Wedding Insurance: Liability, Cost & Quotes From $15

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1. Wedding Liability Insurance    2. Wedding Venue Insurance    3. Wedding Cancellation Insurance   4. Liquor Liability Insurance for Wedding   5. Wedding Planner Insurance    6. Wedding Vendor Insurance    6.1. One Day Wedding Vendor Insurance7. Wedding Photographer Insurance   8. Wedding Videographer Insurance    9. Wedding DJ Insurance    10. Destination Wedding Insurance  11. Wedding Insurance Cost  12. Best Wedding Insurance Companies  12.1. CoverWallet Wedding Insurance 12.1.1. Pros12.1.2. Cons12.2. Thimble Wedding Insurance 12.2.1. Pros12.2.2. Cons12.3. Markel Wedding Insurance  12.3.1. Pros 12.3.2. Cons12.4. Travelers Wedding Insurance   12.4.1. Pros 12.4.2. Cons12.5. Geico Wedding Insurance   12.5.1. Pros 12.5.2. Cons 12.6.   eWed Insurance   12.6.1. Pros 12.6.2. Cons 12.7. Lemonade Wedding Insurance   12.7.1. Pros 12.7.2. Cons 12.8. Wedding Insurance State Farm   12.8.1. Pros 12.8.2. Cons 12.9. USAA Wedding Insurance   12.9.1. Pros12.9.2. Cons 12.10. Progressive Wedding Insurance   12.10.1. Pros 12.10.2. Cons12.11. Event Helper Wedding Insurance    12.11.1. Pros 12.11.2. Cons 12.12. Wedsure Insurance   12.12.1. Pros 12.12.2. Cons 12.13. Nationwide Wedding Insurance   12.13.1. Pros 12.13.2. Cons 12.14. Allstate Wedding Insurance  12.14.1. Pros 12.14.2. Cons 12.15. Allianz Wedding Insurance   12.15.1. Pros12.15.2. Cons12.16. AAA Wedding Insurance 12.16.1. Pros12.16.2. Cons12.17. Wedding Protector Plan   12.17.1. Pros12.17.2. Cons12.18. Liberty Mutual Wedding Insurance   12.18.1. Pros12.18.2. Cons12.19.   WedSafe Insurance   12.19.1. Pros 12.19.2. Cons12.20. RV Nuccio Wedding Insurance   12.20.1. Pros 12.20.2. Cons 12.21. The Knot Wedding Insurance  12.21.1. Pros 12.21.2. Cons 12.22. Eventsured Wedding Insurance   12.22.1. Pros 12.22.2. Cons 

For most couples, the average wedding party budget is about $20,000. Given the amount of money on the line, it is only fitting that you consider wedding insurance. 


Wedding event insurance is a cover that protects the policyholder from the financial ramifications when something goes wrong. Having event insurance for weddings covers the cost of accidents and recoups the financial resources used. 


Insurance companies sell wedding event insurance as a long-term policy. But you also have the option of getting a one day wedding insurance, which can be extended for days. 


Special event insurance for wedding isn’t a single insurance product. In truth, this consists of liability insurance, liquor liability insurance, wedding reception insurance, and so on.  It’s important for you to be familiar with the inclusions of wedding day insurance in order to avoid getting obsolete coverage that doesn’t provide comprehensive protection on the actual day of insurance for the wedding. 


Read this guide about wedding insurance policy, know how the inclusions work, how much premiums cost, the best companies, and more.

Wedding Liability Insurance  

Wedding liability insurance - primarily sold as a general liability insurance policy - will be essential if you’re planning to hire an event venue. This wedding event liability insurance is meant to protect both you and the venue in the event of a mishap. 


General liability insurance for wedding covers medical expenses if a guest, vendor, or any other third party sustains injuries during the wedding ceremony. It will also provide reimbursements if property damage is sustained instead of an injury. 


Wedding Venue Insurance  

Wedding venue insurance encompasses the different insurance products that protect the venue from specified claims filed by an aggrieved third party. This tailored insurance for venue businesses should cover the business's physical assets and provide a cushion in case a legal matter arises. 

Wedding Cancellation Insurance 

Wedding cancellation insurance helps protect you from the financial losses following the cancellation or postponement of the wedding. This insurance policy will reimburse all non-refundable payments for transportation, food catering, venue rental, and other necessities for the wedding ceremony. 


