Golf Clubs Insurance for Golf Equipment

Golf is well-known as a sport admired by many, with more than 50 million people engaging in it over some years now. Playing it is a refreshing and relaxing way for players to keep fit and enjoy themselves. 

Golf equipment is expensive and the priciest is the golf clubs. A complete set will cost at least $1,300. And note that this is just amateur-grade equipment. If you go for the pieces that professionals use, then you’ll spend $3,000 or more for a complete set!

Your golf clubs can get damaged or stolen. And if any of the two happens, you’ll have to spend money again. 

Can I insure my golf clubs? – We’re glad you thought of this. The answer to your question is yes. Golf clubs can be insured through golf club insurance similar to how golf instructors can be insured through golf instructor insurance. Here’s a guide that will teach all you need to know about this coverage.

Golf Clubs Insurance 

Golf clubs insurance provides protection to your golf clubs. Situations, where this can be useful, are:

  • You’re in the airport and someone stole your golf clubs as you’re about to check out 

  • You forgot the golf clubs in a public space, and they got lost 

  • While driving to the golf course, you got involved in a car accident and the golf clubs got damaged

  • A calamity struck (e.g. earthquake, tornado, or storm) and your house got totaled together with the golf clubs inside

  • After a golf session, you went to a bar. A drunk guy passed by, swerved, and fell and hit the golf clubs beside you causing damage

  • Kids at home played with your golf clubs and caused damage

This policy is available as a stand-alone policy or as an inclusion in golf equipment insurance coverage, which is a policy included in golfer’s insurance.  

So how does golf clubs insurance cover work? Insurance for golf clubs gives you $10,000 – $100,000 coverage. You can use the insurance money to replace a stolen or totaled golf club or repair a golf club that’s damaged. The following examples allow you to understand how the policy works better. 

  • Suppose your golf clubs insurance gives $10,000 in coverage, and the damage to your golf club is worth $5,000. In this case, since you’re covered, the carrier will shoulder all of the cost of repairing your equipment

  • Your golf club insurance has a $15,000 limit and your golf club set got stolen, which has a total value of $10,000. Since you’re covered, the carrier will give you $10,000 as reimbursement

On a side note, some carriers offer custom limits wherein you can get coverage equal to the value your golf club set.  

By the way, you should know that in case you cover golf clubs less than three years old with golf clubs insurance,  then the stolen golf clubs insurance company will offer a replacement instead of reimbursement. This means that upon filing a claim you won’t get money but a new golf clubs similar to the ones you damaged or lost. 

Can You Use Homeowners or Renters Insurance to Cover Golf Clubs?

Homeowners and renters insurance may cover golf clubs. It all depends on how your carrier underwrote the policy. The thing is golf clubs and other sports equipment might be excluded or included in the terms of homeowners or renters insurance.

But generally, golf clubs and other sports equipment are covered under the contents coverage of your homeowners or renters insurance – provided that it’s not listed as an exclusion in the special limits section of the insurance contract. 

Golfers Insurance

If you’re thinking of insuring your golf clubs, then don’t forget to insure yourself too. This is very important if you’re a professional making money by playing golf. So how can you get protection? Simple, find a carrier that offers golfers insurance. 

Golfers insurance is a tailored product insurance companies offer for amateur and professional golfers. Golf clubs or organizations also offer this to their members at very cheap rates. Policies included in golfers insurance are golf equipment coverage, legal liability insurance, motor vehicle coverage, and personal accident coverage. 

Golf equipment coverage reimburses losses if you lose or damage your golf clubs, golf bag, tees, and other golfing equipment while traveling or playing. You can decide to insure all equipment using this coverage or schedule specific items that you want to be covered. 

Legal liability insurance in golfers insurance covers your legal liability while in the golf course’s grounds. This one covers costs if you’re accused of injuring someone, vandalizing the golf course, or causing a public disturbance.

Motor vehicle coverage covers your golf cart and auto. However, don’t confuse this one with auto insurance. Motor vehicle coverage only shoulders the cost of damage while your auto is parked in the golf course’s premises. For the golf cart, this only covers the damage while it’s being used. Your liability for accidents caused by the use of a golf cart is excluded. 

