Soccer Insurance for Clubs, Teams, Leagues & Players

Just like boxing, soccer is a physically demanding sport and players are regularly injured. This is when the soccer program will necessitate the highest level of protection that only soccer insurance can provide.> As a soccer club, team, league, or player, soccer insurance protects you against the impact of litigation and high medical costs. Read all you need to know about this policy today. 

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Soccer Club Insurance/ Soccer Camp Insurance

Soccer clubs, camps, and sports facilities centers provide soccer activities to their members. As with any sport, there is a chance of injury when playing soccer; therefore, you need to have the appropriate business insurance if you are a club or camp administrator. Sprains, strains, fractures, skin injuries, and head injuries, including dental and eye injuries, are the most common soccer injuries. There are several types of football club insurance. One type – liability insurance – is the most important.

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Soccer Liability Insurance

Considering how much a single property or injury claim can dig a hole in your pocket, the time spent learning about soccer insurance is well worth the effort. And the first thing you need to know is that soccer liability insurance is the most prevalent form of insurance provided by club sports. 

By the way, there are two types of required coverages – general liability and secondary accident medical coverage. Others, such as crime protection and excess coverage are important, but not mandatory.

Public Liability Insurance for Soccer Business

Public liability insurance safeguards against bodily harm or property damage. If you don’t have public liability; a severe injury, a mistimed tackle, or a misdirected shot might cost you a lot of money.

If you’re a coach, a member of your squad may sustain an injury and hold you accountable. They may even fire a shot that inadvertently destroys someone’s automobile or breaks a glass. If you are a player, you may inadvertently damage another player, who may take legal action against you.

In these cases, having public liability insurance is critical. Public liability insurance safeguards you against legal liability if a third-party property or injury damage claim is made against you.

General Liability Insurance for Soccer Business

Every soccer club owner should have this cover. General liability insurance protects your football club and its members from lawsuits brought about by common errors not involving negligence or omission.

General liability takes care of lawsuits arising from personal injuries, property damage, advertising errors, and anything else that could cause damage or injury to the public. The policy caters to the costs of legal defense and settlement to the aggrieved party. 

Given that the average charge for a leg fracture for 25 to 40-year-olds is around $3,403, it’s critical for a soccer club to have this coverage. 

General liability insurance protects you in the event of injury or loss at a facility that you own, lease, or rent for soccer-related activities. For example, if a fire breaks out at your soccer team’s training ground, this insurance will reimburse the property owner. 

However, this type of insurance excludes “participant to participant” incidents such as brawls between players or employees. This is a purview of personal accident Insurance. 

Professional Liability Insurance for Soccer Business

Professional liability insurance for soccer clubs covers legal fees if your club or team is sued for negligence. It also covers any injuries sustained by your players, coaches, or victims while participating in an event or match you organized. 

Professional liability insurance is also called errors and omissions insurance and covers errors, omissions, breaches, and helps pay for defense costs and settlement to the aggrieved party. 

What’s the difference between general liability and professional liability insurance for soccer sports teams? The former is for lawsuits as a result of personal injuries, property damage, and advertising mishaps. The latter is for lawsuits resulting in financial or economic loss as caused by negligence and violation of good faith. 

In other words, if a client says that a match you organized failed to follow industry standards and seems to have been rigged even though it’s not, this is the cover that pays up. 

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What Other Insurance Policies Do Soccer Teams, Clubs, Leagues, and Players Need?

Commercial Property Insurance

As the name suggests, commercial property insurance cover protects all property owned by football teams and clubs from physical damage. 

Such a policy covers most types of damage to business assets caused by fire, theft, vandalism, and other named perils. Damage resulting from pollution, auto accidents,  construction defects, and intentional acts. 

Earthquakes and flooding are also excluded. For covering these, you need to get flood insurance and earthquake insurance.

Commercial property is usually used to cover business property such as the building, computer equipment, machinery, and many others. 