Liquor Liability Insurance for Wedding 

Liquor liability insurance should protect you against any liquor-related incidents during the wedding ceremony. This alcohol liability insurance for wedding comes in especially handy when the venue has a bar or there's a facility within where alcoholic beverages are served.  

So how does liquor liability insurance work? Liquor liability insurance will cover medical expenses, reimbursements for damaged property, and legal fees when a guest sustains property damage or personal injuries due to the following:

  • Gets involved in a car accident after getting drunk

  • Overserved with alcohol, resulting in injuries or property damage

  • Suffers from alcohol intolerance 

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Wedding Planner Insurance  

Working as a wedding planner isn't always as straightforward. The planner has to grapple with, at times, unrealistic demands, tight schedules, and perpetual conversation with the different vendors and all parties.  That's where wedding planner insurance comes in.

Wedding coordinator insurance covers your wedding planning business from any liability arising from damages or injury that a third party sustains. 


Wedding Vendor Insurance  

While it is quite appealing to become a vendor at a wedding selling your different products, vending can be quite risky. As such, you're going to need wedding vendor insurance.


Wedding vendor insurance isn’t a single insurance policy. It consists of different business insurance such as:

  • General liability insurance for wedding vendors - covers personal injury claims and property damage claims caused by an accident you're at fault

  • Product liability insurance - covers personal injury claims and property damage claims of a client who received a defective product or service 

  • Equipment breakdown insurance - reimburses losses or provides immediate replacements if items crucial for business operations become lost or damaged due to fire, theft, vandalism, and other covered perils 

One Day Wedding Vendor Insurance

Wedding vendor insurance can be availed as a one-day coverage. One day wedding vendor insurance only has general liability insurance. Other policies we mentioned above are excluded. However, you can add them at a cost. 

Wedding Photographer Insurance 

As a photographer in today's wedding landscape, you'll notice that many venues require you to carry insurance. Specifically, you are expected to have wedding photography insurance, which will offer general liability coverage. The wedding photographer insurance should cover:

  • Bodily injury 

  • Property damage 

  • Fees arising from legal action 

  • Cost of medical treatment 

You could also consider adding equipment insurance, property insurance, and errors and omissions cover to further protect yourself. 


Wedding Videographer Insurance  

As a professional wedding and bridal videographer, you know the effort, time, and financial investment it takes to build a sought-after wedding videography brand. Consequently, you cannot afford a mishap jeopardizing all of your hard work, which is why you should consider getting wedding videographer insurance. This insurance policy should at least cover the cost of equipment and possible public and professional legal liability. 

From our research, the average wedding videographer insurance cost is $22 per month, or $250 per year for a $1 million dollar general liability insurance coverage.

Really not a big expense for the financial protection it will give you as a wedding videographer.

Wedding DJ Insurance  

Having a wedding DJ insurance policy can save you money and emotional distress in the long run. Seeing as your gear is your livelihood,  DJ liability insurance should be able to cover you in the event of unpredictable situations around your gear. 


Besides, with the wedding DJ insurance cover, you should be able to work mobile gigs more confidently. The policy is particularly handy as most venue directors will require proof of insurance. 


Finally, having wedding DJ insurance should help protect you from the ramifications of legal action resulting from damage to venue property or bodily injury to wedding guests.  


Destination Wedding Insurance  

Suppose you are planning a wedding or honeymoon abroad. In that case, you should consider getting destination wedding insurance, also referred to as international wedding insurance. The goal of the destination wedding insurance is to cushion you from unique destination wedding issues, including cancellations and postponements. At a minimum, this insurance policy should cover:

  • Trip cancellation costs 

  • Trip interruptions 

  • Delays at the airport 

  • Medical expenses and, in worse case scenarios, medical evacuation

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Wedding Insurance Cost  

The average cost of wedding insurance is $100 -  $200  for one day coverage. This already provides all or some of the coverages we discussed.


But understand premiums can reach $200 - $645 depending on the budget allocation and number of guests. Note that as you add other policies, the wedding event insurance cost increases because individual premiums pile up. Nonetheless, don’t worry because carriers provide discounts if you include more than one coverage in your wedding insurance. By the way, here's a table showing the rates of the best wedding insurance companies. 