Note that some carriers don’t offer motor vehicle coverage. What they have instead is motorized golf cart coverage. The function is still the same. However, your vehicle is excluded, hence the name. 

Personal accident insurance in golfer insurance covers costs if you get injured while playing. With this policy, you can pay for the cost of emergency treatment and medication. Exclusions include after-hospital visits, rehabilitation, and travel expenses. 

Golf Clubs Insurance for Rental Businesses

Golf clubs insurance is only available for golfers. Businesses that rent golf clubs can’t cover their stocks with it. Nonetheless, there are alternative business insurance policies that can be used such as business equipment insurance or stocks and contents insurance. 

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Golf Club Insurance

Just to be clear, golf clubs insurance does not only pertain to coverage for golf clubs – as in the equipment you’re using to hit the golf ball. It can also mean an insurance policy for a golf club – meaning organization of people who love to play golf. 

Insurance for a golf club, again an organization in this sense, is a business insurance policy offering protection against the cost of lawsuits, property damage, and more. Insurance policies included are:

  • Liability insurance

  • Commercial property insurance

  • Commercial auto insurance

Golf Club Liability Insurance

Golf club liability insurance takes care of personal injury or property damage lawsuits. With this, a golf club can pay for settlement, lawyer fees, and other legal costs. Liability insurance comes in different types depending on what’s covered. Liability policies golf clubs usually purchase are:

  • General liability insurance – Covers costs if the golf club is accused of causing injuries and property damage to third parties such as delivery men, contractors, or visitors. Coverage doesn’t apply to members

  • Directors and officer’s liability insurance – In case the officers of the golf club is sued for mismanagement, embezzlement, and other wrongful acts, D&O insurance is the insurance policy that will cover settlements and legal fees

Golf Club Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance for golf clubs provides reimbursements if tangible assets got lost or damaged because of fire, storm, lightning, vandalism, theft, riot, and other named perils. Losses due to earthquake and flood are not covered. However, to get protection, there’s specialized earthquake insurance or flood insurance available. 

Golf club commercial property insurance includes equipment coverage and rented premises coverage. 

Golf club equipment insurance coverage provides reimbursement if materials inside the golf club’s office got damaged or lost because of fire, theft, vandalism, storm, fire, and other named perils. Common objects covered are:

  • Computers

  • Desks

  • Chairs

  • Golfing equipment owned by the golf club ( e.g golf clubs, golf carts, golf bags, etc.)

A basic commercial property insurance only covers damage to the building the golf club owns. In other words, the insurance won’t work if the building is rented. That’s why there’s rented premises coverage available. Through a rented premises coverage, the golf club can pay the property owner or shoulder the cost of repairs. 

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance is a protection for any of the following vehicles that might be owned by a golf club:

  • Passenger vans

  • SUV’s

  • Buses

  • Pickups

Types of protection included in commercial auto insurance for golf clubs are auto liability coverage, medical payments, and physical damage coverage. 

Auto liability coverage shoulders the cost if the golf club’s vehicle caused an accident that resulted in personal injuries or property damage to third parties. This doesn’t cover the passengers and the drivers.

Coverage for passengers and drivers is available through medical payments coverage. However, the insurance only pays for medical costs and won’t compensate the driver and the passengers for damaged property. 

Physical damage coverage, on the other hand, will take care of car repairs. This can be categorized into collision coverage or comprehensive coverage. Collision coverage takes care of the damage that’s caused by a vehicular accident. What’s usually covered are broken windshields or windows, dents, and broken headlights or taillights. On the other hand, comprehensive coverage takes care of damage caused by theft, vandalism, arson, lightning, and rain. Wear and tear are excluded. 

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Golf Club Set Insurance Cost

Carriers have their own specific pricing. However, all use the following factors to calculate insurance premiums. 

