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More and more businesses are catching on to how smart it is to have a minimum level of business insurance to make sure that a single event doesn’t result in absolute disaster. Cosmetology, spa, makeup art, tanning salons, nail salons, beauty therapy and bodywork insurance are all growing fields, and esthetician insurance isn’t all that far behind them.

In this esthetician insurance coverage guide, we’re going to take a look at the most popular and best esthetician insurance companies in the field as well as the average cost of coverage. We’ll also look at the various forms of esthetician business insurance and a few ways to find affordable coverage as an esthetician.

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Esthetician Liability Insurance

As a self employed esthetician, you want to make sure your business is financially covered from different sorts of common expenses estheticians and other small business owner may face. This is what esthetician liability insurance is for. 

Even as a customer, many clients will look to work only with an esthetician covered by insurance, so they are sure that they can cover whatever may happen to them while conducting business with you.

Professional liability for estheticians is another way of referring to esthetician malpractice insurance, but it’s not the only form of liability insurance available to professionals in this field. Public liability insurance for estheticians is very popular because of its relatively low cost and what it covers.

Public liability insurance for estheticians will protect your business from lawsuits and charges related to members of the public sustaining bodily injuries or property damage while working with you. For example, if one of your customers gets injured by a broken chair while you’re working with them, you’ll be covered.

Another broader alternative to public liability coverage is general liability insurance for estheticians. This kind of skin care professional insurance applies to anyone at your place of business, including the public, owners, vendors and employees, so if you get sued by one of your workers, your business will still be covered. This type of coverage protects your business from a broader variety of claims coming in against your business, and for most esthetician businesses this is also our most recommended form of small business insurance basic coverage.


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Esthetician Insurance Cost

The average esthetician insurance cost for a standard general liability coverage is about $20 per month - or $240 per year.

That said, esthetician insurance cost is dependent on multiple key factors that are unique to each individual and each business. For example, larger esthetician businesses will pay more for their business because that will increase the chances of them needing to make a claim. On the other hand, independent workers can expect to pay less for their insurance for skincare business because they see fewer clients over the course of a year. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of how much does esthetician liability insurance cost per month and per year based on the provider that you’re working with and which provider is best for what type of esthetician:

CompanyCost per monthCost per yearBest for
The Hartford$37$444Larger Estheticians
Progressive$30$360Most Reputed Option
Hiscox$23$276International Skin Care Products Businesses 
Next$22$264Fastest Policy
ASCP$21$259Additional Benefits
Beauty Insurance Plus$19$228Member discounts
Thimble$17$204On-demand Policies Online
Elite Beauty Society$14$169Cheap Long Term Policies for Int'l Esthetician Business
Hands on Trade$13$154Independent Contractors
Coverwallet$12$144Quote Comparison Online
BBI$8$96Cheapest Non-carrier Option

Aesthetician Insurance

There is no major distinction between esthetician insurance and aesthetician insurance. In most cases, companies offer both of these policies under the same umbrella, typically offering various forms of coverage, like lost and damaged equipment insurance as well as several liability policies.

Aesthetician Liability Insurance

Aestheticians have access to the most common forms of liability insurance, including public liability coverage, general liability insurance, and professional liability coverage. General liability coverage tends to be a little more expensive, yet still quite affordable, whereas public liability coverage is on the cheaper side.

How to Find Esthetician Insurance in California

The first step to finding esthetician insurance in California is figuring out which company you want to work with. The companies we reviewed below all provide coverage in all fifty states, so you should be able to get covered in California through them. To get the cheapest estheitician insurance rates in CA though, be sure to read the next section to understand how!

Getting Cheap Esthetician Insurance

If you need affordable business insurance for homemade skin care products or any other type of estheticians, then you’ll be smart to compare quotes online from the best esthetician insurance companies. And it's very easy to do! Simply click the 'Get Quotes' button down below, complete the process and we’ll break down the best policies from the best insurers for the cheapest prices!

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Best Esthetician Insurance Companies

The best skin care business insurance is only as good as the company backing it up, so it’s a good idea to be well-acquainted with the carriers that you might find yourself working with. We’re going to look at three of the best skincare business insurance companies to make it easier for you to choose the right one.

ASCP Esthetician Insurance

ASCP stands for Associated Skin Care Professionals, and this is a risk purchasing group for professionals working in the field. RPGs tend to have flat membership fees and the same level of coverage for all of their members, though they may still have specific add-ons for each policy.

ASCP Policy Details

ASCP’s policy comes with professional liability insurance with a coverage limit of $6 million as well as a wide range of benefits that are exclusive to its members. For example, your esthetician insurance ASCP policy comes with over 100 webinars, a free website, as well as more than 50 discounts.


  • High coverage limit

  • Free website

  • Marketing resources


  • Pricier than alternatives

Average cost: $259 per year

Best for: Additional benefits

Hands On Trade Insurance for Esthetician

The Hands On Trade Association is a lot more than a risk purchasing group, and it has been in continuous operation since 2000. Along with providing its members with insurance coverage, the Hands On Trade Association also maintains a code of ethics for all of its members.

Hands On Trade Insurance Policy Details

The Hands On insurance for esthetician policy features both professional and general liability coverage that comes with you wherever you’re working, ensuring that you don't need multiple policies. Like many other beauty insurance policies, this one also covers multiple professions, saving you money in the long run.


  • Good price

  • Coverage applies anywhere

  • Extra resources


  • Not a carrier itself

Average cost: $154 per year

Best for: Independent contractors

Elite Esthetician Insurance

The Elite Beauty Society was started in 2015, and it was originally named Beauty Insurance Plus. This group was founded to protect the interests of cosmetologists and to ensure that they can access the insurance coverage that they need. They work with a wide range of beauty professionals and tend to their insurance needs.

Elite Esthetician Insurance Policy Details

The Elite Beauty Society’s policy is available in both one-year and two-year subscriptions, with the latter being a little more affordable. This policy comes with a $3 million individual annual aggregate limit, $2 million in general and professional liability coverage, and $2 million in product liability coverage.


  • Two-year policy is affordable

  • Also offers student policies

  • Reasonable coverage limits


  • Only $1000 of stolen or damaged equipment protection

Average cost: $169 per year

Best for: Long-term policies

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