Average Cost for One Day CoverageBest for
Geico$75Wedding insurance that provides theft and damage coverage for wedding ceremony pieces of jewelry
eWed$119Wedding cancellation coverage with no deductibles
CoverWallet$155Wedding insurance quotes comparison online
Thimble$160Wedding insurance that lasts for one to five days
Wedding Protector Plan$160Wedding insurance with deposits coverage
State Farm$165Wedding insurance fast online claims filing
Travelers$170Destination wedding insurance
Allstate$175Wedding insurance with numerous inclusions
WedSafe$179Wedding insurance with international coverage
USAA$180Wedding insurance for military personnel
Progressive$183Wedding insurance with special coverage
The Knot$185Wedding insurance that can be added with supplemental protections
Event Helper$192Insurance for weddings with $5,000 attendees
Markel$196Wedding insurance with no hidden fees
Nationwide$230Wedding insurance with fast claims process
Liberty Mutual$235Wedding insurance with 24/7 claims filing
Eventsured$242Wedding insurance with specialized rehearsal and rehearsal dinner coverage
Lemonade$249Wedding insurance with special coverage that reimburses the value of covered lost items
RV Nuccio$250Wedding insurance with professional counseling coverage and hired photographer/videographer coverage
Allianz$252Wedding insurance with international coverage
AAA$257Wedding cancellation coverage that covers wedding postponement/cancellation due to sudden illness and extreme weather

You can decide to get the coverages in wedding insurance as stand-alone policies. Stand-alone wedding liability insurance will cost $125 for one day coverage. If bought as a stand-alone policy, wedding venue insurance cost is $130 for one day coverage. It's prudent to mention that the liquor liability insurance cost for weddings is charged on the side depending on vendor-specific policies. 


The best way to find the best protection is to compare cheap wedding insurance quote online. Do so using our online quotes comparison tool. Click the “Get quotes” button to start. 

Compare Cheap Wedding Insurance Quotes Online

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Best Wedding Insurance Companies

As you plan for the bid day, you want to work with the best wedding insurance providers. The goal is to purchase the best wedding event insurance and keep the day safe. Here's a comprehensive list of the best wedding insurance companies in the market today. Read to know their pros, cons, and pricing for one-day coverage.

CoverWallet Wedding Insurance


  • Stable rates

  • Compare wedding insurance quotes online

  • Pay premiums online

  • Live insurance agents


  • Not an insurance company but an insurance broker

  • Doesn’t provide coverage for lost or stolen wedding rings

CoverWallet’s wedding insurance provides general liability coverage and cancellation/postponement coverage. Buy insurance from this broker because it provides an instant certificate of insurance that event venues will look for before agreeing to provide a service. Also, you can pay premiums and name additional insureds on your wedding insurance policy online. By the way, CoverWallet has an online quotes comparison platform you can use to compare features and pricing of the wedding insurance numerous carriers underwrite.

Best for: Wedding insurance quotes comparison online

Average cost: $155 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 10/10

Thimble Wedding Insurance


  • Get instant proof of insurance online

  • Zero deductibles


  • Doesn’t offer wedding cancellation coverage

Thimble’s wedding insurance is a short-term general liability insurance that provides protection for one to five days. Liquor liability insurance is included as a coverage. Work with Thimble because it provides quick coverage and just like CoverWallet, it also offers instant online proof of insurance.

Best for: Wedding insurance that lasts for one to five days

Average cost: $160 for one-day to 5-day coverage

Our rating: 10/10

Markel Wedding Insurance


  • Liability coverage ranges between $1,000,000 and $2,000,000

  • Online quotes are available with guided customization options

  • No hidden additional costs

  • Only a $25 deductible on cancellation policy items

  • You can purchase the wedding insurance policy a day before the wedding


  • A $300 limit on stolen or lost cash and check wedding gifts

  • A mandatory $1,000 deductible on property liability

Markel, established in 1930, is a specialty insurer that offers, among others, wedding and event insurance policies. The low-cost options and flexibility to add additional policies make Markel wedding insurance coverage stand out. With just their online quote, you should be sufficiently able to choose a customizable option that best meets your wedding insurance needs.