Workers Compensation Insurance

All employers with three or more employees are required by law to carry workers’ comp insurance, including football teams and clubs. The policy covers occupational injuries suffered by players, employees, and sometimes, uninsured contractors. 

Workers’ compensation insurance pays for the medical bills, rehabilitation, and lost wages of the injured individual. It also includes lump sum payments for disabilities or disfigurement as well as death benefits to dependents. 

Accident Medical Care

Injuries occur when engaging in young and adult soccer activities, which is a sad reality. Accident medical insurance, both primary and excess, helps pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses incurred by a player, coach, manager, volunteer, or other officials during travel to an event, practice, or game. This medical insurance can assist in easing a significant financial strain caused by unexpected medical expenditures due to an injury.

Personal Accident Insurance 

Sustaining a significant injury is a painful experience for football players of all levels. However, individuals not in the professional game require soccer player insurance. Fortunately, Personal Accident protection will pay up to a certain amount if you are admitted to the hospital or require physiotherapy or dental treatment due to a football accident. This policy also includes coverage for accidental death and permanent complete disability.

Soccer Field Insurance

Soccer fields should have enough insurance to fulfill regulatory requirements or satisfy lender obligations and safeguard their financial future. Members of the public and staff may potentially be hurt on your property in several scenarios, resulting in litigation and costly expenditures even if you are not found to be at fault. The same is valid for third-party property damage claims.

This industry will want to pay close attention to the fact that sports-related injuries are not covered by liability insurance policies and will want to invest in specific athletic field insurance coverage to protect themselves against the expenses associated with this danger.

Soccer League Insurance

Running a sports league is an excellent opportunity to get people together and enjoy a sport in a competitive setting. However, there is a good chance that many individuals will be engaged in sports and events, from players to fans to officials, increasing the potential of accidents.

As a result, you must safeguard your league organization from any claims that may be made against you in the case of an injury.

Considerations When Planning to Purchase Soccer Insurance

Both amateur and professional football clubs need insurance depending on their level of exposure. There are required coverages that all players, teams, and leagues must have to participate. And there are recommended coverages meant to offer greater protection. 

As an organized and professional entity in the game, you need to evaluate your exposure factors such as:

  • Is your team covered if they travel to other cities?
  • Are you covered for non-sport activities such as fundraisers, award banquets, or team parties you may host?
  • Are other parties involved such as directors, supervisors, coaches, and the premises covered?
  • What does the insurance cover? Do not assume that the policy will cover any charges arising from defamation or abuse if it does not explicitly say so
  • Is it possible for an uninvolved party to file a claim, say, a passerby struck by a stray ball?
  • How much insurance will you require? How much can you or your player claim as compensation in the event of an injury?
  • What happens if a player or employee is injured and cannot work for extended periods? Does your policy cover missed employment and lost income?
  • For full coverage, what insurance plan do you need?

Soccer Insurance Buying Mistakes to Avoid

Now that we’ve established that you need soccer insurance if you own or manage a soccer team, there are a few missteps to avoid to get the best policy. 

  • Not conducting risk assessment before purchasing a policy. As a result, you may overlook some necessary soccer insurance coverage, leading to costly lawsuits or medical expenses in the future
  • You fail to obtain insurance because you believe your team members or employees have medical coverage
  • Not knowing how much you can claim in reimbursement if your insurance company settles on your behalf

Soccer Team Insurance Cost

Soccer team insurance is meant to protect the persons that make up a football team and costs $40 a month or $480 a year. 

This coverage shields each player from some of the financial consequences of being injured and unable to work. It also provides $1 million in general liability coverage.

A $1,000,000/$2,000,000 general liability insurance coverage for smaller soccer teams costs about $43 a month, or $510 a year, on average, depending on location, payroll, size, sales, and expertise. Here’s a table for further reference of the cost. 

