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chiropractor therapyEven though chiropractic care is considered an alternative therapy treatment, it has found its way into mainstream therapy, with more people choosing this highly effective treatment method. People opt for chiropractic care, especially when they don't want standard medications or conventional treatment techniques to address their ailments. 

As a practicing chiropractor, you deal with a wide range of patients. While this treatment method is often successful, some patients might find it ineffective. In that case, a client might file a claim against you. Therefore, just like a beauty therapist will have beauty therapist insurance, it is important to have chiropractor insurance coverage that protects you against such lawsuits.

To shed more light on chiropractor insurance policy, we will discuss the details of chiropractor insurance and what it covers. We will also discuss chiropractor insurance cost and some of the best chiropractor insurance companies from which you can compare quotes and get this insurance policy.

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Chiropractor Liability Insurance

As a practicing chiropractor, you know how to improve a patient's health and help them ease their pain. However, as a business person in the health sector, you need to know your business’ vulnerabilities. You could lose a lot of money due to unforeseen circumstances like lawsuits, fires, and other damages that can affect your profession. Chiropractic business liability insurance protects your business against claims and damages that could result in serious financial losses. 

If things go sideways, this business insurance policy protects your business from imminent closure. Furthermore, it puts you in a position to help more patients even after suffering a lawsuit or devastating damages. The risks associated with chiropractic care are abundant, and working in this field without solid business insurance coverage is dangerous and irresponsible. Therefore, getting your hands on chiropractor liability insurance for safe practice is a must.

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Importance of Chiropractic Insurance

As a chiropractor, having chiropractic insurance is very important for your career. There are several reasons why this insurance cover is crucial. First, like any other business, your chiropractic business has many risks.

For instance, thieves could break into your office and steal crucial tools for chiropractic procedures. This can affect your operations significantly. Furthermore, there could be a fire outbreak in the building of your office, damaging all your work equipment. Without chiropractic insurance, you will struggle to get back on your feet. This is why you should purchase chiropractic business liability insurance. 

Secondly, a patient could file a claim against you. No matter how experienced or skilled you are, you could make an error that affects your patient. For instance, you can use ineffective treatment procedures or tools that worsen your patient's condition. A patient could also sustain damage due to equipment malfunction or inappropriate dosage. In such a case, the patient could choose to file a claim against you. Chiropractic insurance will protect you in such cases.

Chiropractic insurance will also protect you against bankruptcy. When you lose your equipment to fires or other causes, your chiropractic business risks bankruptcy due to losses. However, with chiropractic insurance, some of these losses are covered. This protects you against potential bankruptcy. 

Therefore, no matter how small your chiropractic business is, it is important to get insurance. Facing serious medical malpractice claims is no joke; you risk losing your chiropractic practice and suffering financial losses. Avoid all these by getting chiropractor liability insurance.

chiropractor insurance

What Does Chiropractic Insurance Cover?

Comprehensive chiropractic insurance covers a wide range of claims. Some of the areas that this insurance policy covers include;

Business and Property

This policy covers basic business risks. For instance, when thugs break into your office and steal valuable work equipment, chiropractic insurance will cover it. In case of natural disasters like floods or fire outbreaks that lead to total property damage, this insurance policy will also protect you.

General Liability

This refers to when a patient files a claim against you for bodily injuries or property damage. For instance, when a patient trips over an electricity cable in your office and sustains injuries, general liability covers it. This also applies when a patient files a claim against you for ineffective medications or when your chiropractic procedure worsens their condition. 

Professional Liability

You may advise your patient to take certain medications that end up having serious side effects. When the patient files a claim against you for that reason, the professional liability policy will protect you. Just like in massage therapist insurance, professional liability coverage is very important for any chiropractic practice. Without it, you risk losing your chiropractor license due to medical malpractice.

Chiropractor Insurance Cost

Chiropractic business insurance cost depends on the size of your practice, the policies you choose, and your malpractice risk exposure. 

That said, in general the average chiropractor insurance cost is about $33 per month or $396 per year for $1M general liability coverage. That is a small chiropractic business insurance cost.

To give you an accurate estimate of chiropractor insurance costs, here is a summary of how top insurance companies charge per month and annually. 

CompanyCost per MonthCost per Year

Best Chiropractor Insurance Companies

When looking for the best insurance for chiropractors, you need to find an insurance company that offers the best policies for this particular profession. This section discusses 2 of the top chiropractic insurance carriers you should consider choosing and why they are in favor for your chiropractic practice. To get quotes online from these companies and other great ones, click 'Get Quotes' and complete the questionnaire.

Hiscox Chiropractor Insurance

This is a British insurance company with a lot to offer. It is one of the most established and prestigious insurance companies on the market. If you are looking for a comprehensive chiropractic insurance policy, you should consider Hiscox. 

Hiscox Policy Details

You will get a comprehensive chiropractor insurance policy under Allied Healthcare Insurance. This policy covers several claims; they include Business Owner's Policy, Worker's Compensation Insurance, and Professional Liability Insurance. With this coverage, your chiropractic business is fully insured. Even though it is expensive, this insurance policy is very comprehensive and vital for your chiropractic business.


  • Provides extensive coverage

  • You can access it in any country

  • Quick claim responsiveness


  • It is expensive

Average cost: $35 per month

Best for: Established chiropractors looking for higher coverage.


Chirosecure is an insurance company that focuses on satisfying the insurance needs of chiropractors. It covers both individual and established chiropractic group businesses. Chirosecure prides itself in offering affordable malpractice insurance options at moderate rates. These insurance policies are reliable and save expenses in case of damages. 

Chirosecure Policy Details

Chirosecure's chiropractic insurance policy is very comprehensive, covering areas like license protection, business insurance, malpractice insurance and occurrence and claims lawsuits. These policies are very affordable and come at moderate rates.


  • Comprehensive coverage

  • Affordable

  • Ideal for freelance chiropractors


  • Responding to claims can be slow

Average cost: $55 per month

Best for: Malpractice

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