Best for: Wedding insurance with no hidden fees

Average cost: $196 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 9/10

Travelers Wedding Insurance


  • Zero deductibles

  • Covers destination weddings

  • Good reputation

  • You can purchase the cover a day before the wedding

  • Coverage purchase is available via an agent or from the official website


  • Limited availability with Louisiana, Hawaii, and Alaska being excluded

  • You cannot bundle together DJ, band, and caterer policies

Travelers has been in the insurance market since 1864 and now has wedding insurance offerings that cover both weddings held within the U.S and destination weddings. As it pertains to the latter, Travelers covers weddings in Puerto Rico, The Caribbean Islands, the UK, Canada, and other locations.

With Travelers wedding insurance, you not only get to cover the big day but also valuables, including wedding bands and received gifts.

In hindsight, Travelers wedding insurance stands out due to its wide coverage of weddings regardless of destination, no deductibles, and the ease of purchasing the wedding insurance policy.

Best for: Destination wedding insurance

Average cost: $170 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 9/10

Geico Wedding Insurance


  • 15% discount if you purchase both the wedding liability and wedding cancellation coverage

  • A++ financial strength rating by AM Best

  • Geico wedding insurance is available in all 50 states

  • Your wedding jewelry of between $500 and $2000 is insured against theft or damage


  • Geico doesn't overwrite independently

Geico was started in 1936 and has evolved to be amongst the most reliable insurance providers in the market today. The 20 corporate offices optimally located throughout the U.S ensure that all 50 states are sufficiently taken care of.

You do not have to worry about your reimbursement payment as Geico is sufficiently financially stable. Finally, Geico has partnered with other industry leaders, including Liberty Mutual and American Family.

Best for: Wedding insurance that provides theft and damage coverage for wedding ceremony jewelries

Average cost: $75 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 9/10

eWed Insurance


  • A 3-day coverage is available

  • Fastest underwriting in the current market

  • Easy account management via the official website or app

  • Zero deductibles on all cancellation and postponing of events


  • No coverage for destination weddings

eWedinsurance leverages its over 30 years of experience in the wedding insurance niche to provide its customers in the U.S, Virgin Islands and locations with a wedding insurance coverage plan that starts reasonable rates. You have the option of adding additional coverage, which should attract a higher premium.

Best for: Wedding cancellation coverage with no deductibles

Average cost: $119 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 9/10

Lemonade Wedding Insurance


  • Quick quotes available via the official website and application

  • Compensation for stolen or lost wedding gifts is enough to purchase a brand new item


  • Not available in all the 50 states

  • Digital-first support is not sufficient, especially for matters needing personal

Founded in 2015. Lemonade Inc. has quickly muffed into a leading insurance company. Their selling point has to be the low-cost insurance coverage and the use of AI-driven rating when determining coverage amount and premiums. Unlike traditional insurance companies, Lemonade is able to leverage technology to pay claims in under a minute. Note that Lemonade Insurance doesn't have insurance agents. If you want to purchase coverage, you've got to do so either via the official company's website or application.

Best for: Wedding insurance with special coverage that reimburses the value of covered lost items

Average cost: $249 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 8/10

Wedding Insurance State Farm


  • Exemplary customer service

  • One-stop shop for all insurance needs

  • Lower-than-market rates


  • Substandard customer service

Established in 1922, State Farm has risen to be the largest auto insurance company in a total of 33 states in the U.S. Amongst its offerings is wedding event insurance at below-market rates. With a network of over 20,000 agents, State Farm is able to offer personalized service to all its customers nationwide. Overall, suppose you are looking for a wedding insurance provider that makes managing your insurance policies online a breeze. In that case, State Farm wedding event insurance is the firm for you.

Best for: Wedding insurance with fast online claims filing

Average cost: $165 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 8/10

USAA Wedding Insurance


  • Covers destination weddings

  • Cover includes a cancellation policy

  • Rehearsals as far back as 48 hours are covered

  • You can purchase the policy just 24 hours in advance

  • Host liquor liability is included


  • Only available to military personnel and qualified family members

USAA has been in operation for quite some time. Now, it can offer wedding insurance through an alliance with special event vendors. The USAA wedding insurance program is offered to military personnel through Markel.

