the employer, are responsible for making sure that the injured workers get adequate treatment and compensation for lost income. Avoid using business funds when doing so, get workers compensation insurance for window cleaning businesses and dry cleaning businesses.


Workers’ compensation is a state-mandated insurance. You’re required to have this as soon as you have one or more employees.


When an employee suffers from a work-related injury or disease, workers’ compensation insurance will take care of everything on your behalf – emergency treatment, hospitalization, rehabilitation, and lost income compensation. Workers’ compensation insurance will even provide death benefits to dependents if the employee dies.


So how much lost income compensation will the employee receive through workers’ compensation insurance? The employee will receive insurance money equal to two-thirds of his or her average weekly wage. For example, if the average weekly wage is $900, workers comp will give the employee a $603 weekly allowance.


How Much is The Fine for Not Getting Workers Compensation Insurance?

The fine for not getting workers’ compensation insurance depends on where your gutter cleaning business is located. Here are some examples:

  • North Dakota – Employers without workers’ compensation insurance will receive a $10,000 fine added with another $100 fine multiplied by the days workers comp is not purchased. Additionally, authorities might impose a cease and desist order.

  • Vermont – Each day of the first week of not having workers comp will be fined $100. The fine will scale to $150/day if the employer continues to operate without workers’ compensation insurance.

  • Nevada – Not getting workers’ compensation in Nevada will result in a $15,000 fine plus another fine twice the amount the employer would have paid for premiums. Authorities might also impose a cease and desist order.


Gutter Cleaning Business Insurance Requirements

You don’t need to comply with any state-required insurance to operate legally. But still, know that you will need a general liability policy to satisfy the demands of clients. The general rule is that your gutter cleaning business must have general liability insurance offering $1 million in bodily injury coverage and $100,000 in property damage coverage. Coverage for advertising injuries is optional.

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Gutter Cleaning Insurance Cost

The truth is that your gutter cleaning business is different from another company providing the same services. The policies you include in your insurance plan differ from your competitors’. Hence, the cost of insurance for gutter cleaning business varies from one company to the other based on various factors, including:

  • Business location

  • The deductible you choose

  • General aggregate limit

  • Policy limit

  • Number of employees

  • The scope of work and services you provide

  • Your claims history

On average, professional gutter cleaning companies in the US pay monthly premiums ranging from $42 a month or $504 a year for $1 million general liability insurance. In connection, here’s a table showing the pricing of the best insurance companies for gutter cleaners:

Cost per Month Cost per Year Best for
CoverWallet $41 $492 Comparing the quotes of available insurance products for gutter cleaners online
Thimble  $46.72 $560.64 Short-term gutter cleaner insurance by the hour, days, weeks, or months

You can save money on gutter cleaning insurance by purchasing a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP). A business owner’s policy combines commercial property insurance and general liability insurance in a single insurance plan that’s cheaper and easier to manage. 

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Best Gutter Cleaning Business Insurance Companies

Here are some reviews showing the pros, cons, and monthly rate for a $1 million general liability coverage of the best gutter cleaning insurance companies. 

CoverWallet Insurance



  • Has four insurance options for gutter cleaners

  • Get covered online is less than 2 minutes

  • Compare insurance quotes online

  • Cancel a policy anytime


  • Not an insurance company but an insurance broker


CoverWallet doesn’t have a tailored gutter cleaner insurance. However, it has specialized insurance for services to buildings that covers gutter cleaners, painters, handymen, and other related professionals. This insurance product from CoverWallet offers four options – general liability only, commercial property and general liability, business owner’s policy with an optional workers compensation, and a custom plan. 


This company’s general liability insurance includes optional products and completed operations coverage which will take care of personal injury claims and property damage claims past clients filed. CoverWallet’s commercial property insurance includes equipment breakdown coverage.  Finally, the company’s business owner’s policy ensures you’re protected from third-party liabilities,  commercial property losses, and employment-related exposures. 


Best for: Comparing the quotes of available insurance products for gutter cleaners online

Average cost: $41 per month

Our rating: 10/10


Thimble Gutter Cleaning Insurance



  • Get covered online

  • ACORD certificate of insurance

  • You can choose not to have a deductible

  • Add additional insureds


  • Claims can only be filed via the Thimble app


Thimble’s gutter cleaning insurance only includes general liability coverage with a $1 million – $2 million limit. You can choose not to have any deductible but prepare to pay for more expensive premiums. 


This company allows you to endorse additional policies to its gutter cleaning insurance, so that protection is more comprehensive. Add workers compensation insurance, gutter cleaners E&O insurance, business interruption insurance, and others. 


Thimble allows you to add additional insureds to your general liability insurance. You can also get free certificates of insurance. The best thing is that doing these things won’t take much of your time. Thimble strives to finish each transaction within minutes. 


Best for: Short-term gutter cleaner insurance by the hour, days, weeks, or months

Average cost: $46.72 per month 

Our rating: 9/10


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