  • Location

  • The amount of coverage you want to get and deductibles

  • The total value of your golf club set

  • The brand of your golf club set

  • Where you play golf usually (local or international)

  • Present condition of your golf club equipment

  • Age of your golf club equipment 

Provided that your golf clubs are brand new and not that pricey, then expect to pay $15 a month or $180 a year. But still, there are companies that charge their customers only $2 a month or $24 a year. 

Cost per Month  Cost per Year Best for
Next Gen $2 $24 Golf club insurance with mobile app
Malayan Call Malayan insurance for accurate pricing Golfers insurance with golf clubs coverage

Golf Club Insurance Cost 

On average, the cost of insurance for golf clubs and golf organizations is $50 a month or $600 a year for a $1 million general liability insurance. For further reference, here’s a table showing the pricing of the recommended companies:

Monthly Rate Annual Rate Best for
CoverWallet $52 $624 Golf club insurance quotes comparison online
Westfield Signature $56 $672 Reputable golf clubs

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Best Golf Club Insurance: Review of the Top Companies

Now you know the benefits of golf equipment insurance coverage. It’s time to get a specific type for your business. You may be asking, “how do I insure my golf clubs” and what type of golf club insurance company will I go for?

Choosing the best golf insurance company could be challenging. To make it easy for you, we have compiled a few for you to make a choice. Each of these companies provides excellent golf club insurance. Read to know their pros, cons, and monthly pricing for a $1 million general liability coverage. 

CoverWallet Golf Club Insurance


  • Simple online policy management

  • Offers three types of golf insurance options

  • Best for comparing online golf insurance quotes


  • Not an ideal insurance company

CoverWallet is a reputable company offering insurance coverage to golf clubs. They have three options for you:

Basic (General Liability)

The basic plan includes:

  • Coverage for finished operations/products

  • Coverage against claims from property damage and bodily injury

Standard (General liability + property)

Coverage includes:

  • Equipment breakdown

  • Damage to third party property

  • Bodily injury

Pro (General liability + property + workers’ compensation)

Benefits include:

  • Coverage for work-related accidents

  • Missed wages during recovery

  • Ongoing medical care

  • Equipment breakdown

  • Damage to third party property

  • Bodily injury

Best for : Golf club insurance quotes comparison online

Average cost : $52 per month

Our rating : 10/10

Westfield Signature Insurance for Golf Clubs


  • Affordable

  • Fast claim alertness


  • Limited in some states

This is a reputable insurance company with several decades of experience. They have been operating for more than 70 years. Westfield signature knows the suitable policies for golf clubs, and they offer competitive rates.

Westfield Signature Insurance offers the following:

  • Protection against third party claims

  • Customized golf club insurance

Best for: Reputable golf clubs

Average cost : $56 per month

Our rating: 9/10

Best Insurance Companies for Insuring Your Golf Club Set

Next Gen Golf Club Insurance


  • Has a mobile app

  • Golf clubs insurance is underwritten by Travelers


  • Claims filing isn’t intuitive

Next Gen covers your golf club equipment with its golf club insurance that’s underwritten by Travelers. Coverage applies if theft or damage happens while using the golf clubs or traveling. Next Gen offers a mobile app where you can easily manage your golf clubs insurance and file a claim.

Best for: Golf clubs insurance with mobile app

Average cost: $2 per month

Our rating: 10/10

Malayan Golf Clubs Insurance


  • Golfers insurance that comes with golf clubs coverage


  • No online quotes

Malayan covers golf clubs with its golfers insurance that comes with personal golf equipment coverage. This company’s equipment coverage doesn’t only extend to the golf clubs you own but also to other golfing equipment with the exception of tees and golf balls. If you’re looking for golfer’s insurance aside from golf clubs insurance, try this company as it offers personal accident coverage for you. And if you have a family, protection can be extended to your wife and child too.

Best for: Golfers insurance with golf clubs coverage

Average cost: Call Malayan insurance for accurate pricing

Our rating: 9/10

Wrapping Up

Ensure you check the features of golf clubs insurance to get the best coverage. If you want to compare golf club insurance quotes online, click the “Get Quotes” button.

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