Best for: Wedding insurance for military personnel

Average cost: $180 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 8/10

Progressive Wedding Insurance


  • 5% discount available if you purchase the policy directly from Progressive

  • Special coverage for wedding gifts and valuable like tuxedos, gowns, and wedding rings are available


  • Poor customer service

Established in 1937, Progressive offers both personal and commercial insurance coverage within the U.S.As the 3rd largest insurance company in the country, couples can rest assured of payments of the claims and reimbursements. In total, Progressive covers over 400 special events, including weddings.

Best for: Wedding insurance with special coverage

Average cost: $183 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 8/10

Event Helper Wedding Insurance


  • Immediate confirmation of policy purchase

  • A liquor liability policy is included


  • Poor customer service

  • Only weddings in the U.S are covered

Event Helper has been in operations since 2009 and offers wedding insurance for events with up to 5,000 attendees. This cover is particularly handy for individuals looking to buy their policy online or through an agent. Their offer includes liquor liability insurance. Additionally, the insurer allows the policyholder to add multiple venues to their basic liability policy.

Event Helper wedding insurance is structured in a manner that should help you save more money than the rest of the insurance providers on the list.

Best for: Insurance for weddings with $5,000 attendees

Average cost: $192 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 8/10

Wedsure Insurance


  • Instant coverage available

  • 15-second wait for a wedding insurance quote

  • Customizable coverage

  • Liability coverage ranges between $1,000,000 and $2,000,000


  • Liquor liability cannot be excluded from the cover

  • Above market price point for the different policies

Wedsure brings a wealth of experience acquired throughout the 25 years the business has been in operation. Underwritten by Allianz Insurance, Wedsure boasts of having been the pioneer wedding insurer offering clients both standard wedding insurance and specialized policies. A special policy that is sure to catch your eye is the Change of Heart Policy. The latter protects the financiers of the wedding in the event either party has a change of heart and decides to cancel the wedding. The innocent third party is compensated for the financial investment they made towards the event.

Best for: Wedding insurance with specialized change of heart coverage

Average cost: $201 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 8/10

Nationwide Wedding Insurance


  • Highly ranked when it comes to customer service

  • Strict compliance with the different state regulations on insurance

  • Wedding insurance California and other 49 states


  • Some of the supplementary policies cannot be paid for on their online platform

Nationwide started as a humble mutual company and, with time, has risen to be among The Fortune 100 companies. It now sells an entire roster of insurance products throughout the 50 states, including wedding insurance. What stands out with Nationwide is their mobile application that allows the policyholders to manage their account and coverage details online.

Best for: Wedding insurance with fast claims process

Average cost: $230 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 8/10

Allstate Wedding Insurance


  • Policy includes coverage for pictures and videos taken on the wedding day

  • Reimbursement for lost or damaged wedding gifts available

  • Different coverage options are available


  • Minimum of 2 weeks between the purchase of coverage and wedding

  • No Change of Heart Policy

  • No coverage for caterers and bakers

Allstate is the largest insurance company in the U.S and provides its wedding insurance through Markel. The Allstate wedding insurance offers $1,000,000, starting at reasonable rates. For the wedding cancellation coverage, you will be required to invest a bit more on premiums for a $7,500 coverage. By design, the premiums you pay for your Allstate wedding insurance depend on your wedding's budget.

Best for: Wedding insurance with numerous inclusions

Average cost: $175 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 8/10

Allianz Wedding Insurance


  • Destination weddings are covered

  • Exemplary customer service


  • Deductibles for cancellation or postponements

Allianz Group is an international insurer with a customer base worldwide. It serves customers on different continents, including Europe, North and Central America, Asia, and Africa. This German multinational company serves a total of 70 countries, making it the perfect insurer for couples looking for a destination wedding insurer.

Best for: Wedding insurance available in 70 countries

Average cost: $252 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 8/10

AAA Wedding Insurance


  • Has numerous inclusions in its wedding insurance


  • Offered by AAA Northeast

Wedding insurance is offered by AAA Northeast. This company’s insurance for weddings provides coverage for personal injury and property damage liability, liquor liability, liquor liability, and more. The best thing about AAA’s wedding insurance is its wedding cancellation coverage that covers postponement/cancellation of a wedding due to sudden illness and extreme weather.