Monthly Rate Annual Rate 
CoverWallet $39 $468
US Club $45 $540
USASA $48 $576

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Best Soccer Insurance Companies

Here are reviews showing the best soccer insurance companies’ pros, cons, and monthly pricing for a $1 million general liability coverage. 

CoverWallet Soccer Insurance

Why Get Insured by CoverWallet?

  • Best for soccer insurance quotes comparison online

  • Has three types of soccer insurance products 

  • Easy online policy management

Why Take CoverWallet with a Grain of Salt?

  • Not an insurance company but a broker that offers the insurance products of its partners

Your football club insurance from CoverWallet has better coverage than any other insurance company. Here are the three options available to you. 

  • Basic (general liability only) – $39

  • Standard (general liability + professional liability) – $59

  • Pro (professional liability + general liability + workers compensation+commercial property) – $159

So what specific things does  CoverWallet cover? 

  • Any personal injury and property damage claims. Also, lawsuits because of advertising errors caused by your club. 

  • Business property damage because of natural disasters, equipment failure, revenue loss, and construction costs

  • Work-related injuries or diseases, as well as ongoing medical care such as rehabilitation. There’s also coverage for wages lost while a player is recovering from injuries

Best for: Soccer insurance quote comparison online

Average cost: $39 per month

Our rating: 10/10

US Club Soccer Insurance

Why Get Insured by US Club?

  • Offers tailored policies that cater to the special risks associated with the soccer industry

Why Take US Club with a Grain of Salt?

  • Doesn’t offer great coverage for non-members

As a member benefit, US Club Soccer offers members with accident and liability insurance coverage when participating in US Club Soccer-operated and sanctioned Covered Activities.

This policy covers registered members who experience unintentional medical injuries while engaging in US Club Soccer activities and incur out-of-pocket medical expenditures. The policy excludes illness, disease, and infection. As a result, there is no coverage for COVID-19-related disease -19-related disease .

An excess participant accident medical youth soccer insurance coverage covers all US Club Soccer-registered coaches, youth players, and staff personnel. The current policy now includes coverage for permitted overseas travel. However, to secure liability and accident medical insurance coverage for those not in the US Club Soccer active teams, hosts of US Club Soccer-sanctioned events are granted supplemental soccer tournament insurance.

Best for: Membership-based soccer insurance

Average cost: $45 per month

Our rating: 8/10

USASA Insurance

Why Get Insured by USASA?

  • Offers comprehensive general liability insurance for soccer teams, clubs, leagues, and players

Why Take USASA with a Grain of Salt?

  • Filing a claim is done traditionally

The bundle of insurance coverage offered to member players, leagues, State Associations, and the National Organization is the core component of the USASA Risk Management Program. This thorough strategy, which includes feasible choices, is in place to safeguard all USASA members, including referees who work USASA sanctioned games.

The general responsibility clause protects members and the USASA if they are sued for occurrences involving physical harm or property damage resulting from amateur soccer activities. This coverage is granted to all members upon registration with USASA.

Best for: Comprehensive general liability insurance for soccer teams, clubs, leagues, and players

Average cost: $48 per month

Our rating: 8/10

Final Thoughts

Insurance for soccer teams, players, clubs, and leagues is complicated. Therefore, it’s best to research so avoid a policy that might sound comprehensive but fails you. Also, it will help you find the best coverage that, even though expensive, is very useful and sustainable. 

Understand that with soccer insurance, not only will you be covered against personal injury lawsuits and property damage lawsuits but you can also attract the top soccer talents, employees, and club partners. 

Soccer insurance consists of general liability, accident medical care, officer’s and director’s liability, crime, and equipment. Your soccer club’s public liability insurance may be able to cover you against physical harm, property damage, as well as advertising injury. To get the cheapest soccer insurance quotes online from the best soccer insurance companies, click the “Get Quotes” button now and complete the questionnaire, and you will receive the most competitive quotes online for soccer professionals.

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