Best for: Wedding cancellation coverage that covers wedding postponement/cancellation due to sudden illness and extreme weather

Average cost: $257 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 8/10

Wedding Protector Plan


  • Jewelry and monetary gift are covered

  • Quality service

  • Easy to understand pricing

  • Zero deductibles


  • Coverage only available via a representative or the official website

Wedding Protector Plan is a high-end private event and wedding insurance provider offering policies covering the ceremony, reception, and rehearsals. With his company, you should get coverage for lost deposits, dress, and garments.

Best for: Wedding insurance with deposits coverage

Average cost: $160 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 7/10

Liberty Mutual Wedding Insurance


  • Multiple options available at competitive prices

  • Room for additional coverage on top of the basic coverage policy


  • Not BBB accredited

Founded in 1912, Liberty Mutual offers nationwide service with a pool of insurance products, including wedding insurance. With more than a century-long experience, the insurer makes room for phone and online claims reporting regardless of the time. Liberty Mutual leverages its extensive experience, massive size, and wide catalog to compete with the rest of the insurers on this list.

Best for: Wedding insurance with 24/7 claims filing

Average cost: $235 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 7/10

WedSafe Insurance


  • A 15% discount is available if you purchase the wedding liability and cancellation policies concurrently

  • The policy can cover additional named insureds, including venue administrators

  • You can buy the wedding liability insurance for a day

  • A pool of ten cancellation coverage limits to select from ranging from $7,500 to $175,000


  • Limitations on theft or damage of wedding gifts

  • An inevitable $15 purchase group fee added to the quoted premium

Established in 1999, WedSafe, underwritten by Nationwide and financially backed by K & K Insurance and AON Affinity, offers comprehensive event liability insurance that covers the wedding venue and select insureds. This liability coverage includes wedding insurance in the U.S, Canada, Puerto Rico and other locations. WedSafe has also extended optional territory coverage for weddings in UK and Mexico, which should cover weddings on cruise ships departing from or arriving at these destinations.

Overall, WedSafe liability insurance is considered the best wedding liability coverage in the market today. Their cancellation and postponement coverage have low deductibles and are flexible enough, thus allowing the customer to curate their policies subject to their budget.

Best for: Wedding insurance with international coverage

Average cost: $179 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 7/10

RV Nuccio Wedding Insurance


  • Quote and purchase coverage online in less than 5 minutes

  • Optional coverage available, including packages to secure DJs, photographers and other wedding professionals

  • Quality customer service


  • Not an insurance company but instead an insurance broker

R.V. Nuccio & Associate Insurance Brokers Inc. has been providing insurance for special events, including weddings, for over 30 years. Inclusions are special attire coverage, hired-photographer/videographer coverage, and professional counseling coverage.

Best for: Wedding insurance with professional counseling coverage and hired photographer/videographer coverage

Average cost: $250 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 6/10

The Knot Wedding Insurance


  • You can include supplementary policies within the basic cover for further protection


  • The cover doesn't include a Change of Heart Policy

  • Clothing, watches, and wedding jewelry with semiprecious gemstones not covered

Formerly XO Group, The Knot is an American conglomerate that offers couples planning their weddings products and services, including wedding insurance. Founded in 1996, The Knot wedding insurance comes with both liability and cancellation options. Note that with The Knot wedding insurance, each of these attracts a predetermined maximum amount and will have separate deductibles applied.

Best for: Wedding insurance that can be added with supplemental protections

Average cost: $185 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 6/10

Eventsured Wedding Insurance


  • 50-state coverage

  • Paperless filing of claims

  • No deductibles on claims


  • Doesn't include liquor liability coverage

  • No provisions for underwriting policies

  • Couples privately hosting their wedding ceremonies and those with over 5,000 guests cannot leverage instant enrollment.

Founded in 1998, Eventsured is a BBB-rated insurance company offering a special event wedding insurance policy as a Foresight Sports subsidiary. This wedding insurance covers more than 500 types of events with policies including:

  • General liability wedding coverage

  • Rehearsal dinner coverage

  • Attire Coverage

  • Theft or Damage Coverage

Best for: Wedding insurance with specialized rehearsal and rehearsal dinner coverage

Average cost: $242 for one-day coverage

Our rating: 6/10

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